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Texas Public Middle Schools

This page presents a complete ranking of 1,673 Texas public middle schools in order of their 2019 cumulative raw unrounded score for all State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests administered during the 2018-2019 school year.

Unlike some other Texas middle school rankings, this analysis examines only the most current academic performance data available and no consideration is given to student demographics, changes in student performance over time on the STAAR tests, and other such factors or to subjective factors such as anonymous self-selected reviews and statistically invalid online opinion surveys.

2020 Texas public middle school rankings

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2019 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scores shown in the table below are calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of assessments on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) refers to this as the raw STAAR component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and raw component scores of all Texas public school districts and campuses.

Because the precision of the scaled STAAR star is significantly diminished by this process, the raw STAAR component score is used in this analysis to construct an academic performance index that indicates the relative performance of each Texas middle or junior high school. A school at an academic performance index level of 82.6, for example, would have combined STAAR scores that are 17.4 percent lower than the scores of the state’s top performing middle school. Each school also has been assigned an academic performance score based on its relative position in the academic performance index. The top 10 percent of Texas middle schools included in this study received an academic performance score of 10, middle schools in the next lower, ninth decile received a score of 9, and so on.

The data presented in this table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the display of information by typing the name of a school or school district in the Search box. To display all schools, reset Show entries to All.

1Travis Vanguard AcademyDallas ISD10521100.0B98
2Spring Branch Academic InstituteSpring Branch ISD1011195.6A98
3Dawson Middle SchoolCarroll ISD1065191.5A97
4Lawler Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1070989.9A97
5Rice Middle SchoolPlano ISD101,04488.5A96
6Dallas Environmental Science AcademyDallas ISD1046087.7A96
7Fowler Middle SchoolFrisco ISD101,04486.7A96
8Carroll Middle SchoolCarroll ISD1072386.5A96
9Fort Settlement Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,53885.9A96
10Dealey Montessori AcademyDallas ISD1060485.9B96
11Coppell Middle School EastCoppell ISD1095585.6A96
12Longfellow Career Explorations AcademyDallas ISD1042985.0A96
13Canyon Vista Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD101,40684.7A96
14Willow Springs Middle SchoolLovejoy ISD1072584.3A96
15Beckendorff Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,69983.7A95
16Pioneer Heritage Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1094583.7A95
17Young Women's Leadership AcademyYsleta ISD1039583.2A95
18South Texas Preparatory AcademySouth Texas ISD1057382.7A95
19Walsh Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD101,34482.4A95
20Pearson Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1086882.4A95
21Smith Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,55582.4A95
22Seven Lakes Junior High SchoolKaty ISD102,03282.0A95
23Uplift North Hills Preparatory Middle SchoolUplift Education1048581.7A95
24Hill Country Middle SchoolEanes ISD101,05380.9A95
25Mandarin Immersion Magnet SchoolHouston ISD1074880.5A95
26Tays Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,71880.3A95
27McCullough Junior High SchoolConroe ISD102,14180.2A95
28Rising Scholars Academy Of South TexasSouth Texas ISD1054579.1A95
29McKamy Middle SchoolLewisville ISD1088179.1A95
30Lanier Middle SchoolHouston ISD101,46478.9A94
31Coppell Middle School WestCoppell ISD101,28978.8A94
32Nelson Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1078878.7A95
33Sartartia Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,32678.7A94
34Coppell Middle School NorthCoppell ISD1098378.5A94
35Austin Middle SchoolGalveston ISD1056478.4A94
36Ereckson Middle SchoolAllen ISD101,24177.9A94
37West Ridge Middle SchoolEanes ISD1092977.8A94
38Cornerstone AcademySpring Branch ISD1037776.8A94
39Beck Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,00176.8A94
40Canyon Ridge Middle SchoolLeander ISD101,26576.6A94
41Griffin Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1084476.4A94
42Creekside Park Junior High SchoolTomball ISD1076676.3A94
43Vandeventer Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1085476.2A94
44McMeans Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,13676.0A94
45Murphy Middle SchoolPlano ISD101,21476.0A94
46Lopez Middle SchoolNorth East ISD101,27476.0A94
47Memorial Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD101,33676.0A94
48Woodcreek Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,58775.9A94
49Miller Junior High SchoolPearland ISD1089575.6A94
50Schimelpfenig Middle SchoolPlano ISD1085675.5A94
51Downing Middle SchoolLewisville ISD1050775.5A94
52Smithfield Middle SchoolBirdville ISD1080775.4A94
53Cedar Valley Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD101,29675.2A94
54Highland Park Middle SchoolHighland Park ISD101,13075.2A94
55Shadow Ridge Middle SchoolLewisville ISD1069475.1A94
56Gorzycki Middle SchoolAustin ISD101,28074.9A94
57Curtis Middle SchoolAllen ISD101,34574.5A94
58Cedar Hill Collegiate AcademyCedar Hill ISD1030074.3A94
59Spillane Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,53974.1A94
60Kealing Middle SchoolAustin ISD101,23073.4B93
61League City Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD101,06673.3A93
62Project Chrysalis Middle SchoolHouston ISD1027973.3A93
63Barnhart AcademyBeeville ISD1011273.0A93
64Pin Oak Middle SchoolHouston ISD101,21372.0A93
65Harwood Junior High SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD1099471.6A93
66Cinco Ranch Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,27271.6A93
67Rogers Middle SchoolProsper ISD101,62771.6A93
68Pearson Ranch Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD1088271.5A93
69Hunt Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1083671.5A93
70Red Lick Middle SchoolRed Lick ISD1019471.2A93
71Wester Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1080771.1A93
72Austin AcademyGarland ISD1097870.9A93
73Riverwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD101,06670.9A93
74Maus Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1097270.8A93
75Colleyville Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD1062970.8A93
76Garcia Middle SchoolNorthside ISD101,48370.8A93
77Trent Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1091970.7A93
78Devers Junior High SchoolDevers ISD105070.5A93
79Lindale Junior HighLindale ISD1064170.5A93
80Hamilton Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,49070.3A93
81Stiles Middle SchoolLeander ISD101,40470.3A93
82Cooper Junior High SchoolWylie ISD1092970.2A93
83Houston Gateway Academy - EliteHouston Gateway Academy1080770.1A93
84Medlin Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD101,12170.0A93
85Willow Wood Junior High SchoolTomball ISD101,35369.7A93
86Ford Middle SchoolAllen ISD1092569.6A93
87Sunnyvale Middle SchoolSunnyvale ISD1060169.6A93
88Bedford Junior High SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD1085969.4A93
89Salyards Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,59269.4A93
90Energized for STEM Academy Southwest Middle SchoolHouston ISD1021869.1A93
91Houston Gateway Academy - CoralHouston Gateway Academy1071269.0A93
92Cockrill Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD101,27468.9A93
93Bush Middle SchoolNorth East ISD101,13368.7A93
94Hudson Bend Middle SchoolLake Travis ISD101,13468.6A93
95Cedar Park Middle SchoolLeander ISD101,31468.5A93
96Dowell Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD101,18268.0A93
97Williams Middle SchoolRockwall ISD1082467.9A92
98Smithson Valley Middle SchoolComal ISD1066767.9A92
99Reading Junior High SchoolLamar CISD102,02667.8A92
100Indian Springs Middle SchoolKeller ISD1098267.7A92
101Barbers Hill Middle School SouthBarbers Hill ISD1070667.6A92
102Harpool Middle SchoolDenton ISD1091367.6A92
103Boerne Middle School SouthBoerne ISD101,27667.4B92
104Scoggins Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1091167.2A92
105Harmony School Of Excellence - Sugur LandHarmony School of Science1057967.0A92
106Robinson Middle SchoolPlano ISD1091467.0A92
107Rise AcademyRise Academy1030067.0A92
108Poth Junior High SchoolPoth ISD1018866.9A92
109TCPA Founders Classical Academy - FriscoTexas College Preparatory Academies1060466.9B92
110Forestwood Middle SchoolLewisville ISD1091166.8A92
111Knox Junior High SchoolAllen ISD101,40966.6A92
112Wester Middle SchoolMansfield ISD101,01066.3A92
113Melissa Middle SchoolMelissa ISD1075766.3A92
114Otto Middle SchoolPlano ISD101,10066.3A92
115Wall Middle SchoolWall ISD1027066.2B92
116Westbrook Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD101,14166.2A92
117Stafford Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1089766.2A92
118ACA Middle SchoolArlington Classics Academy1049366.1A92
119Stone Montessori AcademyDallas ISD1063866.0B92
120Roach Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1092566.0A92
121Keller Middle SchoolKeller ISD101,01965.9A92
122Friendswood Junior High SchoolFriendswood ISD101,42365.9A92
123Killian Middle SchoolLewisville ISD1099565.8A92
124Aledo Middle SchoolAledo ISD1094365.7A92
125McMillan Junior High SchoolWylie ISD1089265.5A92
126Gray Junior High SchoolSharyland ISD1078465.3A92
127Tejeda Middle SchoolNorth East ISD101,18465.2A92
128Ridgeview Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD101,37065.2A92
129Four Points Middle SchoolLeander ISD1077565.1A92
130Lake Travis Middle SchoolLake Travis ISD101,54465.1B92
131Hornedo Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD101,32365.1A92
132Shallowater Middle SchoolShallowater ISD1053565.0A92
133De Zavala Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD1042264.8A92
134Canadian Middle SchoolCanadian ISD1022164.8A92
135Henry Middle SchoolLeander ISD101,36464.7A92
136Quail Valley Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,10064.5A92
137Wylie Junior High SchoolWylie ISD1070964.5A92
138Cross Timbers Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD1085064.5B92
139First Colony Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD1095564.4B92
140York Junior High SchoolAllen ISD101,45064.4A92
141Morris Middle SchoolMcAllen ISD1090664.4A92
142Cobb Middle SchoolFrisco ISD1091664.3A92
143Pieper Ranch Middle SchoolComal ISD101,25464.3A92
144Calvin Nelms Middle SchoolCalvin Nelms Charter Schools1014564.2A92
145Burnett Junior High SchoolWylie ISD1080664.1A92
146Jones Middle SchoolMansfield ISD101,10664.1A92
147Sycamore Springs Middle SchoolDripping Springs ISD1080863.8A92
148Hutchinson Middle SchoolLubbock ISD1086663.8A92
149Argyle Middle SchoolArgyle ISD1077063.6A92
150Heritage Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD1078463.6A92
151Cain Middle SchoolRockwall ISD1099663.5A92
152Brock Junior High SchoolBrock ISD1022563.4A92
153Trinity Springs Middle SchoolKeller ISD1099263.2A92
154Garcia Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,26463.0A92
155Reynolds Middle SchoolProsper ISD101,67962.9A92
156Pearland Junior High School EastPearland ISD1078362.8A92
157Lamar Middle SchoolLewisville ISD1071962.6A91
158IDEA Mays College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools1037362.6A92
159Liberty Hill Junior High SchoolLiberty Hill ISD1068162.5A91
160Doerre Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD101,36162.4B91
161Goodson Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,38662.3A91
162Barbers Hill Middle School NorthBarbers Hill ISD1064362.3A91
163Celina Junior High SchoolCelina ISD1064262.3A91
164Santa Gertrudis SchoolSanta Gertrudis ISD1044962.2B91
165PTAA FatePioneer Technology & Arts Academy104362.2A91
166Kolitz Hebrew Language AcademyKolitz Hebrew Language Academy1033762.1A91
167Aragon Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,58162.1A91
168Gruver Junior High SchoolGruver ISD1015162.1B91
169Cathey Middle SchoolMcAllen ISD997062.0A91
170Lamar Middle SchoolAustin ISD91,19362.0B91
171Woden Junior High SchoolWoden ISD917961.8A91
172Spearman Junior High SchoolSpearman ISD918661.7A91
173Spring Branch Middle SchoolComal ISD955961.6B91
174Chacon International SchoolYsleta ISD979661.5B91
175Briscoe Junior High SchoolLamar CISD91,44061.4A91
176Clark Middle SchoolFrisco ISD980461.3B91
177Randolph Middle SchoolRandolph Field ISD936761.3A91
178Seabrook Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD995861.2A91
179Leaman Junior High SchoolLamar CISD91,14861.2B91
180Tidwell Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD995460.9A91
181Uplift Williams Middle SchoolUplift Education948860.9A91
182Trautmann Middle SchoolUnited ISD91,71860.9A91
183Fairmont Junior High SchoolDeer Park ISD971660.9B91
184Church Hill Middle SchoolComal ISD992360.8A91
185Bonham Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD986160.8A91
186Hill Middle SchoolNorth East ISD91,11560.7A91
187Central Junior High SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD91,18260.7A91
188Prestwick STEM AcademyLittle Elm ISD976960.7A91
189Parkhill Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD965560.6A91
190Franklin Middle SchoolFranklin ISD939660.6A91
191Briarhill Middle SchoolLewisville ISD987060.5B91
192Pearland Junior High School WestPearland ISD985860.5B91
193Olney Junior High SchoolOlney ISD915160.4A91
194Vega Junior High SchoolVega ISD910460.4B91
195United Middle SchoolUnited ISD91,14860.3A91
196Bowie Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD91,35060.3B91
197Renner Middle SchoolPlano ISD91,22960.1B91
198Briarmeadow CharterHouston ISD960660.1A91
199School Of Science And TechnologySchool of Science and Technology945360.0A91
200Arbor Creek Middle SchoolLewisville ISD982459.9B91
201TCPA Founders Classical Academy - Flower MoundTexas College Preparatory Academies951859.9B91
202Oak Hills Junior High SchoolMontgomery ISD91,08159.8A91
203Faubion Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD91,28959.8A91
204Harmony School of Excellence - HoustonHarmony School of Excellence983459.7B91
205Cross Roads Junior High SchoolCross Roads ISD915159.7A91
206Holliday Middle SchoolHolliday ISD924959.7B91
207Whitehouse Junior High SchoolWhitehouse ISD979759.5A91
208Kelly Lane Middle SchoolPflugerville ISD91,10959.3B91
209UTUCS Olympia HillsUniversity of Texas Charter Schools92359.3A91
210London Middle SchoolLondon ISD939059.0A91
211Sundown Junior High SchoolSundown ISD913458.9B91
212Sharyland North Junior High SchoolSharyland ISD983658.9A91
213Van Alstyne Junior High SchoolVan Alstyne ISD956858.9A91
214KIPP Connect Middle SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools944258.8A91
215Wilson Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD992958.7A91
216Hillwood Middle SchoolKeller ISD91,22258.7A91
217Driscoll SchoolDriscoll ISD930458.5A91
218Bullard Middle SchoolBullard ISD938558.5A91
219Deer Park Junior High SchoolDeer Park ISD989458.4A91
220Haggard Middle SchoolPlano ISD985458.3B91
221Dripping Springs Middle SchoolDripping Springs ISD984258.3B91
222Midway Middle SchoolMidway ISD91,28158.3B91
223Pearland Junior High School SouthPearland ISD985258.0A91
224Ricardo Middle SchoolRicardo ISD925658.0A91
225Drugan SchoolSocorro ISD91,16457.8A91
226Creekwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD91,08757.7B91
227Barton Middle SchoolHays CISD971857.7A91
228Hudson Middle SchoolHudson ISD970657.7B91
229Eula Junior High SchoolEula ISD95857.6A91
230Brundrett Middle SchoolPort Aransas ISD911457.6B91
231Eastwood Knolls Elementary SchoolYsleta ISD987657.6A91
232TCPA Quest Middle School Of CoppellTexas College Preparatory Academies99957.5A91
233Evans Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD91,07157.4A91
234Alamo Heights Junior High SchoolAlamo Heights ISD91,12157.4A91
235Memorial Parkway Junior High SchoolKaty ISD978857.3A91
236Walnut Grove Middle SchoolMidlothian ISD91,12057.2B91
237Windthorst Junior High SchoolWindthorst ISD99257.2B91
238IL Texas Keller Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas943756.9B91
239Crownover Middle SchoolDenton ISD995556.9B90
240Panhandle Junior High SchoolPanhandle ISD915756.9B90
241Westwood Junior High Math, Science & Leadership Magnet SchoolRichardson ISD967156.9B91
242Warren Middle SchoolForney ISD980756.7B90
243Utley Middle SchoolRockwall ISD989656.7A90
244Nichols Middle SchoolJoshua ISD961256.7A90
245Dahlstrom Middle SchoolHays CISD978556.6A90
246Hofius Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD997956.5B90
247Montgomery Junior High SchoolMontgomery ISD91,15156.3B90
248Arnold Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD91,45956.3A90
249Pritchard Junior High SchoolBells ISD920656.2A90
250Euless Junior High SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD91,10456.0A90
251Yzaguirre Elite STEM Primary Academy - BrownsvilleRaul Yzaguirre Schools for Success937956.0A90
252Boerne Middle School NorthBoerne ISD987055.9B90
253East Bernard Junior High SchoolEast Bernard ISD926855.8B90
254Ryan Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD978155.7B90
255North Ridge Middle SchoolBirdville ISD973755.7B90
256Sweet Home Elementary SchoolSweet Home ISD914355.7B90
257Goldthwaite Middle SchoolGoldthwaite ISD914055.6B90
258College Station Middle SchoolCollege Station ISD965355.6A90
259Union Grove Middle SchoolKilleen ISD993255.6A90
260La Vernia Junior High SchoolLa Vernia ISD975455.5B90
261Industrial Junior High SchoolIndustrial ISD930655.4B90
262Grisham Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD964255.4B90
263Danforth Junior High SchoolWimberley ISD959055.3B90
264Richardson North Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD969455.3B90
265IDEA Tres Lagos College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools923055.2B90
266Hopewell Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD91,21655.2B90
267Timberview Middle SchoolKeller ISD91,24055.2B90
268Lubbock-Cooper Bush Middle SchoolLubbock-Cooper ISD991455.1B90
269Bernal Middle SchoolNorthside ISD91,01855.0B90
270Seashore Middle AcademySeashore Charter Schools920755.0B90
271Clark Junior High SchoolPrinceton ISD969654.9A90
272Hendrick Middle SchoolPlano ISD972854.9B90
273Oakrun Middle SchoolNew Braunfels ISD992954.9B90
274TCPA Classical Academy - Carrollton Texas College Preparatory Academies936454.9B90
275Trivium AcademyTrivium Academy959354.8B90
276Young Junior High SchoolArlington ISD980454.8A90
277Beta AcademyBeta Academy965554.8A90
278Bear Branch Junior High SchoolMagnolia ISD998354.7B90
279Brandenburg Middle SchoolGarland ISD91,19154.5A90
280Hurst Junior High SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD91,11754.4A89
281Briscoe Middle SchoolNorthside ISD91,39954.4B89
282Jackson Technology CenterGarland ISD91,37454.4B89
283McNair Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD999954.3B89
284Baines Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD91,21254.2B89
285Sonora Junior High SchoolSonora ISD916354.0B89
286Crockett Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD989254.0B89
287Folks Middle SchoolNorthside ISD91,51753.9B89
288Jobe Middle SchoolMansfield ISD989653.9B89
289Ezzell Elementary SchoolEzzell ISD99253.9B89
290Los Cuates Middle SchoolLos Fresnos CISD980453.9A89
291Fossum Middle SchoolMcAllen ISD980853.8B89
292Bailey Junior High SchoolArlington ISD982653.8B89
293IDEA Riverview College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools948953.8A89
294Irons Junior High SchoolAllen ISD91,15053.7B89
295Boles Junior High SchoolArlington ISD969353.6B89
296Texas Serenity AcademyTexas Serenity Academy931553.6B89
297Hudson Middle SchoolGarland ISD91,29753.6B89
298Small Middle SchoolAustin ISD91,27753.5B89
299Henrietta Middle SchoolHenrietta ISD919153.5A89
300Alvord Middle SchoolAlvord ISD917153.5B89
301Dulles Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD91,44853.4B89
302Eastwood Middle SchoolYsleta ISD91,52253.4A89
303Tekoa Academy of Accelerated StudiesTekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies914653.4A89
304Vanguard BeethovenVanguard Academy997853.3B89
305Thrall Middle SchoolThrall ISD921953.3A89
306Wharton K-8 Dual Language AcademyHouston ISD951053.3B89
307Navarro Junior High SchoolNavarro ISD932453.2A89
308KIPP Academy Middle SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools943153.2A89
309Redwater Junior High SchoolRedwater ISD917453.1A89
310Tomball Junior High SchoolTomball ISD976753.1A88
311Foster Middle SchoolLongview ISD976353.1B89
312Harleton Junior High SchoolHarleton ISD917953.1B89
313Canyon Junior High SchoolCanyon ISD961553.0B88
314Ensor Middle SchoolSocorro ISD91,06453.0A88
315West Briar Middle SchoolHouston ISD91,11353.0A88
316KIPP Sharpstown College PreparatoryKIPP Texas Public Schools943052.8B88
317Baylor College Of Medicine AcademyHouston ISD972852.8B88
318Caddo Mills Middle SchoolCaddo Mills ISD943752.7B88
319Mabank Junior High SchoolMabank ISD953152.6A88
320Rawlinson Middle SchoolNorthside ISD91,34252.6B88
321Krimmel Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD91,37752.6B88
322Thornton Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD91,10852.6B88
323Eagle Pass Junior High SchoolEagle Pass ISD91,08152.5A88
324Creekview Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD999352.5B88
325Johnson Middle SchoolJohnson City ISD916952.4A88
326Roberson Middle SchoolSpring ISD983152.4A88
327Westphalia Elementary SchoolWestphalia ISD915552.4B88
328Holland Middle SchoolHolland ISD914752.4A88
329Anthony Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD91,56652.4B88
330San Vicente Elementary SchoolSan Vicente ISD91352.3B88
331Adams Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD91,17752.3B88
332Bushland Middle SchoolBushland ISD947352.2B88
333Dobie Junior High SchoolSchertz-Cibolo-Univeral City ISD91,25552.2B88
334Heritage Middle SchoolFrenship ISD976552.2B88
335Whitewright Middle SchoolWhitewright ISD918552.2B88
336Spring Branch Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD81,08252.2B88
337Pike Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD897652.2B88
338Strack Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD81,22452.2B88
339Cisco Junior High SchoolCisco ISD820352.1B88
340A&M Consolidated Middle SchoolCollege Station ISD870652.1B88
341Coupland Elementary SchoolCoupland ISD816952.1A88
342STEAM Middle SchoolBurleson ISD859252.1B88
343Creek Valley Middle SchoolLewisville ISD870252.0B88
344Wellborn Middle SchoolCollege Station ISD861952.0B88
345Bayside Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD887452.0B88
346Bradley Middle SchoolNorth East ISD81,26451.8B88
347George West Junior High SchoolGeorge West ISD815951.8A88
348Mt. Valley Middle SchoolComal ISD875851.8B87
349Gunter Middle SchoolGunter ISD828051.7B88
350Lorena Middle SchoolLorena ISD837851.7B88
351Jim Ned Middle SchoolJim Ned CISD832751.7B87
352Jefferson Middle SchoolNorthside ISD81,47551.6B87
353Brazos Middle SchoolBrazos ISD820451.6A88
354Cook Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD81,53051.5A87
355Resaca Middle SchoolLos Fresnos CISD882351.4B87
356Mason Junior High SchoolMason ISD821951.3B87
357Hallsville Junior High SchoolHallsville ISD81,21251.3B87
358School Of Science And Technology AlamoSchool of Science and Technology834151.3A86
359Katy Junior High SchoolKaty ISD81,08551.3B87
360Valley View Early College CampusValley View ISD862351.3A87
361STEP Charter Elementary SchoolSTEP Charter School833851.0B86
362Aubrey Middle SchoolAubrey ISD877751.0B87
363Highland Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD888750.9B87
364Canton Junior High SchoolCanton ISD851950.9B87
365North Belton Middle SchoolBelton ISD81,03150.8B87
366Howard Middle SchoolMansfield ISD888850.8A87
367Staley Middle SchoolFrisco ISD864850.8A87
368Danville Middle SchoolComal ISD870550.8B87
369Eastland Middle SchoolEastland ISD825850.7A87
370Amigos Por Vida Friends For Life Charter SchoolAmigos Por Vida - Friends for Life Public Charter School849450.7A86
371KIPP Academy West Middle SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools842350.7B87
372Sabine Middle SchoolSabine ISD835450.6B87
373Richardson West Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD873950.6B86
374Milano Junior High SchoolMilano ISD811050.6A87
375Chisholm Trail Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD894350.4B86
376Pleasant Grove Middle SchoolPleasant Grove ISD852750.4B86
377Brady Middle SchoolBrady ISD826050.3A87
378Murchison Middle SchoolAustin ISD81,40850.3B87
379Midland Academy Charter SchoolMidland Academy Charter School842350.3B85
380Lubbock-Cooper Middle SchoolLubbock-Cooper ISD861950.3B87
381Meyersville Elementary SchoolMeyersville ISD813250.2B85
382Anahuac Middle SchoolAnahuac ISD832050.1A86
383Spring Hill Junior High SchoolSpring Hill ISD847650.1B87
384Union Grove Junior High SchoolUnion Grove ISD813050.1B86
385Harper Middle SchoolHarper ISD818950.0B86
386Young Men's Leadership AcademySan Antonio ISD833750.0B85
387IDEA Brackenridge College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools825050.0B86
388Schindewolf Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD81,22749.9B86
389Harmony School of Innovation - HoustonHarmony Science Academy846849.9A86
390China Spring Middle SchoolChina Spring ISD847549.9B86
391Flour Bluff Junior High SchoolFlour Bluff ISD894549.8B86
392Idalou Middle SchoolIdalou ISD831849.8B86
393Palmer Middle SchoolPalmer ISD838049.7B86
394South Middle SchoolEdinburg CISD81,37049.7B86
395Sugar Land Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD81,22149.6B86
396Seale Middle SchoolMidlothian ISD81,16749.5B86
397Wiley Middle SchoolLeander ISD81,07249.5B86
398Cele Middle SchoolPflugerville ISD81,12349.4B86
399Mambrino SchoolGranbury ISD872849.4B85
400Apollo Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD863749.4B86
401Mayde Creek Junior High SchoolKaty ISD81,14149.4B86
402Running Brushy Middle SchoolLeander ISD81,22749.4B86
403Corbett Junior High SchoolSchertz-Cibolo-Univeral City ISD81,14849.3B86
404Washington Middle SchoolUnited ISD81,25649.2A86
405Lake Highlands Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD878749.2B86
406Pittsburg Junior High SchoolPittsburg ISD836749.1B86
407Worley Middle SchoolMansfield ISD890349.1B86
408Kleb Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD81,41249.1B85
409Coble Middle SchoolMansfield ISD890649.1B86
410Glen Rose Junior High SchoolGlen Rose ISD843549.0B85
411Labay Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD81,32249.0A86
412Henderson Middle SchoolHardin-Jefferson ISD852348.9B85
413Park Crest Middle SchoolPflugerville ISD890948.9B85
414Hunt SchoolHunt ISD820448.8B85
415Slocum SchoolSlocum ISD829148.7B83
416Edgewood Middle SchoolEdgewood ISD825548.7B85
417Stillman Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD81,09848.7B85
418Taylor Junior High SchoolIngleside ISD835348.5A85
419Daggett Montessri SchoolFort Worth ISD849748.4B83
420Kingwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD81,02648.4B85
421KIPP 3D AcademyKIPP Texas Public Schools844748.4A85
422Cayuga Middle SchoolCayuga ISD811948.4B85
423Chapel Hill Junior High SchoolChapel Hill ISD823748.3B85
424Rosemont Middle SchoolDallas ISD820048.3B85
425Salado Junior High SchoolSalado ISD847948.2B85
426Burbank Middle SchoolHouston ISD81,46448.2A85
427Medina Valley Loma Alta Middle SchoolMedina Valley ISD869248.1B85
428Whitesboro Middle SchoolWhitesboro ISD836748.1B85
429Seymour Middle SchoolSeymour ISD817648.1B85
430TCPA Vista Academy of MuellerTexas College Preparatory Academies816348.1A83
431Kaffie Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD81,17348.0B85
432Leander Middle SchoolLeander ISD81,11148.0B85
433Slider Middle SchoolSocorro ISD870948.0B85
434McDonald Junior High SchoolKaty ISD890247.9B85
435Sun Ridge Middle SchoolSocorro ISD888347.9B85
436Wilson Middle SchoolPlano ISD880947.9B85
437Adkins Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD867647.9B85
438Marion Middle SchoolMarion ISD835647.9B85
439Pershing Middle SchoolHouston ISD81,77147.8B85
440Frankston Middle SchoolFrankston ISD819447.8B85
441School Of Science And Technology DiscoverySchool of Science and Technology857047.7B82
442Bailey Middle SchoolAustin ISD81,00347.7B85
443Westover Park Junior High SchoolCanyon ISD892347.7B85
444Grandview Junior High SchoolGrandview ISD830647.7B85
445New Braunfels Middle SchoolNew Braunfels ISD81,16347.7B85
446Callisburg Middle SchoolCallisburg ISD825847.7B85
447Ousley Junior High SchoolArlington ISD899947.6B85
448Scurry-Rosser Middle SchoolScurry-Rosser ISD840947.6B85
449Henry Middle SchoolAustin ISD882747.6B85
450McLeod Middle SchoolMcLeod ISD89047.5A85
451Rogers Middle SchoolRogers ISD820647.5B85
452Frenship Middle SchoolFrenship ISD874747.4B85
453Blalack Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD81,04447.4B85
454Weimar Junior High SchoolWeimar ISD817447.3B85
455Hamilton Junior High SchoolHamilton ISD817147.3B85
456Paso Del Norte SchoolSocorro ISD81,06447.3B82
457Sanger Preparatory SchoolDallas ISD870847.2B82
458Malakoff Middle SchoolMalakoff ISD832047.2B85
459Academy Junior High SchoolAcademy ISD837947.2B85
460Compass Academy Charter SchoolCompass Academy Charter School81,11647.1B82
461Serna SchoolSocorro ISD868047.1B82
462Gregory-Portland Middle SchoolGregory-Portland ISD81,05946.9B85
463IDEA Rundberg College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools849546.9B85
464Puentes Middle SchoolSocorro ISD81,04446.8B85
465Deerpark Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD892346.8B85
466Albright Middle SchoolAlief ISD81,18746.8A85
467TCPA Vista Academy of WillisTexas College Preparatory Academies815246.8B82
468Vista Ridge Middle SchoolKeller ISD850046.7B85
469Gause Elementary SchoolGause ISD816646.6B82
470Vysehrad Elementary SchoolVysehrad ISD812646.5B82
471Spring Creek SchoolSpring Creek ISD89246.4B82
472George Middle SchoolIowa Park CISD842346.4B85
473KIPP Austin College PreparatoryKIPP Texas Public Schools843546.4B85
474Valor South AustinValor Public Schools845946.3C82
475The Rice SchoolHouston ISD81,14346.3B82
476Troup Middle SchoolTroup ISD825246.2B85
477Blanco Middle SchoolBlanco ISD825846.2B84
478Chico Middle SchoolChico ISD813446.2B85
479Clear Lake Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD893046.2B84
480Buffalo Junior High SchoolBuffalo ISD840646.1B80
481Lumberton Middle SchoolLumberton ISD862546.1B84
482Young Women's STEAM Research & Preparatory AcademyEl Paso ISD827946.1B85
483Richardson Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD873346.0B84
484Sybert SchoolSocorro ISD894446.0B80
485Victory Lakes Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD81,12446.0B84
486Central Middle SchoolWeslaco ISD890346.0B85
487Central Junior High SchoolCentral ISD842145.9A84
488Miller Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD885845.9A84
489Luehrs Junior High SchoolBishop CISD835745.8B84
490Azle Junior High School SouthAzle ISD854545.7B84
491Early Middle SchoolEarly ISD826745.6B84
492Frankford Middle SchoolPlano ISD81,02845.6B84
493Wayside Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD896545.6B84
494Central Heights Middle SchoolCentral Heights ISD830445.6C84
495Chisum Middle SchoolChisum ISD820845.6B84
496Pottsboro Middle SchoolPottsboro ISD847845.6B84
497Garza Middle SchoolEdinburg CISD81,06545.5B84
498Bosqueville Middle SchoolBosqueville ISD817745.5B84
499Liberty Memorial Middle SchoolLos Fresnos CISD876445.4B84
500Childress Junior High SchoolChildress ISD824945.4B84
501Elkhart Middle SchoolElkhart ISD826145.4B84
502Young Women's Leadership AcademyDallas ISD81,19945.4A84
503Spring Forest Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD791645.4B84
504KIPP Intrepid PreparatoryKIPP Texas Public Schools741845.4B84
505Stevenson Middle SchoolHouston ISD71,44645.3B84
506Madisonville Junior High SchoolMadisonville CISD752945.3B84
507Valley View Junior High SchoolValley View ISD762345.3B84
508Baker Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD797145.2B84
509Creekside Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD791345.2B84
510Harmony School of Technology - HoustonHarmony School of Excellence762245.1B84
511Calallen Middle SchoolCalallen ISD797145.1B84
512Peterson Middle SchoolKerrville ISD773745.1B84
513Bleyl Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD71,54645.0B84
514Brabham Middle SchoolWillis ISD788944.9B84
515McMath Middle SchoolDenton ISD776944.9B83
516Canyon Middle SchoolComal ISD772344.9B83
517Manzano Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD790644.9B83
518Hogg Middle SchoolHouston ISD798444.9B84
519Danbury Middle SchoolDanbury ISD718644.8C83
520Brownsboro Junior High SchoolBrownsboro ISD741244.7A83
521Lake Dallas Middle SchoolLake Dallas ISD791744.7B83
522Howe Middle SchoolHouston ISD739444.6B83
523Tanglewood Middle SchoolHouston ISD784644.6B83
524Garner ElementaryGarner ISD720144.5B79
525Sulphur Springs Middle SchoolSulphur Springs ISD796044.5B83
526Paradise Middle SchoolParadise ISD730944.5B83
527Pringle-Morse SchoolPringle-Morse CISD712144.5B79
528McNiel Middle SchoolWichita Falls ISD71,22344.5B83
529Banquete Junior High SchoolBanquete ISD721044.4B83
530Black Middle SchoolHouston ISD71,23344.4B83
531Gonzalez Middle SchoolUnited ISD768544.4A83
532Newman International Academy at PioneerNewman International Academy of Art719244.4B83
533Howard Junior High SchoolWaxahachie ISD763344.3B83
534Wilkinson Middle SchoolMesquite ISD777144.3A83
535Westhoff Elementary SchoolWesthoff ISD78744.3B79
536Henderson Junior High SchoolStephenville ISD759044.3A83
537Wiggs Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD790144.3B83
538Farmersville Junior High SchoolFarmersville ISD741844.3B83
539Wilson Middle SchoolNederland ISD781444.3B83
540TCPA Vista Academy of EdinburgTexas College Preparatory Academies716544.2B79
541Connally Middle SchoolNorthside ISD795244.2B83
542Bondy Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD794244.2B83
543Tatum Middle SchoolTatum ISD736944.2B83
544Lake Jackson Intermediate SchoolBrazosport ISD788244.2A83
545Scott Middle SchoolDenison ISD771844.1B83
546Needville Junior High SchoolNeedville ISD746944.1B83
547Johnson Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD793644.0B83
548Lago Vista Middle SchoolLago Vista ISD739244.0B83
549Stinson Middle SchoolNorthside ISD71,14444.0B83
550Benold Middle SchoolGeorgetown ISD782644.0C83
551Skidmore-Tynan Junior High SchoolSkidmore-Tynan ISD719444.0A83
552McNabb Elementary SchoolSpring ISD771644.0A79
553Lone Oak Middle SchoolLone Oak ISD722543.9B83
554Reagan Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD785543.9B83
555Highlands Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD71,18443.8B83
556Garrison Middle SchoolGarrison ISD716243.7B83
557Millsap Middle SchoolMillsap ISD722343.7B83
558Bridge City Middle SchoolBridge City ISD768643.7B83
559Applied Learning AcademyFort Worth ISD731843.7B83
560TCPA Classical Academy - Permian BasinTexas College Preparatory Academies727443.7B79
561Raymond Mays Middle SchoolTroy ISD735243.6B83
562Grapevine Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD774443.5C82
563Terra Vista Middle SchoolFrenship ISD781143.5B82
564IDEA North Mission College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools749343.5B83
565Westlake Middle SchoolHumble ISD71,03643.5C82
566Gentry Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD71,11743.5B83
567Space Center Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD71,03043.4B82
568KIPP Austin Academy Of Arts & LettersKIPP Texas Public Schools745543.2B82
569Hobby Middle SchoolNorthside ISD792643.2B82
570Elysian Fields Middle SchoolElysian Fields ISD721743.2C82
571Los Obispos Middle SchoolUnited ISD71,00143.2B82
572Ser-NinosMiddle SchoolSer-Ninos Charter School726243.1B82
573Vela Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD775243.0B82
574Memorial Middle SchoolWinnsboro ISD743643.0B82
575Hulcy STEAM Middle SchoolDallas ISD753242.9B82
576Thompson Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD791242.9B82
577Ponder Junior High SchoolPonder ISD737442.9B82
578Murphy Middle SchoolKilleen ISD782242.9B82
579Woodridge Forest Middle SchoolNew Caney ISD788742.9B82
580KIPP Poder AcademyKIPP Texas Public Schools745042.9A82
581Tolar Junior High SchoolTolar ISD718642.9B82
582Bellville Junior High SchoolBellville ISD751842.8B82
583Medina Valley Middle SchoolMedina Valley ISD760942.8B82
584Griffin Middle SchoolLewisville ISD777842.8C82
585Blue Ridge Middle SchoolBlue Ridge ISD721042.7B82
586Clarke Middle SchoolSocorro ISD793942.6B82
587Port Neches Middle SchoolPort Neches-Groves ISD761242.6C82
588Arp Junior High SchoolArp ISD719542.6B82
589Bowman Middle SchoolPlano ISD798642.6B82
590Crockett Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD795842.6B82
591Llano Junior High SchoolLlano ISD740742.6B82
592Pilgrim AcademyHouston ISD71,13542.5B78
593Eldorado Middle SchoolSchleicher County ISD716442.5B82
594Odem Junior High SchoolOdem-Edroy ISD721742.5B82
595Harris Middle SchoolNorth East ISD71,06942.4B82
596Schultz Junior High SchoolWaller ISD794142.4B82
597New Waverly Junior High SchoolNew Waverly ISD722142.4C82
598Fossil Hill Middle SchoolKeller ISD795542.4B81
599West Memorial Junior High SchoolKaty ISD785142.3B82
600United South Middle SchoolUnited ISD71,36742.3B81
601Pawnee Elementary/Junior High SchoolPawnee ISD731842.3B78
602Neches Elementary SchoolNeches ISD725942.3C78
603Saint Anthony SchoolSt. Anthony School79542.3B82
604San Saba Middle SchoolSan Saba ISD721342.2B82
605Energized For Excellence AcademyHouston ISD752242.2B82
606Brenham Junior High SchoolBrenham ISD778542.2B81
607McAdams Junior High SchoolDickinson ISD776042.1B81
608IDEA Eastside College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools742342.0B81
609Perry Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD71,00042.0B81
610Greiner Exploratory Arts AcademyDallas ISD71,79642.0B81
611White Oak Middle SchoolWhite Oak ISD736841.9B81
612Fulmore Middle SchoolAustin ISD71,07741.8B81
613Clifton Middle SchoolClifton ISD723041.8C81
614Fort Hancock Middle SchoolFort Hancock ISD78741.8A81
615Hernando Middle SchoolSocorro ISD71,10341.8B81
616Chisholm Trail Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD747341.7B81
617Irons Middle SchoolLubbock ISD760841.7C81
618Uplift Infinity Preparatory Middle SchoolUplift Education734341.7B81
619Leveretts Chapel Junior High SchoolLeveretts Chapel ISD76841.7B81
620Clark Middle SchoolUnited ISD769841.6B81
621Horizon Montessori IIHorizon Montessori Public Schools734341.6B77
622Hallettsville Junior High SchoolHallettsville ISD735741.5C81
623Fredericksburg Middle SchoolFredericksburg ISD768441.5C81
624Roma Middle SchoolRoma ISD778441.5B81
625Huntington Middle SchoolHuntington ISD739741.5B81
626Crosby Middle SchoolCrosby ISD71,42841.5B81
627IDEA Halsell College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools725341.5B81
628Morgan Mill Elementary SchoolMorgan Mill ISD712341.4B77
629Montwood Middle SchoolSocorro ISD775041.4B81
630Red Oak Junior High SchoolRed Oak ISD71,43141.4B81
631Peet Junior High SchoolAllen ISD71,41341.3B81
632Brown Middle SchoolForney ISD799541.3B81
633Mission Junior High SchoolMission CISD786141.3B81
634Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter SchoolBeatrice Mayes Institute Charter School746241.3C77
635Kitty Hawk Middle SchoolJudson ISD71,35341.3C81
636Stevenson Middle SchoolNorthside ISD71,23341.3C81
637Liberty Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD763141.3B81
637IDEA Bluff Springs College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools736141.3B81
639Hambric SchoolSocorro ISD71,06141.3B77
640Stafford Middle SchoolStafford MSD754241.2B81
641Mt Vernon Middle SchoolMount Vernon ISD751841.2B81
642Stratford Junior High SchoolStratford ISD718541.2B81
643Hamilton Middle SchoolHouston ISD71,26641.2B81
644Joaquin Junior High SchoolJoaquin ISD717241.2B81
645North Richland Middle SchoolBirdville ISD791241.1B81
646Stockdick Junior High SchoolKaty ISD790341.1B81
647Bland Middle SchoolBland ISD717341.1C81
648Coakley Middle SchoolHarlingen CISD776141.0B81
649Friona Junior High SchoolFriona ISD721641.0B81
650Desert Wind Elementary SchoolSocorro ISD789441.0B77
651Mineola Middle SchoolMineola ISD736341.0B80
652Evans Middle SchoolLubbock ISD788241.0C81
653Tekoa Academy of Accelerated StudiesTekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies74541.0A81
654Brackett Junior High SchoolBrackett ISD713341.0B81
655Cardiff Junior High SchoolKaty ISD795140.9B80
656Farwell Junior High SchoolFarwell ISD713340.9B80
657Horizon MontessoriHorizon Montessori Public Schools759840.9C77
658Jourdanton Junior High SchoolJourdanton ISD735440.9B80
659Acton Middle SchoolGranbury ISD794240.9C81
660Hildebrandt Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD794840.9C80
661TCPA Classical Academy - ClayTexas College Preparatory Academies727840.9B77
662Waller Junior High SchoolWaller ISD782040.9B81
663Smith Middle SchoolKilleen ISD71,32240.8B81
664Bangs Middle SchoolBangs ISD726940.8B80
665Navo Middle SchoolDenton ISD798540.8C80
666Hooks Junior High SchoolHooks ISD725240.8B80
667Groves Middle SchoolPort Neches-Groves ISD764640.8C80
668Lamar Junior High SchoolLamar CISD71,30440.7B80
669Hamshire-Fannett Middle SchoolHamshire-Fannett ISD730640.7B80
670Farley Middle SchoolHutto ISD791640.7C80
671Stockdale Junior High SchoolStockdale ISD619640.6B80
672Brewster Elementary SchoolEdinburg CISD637440.6B77
673Harmony Science Academy - LubbockHarmony Science Academy641340.6B77
674McLean Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD61,07640.6B80
675Alpine Middle SchoolAlpine ISD631140.6B80
676Patterson Middle SchoolKilleen ISD61,05640.6C80
677Quintanilla Middle SchoolDallas ISD669140.4A80
678Spence Talented and Gifted AcademyDallas ISD671340.4C80
679Sunray Middle SchoolSunray ISD617740.4B80
680Woodcreek Middle SchoolHumble ISD61,53640.4C80
681Ulrich Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD61,33140.4C80
682Montague Elementary SchoolMontague ISD616640.3C77
683Meyerland Middle SchoolHouston ISD61,57440.3B80
684KIPP Austin Beacon PreparatoryKIPP Texas Public Schools645740.3B80
685GRCS - Cockrell HillGolden Rule Charter School680640.2B77
686Watauga Middle SchoolBirdville ISD670640.2B80
687Alto Middle SchoolAlto ISD620140.2B80
688Truitt Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD61,30540.2B80
689Vela Middle SchoolHarlingen CISD685140.1B80
690Springtown Middle SchoolSpringtown ISD651740.1B80
691Liberty Hill Middle SchoolKilleen ISD692340.1C80
692De Zavala Middle SchoolIrving ISD692740.1B80
693Van Junior High SchoolVan ISD635640.1B80
694Faulk Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD61,10240.1B80
695South Houston Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD667740.1A80
696Haltom Middle SchoolBirdville ISD692540.0B80
697Stone Middle SchoolNorth Lamar ISD658540.0C80
698Canutillo Middle SchoolCanutillo ISD666040.0B80
699Fannin Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD667740.0B80
700Beverly Hills Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD695440.0B80
701Shackelford Junior High SchoolArlington ISD664940.0B80
702Gutierrez Middle SchoolHarlingen CISD681539.9B80
703Comfort Middle SchoolComfort ISD626839.9B80
704Chavez Middle SchoolLa Joya ISD683039.8B80
705Rodeo Palms Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD681539.8B80
706Magnolia Junior High SchoolMagnolia ISD61,05639.8C80
707Morton Ranch Junior High SchoolKaty ISD61,19039.8B80
708Prairiland Junior High SchoolPrairiland ISD626239.8C80
709Finley Junior High SchoolWaxahachie ISD660339.8C80
710Harmony Science Academy - LaredoHarmony Science Academy664339.7B80
711Kirbyville Junior High SchoolKirbyville CISD632439.7B80
712Peaster Middle SchoolPeaster ISD620139.7A80
713Lincoln Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD676439.7B80
714La Grange Middle SchoolLa Grange ISD630339.7B79
715Solis Middle SchoolDonna ISD685039.6B80
716Willkie Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD61,04539.6C79
717Normangee Middle SchoolNormangee ISD612839.6C80
718Robinson Junior High SchoolRobinson ISD635839.6C80
719Berry Middle SchoolMesquite ISD61,10639.6B79
720Detroit Junior High SchoolDetroit ISD610439.5B80
721Clarendon Junior High SchoolClarendon ISD611439.5B80
722Eustace Middle SchoolEustace ISD634739.5B80
723Atascocita Middle SchoolHumble ISD61,22639.5C79
724Hutto Middle SchoolHutto ISD685339.5C79
725Richards Middle SchoolLa Joya ISD679339.5A80
726Waskom Middle SchoolWaskom ISD621539.5B80
727Lomax Junior High SchoolLa Porte ISD660839.4C79
728Quitman Junior High SchoolQuitman ISD628139.4B80
729Anna Middle SchoolAnna ISD686139.4C80
730Loflin Middle SchoolJoshua ISD673639.4B79
731Garden Oaks MontessoriHouston ISD685039.4C77
732Seadrift SchoolCalhoun County ISD629039.4C77
733Atlanta Middle SchoolAtlanta ISD636439.3B79
734Perales Middle SchoolUnited ISD645139.3B79
735Longoria Middle SchoolEdinburg CISD697539.2B79
736Forte Junior High SchoolAzle ISD646739.2C79
737Nocona Middle SchoolNocona ISD616739.2B79
738Jordan Middle SchoolNorthside ISD61,26639.2C79
739Kahla Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD61,36339.2B79
740Columbus Junior High SchoolColumbus ISD633039.2B79
741Nixon-Smiley Middle SchoolNixon-Smiley CISD630639.1B79
742Anthony Middle SchoolAnthony ISD618939.1B79
743Baylor College Of Medicine BiotechHouston ISD648439.1B79
744Indian Ridge Middle SchoolYsleta ISD662339.1B79
745Kranz Junior High SchoolDickinson ISD692439.1B79
746Caldwell Middle SchoolCaldwell ISD626739.0B79
747Memorial Middle SchoolLa Joya ISD673239.0B79
748KIPP Voyage Academy For GirlsKIPP Texas Public Schools633639.0B79
749Highland Park Middle SchoolHighland Park ISD622839.0B79
750Floresville Middle SchoolFloresville ISD693038.9C79
751Washington Junior High SchoolAllen ISD682138.9B79
752Hughes Middle SchoolBurleson ISD61,06538.8C79
753Cooper Junior High SchoolCooper ISD617638.8B79
754Lake Belton Middle SchoolBelton ISD691638.8C79
755Keene Junior High SchoolKeene ISD624138.8B79
756McCarroll Middle SchoolDecatur ISD649538.7B79
757Sanger Middle SchoolSanger ISD641838.7C79
758Edge Middle SchoolCommunity ISD656638.7C79
759Trinity Basin Preparatory - PanolaTrinity Basin Preparatory62,08238.7B76
760Edna Junior High SchoolEdna ISD633638.6B79
761Three Lakes Middle SchoolTyler ISD689338.6C79
762Gunn Junior High SchoolArlington ISD646938.6B79
763Watkins Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD61,38338.6B79
764Ehrhart SchoolEhrhart School643038.6B76
765Hall Middle SchoolWeatherford ISD697238.5C79
766Center Point Middle SchoolCenter Point ISD613638.5B79
767Axtell Middle SchoolAxtell ISD617238.5C79
768IL Texas Katy Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas637438.5B79
769Brown Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD61,03738.5B79
770Texas Online Preparatory Middle SchoolHuntsville ISD61,05438.4C79
771Iago Junior High SchoolBoling ISD627038.4C78
772Robbins Middle SchoolPineywoods Community Academy625738.4C79
773Salvador Garcia Middle SchoolUnited ISD644738.4B79
774Tidehaven Intermediate SchoolTidehaven ISD621538.4B79
775Long Middle SchoolDallas ISD61,47438.4B79
776Junction Middle SchoolJunction ISD613638.4B79
777Sealy Junior High SchoolSealy ISD660738.4C79
778Lexington Middle SchoolLexington ISD623638.3C78
779Carthage Junior High SchoolCarthage ISD640938.3B79
780Royse City Middle SchoolRoyse City ISD693238.3C78
781Uplift Grand Secondary SchoolUplift Education643538.2B79
782Luna Middle SchoolNorthside ISD61,44438.1C78
783North Shore Middle SchoolGalena Park61,38038.1B78
784Sweeny Junior High SchoolSweeny ISD646438.1C79
785Kennedale Junior High SchoolKennedale ISD649338.1B78
786Uplift Summit International Middle SchoolUplift Education650138.1B78
787Del Valle Middle SchoolYsleta ISD61,30838.0B78
788Alderete Middle SchoolCanutillo ISD663738.0B78
789TCPA Founders Classical Academy of SchertzTexas College Preparatory Academies654938.0B75
790Pilot Point Middle SchoolPilot Point ISD621738.0B79
791Rusk Junior High SchoolRusk ISD643638.0B79
792IDEA Judson College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools635238.0B78
793Cedar Bayou Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD61,08437.9B78
794South Belton Middle SchoolBelton ISD687937.9C78
795Brookside Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD689137.9C78
796Barnett Junior High SchoolArlington ISD679937.9B78
797Norman Junior High SchoolKaufman ISD693437.9B78
798Kerr Middle SchoolBurleson ISD61,31137.9C79
799Prairie Vista Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD688537.9C78
800Edwards-Johnson Memorial Middle SchoolSilsbee ISD662837.9C78
801Haskell Junior High SchoolHaskell CISD610837.8B78
802Tuloso-Midway Middle SchoolTuloso-Midway ISD688737.8C78
803Woodland Acres Middle SchoolGalena Park651437.8B78
804Giddings Middle SchoolGiddings ISD643737.8B78
805Calhoun Middle SchoolDenton ISD673637.8B78
806Diboll Junior High SchoolDiboll ISD642937.7B78
807Bonnette Junior High SchoolDeer Park ISD681937.7C78
808McDowell Middle SchoolHondo ISD641637.7C78
809Aguirre Junior High SchoolChannelview ISD61,06137.7B78
810Cameron Middle SchoolCameron ISD637737.7B78
811Mount Pleasant Junior High SchoolMount Pleasant ISD675737.7B78
812Bridgeport Middle SchoolBridgeport ISD648537.6B78
813Timberwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD61,14737.6C78
814Driscoll Middle SchoolNorth East ISD675537.6C78
815Memorial Middle SchoolLaredo ISD674037.6B78
816Tarkington Middle SchoolTarkington ISD644537.5C78
817Upchurch Middle SchoolQueen City ISD632037.5C78
818Lufkin Middle SchoolLufkin ISD61,71537.4B78
819Forest Meadow Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD682037.4B78
820Memorial Middle SchoolEdinburg CISD61,23237.4B78
821IL Texas Garland Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas646537.4B78
822O'Donnell Middle SchoolAlief ISD61,37537.4B78
823Deepwater Junior High SchoolDeer Park ISD664937.3B78
824Travis Middle SchoolIrving ISD698737.3B78
825Cumberland Academy Middle SchoolCumberland Academy645837.3C78
826Clyde Junior High SchoolClyde CISD635837.3B78
827Memorial Middle SchoolHarlingen CISD683037.2B78
828De Leon Middle SchoolMcAllen ISD61,01937.2B78
829Baird Middle SchoolBaird ISD66037.2B78
829Bruce Junior High SchoolGilmer ISD637137.2A78
831Moore MST Magent Middle SchoolTyler ISD61,13137.2B78
832Central Middle SchoolNederland ISD673437.2C78
833Estrada Middle SchoolClint ISD674137.2B78
834Memorial Junior High SchoolEagle Pass ISD61,09337.2B78
835Hubbard Middle SchoolTyler ISD672137.2C78
836Clear Creek Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD675637.1C78
837Bel Air Middle SchoolYsleta ISD681437.1B78
838Thorndale Middle SchoolThorndale ISD511537.1C78
839Educational Center International AcademyEducation Center International Academy512337.1C75
840Tennyson Middle SchoolWaco ISD592137.1B78
841Oliveira Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD599637.1B78
842Herman Middle SchoolVan Vleck ISD526437.0B78
843Cuero Junior High SchoolCuero ISD547337.0B78
844Hughes Springs Junior High SchoolHughes Springs ISD527936.9C78
845Lancaster Middle SchoolLancaster ISD51,02736.9B78
846Judson Middle SchoolJudson ISD51,24536.9C78
847Uplift Luna Secondary SchoolUplift Education549736.8B77
848Charles Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD557836.8B78
849Armstrong Middle SchoolPlano ISD570136.8B78
850Kountze Middle SchoolKountze ISD516936.8B78
851Ross Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD581236.7B77
852Barrientes Middle SchoolEdinburg CISD51,31436.7B77
853Copperas Cove Junior High SchoolCopperas Cove ISD587036.7C77
854S&S Consolidated Middle SchoolS&S CISD520836.7C77
855Smithville Junior High SchoolSmithville ISD542436.7C77
856River Road Middle SchoolRiver Road ISD533636.6B77
857Leon Junior High SchoolLeon ISD516636.6C77
858Wilson Montessori SchoolHouston ISD560036.5C74
859Carpenter Middle SchoolPlano ISD566036.5C77
860Liberty Middle SchoolLiberty ISD547936.5C77
861Garcia Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD51,08536.5B77
862Chireno Elementary SchoolChireno ISD529836.5C74
863Wellington Junior High SchoolWellington ISD512436.5B77
864Jacksboro Middle SchoolJacksboro ISD524936.5C77
865Blocker Middle SchoolTexas City ISD589736.4B77
866Harmony Science Academy - Grand PrairieHarmony Science Academy548136.4B74
867Rivercrest Junior High SchoolRivercrest ISD515936.4C77
868Educational Center International AcademyEducation Center International Academy517836.4C74
869Lakeside Middle SchoolLittle Elm ISD51,47436.4C77
870Diaz Junior High SchoolHidalgo ISD563736.4B77
871Teague Junior High SchoolTeague ISD535136.3C77
872Myers Middle SchoolDenton ISD585836.3C77
873Newman Middle SchoolCotulla ISD530236.3B77
874Krueger Middle SchoolNorth East ISD596836.3B77
875Lapoynor Junior High SchoolLaPoynor ISD512936.3B77
876Austin Middle SchoolPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD51,00136.2B77
877IL Texas College Station Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas520536.2C77
878BASIS Austin Discovery SchoolAustin Discovery School550836.2C74
879KIPP Austin Vista Middle SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools541436.1B77
880Big Sandy Junior High SchoolBig Sandy ISD514736.1B77
881Schrade Middle SchoolGarland ISD51,06336.1C77
882San Perlita Middle SchoolSan Perlita ISD55836.1B77
883Whitney Middle SchoolWhitney ISD534436.0C77
884Kimbrough Middle SchoolMesquite ISD51,34136.0C77
885Garcia Middle SchoolLa Joya ISD581036.0B77
886IL Texas North Richland Hills Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas542436.0B77
887Coleman Junior High SchoolWaxahachie ISD589735.9C77
888Stripling Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD574135.9B77
889Borger Middle SchoolBorger ISD540435.9B77
890Moses Middle SchoolNacogdoches ISD565335.9B77
891Odom Middle SchoolBeaumont ISD586035.9B77
892Cade Middle SchoolVictoria ISD587335.8C77
893Anson Middle SchoolAnson ISD516835.8B77
894Evadale Junior High SchoolEvadale ISD510135.8C77
895Austin Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD579335.8C77
896Jackson Middle SchoolNorth East ISD572235.8B77
897Ingram Middle SchoolIngram ISD527335.8C77
898Vergara Middle SchoolUnited ISD51,01335.7B77
899Cunningham Middle SchoolGalena Park596235.7B76
900Garza Middle SchoolWeslaco ISD51,12935.6B77
901Strickland Middle SchoolDenton ISD590935.6C77
902El Paso Leadership AcademyEl Paso Leadership Academy520735.5B77
903Olton Junior High SchoolOlton ISD512835.5B76
904Life Middle SchoolLife School548735.5B76
905TCPA Vista Academy of The WoodlandsTexas College Preparatory Academies538735.5C73
906Hopper Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD51,34635.5B76
907Thornton Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD51,84435.5B77
908New Diana Middle SchoolNew Diana ISD526235.5C77
909Wills Point Junior High SchoolWills Point ISD540335.4B77
910Sivells Bend Elementary SchoolSivells Bend ISD56735.4C74
911Krum Middle SchoolKrum ISD549635.3C77
912Fabens Middle SchoolFabens ISD548735.3B76
913Byrd Middle SchoolDuncanville ISD571935.2B76
914Iraan Junior High SchoolIraan-Sheffield ISD57635.2C76
915Paris Junior High SchoolParis ISD554335.2B76
916Travis World Language AcademyGrand Prairie ISD578635.2B73
917Ennis Junior High SchoolEnnis ISD587735.2B76
918Harmony School of Science - HoustonHarmony Science Academy532835.1B73
919Campbell Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD51,32135.1B76
920Cantu Junior High SchoolMission CISD569535.1B76
921Sanford-Fritch Junior High SchoolSanford-Fritch ISD517835.1C76
922Holub Middle SchoolAlief ISD589735.1B76
923Alvin Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD590735.1C76
924Coyle Middle SchoolGarland ISD51,00635.0C76
925Grant Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD594835.0C76
926Vale Middle SchoolNorthside ISD51,35435.0C76
927Corsicana Middle SchoolCorsicana ISD582634.9B76
928Harmony Junior High SchoolHarmony ISD527034.9C76
929O'Brien Middle SchoolKnox City-O'Brien CISD57234.8B76
930Garner Middle SchoolNorth East ISD593134.8B76
931Warren Junior High SchoolWarren ISD530034.8B76
932Harts Bluff Elementary SchoolHarts Bluff ISD563334.8C73
933Bush Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD567734.7C76
934Lee Junior High SchoolCopperas Cove ISD590734.7C76
935KIPP Polaris Academy For BoysKIPP Texas Public Schools533934.7B76
936Henderson Middle SchoolHenderson ISD582834.7C76
937Brewer Middle SchoolWhite Settlement ISD51,09734.6C76
938Crandall Middle SchoolCrandall ISD571634.6C76
939Clint Junior High SchoolClint ISD553834.5B76
940MacArthur Elementary-Intermediate SchoolEl Paso ISD585334.5C73
941Houston Middle SchoolIrving ISD593434.5B76
942Mission AcademySan Antonio ISD556034.4B73
943Lamar Middle SchoolLaredo ISD51,38034.4B76
944Maypearl Middle SchoolMaypearl ISD536034.4D76
945Brooks Middle SchoolGreenwood ISD589734.4C75
946Lampasas Middle SchoolLampasas ISD576134.4C76
947Fairfield Junior High SchoolFairfield ISD543634.4C75
948De Zavala Middle SchoolLa Joya ISD572934.3B76
949Bremond Middle SchoolBremond ISD510834.3C76
950White Junior High SchoolMission CISD589534.3B76
951Rodriguez Middle SchoolDenton ISD582534.3C75
952Boles Middle SchoolBoles ISD517834.2C75
953Bowie Middle SchoolSimms ISD511534.2C76
954Compass Rose AcademyCompass Rose Academy519334.2B75
955New Caney Middle SchoolNew Caney ISD583634.2B76
956Piner Middle SchoolSherman ISD51,04234.2C76
957West Texas Middle SchoolPlemons-Stinnett-Phillips CISD516334.1C76
958Cuellar Middle SchoolWeslaco ISD576634.1B76
959Green Junior High SchoolLa Feria ISD550634.1B76
960White Middle SchoolNorth East ISD51,08234.1B75
961Vernon Middle SchoolHarlingen CISD562434.1B76
962Boyd Middle SchoolBoyd ISD521334.1C76
963Abernathy Middle SchoolAbernathy ISD518834.0C75
964Rede Franco Middle SchoolPresidio ISD527133.9B75
965Gravitt Junior High SchoolDenver City ISD539133.9C76
966Texas Middle SchoolTexarkana ISD51,52033.9C75
967Newton Middle SchoolNewton ISD522133.8C75
968Buna Junior High SchoolBuna ISD533033.8C75
969TCPA Vista Academy of GarlandTexas College Preparatory Academies524833.8C72
970TCPA Classical Academy - FallbrookTexas College Preparatory Academies522533.8B73
971Eisenhower Middle SchoolNorth East ISD598233.8C75
972TCPA Vista Academy of HuntsvilleTexas College Preparatory Academies530033.8C72
973Rio Bravo Middle SchoolYsleta ISD544733.7B76
974Perkins Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD571033.7B75
975Wolfe City Middle SchoolWolfe City ISD515633.7C75
976Shamrock Middle SchoolShamrock ISD57933.7B75
977Polk Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD51,04033.7C75
978Cotton AcademySan Antonio ISD546533.6B72
979Perkins Middle SchoolDe Leon ISD518933.6C75
980Tison Middle SchoolWeatherford ISD593633.6D75
981Horizon Montessori IIIHorizon Montessori Public Schools538333.6C72
982Uplift Heights Middle SchoolUplift Education549633.6B75
983Freeport Intermediate SchoolBrazosport ISD551533.5B75
984Trinity Basin Preparatory - EwingTrinity Basin Preparatory51,41433.5B72
985Webb Middle SchoolGarland ISD51,19333.4C75
986New Deal Middle SchoolNew Deal ISD525833.4C75
987Stell Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD598233.4B75
988East Chambers Junior High SchoolEast Chambers ISD533633.3C75
989Brown Middle SchoolMcAllen ISD574633.3B75
990Abell Junior High SchoolMidland ISD51,07733.3C75
991Kennedy Middle SchoolPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD563533.2B75
992Crenshaw Elementary And Middle School Galveston ISD514433.2B72
993Harlandale Middle SchoolHarlandale ISD583733.2B75
994Green Middle SchoolRaymondville ISD543733.2B75
995Alamo Middle SchoolPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD562533.2B75
996Hedrick Middle SchoolLewisville ISD566533.1C75
997Orangefield Junior High SchoolOrangefield ISD557733.1C75
998IL Texas Saginaw Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas538633.1C75
999White Oak Middle SchoolNew Caney ISD591833.1C75
1000Rains Junior High SchoolRains ISD537133.1C75
1001Howell Middle SchoolVictoria ISD588433.1C75
1002Dean Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD51,65133.1B75
1003West Middle SchoolWest ISD531433.0C75
1004Manor New Technology Middle SchoolManor ISD569633.0C75
1005Walnut Bend Elementary SchoolWalnut Bend ISD47933.0C72
1006Littlefield Junior High SchoolLittlefield ISD430232.9C75
1007Palacios Junior High SchoolPalacios ISD430732.9B75
1008Huffman Middle SchoolHuffman ISD483832.8C75
1009Angleton Junior High SchoolAngleton ISD41,49232.8C75
1010Center Middle SchoolCenter ISD458332.8B75
1011Wallace Middle SchoolHays CISD480032.8C75
1012Park View Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD460132.8B75
1013Palestine Junior High SchoolPalestine ISD451932.8B75
1014IL Texas Grand Prairie Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas445332.7B75
1015Baxter Junior High SchoolEverman ISD41,02732.7B75
1016Thompson Middle SchoolQuinlan ISD456932.7B75
1017Hereford Junior High SchoolHereford ISD460032.6C75
1018KIPP Prime College PreparatoryKIPP Texas Public Schools433632.6B75
1019Ross Middle SchoolNorthside ISD41,15432.6B75
1020Craig Middle SchoolAbilene ISD495932.6C75
1021Hoge Middle SchoolWeslaco ISD41,00932.6B75
1022Graham Junior High SchoolGraham ISD455232.6D75
1023Louise Junior High SchoolLouise ISD412132.5C75
1024Richland Middle SchoolBirdville ISD470932.5C75
1025Harmony School of Endeavor - HoustonHarmony School of Excellence453332.5C72
1026Richards STEAM AcademyDallas ISD41,32232.4B75
1027Alton Memorial Junior High SchoolMission CISD490832.3C75
1028Ganado Junior High SchoolGanado ISD417332.3C75
1029YES Prep - SouthsideYES Prep Public Schools463632.3B75
1030Scobee Middle SchoolSouthwest ISD490432.3C75
1031Bandera Middle SchoolBandera ISD453032.3D75
1032Isbill Junior High SchoolMcGregor ISD431332.3C75
1033Smith Elementary SchoolSpring ISD459632.2C72
1034Zachry Middle SchoolNorthside ISD492632.2C75
1035Pine Tree Junior High SchoolPine Tree ISD470932.2B75
1036Dumas Junior High SchoolDumas ISD464432.2B75
1037Nimitz Middle SchoolNorth East ISD41,30532.1C75
1038North Oaks Middle SchoolBirdville ISD455632.1C75
1039Gatesville Junior High SchoolGatesville ISD441932.1C75
1040Hamlin Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD464132.1C75
1041Forest Park Magnet SchoolLongview ISD447932.1B75
1042Harmony Science Academy - OdessaHarmony Science Academy449832.0C72
1043Rockdale Junior High SchoolRockdale ISD435332.0C75
1044Rusk Middle SchoolDallas ISD464832.0B75
1045Rio Hondo Middle SchoolRio Hondo ISD454432.0B75
1046Cabaza Middle SchoolSan Benito CISD485631.9C75
1047Bowie Junior High SchoolBowie ISD439131.9C75
1048Alvarado Junior High SchoolAlvarado ISD458431.9B75
1049Educational Center International AcademyEducation Center International Academy429431.8C72
1050Southmore Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD472131.8B75
1051Murchison Elementary SchoolMurchison ISD418031.8D72
1052Kennemer Middle SchoolDuncanville ISD486931.8B75
1053Celeste Junior High SchoolCeleste ISD411331.7C75
1054Madison Middle SchoolAbilene ISD491131.7C75
1055Judson STEAM AcademyLongview ISD456131.7C75
1056School Of Science And Technology - HoustonSchool of Science and Technology455131.7D71
1057Johnson Junior High SchoolChannelview ISD41,15131.6B75
1058Christen Middle SchoolLaredo ISD41,18731.6B75
1059Chapa Middle SchoolHays CISD475331.6C75
1060Menard Elementary / Junior High SchoolMenard ISD422331.6D72
1061Riverside Middle SchoolYsleta ISD451131.6B74
1062Valley View Middle SchoolValley View ISD425831.6B75
1063Slaton Junior High SchoolSlaton ISD430031.6B75
1064Lyford Middle SchoolLyford CISD434731.6B75
1065Twin Creeks Middle SchoolSpring ISD498431.5C75
1066Devine Middle SchoolDevine ISD445531.5C75
1067Parkland Middle SchoolYsleta ISD41,34031.5B75
1068Franklin Middle SchoolDallas ISD41,10331.5B75
1069Pflugerville Middle SchoolPflugerville ISD41,04031.5C75
1069Estacado Middle SchoolPlainview ISD463931.5C75
1071Roosevelt Junior High SchoolRoosevelt ISD427031.4C74
1072Besteiro Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD469831.4C74
1073Bowie Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD478331.4B75
1074Hemphill Middle SchoolHemphill ISD427831.3C75
1075Vidor Junior High SchoolVidor ISD467631.3B75
1076Valley Mills Junior High SchoolValley Mills ISD415131.3C74
1077Hodges Bend Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD41,07531.3C74
1078Karnes City Junior High SchoolKarnes City ISD426531.2C75
1079Barrera Middle SchoolRoma ISD461531.2C74
1080Clack Middle SchoolAbilene ISD488831.2C74
1081Lamar Middle SchoolIrving ISD483831.2C74
1082Nimitz Middle SchoolEctor County ISD41,30131.1D74
1083La Porte Junior High SchoolLa Porte ISD450931.1C75
1084Georgetown Charter AcademyPriority Charter Schools47731.1C71
1085Lucio Middle SchoolBrownsville ISD484931.1C74
1086Brownwood Middle SchoolBrownwood ISD452931.1B74
1087West Rusk Middle SchoolWest Rusk County CISD427231.1C74
1088Goliad Middle SchoolGoliad ISD419431.1C74
1089Excelsior Elementary SchoolExcelsior ISD48931.1C71
1090Lyles Middle SchoolGarland ISD468331.0B74
1091Waxahachie Faith Family AcademyWaxahachie Faith Family Academy428331.0C71
1092Sanchez Middle SchoolSocorro ISD464131.0B74
1093Godley Middle SchoolGodley ISD433230.9B74
1094Rudder Middle SchoolNorthside ISD497930.9C74
1095Eastern Hills Middle SchoolKilleen ISD474330.9C74
1096Uplift Peak Middle SchoolUplift Education444330.9B74
1097IL Texas Westpark Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas440230.9C74
1098Goodrich Middle SchoolGoodrich ISD45330.8B74
1099Irving Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD421230.8A74
1100Port Isabel Junior High SchoolPoint Isabel ISD448330.8B74
1101Harmony Science Academy BrownsvilleHarmony Science Academy451230.8C71
1102Andrews Middle SchoolAndrews ISD41,02630.8C74
1103Johnson Middle SchoolPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD41,07630.7C74
1104Harmony School of Fine Arts And TechnologyHarmony Science Academy467230.7C71
1105KIPP Liberation College PreparatoryKIPP Texas Public Schools442730.7B74
1106Covington Middle SchoolAustin ISD469630.7D74
1107Mathis Middle SchoolMathis ISD439230.7B74
1108Jackson Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD470130.7B74
1109Hernandez Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD475530.7D74
1110Forbes AcademySan Antonio ISD428430.7C71
1111Groesbeck Middle SchoolGroesbeck ISD426230.7C74
1112Santa Fe Junior High SchoolSanta Fe ISD41,08230.7D74
1113Mann Middle SchoolAbilene ISD488230.6C74
1114Uplift Wisdom Secondary SchoolUplift Education440830.5C71
1115Furlough Middle SchoolTerrell ISD41,03230.5C74
1116Little Cypress Junior High SchoolLittle Cypress-Mauriceville CISD446130.5D74
1117Kemp Junior High SchoolKemp ISD439330.5C74
1118Terrell Wells Middle SchoolHarlandale ISD470830.5B74
1119IL Texas Arlington Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas436730.5C74
1120Kilgore Middle SchoolKilgore ISD492330.4C74
1121Hereford Preparatory AcademyHereford ISD429430.4B74
1122Marshall Middle SchoolBeaumont ISD490930.3C74
1123Houston STEM and Early College Middle SchoolRaul Yzaguirre Schools for Success432130.3B74
1124Hawley Middle SchoolHawley ISD419430.3C74
1125Veterans Middle SchoolRio Grande City CISD488930.3C74
1126Kingsborough Middle SchoolHarlandale ISD465430.3B74
1127Neff Middle SchoolNorthside ISD41,06130.3B74
1128Grapeland Junior High SchoolGrapeland ISD411930.3C74
1129Summer Creek Middle SchoolCrowley ISD487530.3C74
1130Manvel Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD491030.2C74
1131Socorro Middle SchoolSocorro ISD465430.2C74
1132Smith Middle SchoolSinton ISD450430.2C74
1133La Academia De EstrellasLa Academia De Estrellas41,09630.2C70
1134Odyssey Academy - Bay AreaOdyssey Academy424930.2D71
1135Galena Park Middle SchoolGalena Park41,06430.2B74
1136Killough Middle SchoolAlief ISD499830.2B74
1137Trevino Middle SchoolLa Joya ISD475530.1B74
1138Wunderlich Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD41,52530.0C73
1139McNair Middle SchoolSouthwest ISD473830.0C74
1140Keefer Crossing Middle SchoolNew Caney ISD486730.0C73
1141Rockport-Fulton Middle SchoolAransas County ISD464830.0C74
1142De Dios Salinas Middle SchoolLa Joya ISD484730.0B73
1143Woodlake Hills Middle SchoolJudson ISD482329.9C73
1144Garcia-Enriquez Middle SchoolSan Elizario ISD454229.8B73
1145Honey Grove Middle SchoolHoney Grove ISD413729.8C73
1146Barwise Middle SchoolWichita Falls ISD41,17829.8C73
1147Athens Middle SchoolAthens ISD465629.8C73
1148Horizon Middle SchoolClint ISD474429.7C73
1149YES Prep - NorthlineYES Prep Public Schools429829.7C73
1150Shotwell Middle SchoolAldine ISD41,19329.7C73
1151KIPP Camino AcademyKIPP Texas Public Schools448629.7C73
1152Roby Elementary SchoolRoby CISD423229.7D70
1153Nova Academy PrichardNova Academy Southeast454829.6C70
1154Orange Grove Junior High SchoolOrange Grove ISD444029.6D73
1155Moorhead Junior High SchoolAllen ISD41,15029.6B73
1156Pampa Junior High SchoolPampa ISD477229.6C73
1157Austin Middle SchoolIrving ISD498329.6C73
1158Hardin Junior High SchoolHardin ISD432229.5C73
1159Dalhart Junior High SchoolDalhart ISD440629.5C73
1160Leonard Junior High SchoolLeonard ISD421729.5C73
1161Bonham Middle SchoolTemple ISD466629.5C73
1162Glenn Middle SchoolSan Angelo ISD41,32829.5C73
1163Baytown Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD494929.5C73
1164Rice Intermediate/Middle SchoolRice ISD443329.4D70
1165Desert View Middle SchoolYsleta ISD434829.4C73
1166Levelland Middle SchoolLevelland ISD458929.4C73
1167Hillsboro Junior High SchoolHillsboro ISD445129.4C73
1168Colorado Elementary SchoolColorado ISD468129.3D70
1169Kingsland SchoolOrenda Charter School416529.3D70
1170Whittier Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD477529.3B73
1171Uplift Mighty Middle SchoolUplift Education449829.3B73
1172Cigarroa Middle SchoolLaredo ISD41,32929.3C73
1173Jubilee Highland Park AcademyJubilee Academies331229.3C70
1174Travis Middle SchoolCalhoun County ISD374429.2C73
1175Walker Middle SchoolDallas ISD373829.2C73
1176Poolville Junior High SchoolPoolville ISD39129.2C73
1177Livingston Junior High SchoolLivingston ISD393929.1D73
1178Taylor Middle SchoolTaylor ISD369129.1D73
1179Del Rio Middle SchoolSan Felipe-Del Rio CISD31,53629.0C73
1180Trenton Middle SchoolTrenton ISD317529.0C73
1181Freer Junior High SchoolFreer ISD318229.0C73
1182Travis Middle SchoolQuanah ISD312529.0C73
1183Bassett Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD367828.9C73
1184Resnik Middle SchoolSouthwest ISD387028.9B73
1185Davila Middle SchoolBryan ISD31,07528.9C73
1186Marble Falls Middle SchoolMarble Falls ISD395228.9D73
1187Malone Elementary SchoolMalone ISD317828.9B69
1188Travis Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD370728.9B73
1189Coleman Middle SchoolCedar Hill ISD376928.8C73
1190Goddard Junior High SchoolMidland ISD31,04628.8C73
1191Pease Middle SchoolNorthside ISD31,11928.8C73
1192Texas Leadership of AbileneTexas Leadership347528.8C70
1193Todd Middle SchoolDonna ISD372228.7C72
1194Bruceville-Eddy Junior High SchoolBruceville-Eddy ISD316028.7D72
1195KIPP Aspire AcademyKIPP Texas Public Schools350228.7B72
1196Harris Intermediate SchoolCrowley ISD361928.6B73
1197Liberty Middle SchoolPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD387728.5C72
1198Fairview Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD373228.5D72
1199Grantham AcademyAldine ISD31,14028.4C72
1200Excellence In Leadership AcademyExcellence in Leadership Academy324228.4B69
1201Jacksonville Middle SchoolJacksonville ISD372128.3C72
1202Forbes Middle SchoolGeorgetown ISD360328.3D72
1203San Benito Riverside Middle SchoolSan Benito CISD360328.3C72
1204Fulkes Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD377028.3D72
1205Truman Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD361728.2C72
1206Perryton Junior High SchoolPerryton ISD351228.1F72
1207Jackson Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD31,03628.1C72
1208Carver Elementary SchoolKarnack ISD312628.1B69
1209Drew AcademyAldine ISD357228.1C72
1210Miller Middle SchoolSan Marcos CISD379128.0D72
1211Rice Junior High SchoolRice CISD327328.0D72
1212Jones Middle SchoolAldine ISD31,26528.0C72
1213Tom Bean Middle SchoolTom Bean ISD317228.0D72
1214Agnew Middle SchoolMesquite ISD31,23728.0C72
1215Nichols Junior High SchoolArlington ISD373727.9C72
1216Queens Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD366827.8B72
1217Ozona Middle SchoolCrockett County CCSD318027.8D72
1218Vanston Middle SchoolMesquite ISD390327.8C72
1219Crane Middle SchoolCrane ISD325327.8C72
1220Burkburnett Middle SchoolBurkburnett ISD368527.7D72
1221Huffines Middle SchoolLewisville ISD383327.7D72
1222Lee Middle SchoolSan Angelo ISD31,13027.7D72
1223Wortham Middle SchoolWortham ISD312327.7D72
1224Gladewater Middle SchoolGladewater ISD339227.6C72
1225Bovina Middle SchoolBovina ISD311027.6C72
1226Tulia Junior High SchoolTulia ISD324527.6B72
1227Houston Middle SchoolGarland ISD31,00827.6B72
1228McDonald Middle SchoolMesquite ISD388727.6C72
1229Bay City Junior High SchoolBay City ISD380127.5C72
1230Daingerfield Junior High SchoolDaingerfield-Lone Star ISD321127.5C72
1231Lakeview Middle SchoolLewisville ISD370927.5D72
1232Bonham AcademySan Antonio ISD357727.5D69
1233Magoffin Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD371527.4C72
1234Carrizo Springs Junior High SchoolCarrizo Springs CISD333727.4B72
1235Manara STEM Academy - ArlingtonManara Academy329727.4D69
1236Field Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD31,02827.4C72
1237Charlotte Middle SchoolCharlotte ISD312727.4C72
1238Mann Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD398827.4C72
1239Venus Middle SchoolVenus ISD355527.3C71
1240Harmony School of Innovation - San AntonioHarmony Science Academy349427.3C69
1241Somerset Junior High SchoolSomerset ISD366827.3B72
1242Hill Middle SchoolDallas ISD386227.3C72
1243McCamey Middle SchoolMcCamey ISD315127.3B72
1244Frasier Middle SchoolMesquite ISD31,22227.2C71
1245KIPP Spirit College PreparatoryKIPP Texas Public Schools344927.2B72
1246Fruitvale Middle SchoolFruitvale ISD39727.2C71
1247Matagorda SchoolMatagorda ISD313327.2C67
1248Johnson Middle SchoolIrving ISD396327.2C71
1249San Isidro Elementary SchoolSan Isidro ISD315327.1D67
1249Grand Saline Middle SchoolGrand Saline ISD323227.1D71
1251New Boston Middle SchoolNew Boston ISD328027.1C71
1252Crockett Middle SchoolIrving ISD395327.1C71
1253Terry Middle SchoolMesquite ISD31,42727.1C71
1254Jefferson Junior High SchoolJefferson ISD339327.0C71
1255IDEA Rio Grande City College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools319127.0C71
1256Kennedy Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD370327.0C71
1257Garcia Middle SchoolDallas ISD378127.0C71
1258Marshall Middle SchoolHouston ISD379427.0B71
1259George Junior High SchoolLamar CISD31,66927.0C71
1260Corrigan-Camden Junior High SchoolCorrigan-Camden ISD321027.0C71
1261McCormick Middle SchoolHays CISD389927.0D71
1262Central Middle SchoolGalveston ISD360226.9C71
1263Olle Middle SchoolAlief ISD31,06426.9B71
1264Wood Middle SchoolNorth East ISD383026.8D71
1265Blunt Middle SchoolAransas Pass ISD331826.8C71
1266Jubilee Wells Branch AcademyJubilee Academies379526.8D67
1267Merkel Middle SchoolMerkel ISD327226.8C71
1268Stovall Middle SchoolAldine ISD31,01626.7C71
1269West Oso Junior High SchoolWest Oso ISD346826.7C71
1270Harmony Science Academy - BryanHarmony School of Excellence337626.6C67
1271RAPS Quinn Public Middle SchoolRapoport Academy Public School324626.6C71
1272Yoakum Junior High SchoolYoakum ISD335226.6C71
1273Chacon Middle SchoolMercedes ISD366926.6D71
1274Mance Park Middle SchoolHuntsville ISD388026.6B71
1275Landrum Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD31,04126.5C71
1276Leal Middle SchoolHarlandale ISD377126.5C71
1277Houston Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD367126.5C71
1278Blooming Grove Junior High SchoolBlooming Grove ISD321826.5D71
1279La Vega Junior High School Dixon CampusLa Vega ISD349126.5C71
1280Corpus Christi Montessori SchoolCorpus Christi Montessori School313526.5D67
1280Burnet Middle SchoolBurnet CISD378426.5D71
1282Jasper Junior High SchoolJasper ISD360426.4C71
1283Goodnight Middle SchoolSan Marcos CISD31,03626.4D71
1284Hartman Middle SchoolHouston ISD31,26326.4C71
1285SFA Middle SchoolBryan ISD31,19526.4C71
1286Lake Olympia Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD31,25326.4C71
1287Revere Middle SchoolHouston ISD31,22826.4C71
1288Ore City Middle SchoolOre City ISD323026.4C71
1289Florence Middle SchoolFlorence ISD326026.4C71
1290Seminole Junior High SchoolSeminole ISD369426.3D71
1291Lockney Junior High SchoolLockney ISD311626.3C71
1292Smith Middle SchoolCleburne ISD383126.2D71
1293Reagan County Middle SchoolReagan County ISD319726.2C71
1294Fly Junior High SchoolCrystal City ISD330126.2C71
1295Bowie Middle SchoolIrving ISD392526.1C71
1296Lake Air Montessori SchoolWaco ISD377526.1D67
1297East Montana Middle SchoolClint ISD367026.1C71
1298Murphy Middle SchoolPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD387026.1C71
1299Gainesville Junior High SchoolGainesville ISD344426.1C70
1300Chapel Hill Middle SchoolChapel Hill ISD382226.0C70
1301Stamford Middle SchoolStamford ISD316425.9F71
1302Harwell Middle SchoolEdinburg CISD31,39425.9D70
1303Escalante Middle SchoolPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD365225.8C70
1304Ringgold Middle SchoolRio Grande City CISD370625.8C70
1305Brazos School For Inquiry And CreativityBrazos School for Inquiry and Creativity316925.8D65
1306Lasara Elementary SchoolLasara ISD325825.7D65
1307Wharton Junior High SchoolWharton ISD330025.7B70
1308Bastrop Middle SchoolBastrop ISD382025.7C70
1309Harby Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD376925.7D70
1310Armendariz Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD352325.7D70
1311Ballinger Junior High SchoolBallinger ISD322425.7D70
1312Stanton Middle SchoolStanton ISD324325.7D70
1313Ferris Junior High SchoolFerris ISD360725.6D70
1314Clute Intermediate SchoolBrazosport ISD390025.6C70
1315Mineral Wells Junior High SchoolMineral Wells ISD349325.6C70
1316Browne Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD355525.6D70
1317Itasca Middle SchoolItasca ISD316725.5D70
1318Granbury Middle SchoolGranbury ISD377525.5D70
1319Westview Middle SchoolPflugerville ISD376325.5C70
1320Permenter Middle SchoolCedar Hill ISD380025.4C70
1321Gaston Middle SchoolDallas ISD393925.4C70
1322Ortiz Middle SchoolHouston ISD31,06725.4C70
1323Barnes Middle SchoolSeguin ISD387625.4F70
1324KIPP Truth AcademyKIPP Texas Public Schools346825.4C70
1325Plains Middle SchoolPlains ISD312425.4C70
1326Westwood Junior High SchoolWestwood ISD323725.4C70
1327Grulla Middle SchoolRio Grande City CISD367725.3C70
1328Natalia Junior High SchoolNatalia ISD324725.3C70
1329Kenedy Middle SchoolKenedy ISD316825.3D70
1330Jefferies Junior High SchoolComanche ISD328625.3F70
1331El Campo Middle SchoolEl Campo ISD386125.3D70
1332Walker Junior High SchoolMonahans-Wickett-Pyote ISD334925.3B70
1333Rayburn Middle SchoolNorthside ISD398025.2C70
1334Breckenridge Junior High SchoolBreckenridge ISD323025.2D70
1335Grape Creek Middle SchoolGrape Creek ISD326925.2C70
1336Mauriceville Middle SchoolLittle Cypress-Mauriceville CISD327425.1C70
1337Alief Middle SchoolAlief ISD31,00325.1C70
1338Lockhart Junior High SchoolLockhart ISD31,49125.1C70
1339Workman Junior High SchoolArlington ISD31,48125.1C70
1340Veterans Middle SchoolDonna ISD289025.1D70
1341Terrace Hills Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD250425.0C70
1342Ross Sterling Middle SchoolHumble ISD293125.0C70
1343Sauceda Middle SchoolDonna ISD282825.0C70
1344Garcia Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,17724.9C70
1345Mead Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,20224.9C70
1346DeKalb Middle SchoolDeKalb ISD226624.9D70
1347Henderson Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD272124.8C70
1348Meyer Elementary SchoolSpring ISD273724.8C65
1349Rosemont Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD292124.8C70
1350Nelson Middle SchoolSanta Rosa ISD224024.7B70
1351Carter Junior High SchoolArlington ISD21,11824.7C69
1352Klein Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD21,08724.7C69
1353Lucas Middle SchoolWillis ISD281024.7D69
1354Jubilee Kingsville AcademyJubilee Academies226224.6C65
1355A+ Unlimited Potential - Museum DistrictA+ Unlimited Potential210624.6C70
1356Gorman Middle SchoolGorman ISD27324.5C70
1357Lincoln Middle SchoolPort Arthur ISD264624.5C70
1358Hoffman Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,02724.5C70
1359Travis Middle SchoolMcAllen ISD264224.4C69
1360Sellers Middle SchoolGarland ISD286724.4C69
1361McMichael Middle SchoolNacogdoches ISD272124.4C69
1362Rancier Middle SchoolKilleen ISD270624.3C69
1363Academy of DallasAcademy of Dallas248724.3C64
1364Watson Junior High SchoolMuleshoe ISD234024.3C69
1365Fellowship Early Childhood Intermediate SchoolA. W. Brown Leadership Academy289124.2D64
1366TCPA Mainland Preparatory AcademyTexas College Preparatory Academies250824.2D64
1367San Jacinto Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD267824.2C69
1368New Middle SchoolMesquite ISD291224.1C69
1369Bedichek Middle SchoolAustin ISD283524.1D69
1370Reed Middle SchoolDuncanville ISD260124.1C69
1371Hawthorne AcademySan Antonio ISD273124.1D64
1372West Brazos Junior High SchoolColumbia-Brazoria ISD248124.1C69
1373Poteet Junior High SchoolPoteet ISD238224.0C69
1374Mann Middle SchoolAmarillo ISD248224.0C69
1375Morehead Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD264023.9C69
1376Durham Middle SchoolLewisville ISD285523.9D69
1377Marsh Middle SchoolCastleberry ISD288723.9C69
1378Thompson Middle SchoolProgreso ISD225623.8C69
1379Floydada Junior High SchoolFloydada ISD211323.8B69
1380San Jacinto Junior High SchoolMidland ISD288223.7D69
1381Missouri City Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD21,04123.7C69
1382Greenville Middle SchoolGreenville ISD274123.7C69
1383The Rhodes School - HumbleThe Rhodes School274323.6D64
1384IL Texas Houston Windmill Lakes Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas240223.6C69
1385Pleasanton Junior High SchoolPleasanton ISD279423.6D69
1386Rather Junior High SchoolBonham ISD226823.6B69
1387Woodlawn AcademySan Antonio ISD261123.6D64
1388Coahoma Junior High SchoolCoahoma ISD225623.5D69
1389MacKenzie Middle SchoolLubbock ISD265523.5D69
1390Coleman Junior High SchoolColeman ISD224023.5D69
1391Rio Vista Middle SchoolRio Vista ISD216323.4F69
1392Borrego Middle SchoolMonte Alto ISD223123.4D69
1393Tornillo Junior High SchoolTornillo ISD224223.4C69
1394Harper Middle SchoolDilley ISD222223.4C67
1395East Grand Preparatory AcademyCityscape Schools287823.3C64
1396Wilson Junior High SchoolDayton ISD21,25823.3D69
1397Austin Achieve Middle SchoolAustin Achieve Public Schools263223.3C67
1398Ambassadors Preparatory AcademyAmbassadors Preparatory Academy230923.3D64
1399Woodville Middle SchoolWoodville ISD230523.2D69
1400Northbrook Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD288523.2C69
1401Live Oak Ridge Middle SchoolKilleen ISD267323.2D69
1402Lincoln Junior High SchoolColdspring-Oakhurst CISD236623.1D67
1403Hambrick Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,24623.1D67
1404Ysleta Middle SchoolYsleta ISD262223.1C67
1405East Central Heritage Middle SchoolEast Central ISD21,23023.0D67
1406Holmes, Z. Middle SchoolDallas ISD285523.0C67
1407Tahoka Middle SchoolTahoka ISD215922.9C67
1408Harmony Science Academy - AustinHarmony Science Academy271322.9C62
1409Hebbronville Junior High SchoolJim Hogg County ISD227522.8C67
1410Mexia Junior High SchoolMexia ISD241422.8C67
1411Jarrell Middle SchoolJarrell ISD241222.8F67
1412Lighthouse Charter School - B CampusLighthouse Charter School222622.8C62
1413Holmes Classical AcademyDallas ISD271422.7C67
1414Gregory-Lincoln Education CenterHouston ISD274022.7D62
1415Reagan K-8 Educational CenterHouston ISD21,00422.6C62
1416Null Middle SchoolSheldon ISD21,12922.6C67
1417Monnig Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD267822.5C67
1418IL Texas Lancaster Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas241822.5C67
1419Gonzales Junior High SchoolGonzales ISD246822.5C67
1420Daggett Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD238222.5C67
1421Draw AcademyDraw Academy264922.4C62
1422La Villa Middle SchoolLa Villa ISD212122.4C67
1423Hull-Daisetta Junior High SchoolHull-Daisetta ISD27122.4B67
1424Del Valle Middle SchoolDel Valle ISD288422.4C67
1425Yzaguirre Middle SchoolPharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD281322.3C67
1426Nolan Middle SchoolKilleen ISD275822.3C67
1427Splendora Junior High SchoolSplendora ISD290822.3D67
1428Digital Arts & Technology AcademyGrand Prairie ISD273322.3C67
1429Japhet AcademySan Antonio ISD295422.3D62
1430O'Banion Middle SchoolGarland ISD21,20922.2C67
1431Coronado Middle SchoolPlainview ISD264222.2D67
1432Wedgwood Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD292522.2C67
1433Zamora Middle SchoolSouth San Antonio ISD272522.1C67
1434PCA Ripley House Middle School CampusPromise Community School217422.1C67
1435Humble Middle SchoolHumble ISD21,21822.1D67
1436South Park Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD244922.1C67
1437Uplift Hampton Middle SchoolUplift Education244422.0C67
1438Commerce Middle SchoolCommerce ISD234522.0F67
1439McCowan Middle SchoolDeSoto ISD296122.0C65
1440Liberty-Eylau Middle SchoolLiberty-Eylau ISD267322.0C67
1441Manor Middle SchoolKilleen ISD272622.0D67
1442DeSoto West Middle SchoolDeSoto ISD272121.9C67
1443KIPP Destiny Middle SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools240721.9C67
1444Meadowbrook Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD277621.9C67
1445Plummer Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,12021.9C67
1446Dew Elementary SchoolDew ISD215521.9D62
1447Meacham Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD285921.8C65
1448Leary Elementary SchoolLeary ISD211921.8F60
1449Atkins Middle SchoolLubbock ISD261121.8C65
1450Canyon Hills Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD275321.8D65
1451Carr Middle SchoolHale Center ISD218221.7C67
1451Yorktown Junior High SchoolYorktown ISD211621.7D65
1453King AcademySan Antonio ISD232921.7B60
1454Refugio Junior High SchoolRefugio ISD29121.7C65
1455Lang Middle SchoolDallas ISD287021.6C67
1456Lewis Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,14121.4D65
1457Saenz Middle SchoolLa Joya ISD278821.4C65
1458Young Men's Leadership AcademyDallas ISD287021.4C65
1459Seagoville Middle SchoolDallas ISD21,38021.4C65
1460Harrell Middle SchoolMercedes ISD256921.4C65
1461Welch Middle SchoolHouston ISD272721.3C65
1462Jordan Middle SchoolSan Benito CISD284921.3D65
1463Dessau Middle SchoolPflugerville ISD284721.2D65
1464Marsh Middle SchoolDallas ISD296321.1D65
1465Crowley Middle SchoolCrowley ISD265921.1C65
1466Bruni Middle SchoolWebb CISD25821.0D65
1467Lueders-Avoca Elementary/Junior High SchoolLueders-Avoca ISD27021.0D60
1468Jones Middle SchoolNorthside ISD299821.0D65
1469Fonville Middle SchoolHouston ISD280820.9D65
1470Long Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD264720.9D65
1471Elder Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD21,23020.8D65
1472Garcia Young Men's Leadership AcademyAustin ISD241120.8C65
1473Storey Middle SchoolDallas ISD252820.8C65
1474NTCA SouthNorth Texas Collegiate Academy221020.8D60
1475King Middle SchoolSheldon ISD21,04720.7C65
1476Piedmont Global AcademyDallas ISD21,02820.7C65
1477Pewitt Junior High SchoolPewitt CISD218520.7D65
1478Delay Middle SchoolLewisville ISD21,01620.7C65
1479Medrano Middle SchoolDallas ISD294320.7C65
1480Holland Middle SchoolHouston ISD267320.7C65
1481Travis Science AcademyTemple ISD271520.7D65
1482Lawson Middle SchoolHouston ISD21,21020.5C64
1483Decker Middle SchoolManor ISD271520.4D64
1484Cleveland Middle SchoolCleveland ISD21,47920.4D65
1485Big Spring Junior High SchoolBig Spring ISD263720.4C64
1486Memphis Middle SchoolMemphis ISD210420.3C64
1487Young Scholars Academy For ExcellenceHouston ISD212920.3D59
1488Lytle Junior High SchoolLytle ISD239920.3D64
1489Truan Junior High SchoolEdcouch-Elsa ISD21,06420.3C65
1490Cunningham Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD255720.3D64
1491Shepard Middle SchoolSouth San Antonio ISD256620.2D64
1492Marshall Junior High SchoolMarshall ISD21,26520.1D64
1493Indian Spring Middle SchoolWaco ISD251920.1C64
1494Snyder Junior High SchoolSnyder ISD258820.0F64
1495Lamar Middle SchoolTemple ISD255820.0D64
1496Dwight Middle SchoolSouth San Antonio ISD262719.9D64
1497Cedar Creek Middle SchoolBastrop ISD292019.9C64
1498Chavez Middle SchoolWaco ISD286519.8F64
1499Moody Middle SchoolMoody ISD221319.7F64
1500NTCA NorthNorth Texas Collegiate Academy218119.6F59
1501Crockett Middle SchoolPecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD259419.6F64
1502Sweetwater Middle SchoolSweetwater ISD251419.6F64
1503Browne Middle SchoolDallas ISD257019.5C64
1504Stockard Middle SchoolDallas ISD21,13719.5D64
1505Elgin Middle SchoolElgin ISD21,02319.5D62
1506Paredes Middle SchoolAustin ISD287319.3D64
1507Brownfield Middle SchoolBrownfield ISD136119.3C64
1508Forest Oak Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD186819.2C64
1509Luster Stephens Junior High SchoolLinden-Kildare CISD114019.1F62
1510Seale Junior High SchoolRobstown ISD160619.1D62
1511Stevens Middle SchoolCrowley ISD193119.1C64
1512Fort Stockton Middle SchoolFort Stockton ISD158719.1D64
1513Bussey Middle SchoolGarland ISD192919.1C64
1514Ball AcademySan Antonio ISD159619.0D59
1515Bexar County AcademyBexar County Academy134919.0D58
1516Vernon Middle SchoolVernon ISD146619.0D62
1517Metzger Middle SchoolJudson ISD198319.0F62
1518Tasby Middle SchoolDallas ISD191918.9C62
1518IDEA Najim College PreparatoryIDEA Public Schools123618.9D62
1518Rogers AcademySan Antonio ISD172718.9D59
1518Hubbard SchoolHubbard ISD110718.9F58
1522Matthey Middle SchoolSouthside ISD183718.8C62
1523Navarro Middle SchoolHouston ISD168218.8D62
1524Dimmitt Middle SchoolDimmitt ISD125518.8C62
1525Kirkpatrick Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD150818.8D62
1526Driscoll Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD172218.8C62
1527Simon Middle SchoolHays CISD175718.7D62
1528Wheat Middle SchoolCleburne ISD172418.7F62
1529NTCA EastNorth Texas Collegiate Academy116518.7F58
1530Riverside Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD197318.5D62
1531Fannin Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD167018.5D62
1532Winters Junior High SchoolWinters ISD112218.5F62
1533Haas Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD172918.5F62
1534Foster AcademySan Antonio ISD159318.5D58
1535Boulter Middle SchoolTyler ISD195718.5D62
1536Rhodes Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD164718.4C62
1537Pearsall Junior High SchoolPearsall ISD147418.4C62
1538Beacon Hill AcademySan Antonio ISD147618.2F58
1539Zapata Middle SchoolZapata County ISD177118.2D62
1540IL Texas East Fort Worth Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas134518.2D62
1541Bailey Middle SchoolSpring ISD11,30918.1F62
1542Wagner Middle SchoolGeorgetown ISD173418.1F62
1543Teague Middle SchoolAldine ISD11,26817.9D62
1544Como Montessri SchoolFort Worth ISD131317.9F58
1545Alamo Junior High SchoolMidland ISD184117.9D60
1546Fondren Middle SchoolHouston ISD11,01317.7D60
1547Sabinal Middle SchoolSabinal ISD110217.7D60
1548McReynolds Middle SchoolHouston ISD159517.6D60
1549Winona Middle SchoolWinona ISD124717.6F60
1550Forest Brook Middle SchoolHouston ISD182817.6C60
1551Aldine Middle SchoolAldine ISD195217.6D60
1552Dailey Middle SchoolDel Valle ISD182917.5F60
1553Rosebud-Lott Middle SchoolRosebud-Lott ISD19517.4C60
1554Moreno Junior High SchoolBeeville ISD170117.2D60
1555McAuliffe Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD193317.2D60
1556Atwell Law AcademyDallas ISD178517.2D60
1557Palo Alto Middle SchoolKilleen ISD170517.1F60
1558Welder Middle SchoolVictoria ISD164317.1D60
1559Jefferson Middle SchoolPort Arthur ISD196117.0F60
1560Crosby Middle SchoolHitchcock ISD131216.9F60
1561Clifton Middle SchoolHouston ISD170516.9D60
1562Garcia Middle SchoolEdgewood ISD173516.8D60
1563Major Elementary SchoolSpring ISD169616.7F57
1564Ranger Middle SchoolRanger ISD19216.7D60
1565Ojeda Middle SchoolDel Valle ISD183916.6D60
1566Santa Maria Junior High SchoolSanta Maria ISD17716.6D59
1567Cavazos Middle SchoolLubbock ISD154116.5C60
1568Morales Junior High SchoolUvalde CISD162116.5C60
1569Martin Middle SchoolCorpus Christi ISD165716.5D60
1570Sadler Means Young Women's Leadership AcademyAustin ISD137016.5F59
1571A+ Unlimited Potential - UniversityA+ Unlimited Potential17416.4C59
1572Edison Middle SchoolHouston ISD165416.2F59
1573Vincent Middle SchoolBeaumont ISD155316.2D59
1574Tippit Middle SchoolGeorgetown ISD153016.2F59
1575Connally Junior High SchoolConnally ISD151116.1F59
1576Hempstead Middle SchoolHempstead ISD134716.1D59
1577Zumwalt Middle SchoolDallas ISD139616.1C59
1578Dueitt Middle SchoolSpring ISD11,20916.0F59
1579Longfellow Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD192315.9F59
1580Navasota Junior High SchoolNavasota ISD165215.8F59
1581Gerdes Junior High SchoolLuling ISD130615.7F59
1582Falfurrias Junior High SchoolBrooks County ISD134915.7F59
1583McClung Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD171615.7F59
1584Wrenn Middle SchoolEdgewood ISD162115.5F59
1585Spring Oaks Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD171715.5F59
1586Kirby Middle SchoolJudson ISD172315.4F59
1587Taft Junior High SchoolTaft ISD123215.4D59
1588Ralls Middle SchoolRalls ISD111915.2F59
1589Collegiate AcademyGalveston ISD171815.2F59
1590Lincoln Middle SchoolSan Angelo ISD187315.1F59
1591Dobie Middle SchoolAustin ISD155515.0F59
1592Wells Middle SchoolSpring ISD11,13015.0F58
1593Royal Junior High SchoolRoyal ISD152314.8D58
1594Cullen Middle SchoolHouston ISD135214.7D58
1595Collins Middle SchoolLake Worth ISD151714.7C58
1596Wilson & Young Middle SchoolEctor County ISD11,11614.6F58
1597Stroman Middle SchoolVictoria ISD175714.4F58
1598Briesemeister Middle SchoolSeguin ISD177814.3F58
1599Bowie Middle SchoolEctor County ISD11,24714.3F58
1600Bonham Middle SchoolEctor County ISD11,07514.3F58
1601Legacy Middle SchoolEast Central ISD11,19214.2F58
1602Bloomington Junior High SchoolBloomington ISD120714.2D58
1603Claughton Middle SchoolSpring ISD11,21414.1F58
1604Brentwood Middle SchoolEdgewood ISD160714.0F58
1605Ector College Preparatory Success AcademyEctor County ISD11,39514.0F58
1606Handley Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD145213.9F58
1607Post Middle SchoolPost ISD116413.9F58
1608SEE Saenz Junior High SchoolSchool of Excellence In Education16913.9C58
1609Harris Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD174613.8F58
1610Jaime Junior High SchoolSan Diego ISD133413.7F57
1611Comstock Middle SchoolDallas ISD179813.7D57
1612Memorial Middle SchoolKingsville ISD140413.6C57
1613Manor Middle SchoolManor ISD177113.5F57
1614Kirby Middle SchoolWichita Falls ISD163713.4F57
1615Spring Woods Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD187613.3D57
1616Deady Middle SchoolHouston ISD166913.3F57
1617Dade Middle SchoolDallas ISD187913.3D57
1618Martin Middle SchoolAustin ISD151113.3F57
1619DeSoto East Middle SchoolDeSoto ISD157713.3F57
1620Henry Middle SchoolHouston ISD182913.2D57
1621Madla Accelerated Collegiate AcademyNew Frontiers Public Schools147113.2C55
1622Crockett Junior High SchoolCrockett ISD130613.1D57
1623Crockett Middle SchoolEctor County ISD11,19913.0F57
1624Hogg Middle SchoolTyler ISD136612.9F57
1625Hearne Junior High SchoolHearne ISD112312.9C57
1626Guillen Middle SchoolEl Paso ISD170812.9D57
1627Davis Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD160212.8D57
1628Damon Elementary SchoolDamon ISD114412.8F55
1629Trinity Junior High SchoolTrinity ISD129712.7F57
1630Cary Middle SchoolDallas ISD159012.6D57
1631McAuliffe Middle SchoolSouthwest ISD174512.4F56
1632West Orange-Stark Middle SchoolWest Orange-Cove CISD149712.4F56
1633Lamesa Middle SchoolLamesa ISD146712.3F56
1634Jubilee Highland Hills AcademyJubilee Academies11,01912.2F54
1635Shepherd Middle SchoolShepherd ISD145212.2F56
1636Adams Middle SchoolAlice ISD176112.1D56
1637Fleming Middle SchoolHouston ISD148612.0F56
1638Hoyland Elementary SchoolSpring ISD172011.9D54
1639Poe Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD142511.9D56
1640Burnet Middle SchoolAustin ISD192411.6F56
1641Attucks Middle SchoolHouston ISD146411.5D56
1642Bammel Middle SchoolSpring ISD193911.5F56
1643Key Middle SchoolHouston ISD168811.2F56
1644Williams Middle SchoolHouston ISD149611.1F56
1645Kermit Junior High SchoolKermit ISD145311.1F56
1646Wilson Middle SchoolLubbock ISD151611.0F55
1647Leonard Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD183110.5F55
1648Bowden AcademySan Antonio ISD152110.4F53
1649James Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD18959.9F55
1650Morningside Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD16929.2F54
1651Webb Middle SchoolAustin ISD16819.1F54
1652Kennedy-Curry Middle SchoolDallas ISD17629.1F54
1653Tafolla Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD14279.1C54
1654Dunbar College Preparatory AcademyLubbock ISD15839.0F54
1655Lowell Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD13718.6F54
1656Energized for STEM Academy Southeast Middle SchoolHouston ISD13338.5F54
1657Yellowstone College PreparatoryYellowstone College Preparatory12278.5F54
1658Etoile Elementary SchoolEtoile ISD11298.1F51
1659Rogers Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD14247.9F53
1660Sugar Grove AcademyHouston ISD16787.0F53
1661Thomas Middle SchoolHouston ISD15946.9F53
1662Slaton Middle SchoolLubbock ISD15276.8F52
1663King Middle SchoolBeaumont ISD16276.3F52
1664La Marque Middle SchoolTexas City ISD15066.3F52
1665The Varnett School SoutheastThe Varnett Public School12096.1F50
1666IL Texas Houston Orem Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas13435.9F52
1667Carver Middle SchoolWaco ISD14885.6F52
1668Jacquet Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD17293.9F51
1669South Park Middle SchoolBeaumont ISD14493.5F51
1670Smith Middle SchoolBeaumont ISD15743.5F51
1671Mendez Middle SchoolAustin ISD16063.0F50
1672Page Middle SchoolSan Antonio ISD1781.4B49
1673Marlin Middle SchoolMarlin ISD1183F48

Source: Texas Education Agency

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