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Homes For Sale In Northwest ISD

The table in which these Northwest Independent School District single-family homes for sale listings are presented below is searchable and sortable. This makes it an excellent tool for doing a quick high-level assessment of houses currently available for sale within the available Northwest ISD attendance boundaries. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading.

A more traditional website presentation in which a picture and summary description of each of these Northwest ISD homes are shown also is provided below on this page.

Please call 972 355-3511 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
113540 Leather Strap Drive, Fort Worth$274,9993,036200452.022N0.21
11240 Durango Springs Drive, Fort Worth$537,9983,558200744.023Y0.53
11221 Roping Reins Way, Fort Worth$218,0001,855200542.012N0.15
11349 Amazon Drive, Fort Worth$225,0002,015200732.012N0.14
11716 Homestead Way, Northlake$288,5001,872201832.012N0.13
112653 Forest Lawn Road, Rhome$185,0001,355201332.012N0.17
112732 Lizzie Place, Fort Worth$299,9002,364200533.022N0.15
1205 Ridge View Lane, Trophy Club$999,0005,515199854.023N0.40
115801 Carlton Oaks Drive, Fort Worth$289,9002,877201353.022N0.12
11829 Swan, Northlake$350,0002,292201943.012N0.12
1829 Salida Road, Fort Worth$249,9901,910201332.012N0.18
1114 Dodge City Trail, Newark$205,0001,790201032.011N0.19
111440 Starlight Ranch Trail, Haslet$245,9982,094201732.012N0.13
114705 Gilley Lane, Fort Worth$259,9002,063201732.012N0.14
214100 Rabbit Brush Lane, Fort Worth$299,9003,150201643.022N0.15
210129 Red Bluff Lane, Fort Worth$254,9002,120200642.012N0.17
218055 Bruno Road, Justin$449,9002,975201943.123N1.00
2328 Branson Road, Roanoke$206,5001,198198832.011N0.00
21933 Clover Springs Drive, Haslet$550,0003,376200132.123Y1.02
213652 Trail Break Drive, Fort Worth$215,0001,946200542.012N0.20
2412 Goldstone Lane, Fort Worth$205,0001,635200932.012N0.17
32804 Cedar Ridge Lane, Fort Worth$299,9003,432200753.122N0.12
32712 Mona Vale Road, Trophy Club$669,9004,176201353.123N0.25
31913 Kaiser Cove, Argyle$299,0002,106201542.012N0.14
3265 Hilltop Drive, Justin$289,9002,265201632.012N0.17
3703 S Hardeman Circle, Justin$359,0001,907199332.012N0.98
313572 Saddlewood Drive, Fort Worth$285,0002,844200843.122N0.23
312213 Langley Hill Drive, Fort Worth$289,9992,653200543.022N0.18
33440 Hockley Ranch Road, Fort Worth$295,0002,500201743.022N0.14
313080 Chisholm Ranch Drive, Fort Worth$539,9003,460201944.023N0.45
48 Meadow Ridge Drive, Trophy Club$567,0003,707199844.023N0.29
412109 Shine Avenue, Rhome$198,0001,948200642.012N0.16
43649 Jockey Drive, Fort Worth$325,9002,695201043.222N0.13
42219 Abby Lane, Trophy Club$699,0004,505201255.123Y0.26
41409 Westborough Lane, Northlake$314,9001,795201732.012N0.14
4947 Highpoint Way, Roanoke$490,0003,004201543.023N0.19
410872 Middleglen Road, Fort Worth$229,9001,904201042.012N0.15
414562 Nightingale Lane, Haslet$329,9002,040201032.010N4.83
42222 Trophy Club Drive, Trophy Club$707,9004,917201455.223N0.28
414108 Tanglebrush Trail, Fort Worth$219,9001,828200732.012N0.18
413308 Austin Stone Drive, Fort Worth$269,9003,126200643.022N0.23
41820 Lark Lane, Northlake$299,0002,192201732.112N0.14
44021 Ellenboro Lane, Fort Worth$240,0001,524200632.012N0.14
51020 Madelia Avenue, Fort Worth$313,5602,511201942.122N0.19
51120 Lakeville Drive, Fort Worth$285,5102,209201942.012N0.14
51021 Spanish Needle Trail, Fort Worth$250,4301,659201942.012N0.16
51112 Blooming Prairie Trail, Fort Worth$262,4901,811201942.012N0.15
59516 Blaine Trail, Fort Worth$260,4201,736201932.012N0.14
51012 Spanish Needle Trail, Fort Worth$256,5701,676201932.012N0.14
5224 Durango Drive, Trophy Club$419,9993,075199943.022N0.24
51012 W Bluff Way, Roanoke$509,9003,533201643.023N0.20
51360 Barrel Run, Fort Worth$217,9901,843200932.012N0.18
51009 W Bluff Way, Roanoke$450,0003,473201543.022N0.20
5409 S Jackson Avenue, Justin$290,0003,002197343.022Y0.37
512209 Prudence Drive, Fort Worth$366,6752,399201943.112N0.15
510012 Tehama Ridge Parkway, Fort Worth$224,9001,511200632.010N0.12
69536 Blaine Drive, Fort Worth$325,1102,835201943.122N0.16
61144 Lakeville Drive, Fort Worth$313,3802,657201953.022N0.14
6402 Skyline Drive, Trophy Club$569,0003,434199743.023Y0.28
64049 Knighterrant, Fort Worth$418,5003,474201243.122N0.13
6121 Honeysuckle Drive, Justin$325,0002,272199733.023Y0.26
6829 N Oak Street, Roanoke$399,0002,638196542.012N0.95
61920 Homestead Way, Northlake$305,0002,171201642.012N0.13
61108 Day Dream Drive, Fort Worth$209,0001,768200442.012N0.21
71320 Creosote Drive, Fort Worth$289,9002,484201232.122N0.13
7433 Marble Creek Drive, Fort Worth$227,9002,104200632.122N0.12
7912 Hillside Drive, Justin$315,0002,075200042.012N0.40
79460 Tay Lane, Justin$682,0003,389201643.123Y1.01
714429 Mainstay Way, Fort Worth$244,9002,129201342.022N0.01
7126 Drover Ridge Drive, Newark$209,9991,790201142.012N0.14
71652 Rogers Road, Newark$475,0003,145197942.123N0.18
8312 Village Trail Court, Trophy Club$366,1772,597199732.122N0.00
812533 Nordland Lane, Fort Worth$319,0002,713200743.022N0.14
8432 Chestnut Lane, Roanoke$420,0002,658201543.022N0.12
92701 Blue Mound Road W, Fort Worth$624,9003,166194665.022Y2.62
9305 Blythe Bridge Drive, Roanoke$475,0004,688200954.022N0.14
92206 Trophy Club Drive, Trophy Club$639,9004,241201454.123N0.23
914501 Mainstay Way, Fort Worth$310,0002,372201642.122Y0.17
96 Valley Wood Court, Trophy Club$475,0003,954198055.022Y0.34
9547 Indian Creek Drive, Trophy Club$350,0002,187198433.012N0.28
92000 Roanoke Road, Keller$675,0003,246200643.113N0.91
910733 Irish Glen Trail, Fort Worth$232,0001,604200832.012N0.12
102777 Chatswood Drive, Trophy Club$624,9004,232201454.123N0.20
101317 Zanna Grace Way, Fort Worth$255,0002,378201142.122N0.13
1011829 Wulstone Road, Haslet$359,9902,632201943.022N0.30
10309 Ridge Country Road, Haslet$429,0002,227199732.112N2.53
101353 Zanna Grace Way, Fort Worth$225,0001,776201142.012N0.13
1015464 Adlong Drive, Fort Worth$257,0001,919200632.012N0.14
10174 Private Road 4732, Rhome$139,0001,680200432.010N1.00
102805 Mona Vale Road, Trophy Club$649,9004,755201453.223N0.23
103312 Count Drive, Fort Worth$265,0001,921200632.012N0.13
102508 Plains Trail, Haslet$379,9002,260200242.113Y1.00
101320 Zanna Grace Way, Fort Worth$220,0001,844201132.012N0.13
102875 Nottingham Drive, Trophy Club$447,9002,774201543.122N0.13
11300 Chinchester Drive, Roanoke$389,8002,561201732.112N0.22
114025 Ringdove Way, Fort Worth$344,9003,094200743.122N0.13
1110204 Fox Grove Court, Fort Worth$315,0002,981201842.122N0.13
112205 Abby Lane, Trophy Club$729,9904,921201154.223Y0.31
1110524 Turning Leaf Trail, Fort Worth$225,0001,703200532.012N0.13
114720 Council Bluffs Drive, Fort Worth$375,0002,925201554.022N0.14
1110061 Red Bluff Lane, Fort Worth$347,5003,184201142.123Y0.17
111520 Enchanted Sky Lane, Fort Worth$265,0002,347201042.012N0.21
11560 Winbridge Lane, Fort Worth$230,0002,088200632.122N0.16
11816 Basket Willow Terrace, Fort Worth$356,3903,264201942.122N0.17
11824 Basket Willow Terrace, Fort Worth$361,1903,349201943.022N0.17
1113310 Moorhouse Way, Justin$539,0003,069201632.111N1.10
114145 Wilderness Pass, Fort Worth$359,9001,951201632.012N0.14
1113519 W Lambert, Keller$1,250,0003,853190143.123Y5.10
112525 Open Range Drive, Fort Worth$289,9002,342201332.022N0.13
12416 Goldstone Lane, Fort Worth$235,0002,677200742.122N0.19
1214129 Black Gold Trail, Fort Worth$219,0001,736200532.012N0.12
12603 Carnaby Court, Roanoke$359,9002,550201232.112N0.22
12704 Silver Spur Court, Southlake$1,195,0005,271201254.124Y1.22
12424 Ridge Drive, Justin$275,0002,944200143.122N0.15
123401 Stardust Lane, Northlake$499,9502,827201932.113N1.00
132818 Mona Vale Road, Trophy Club$574,5004,106201343.223N0.28
13417 Bristol Street, Roanoke$325,0002,422201043.013N0.17
13217 Wimberley, Haslet$653,9003,485201944.113N0.51
1310013 Tulare Lane, Fort Worth$259,9992,177200632.122N0.12
142517 Red Draw Road, Fort Worth$261,0701,870201932.012N0.13
142508 Red Draw Road, Fort Worth$272,2402,031201932.012N0.13
14301 Ellicott Drive, Roanoke$299,0002,780199932.122N0.17
141010 Hawks Way, Northlake$300,0001,738201932.012N0.15
1413820 Horseshoe Canyon Road, Fort Worth$272,2502,222201642.012N0.13
151136 Mount Lane, Rhome$374,9002,515200732.012N1.38
151110 Heritage Lane, Justin$419,0002,599201943.013N0.70
151430 Oliver Creek Drive, Justin$439,0002,736201943.013N0.50
152449 Indian Head Drive, Fort Worth$345,2403,000201943.122N0.15
1516729 Woodside Drive, Fort Worth$265,0003,759200653.122N0.13
169325 Turtle Pass, Fort Worth$344,5003,388201453.122N0.13
1614612 Gilley Lane, Fort Worth$314,9003,007201753.122N0.15
164300 Elmgreen Drive, Fort Worth$414,9003,583200853.122N0.20
1615325 Ringneck Street, Fort Worth$364,5002,683201232.122N0.13
16205 S Snyder Avenue, Justin$195,0001,821197742.010N0.34
16224 Iron Ore Trail, Fort Worth$245,9502,213201843.022N0.12
162006 Churchill Downs Lane, Trophy Club$799,9994,956201154.123Y0.25
1713521 Northwest Court, Haslet$508,0002,605199932.012N2.49
179701 Calaveras Road, Fort Worth$319,9002,050201732.012N0.13
17120 Sam Bass Ridge Road, Southlake$1,025,0003,538200453.023N1.48
17281 Hilltop Drive, Justin$269,9992,260201642.012N0.16
1766 Panorama Circle, Trophy Club$480,0003,145200343.022N0.23
173829 Wellsburg Way, Fort Worth$249,9002,278200532.120N0.00
1714109 Wrangler Way, Fort Worth$230,0001,690201732.012N0.15
17219 County Road 4653, Rhome$425,0002,125198542.022N5.00
171424 Eagleton Lane, Northlake$315,0001,870201832.012N0.14
1714161 Black Gold Trail, Fort Worth$245,0002,540200642.122N0.13
1814621 Gilley Lane, Fort Worth$299,0003,007201643.022N0.14
1814504 Seventeen Lakes Boulevard, Fort Worth$386,0003,141201444.022N0.23
1813430 Prairie Chapel Trail, Justin$508,0002,740201532.113N1.01
181048 Meadow Gust Drive, Fort Worth$403,9603,655201943.122N0.22
181708 6th Street, Argyle$324,0002,215201743.012N0.14
1813421 Prairie Chapel Trail, Justin$599,0003,300201643.023Y1.00
1812009 Wild Bill Court, Newark$475,0003,030200843.023N1.00
192809 Mona Vale Road, Trophy Club$575,0003,801201344.023N0.23
194029 Bedington Lane, Fort Worth$310,0002,861200543.022N0.22
19111 Greenhill Trail S, Trophy Club$424,9003,023199532.122Y0.23
201117 Denton Creek Drive, Justin$455,0002,916201933.023N0.59
2018095 Brookfield Drive, Justin$150,0002,128200442.010N1.00
20225 Sam Bass Ridge Road, Southlake$800,0003,753196144.032N1.56
212321 Laurel Forest Drive, Fort Worth$300,0002,742201442.122N0.16
211400 Castlegar Lane, Fort Worth$275,0002,489200742.122N0.17
21109 Bluebird Way, Argyle$324,9002,513201743.022N0.19
24316 Chinchester Drive, Roanoke$439,0003,322201443.122N0.18
249916 Haversham Drive, Fort Worth$395,0003,351201643.022N0.14
24200 Benton Drive, Roanoke$328,0002,663200142.122N0.20
249805 Yellow Cup Drive, Fort Worth$389,0003,673201664.022N0.15
24404 Sodbury Court, Roanoke$485,0004,205200843.122Y0.18
2410200 Fox Haven Court, Fort Worth$269,4902,141201942.012N0.14
242300 Sundown Mesa Drive, Fort Worth$309,0003,268201743.122N0.15
25825 Cropout Way, Haslet$328,0002,462201342.122Y0.21
259929 Pyrite Drive, Fort Worth$249,0002,466201652.122N0.12
2515845 Oak Pointe Drive, Fort Worth$295,0002,514201743.022N0.12
251920 6th Street, Argyle$339,0002,524201543.022N0.31
251812 Lavin Plaza, Haslet$362,9002,668201942.122N0.18
2515560 Yarberry Drive, Fort Worth$379,9003,078201332.122N0.13
251304 Renshaw Drive, Rhome$372,5002,777200132.122Y0.86
2515824 Mirasol Drive, Fort Worth$242,0001,840200932.012N0.12
251724 Henderson Drive, Argyle$291,0002,044201542.012N0.15
252832 Houston Wood Drive, Fort Worth$250,0001,869201242.122N0.10
262230 Veranda Avenue, Trophy Club$679,9004,993201254.123N0.31
2615705 Preble Road, Fort Worth$425,9902,337201732.112N0.20
261102 Denton Creek Drive, Justin$442,9002,838201942.113N0.67
26705 Silver Spur Court, Southlake$995,9005,568200555.023Y1.14
26109 Cheyenne Trail S, Newark$335,0002,225201742.013N0.56
28218 Wimberley, Haslet$665,9003,756201944.113N0.50
28214 Wimberley, Haslet$639,9003,524201944.113N0.51
29651 Sheldon Drive, Trophy Club$765,0004,146201943.223N0.25
30612 King Ranch Road, Southlake$1,799,0006,849200456.125Y1.01
301109 Kettlewood Drive, Justin$371,9963,285201943.022N0.17
301119 Kettlewood Drive, Justin$322,3722,240201932.012N0.19
301104 Alderwood Drive, Justin$363,2013,430201943.122N0.17
302005 White Lane, Haslet$780,0004,595199954.025Y5.48
30474 Martindale Lane, New Fairview$322,0002,272200142.110Y2.00
30107 Summit Cove, Trophy Club$290,0002,142198532.022N0.13
31509 Pafford Street, Justin$259,9001,818199432.020N0.23
314113 Dellman Drive, Fort Worth$326,9002,804200742.022N0.18
3113405 Leather Strap Drive, Fort Worth$269,9002,998200553.022N0.23
31942 Lake Hills Trail, Roanoke$539,9903,459201944.023N0.00
3114 Colonial Court, Trophy Club$499,9993,234198054.022Y0.32
313901 Denridge Lane, Fort Worth$259,0002,610200632.122N0.15
3111 Sadie Court, Trophy Club$649,9902,781201933.012N0.17
311108 Highpoint Way, Roanoke$579,9904,096201944.023N0.00
3115624 Carlton Oaks Drive, Fort Worth$264,9002,012201432.012N0.12
31544 Tierra Vista Way, Fort Worth$309,9902,202201853.012N0.13
329 Hanna Court, Trophy Club$494,0003,100200542.122N0.16
321115 Kettlewood Drive, Justin$329,2432,314201932.012N0.17
32214 Spruce Valley Drive, Justin$365,3433,285201943.022N0.21
32164 Skyview Court, New Fairview$549,0003,014200142.012Y2.00
32505 Lomax Lane, Fort Worth$424,9003,363201643.123N0.17
321908 Homestead Way, Argyle$325,0002,672201642.122N0.15
333809 Verde Drive, Fort Worth$229,0001,848200632.012N0.12
331828 Cardinal Way, Argyle$316,4702,512201933.022N0.13
33621 Tweed Drive, Fort Worth$380,0002,943201643.013N0.18
331317 Canary Lane, Argyle$309,6652,447201942.122N0.15
343933 Sunnygate Drive, Fort Worth$374,9003,478200643.122N0.14
342839 Annandale Drive, Trophy Club$565,0003,862201343.223N0.22
34302 Gammil Street, Haslet$264,5002,108195543.010Y0.27
341816 Cardinal Way, Argyle$282,8801,872201832.012N0.13
351817 Dunstan Drive, Haslet$331,9002,772201842.122N0.11
359840 Tule Lake Road, Fort Worth$300,0002,527201643.022N0.17
36616 Bridgewater Road, Fort Worth$315,0002,711201633.022N0.15
3614233 Cedar Post Drive, Fort Worth$204,0001,537200532.012N0.13
37198 Goodnight Trail, Rhome$449,0002,130199032.014N10.03
37932 Highpoint Way, Roanoke$519,9003,450201443.123N0.19
372234 Veranda Avenue, Trophy Club$649,5004,345201255.123N0.26
37105 Turner Street, Roanoke$625,0002,922200742.122Y0.34
3810249 Wild Goose Drive, Fort Worth$299,9902,240201932.012N0.15
3810317 Wild Goose Drive, Fort Worth$359,9903,430201943.122N0.15
3810329 Wild Goose Drive, Fort Worth$289,9902,041201942.012N0.13
3812849 Danville Drive, Fort Worth$299,5002,994200642.122N0.13
3812129 Walden Wood Drive, Fort Worth$256,0002,280200742.122N0.10
3811832 Toppell Trail, Haslet$309,9902,712201943.022N0.14
3812201 Big Rock Drive, Rhome$249,0002,910201253.122N0.14
38109 Daisey Lane, Justin$299,9002,342200243.012N0.24
382124 Carlotta Drive, Fort Worth$239,0001,864200532.012N0.12
391115 Oak Trail, Keller$815,0003,394199753.123Y1.87
3915 Heatherstone Court, Trophy Club$630,0004,012200644.023N0.37
39117 Oakmont Drive, Argyle$285,0001,872201632.012N0.14
393956 Long Hollow Road, Fort Worth$234,9001,766200832.012N0.13
401545 Westview Lane, Northlake$430,0003,234201654.022N0.26
4010333 Fox Manor, Fort Worth$349,9903,285201943.022N0.14
4010332 Fox Manor, Fort Worth$329,9902,827201842.122N0.14
4010109 Ash Creek Lane, Fort Worth$289,9002,937200543.022N0.23
40420 Country Lane, Haslet$348,9002,502199442.022N1.00
419712 White Bear Trail, Fort Worth$404,9003,916201553.122N0.15
4110325 Wild Goose Drive, Fort Worth$349,9903,285201943.022N0.15
412114 Glenbrook Street, Haslet$639,9003,334201944.113N0.50
423925 Lazy River Ranch Road, Fort Worth$349,0003,489201043.122N0.13
4225459 Dove Hollow Dr, Justin$749,9004,544201443.113N14.90
44293 Hilltop Drive, Justin$274,9502,286201632.122N0.16
45102 Honeysuckle Drive, Justin$290,0002,174200142.012N0.17
4519 Hanna Court, Trophy Club$579,9003,817200632.223N0.14
45652 Fox View Drive, Fort Worth$251,4051,813201832.012N0.14
4514649 Sundog Way, Fort Worth$226,0001,354201732.012N0.13
46202 Pebble Beach Drive, Trophy Club$498,5753,473198553.122N0.28
461240 Whisper Willows Drive, Fort Worth$499,9003,489201343.123N0.53
4615556 Yarberry Drive, Fort Worth$399,9993,657201354.022N0.13
4614512 Gilley Lane, Fort Worth$289,0002,423201642.222N0.13
4713508 Copper Canyon Drive, Haslet$330,0002,177200142.013N1.25
48301 Travis Street, Roanoke$450,0001,960199132.222N0.27
4816 Sadie Court, Trophy Club$849,0002,982201833.012N0.17
4913801 Megan Drive, Justin$469,9003,031200654.013N1.24
4910208 Fox Grove Court, Fort Worth$255,8201,709201932.012N0.13
4910213 Fox Haven Court, Fort Worth$256,1491,709201932.012N0.13
4910236 Fox Springs Drive, Fort Worth$257,4621,813201932.012N0.13
4910209 Fox Haven Court, Fort Worth$258,1731,813201932.012N0.13
491829 Dunstan Drive, Fort Worth$364,9002,698201942.122N0.21
5014141 Black Gold Trail, Fort Worth$217,0001,988200532.122N0.13
509833 Yellow Cup Drive, Fort Worth$380,0003,110201643.123N0.15
5010865 Hawks Landing Road, Fort Worth$230,0001,769200842.012N0.12
5111841 Kynborrow Drive, Fort Worth$360,3462,200201853.013N0.17
511728 Bellinger Drive, Fort Worth$415,0753,050201843.123N0.17
52327 Tenison Trail, Trophy Club$839,9004,752201553.223N0.31
5271 Panorama Circle, Trophy Club$429,9002,626200142.122N0.27
522516 Strathfield Lane, Trophy Club$649,5004,380201254.123Y0.23
521820 Lavin Plaza, Fort Worth$329,9002,461201942.012N0.18
521524 Enchanted Sky Lane, Fort Worth$287,0002,522201042.022N0.24
537915 Stone Ridge Drive, Northlake$445,9002,818200742.113N1.03
5314109 Cochise Drive, Fort Worth$195,0001,768200742.012N0.13
53192 Sam Bass Ridge Road, Southlake$950,0004,268198843.023N1.45
53119 Santa Fe Trail, Justin$215,0001,782200342.012N0.17
531117 Uplands Drive, Northlake$430,0003,307201744.023N0.29
5313351 Mcallen, Justin$539,9503,402201943.123N1.00
5312200 Catline Court, Haslet$435,3383,221201954.122N0.30
541109 Denton Creek Drive, Justin$426,9002,574201932.113N0.59
5512800 Homestretch Drive, Fort Worth$325,0003,002200842.122N0.19
551016 Fort Apache Drive, Fort Worth$195,0001,576200532.012N0.12
56278 Pine Crest Drive, Justin$289,9001,911201732.013N0.18
56917 Morton Hill Lane, Haslet$479,9003,599200243.013Y1.01
5753 Panorama Circle, Trophy Club$547,7503,637200054.023N0.28
5711108 Dunlavin Court, Fort Worth$233,0001,806201432.012N0.23
58195 Durango Drive, Trophy Club$424,0002,818200043.022Y0.30
58216 Oakmont Drive, Trophy Club$385,0002,929197943.122N0.29
59301 Main Street, Roanoke$699,0002,785200343.020N0.23
591491 Silver Sage Drive, Haslet$503,9733,960201844.123N0.20
592764 Lynx Lane, Fort Worth$225,9001,765200432.122N0.13
6015940 Avenel Way, Fort Worth$285,0002,349201142.122N0.24
601149 Bridle Latch Drive, Fort Worth$375,0004,050200653.122N0.23
611004 Holston Hills Trail, Roanoke$499,0003,094201443.023N0.22
641600 Fence Post Drive, Fort Worth$439,8003,969201054.023N0.62
6510125 Haversham Drive, Fort Worth$289,0002,164201732.012N0.14
662889 Nottingham Drive, Trophy Club$449,0002,774201543.122N0.12
662336 Sundown Mesa Drive, Fort Worth$279,0002,103201832.012N0.14
662813 Sherwood Drive, Trophy Club$393,0002,051201232.112N0.13
66230 Virginia Lane, Rhome$298,5002,919195032.112Y1.82
67921 Dove Cove, Northlake$284,8851,872201832.012N0.13
671042 Hope Valley Parkway, Roanoke$599,9003,307201943.113N0.00
671012 Myers Park Trail, Roanoke$549,9003,103201943.113N0.00
67984 Myers Park Trail, Roanoke$599,9003,465201943.113N0.00
6714008 Aston Falls Drive, Haslet$410,0003,018200442.012N1.01
6814037 Bronc Pen Lane, Fort Worth$209,4001,413200632.012N0.21
681005 Myers Park Trail, Roanoke$649,9003,205201943.013N0.00
68505 White Bud Lane, Fort Worth$354,9903,050201843.122N0.12
7015 Crestwood Drive, Trophy Club$350,0002,212198232.112N0.23
70271 Hilltop Drive, Justin$272,5002,287201642.012N0.16
71456 Chisholm Trail, Justin$259,9002,497200442.122N0.16
7213634 Alliance Court, Haslet$499,0002,394199732.123Y6.23
73230 Wimberly Drive, Haslet$632,0813,703201943.113N0.50
73416 Lomax Lane, Fort Worth$379,0003,547201643.122N0.18
7312066 New Day Drive, Fort Worth$572,0003,925200643.023N1.00
739451 Collingwood Drive, Justin$485,0002,142199742.012Y2.50
7312320 Daborne Drive, Fort Worth$374,9003,589201943.022N0.18
7312 Hunters Ridge Lane, Trophy Club$1,675,0008,845200557.227Y0.90
7314316 Mariposa Lily Lane, Fort Worth$275,0002,561201243.122N0.13
741040 Spanish Needle Trail, Fort Worth$256,9201,736201932.012N0.14
741037 Spanish Needle Trail, Fort Worth$281,3802,209201942.012N0.16
743249 Glenmore Avenue, Northlake$739,8503,442201843.013N1.00
752118 Glenbrook Street, Haslet$645,9003,524201944.113N0.50
75319 County Road 4840, Haslet$394,9001,818198532.010N5.00
754045 Lazy River Ranch Road, Fort Worth$399,9004,167201354.222N0.27
762823 Mona Vale Road, Trophy Club$645,0004,504201354.023N0.32
769912 Tehama Ridge Parkway, Fort Worth$239,9001,803200542.012N0.12
761308 Chickadee, Northlake$340,0002,507201943.022N0.15
761917 13th Street, Northlake$330,0002,073201943.012N0.15
77264 Pine Crest, Justin$283,1542,166201932.012N0.20
77216 Ovaletta, Justin$289,0952,260201932.012N0.20
772512 Red Draw Drive, Fort Worth$274,2402,094201932.012N0.13
774541 Wilderness Pass, Fort Worth$473,9902,552201842.112N0.17
771049 Meadow Gust Drive, Fort Worth$322,6802,354201932.012N0.23
78220 Ovaletta, Justin$264,0281,888201842.012N0.20
78230 Ovaletta, Justin$327,9312,829201942.123N0.22
79256 Crockett Street, Roanoke$474,5001,821201833.022Y0.00
7914108 Rabbit Brush Lane, Fort Worth$245,0001,880201632.012N0.13
80520 White Bud Lane, Fort Worth$294,9902,020201832.012N0.13
80540 Tierra Vista Way, Fort Worth$344,9902,848201843.122N0.13
81202 W Fm 407, Justin$300,000848196600.010N0.33
811513 Fiddleneck Street, Fort Worth$376,0003,687201653.122N0.17
813937 Eaglerun Drive, Fort Worth$393,8003,491200643.122Y0.13
8215552 Yarberry Drive, Fort Worth$429,8303,465201843.122N0.13
8212324 Daborne Drive, Fort Worth$349,9003,038201943.022N0.18
89812 Rio Bravo Drive, Fort Worth$216,9001,994200632.012N0.14
89305 Mckenzie Drive, Trophy Club$369,9002,137199832.122Y0.19
9130 Katie Lane, Trophy Club$649,9902,958201833.012N0.25
931660 Stowers Trail, Haslet$414,3043,048201844.022N0.19
94920 Falcon, Argyle$314,7752,447201842.122N0.13
971483 Silver Sage Drive, Haslet$478,0003,601201844.023N0.24
981148 Mesa Crest Drive, Fort Worth$345,0003,479201343.122N0.18
981231 Caraway Lane, Haslet$459,0003,722201843.123N0.20
981235 Caraway Lane, Haslet$438,0003,003201843.012N0.19
9910852 Hawks Landing Road, Fort Worth$239,0002,383200532.122N0.13
100239 Spruce Valley Drive, Justin$385,8703,094201943.122N0.18
10117516 Matany Road, Justin$365,0001,456198432.010N2.33
1021013 Kettlewood Drive, Justin$369,8403,285201943.022N0.18
103229 Spruce Valley Drive, Justin$369,4653,269201953.123N0.19
10314199 Maxwell Boulevard, Fort Worth$364,9992,560197243.012N5.00
1049701 Deephaven Drive, Fort Worth$268,5801,818201942.012N0.18
1043037 Bella Lago Drive, Fort Worth$359,0002,837201843.122N0.13
1043037 Sangria Lane, Fort Worth$319,0002,184201842.012N0.17
107413 Lomax Lane, Fort Worth$429,0003,178201743.023N0.17
10813856 Ranch Horse Run, Fort Worth$399,0003,364200642.122Y0.45
1091849 Halifax Street, Roanoke$425,0003,524201343.122N0.11
11013808 Mallard Springs Drive, Haslet$485,0002,943200042.115N1.09
1101121 Lake Hills Trail, Roanoke$624,9904,158201844.123N0.00
111196 County Road 4859, Newark$239,9001,975195042.110N0.89
1162528 Boot Jack, Fort Worth$369,9393,433201843.023N0.17
1173716 N White Chapel Boulevard, Southlake$3,500,00019,673200788.429Y1.51
1172904 Cedar Ridge Lane, Fort Worth$300,0002,897201453.022N0.12
1231015 Uplands Drive, Northlake$430,0003,327201744.022N0.21
12415641 Landing Creek Lane, Fort Worth$305,0002,826200742.122N0.13
126605 Coyote Road, Southlake$849,9004,736200443.113N1.02
12914708 Seventeen Lakes Boulevard, Fort Worth$399,9003,141201353.022N0.14
12912216 Cleveland Gibbs Road, Roanoke$349,9001,326197532.010N0.80
13113016 Chisholm Ranch Drive, Fort Worth$489,9003,241201832.113N0.50
133219 County Road 4840, Haslet$475,0002,400200254.010N5.00
1342208 Stirling Avenue, Trophy Club$575,9004,051200954.023N0.24
13512229 Beatrice Drive, Haslet$428,2313,267201844.122N0.19
1372100 Carlotta Drive, Fort Worth$240,0001,864200532.012N0.13
1381824 Lavin Plaza, Fort Worth$294,9002,203201942.012N0.18
1394101 Lampton Court, Fort Worth$368,8003,329200764.022N0.26
1414216 Round Valley Lane, Fort Worth$499,9002,905201732.113N0.23
1454 Oak Village Court, Trophy Club$415,0002,710198033.012N0.17
150194 Durango Drive, Trophy Club$413,0002,987200142.022N0.27
150916 Fairway Ranch Parkway, Roanoke$505,0003,007201643.113N0.22
15015617 Trail Ride Lane, Fort Worth$307,9902,008201842.012N0.13
151121 Berry Drive, Haslet$325,0001,744198832.012N1.05
1522801 Cedar Ridge Lane, Fort Worth$314,0003,138200643.122N0.12
1521100 Mount Lane, Rhome$332,0002,244200142.013N0.82
154209 Spruce Valley Drive, Justin$340,5912,682201843.012N0.20
154221 Spruce Valley Drive, Justin$293,8451,911201832.013N0.20
154223 Spruce Valley Drive, Justin$383,3373,345201854.022N0.25
1541107 Kettlewood Drive, Justin$329,6332,829201842.122N0.17
1541105 Kettlewood Drive, Justin$308,8442,260201832.012N0.24
154504 Kettlewood Court, Justin$275,0231,888201842.012N0.17
1541005 Kettlewood Drive, Justin$302,4842,260201832.012N0.18
157700 Lonesome Trail, Haslet$488,0003,256200463.112N1.09
1581701 Foxglove Lane, Haslet$479,5003,815201544.023N0.51
158113 Metrotex Drive, Haslet$375,000900201711.110N1.26
16112920 Helen Court, Justin$420,0002,448200832.113N1.08
164325 Montana Court, Rhome$359,0002,607201443.012N0.75
1652618 Broadway Drive, Trophy Club$479,9003,264201043.022N0.19
1673709 Sunrise Ranch Road, Southlake$799,9004,211200654.123N0.85
1742416 Flowing Springs Drive, Fort Worth$339,9902,641201843.122N0.13
1751008 Canyon Drive, Justin$285,0002,488200353.012N0.30
1759340 Turtle Pass, Fort Worth$300,0002,623201443.022N0.13
179511 Main Street, Roanoke$474,9001,445199532.012N0.61
18014240 Hoedown Way, Fort Worth$259,8002,422200742.012N0.14
180379 County Road 4874, Newark$390,0002,835198922.014Y0.70
18110 Crooked Creek Court, Trophy Club$405,0002,991198952.122N0.20
18512217 Beatrice Drive, Haslet$409,1343,042201843.022N0.14
1861145 Broadmoor Way, Roanoke$545,9903,407201844.023N0.00
1863412 Meridian Drive, Northlake$475,9903,356201843.123N0.26
1863322 Meridian Drive, Northlake$475,9903,472201843.123N0.20
1861672 Stowers Trail, Haslet$388,3902,933201843.022N0.13
190517 Oak Hills Drive, Newark$419,9993,633200343.123N1.00
191295 Ovaletta, Justin$276,2531,888201842.012N0.20
191255 Ovaletta, Justin$301,3542,260201832.012N0.22
1931816 Dunstan Drive, Fort Worth$314,9002,815201942.122N0.17
1942208 Glasgow Drive, Trophy Club$650,0004,960201043.123N0.24
1993 Hayes Court, Trophy Club$1,099,0004,935200555.124Y0.35
2001016 Meadow Gust Drive, Fort Worth$393,2653,682201853.122N0.22
20214721 Spitfire Trail, Fort Worth$437,9903,245201843.122N0.33
2061821 Dunstan Drive, Fort Worth$312,9002,616201943.012N0.11
2073613 Meridian Drive, Northlake$630,9904,141201543.123N0.23
209273 Ovaletta, Justin$291,2771,911201832.013N0.21
209271 Ovaletta, Justin$337,1932,829201842.123N0.21
21315720 Preble Road, Fort Worth$299,9902,008201832.012N0.17
22111845 Kynborrow Road, Fort Worth$417,9902,996201833.022N0.17
2221724 Bellinger Drive, Fort Worth$373,9902,658201832.112N0.17
22211849 Kynborrow Road, Fort Worth$421,9903,444201843.123N0.17
2271038 Hope Valley Parkway, Roanoke$599,9003,465201843.113N0.00
2281004 Myers Park Trail, Roanoke$575,9003,714201843.113N0.00
2281008 Myers Park Trail, Roanoke$549,9003,322201843.113N0.00
2301087 Westpark Circle S, Southlake$229,9002,280200342.010N0.26
23415192 Robin Road, Haslet$350,0001,380198421.010N7.25
2461159 Maxwell Road, Haslet$750,0004,000201433.121N4.96
2511729 Bellinger Drive, Fort Worth$433,9904,072201853.122N0.17
2511712 Bellinger Drive, Fort Worth$398,9902,996201843.013N0.17
2511725 Bellinger Drive, Fort Worth$418,9902,996201843.022N0.17
25215564 Nimble Trail, Fort Worth$639,8224,055201844.023N0.22
2556 Heather Glen Circle, Trophy Club$1,050,0004,916200554.223N0.42
2553312 Northwest Crossing, Northlake$608,8503,077201843.123N1.52
25510237 Fox Springs Drive, Fort Worth$289,4902,803201842.122N0.12
2593013 Sangria Lane, Fort Worth$298,9002,120201832.012N0.15
2599332 Saltbrush Street, Fort Worth$381,2452,931201842.122N0.00
2712529 Boot Hill Lane, Fort Worth$293,9292,181201843.012N0.18
28611861 Toppell Trail, Haslet$339,9903,360201843.122N0.14
28611816 Wulstone Road, Haslet$269,9902,041201842.012N0.14
3172701 Fm 718, Aurora$259,0001,820197342.010N2.00
3181101 Highpoint, Roanoke$565,0003,435201843.023N0.20
3263132 Sangria Lane, Fort Worth$299,0002,184201842.012N0.13
33428 Katie Lane, Trophy Club$599,9902,837201833.012N0.17
3481000 Uplands Drive, Northlake$485,9903,047201543.123N0.18
3484305 Saddleback Lane, Southlake$2,199,0005,887201855.214N1.09
388512 Rancho Laredo Trail, Southlake$1,425,0007,448200755.324Y0.46
398204 Ovaletta, Justin$313,7112,405201843.012N0.20
4657327 Evelyn Lane, Northlake$675,0004,754198675.122N10.00
970509 King Ranch Road, Southlake$2,050,00010,000200466.224Y1.00

Northwest ISD homes for sale listings

Presented below are pictures and summary descriptions of currently listed Northwest ISD single-family homes.

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Photo of Listing #14050062

13540 Leather Strap Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $274,999

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 3,036 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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From The Minute You Drive Up, You'll Be Impressed By The Curb Appeal Of This Home With It's Beautiful Stone And Brick Exterior. The Size Of The Home & The Floorplan Gives You Multiple Options. You Can Use The Large Bedroom Downstairs As A Bedroo...

Photo of Listing #14047976

1240 Durango Springs Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $537,998

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,558 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Gorgeous 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom Custom Home In Haslet Has A Backyard Pool Oasis You Will Not Be Able To Forget! Huge Pool With Water Feature & Spa, Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Fireplace And Automatic Retractable Screens Will Make You Fa...

Photo of Listing #14048379

1221 Roping Reins Way, Fort Worth, TX - $218,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,855 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Built In 2005, This Haslet One-story Offers A Fireplace, Breakfast Bar, Master Bathroom With Separate Tub And Shower, And Two-car Garage. Upgraded Features Include New Carpeting And Fresh Interior Paint. This Home Is Part Of An Hoa. Home Comes Wit...

Photo of Listing #14044687

1349 Amazon Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $225,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,015 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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**professional Photos Coming Soon!**adorable 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Home Located In Highly Sought-after Northwest Isd! This Well-maintained Home Featuring Formal Living And Dining Areas, Wood Laminate Flooring, New Carpet, Split Bedrooms, And An Ov...

Photo of Listing #14049749

1716 Homestead Way, Northlake, TX - $288,500

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,872 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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D.r. Horton & Northwest Isd! This Canyon Falls Floorplan With G Elevation Is A Must See With 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Study, Open Concept, Huge Island Kitchen With Skylight, Granite, Separate Laundry Room, Covered Patio, Fireplace, With Tons Of Bells ...

Photo of Listing #14045254

12653 Forest Lawn Road, Rhome, TX - $185,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,355 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Pride Of Ownership In This Barely Lived In 3-2-2 Home In Small Community Setting. Open Concept Living, Dining Areas. Granite Counter Tops In Kitchen. Larger Master Suite With Huge Walk In Closet. Large Yard With Landscaping And Trees. Cow Pasture ...

Photo of Listing #14035957

12732 Lizzie Place, Fort Worth, TX - $299,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,364 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Awesome Remodeled Home In Saratoga! New Hardwoods, New Carpet & New Paint Inside & Out, Granite, Large Back Yard & Covered Patio! Open Floor Plan With Mainly One Level Living With 3 Beds Down Plus Office-flex Room. High Ceilings! Light & Bright!...

Photo of Listing #13881136

205 Ridge View Lane, Trophy Club, TX - $999,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 5,515 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Timeless Home Has So Much To Offer. Perfect Layout For Your Growing Family Ample Outside Entertaining Space, On The Golf Course. Living Room, Kitchen, Master Suite, All Have Lovely Views Of The Course Plus The Upstairs Balconies Offer Great V...

Photo of Listing #14049964

15801 Carlton Oaks Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $289,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,877 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Professional Photos Coming Soon! Better Than New 5br Home, Quiet Street, Northwest Isd. Extra Touches Make The Difference, Arched Entries, Art Nooks, Accent Walls, Tile Work, Chef's Dream Kitchen With A Huge Island With Room For 4 +barstools And A...

Photo of Listing #14050522

1829 Swan, Northlake, TX - $350,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,292 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Mls# 14050522 - Built By Highland Homes - June Completion! ~ New One Story Layout With Soaring 11 Foot Ceilings, This Home Will Feature Hardwood Floors, Upgraded 8 Foot Front Door, Tank Less Water Heater, Smart Home Package, Office Located In The...

Photo of Listing #14050360

829 Salida Road, Fort Worth, TX - $249,990

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,910 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Beautiful Home Is Move-in Ready & Shows Like A Model! Featuring 3 Split Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, Inviting Entry, A Formal Living That Makes The Perfect Study, Open Family Room, Wonderful Kitchen With Granite, Ss Appliances Including A New Dis...

Photo of Listing #14050622

114 Dodge City Trail, Newark, TX - $205,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,790 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautiful One Story Home With 3br 2ba Located In Chisholm Springs! Open Floor Plan With Vaulted Ceilings In Family Room. Bright Kitchen Offers Center Island And Matching Appliances. Master Bedroom Is Spacious And Has En Suite Including Soaking Tu...

Photo of Listing #14049250

11440 Starlight Ranch Trail, Haslet, TX - $245,998

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,094 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Absolutely Stunning Newer Home, Built In 2017, Located Just Outside Fort Worth In Haslet. This House Sits In A Great Neighborhood, Featuring A 3 Bed, 2 Bath Design, Split Bedrooms With 2 Living Areas. The Second Living Area Could Easily Be A 4th...

Photo of Listing #14049866

14705 Gilley Lane, Fort Worth, TX - $259,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,063 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Move In Ready Flexible Floor Plan Is A Must See Before You Consider New Construction*all Brick Elevation And Tall Ceilings, Vivent Security System*tesla Solar Panels Means Low Electric Bill*tile Flooring Flows Through The Home, Mimics Wood Look Bu...

Photo of Listing #14048089

14100 Rabbit Brush Lane, Fort Worth, TX - $299,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,150 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Gorgeous 4 Bedroom Corner Lot Home In Haslet! This Beauty Features A New Roof, Fresh Interior Paint, Plush Carpet, Stunning Floors, Updated Fixtures, And More! Upon Entering, A Dining Area Greets You To Your Right. Kitchen Boasts Stainless Steel A...

Photo of Listing #14049400

10129 Red Bluff Lane, Fort Worth, TX - $254,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,120 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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You Wont Believe This One Story! Open Floor Plan With Large Front And Back Covered Porches. 4th Bedroom Is Opt. Study. This Fredricksburg Plan Is On An Over Sized Home-site And Features Stone Accents On Front. Built In Gas Cooktop, Oven And Microw...

Photo of Listing #14048711

18055 Bruno Road, Justin, TX - $449,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 2,975 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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New Home Built By Tmg Construction. Enjoy Country Living In The City! 4 Bed, 3 And Half Bath With No Hoa And Spacious 1 Acre Lot. Stone Front Exterior, Covered Front And Back Porch. Hand Scraped Wood Floors Throughout, Granite Countertops, Beautif...

Photo of Listing #14048138

328 Branson Road, Roanoke, TX - $206,500

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,198 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Open House Monday 3.25.19 From 3:00 - 6:00 Cute 3 Bed 2 Bath With A Wood Burning Fireplace In The Highly Rated Byron Nelson High School District And Trophy Club Middle School And Trophy Club Elementary. Large Yard. Wow. Large Eat-in Kitchen Wi...

Photo of Listing #14049494

1933 Clover Springs Drive, Haslet, TX - $550,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 3,376 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Beautiful Montclaire Custom With 3 Large Bdrms, Study, 3 Liv Areas, Formal Din & Breakfast Area~open,split Floor Plan~chef’s Kitchen Has Granite & Over-sized Island With Breakfast Bar~second Floor Gamerm Or Media~slate & Wood Floors Thruout & New ...

Photo of Listing #14048608

13652 Trail Break Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $215,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,946 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Precious Memories Begin Here In This Adorable, One Story Home Located In Northwest Isd. The Wonderful Open Concept, Perfect For Entertaining, Evokes A Relaxing Lifestyle. Cook Up A Feast In The Spacious Kitchen Featuring Granite Surfaces, Breakfas...

Photo of Listing #14040533

412 Goldstone Lane, Fort Worth, TX - $205,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,635 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Cute Home In Attractive Neighborhood Next To Greenbelt. Fresh Paint And New Carpet. Move In Ready Community Center And Pool Close By.

Photo of Listing #14036634

2804 Cedar Ridge Lane, Fort Worth, TX - $299,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,432 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Stunning Home Located In Wonderful Beechwood Creeks In N. Fort Worth Has So Much To Offer! Award Winning Northwest Isd, Plenty Of Room For A Large Or Even Multigenerational Family & Amazing Community Amenities Including Pool, Playground, Club Hous...

Photo of Listing #14046802

2712 Mona Vale Road, Trophy Club, TX - $669,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 4,176 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Fantastic Home On A Fabulous Golf Course Lot! From The Moment You Walk In, You Just Say Ahhh, And Feel Yourself Relaxing! Very Open And Spacious, With Natural Light Shining Through Everywhere. Premier Kitchen With Gorgeous Hued Granite, Ss Doubl...

Photo of Listing #14043743

1913 Kaiser Cove, Argyle, TX - $299,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,106 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Wonderful One-story Home In Harvest Built In 2015! Hardwood Floors Throughout, Open Floor Plan And Recently Repainted. Kitchen Is Complete With Stainless Steel Appliances, High-grade Refrigerator Included, Silestone Counter Tops, Walk-in Pantry An...

Photo of Listing #14048423

265 Hilltop Drive, Justin, TX - $289,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,265 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Better Than New! Upgrades Galore! Beautiful, Just Over Two Year Old Home With 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, And An Office That Could Be Used As A Bedroom With Small Closet. Hardwood Flooring In Living Room And Office, Upgraded Dishwasher, Decorative Up-l...

Photo of Listing #14048401

703 S Hardeman Circle, Justin, TX - $359,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,907 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Immaculate Custom Home On An Acre In Quiet Justin Neighborhood. Huge Yard With Flagstone Patio And Fire Pit, Covered Back Patio With Pergola, Plenty Of Room For Rv Parking And Beautiful Landscaping. The Home Boasts 20 Inch Tile In Entry, Kitchen...

Photo of Listing #14048021

13572 Saddlewood Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $285,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 2,844 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Fantastic Home With Open Floor Plan In Sendera Ranch! The Kitchen Has A Large Island, Plenty Of Storage, And A Built In Desk In The Breakfast Area. The Master Suite Is Privately Tucked Away On The First Floor, With Three Additional Bedrooms, And T...

Photo of Listing #14046927

12213 Langley Hill Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $289,999

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,653 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Northwest Isd - Granger Elem! Spacious Well Maintained 2 Story Home In Villages Of Woodland Springs! Open Floor Plan With Plenty Of Natural Light. Oversized Garage. Game Room. Plantation Shutters Throughout. Extended Open Patio. Great For Entertai...

Photo of Listing #14046598

3440 Hockley Ranch Road, Fort Worth, TX - $295,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,500 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Like New Dr Horton With 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths And A Study On A Cul De Sac Street! The Kitchen Features Gorgeous Granite Counters, Stainless Steel Appliances & Pendant Lights. Nestled On A Serene, Cul De Sac Street, This Family Friendly Location...

Photo of Listing #14049236

13080 Chisholm Ranch Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $539,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,460 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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This Beautiful Kenmark Custom Home Will Be Complete In 2 Weeks! This Home Has 4-5 Bedrooms With 4 Baths. 4th Bedroom Can Be Either An In-law Suite With Kitchenette Or Game Room. Second Story Has Bonus Room And Bathroom. This Home Features An Open ...

Photo of Listing #14044872

8 Meadow Ridge Drive, Trophy Club, TX - $567,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,707 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Classic And Timeless Beauty In Popular Gated Meadow Ridge! Original Drees Model Home Showcases Updates Thru-out, Flexible Floor Plan Where Study Can Be 5th Bedroom & Backyard Built-to-entertain. Custom Upgrades Incl Wrought Iron Front Door, Anders...

Photo of Listing #14046586

12109 Shine Avenue, Rhome, TX - $198,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,948 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Great Place And Home. Large Open Entry Way Leads To An Open Style Floor Plan With Wood Type Floors And Ceramic Title Throughout. Bedrooms Are Split With The Master In The Back Of The Home. Four Large Bedrooms With High Ceilings And Walk In Closets...

Photo of Listing #14045295

3649 Jockey Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $325,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.2 Baths
  • 2,695 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Welcome Home In The Desirable Saratoga Subdivision. This Well Maintained 4 Bedroom, 2 & Half Bath Home Features A Great Layout For Entertaining & Solid Hand Scraped Wood Flooring. The Expansive Kitchen Is The Center Of The Home With Easy Access To...

Photo of Listing #14042667

2219 Abby Lane, Trophy Club, TX - $699,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 4,505 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Exceptional 5 Br Home With 5.1 Baths In Desirable Turnberry At Tc. 1st Flr Master & Guest Suites, Split For Privacy! Curb Appeal & Low-traffic Corner Lot At Back Of Subdiv & Across From The N'hood Golf Cart Path. N-facing Bkyard Features Cov Patio...

Photo of Listing #14046958

1409 Westborough Lane, Northlake, TX - $314,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,795 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Gorgeous & Immaculate Pulte Home In Canyon Falls! This 3 Bedroom Home Features An Open Floor Plan With A Bonus Study Niche Area & Lots Of Upgrades! Light & Bright Kitchen With White Cabinets, Large Island & Stainless Appliances. Split Bedroom Floo...

Photo of Listing #14046908

947 Highpoint Way, Roanoke, TX - $490,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,004 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Upgraded Darling Custom Home In Highly Sought-after Fairway Ranch Neighborhood. Gorgeous Hardwood Floors Draw You Into The Open Floor Plan Boasting A Large Upgraded Kitchen With 5 Burner Gas Cook-top And Custom Wood Vent Hood. The Large Master Sui...

Photo of Listing #14047815

10872 Middleglen Road, Fort Worth, TX - $229,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,904 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Built In 2008, This Well Maintained One Story Home Is In The Highly Sought After Northwest Isd. This Home Has A Formal Dining Room Which Could Be Used As An Office, Open Concept And Split Bedrooms. The Home Has Been Freshly Repainted As Well. Con...

Photo of Listing #14044876

14562 Nightingale Lane, Haslet, TX - $329,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,040 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Country Living At Its Best. Almost 5 Acres With A Spring Fed Stock Pond. Freshly Painted Outside (march 19). Well Cared For Home With Two Living Areas And An Office. Kitchen Is Spacious With Plenty Of Cabinets And Counter Space. Front Porch Is...

Photo of Listing #14045767

2222 Trophy Club Drive, Trophy Club, TX - $707,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.2 Baths
  • 4,917 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Beautiful Home Located In Prestigious Turnberry Of Trophy Club! Guests Enter Through A Lovely Iron And Wood Door Into A Large Entryway Which Flows Into The Great Room Featuring A Fireplace And Large Windows Looking Out Onto The Outdoor Living Area...

Photo of Listing #14048112

14108 Tanglebrush Trail, Fort Worth, TX - $219,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,828 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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This Single Story, Open Floor Plan With 3 Bedroom And 2 Bath Home Is Located In A Quiet Neighborhood Of Sendera Ranch. Spacious Eat-in Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances Opens To A Large Family Room With Fireplace. Vaulted Ceilings Can Be Fou...

Photo of Listing #14048217

13308 Austin Stone Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $269,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,126 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Beautiful Two Story Home With Open Floor Plan Features 4 Bedrooms And 3 Bath Located In Sendera Ranch Community. Entry Opens With Formal Dining Or Living Room That Leads Into The Kitchen With Tile Backsplash And Black Appliances. Master Bedroom Is...

Photo of Listing #14047617

1820 Lark Lane, Northlake, TX - $299,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,192 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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This Drhorton Floor Plan Is Excellent. Make This Less Than 2 Year Old Home In An Award Winning Development Yours! The Spacious Bonus Room Currently Used As A Study Can Have Multiple Functions And Is Located Next To A Powder Bath. The Beautiful C...

Photo of Listing #14047879

4021 Ellenboro Lane, Fort Worth, TX - $240,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,524 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Welcome Home To Your Desired One Story In Mcpherson Ranch! High Ceilings Invite You Into Your Open Family Room And Kitchen. Plenty Of Cabinets For Storage And A Breakfast Bar For Casual Dining. This Home Is Move In Ready With New Carpet, New Hvac,...

Photo of Listing #14045771

1020 Madelia Avenue, Fort Worth, TX - $313,560

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,511 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Beautiful New Construction With An Expected June Completion!*popular 2 Story 4-2.5-2 Plus Study & Upstairs Gameroom In D.r.horton's Hawthorne Meadows Community In Northwest Isd*the Lovington Floorplan-elevation C*living Opens To Dining & Kitchen W...

Photo of Listing #14046704

1120 Lakeville Drive, Fort Worth, TX - $285,510

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,209 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Hawthorne Meadows-an Exciting Community By D.r. Horton In Northwest Isd Offers A Beautiful 1 Story 4-2-2 With Many Energy Saving Features!*hobbs Floorplan-elevation C*estimated April Completion*spacious Open Living Opens To Casual Dining & Large ...

Photo of Listing #14046731

1021 Spanish Needle Trail, Fort Worth, TX - $250,430

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,659 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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New Construction With An Expected Spring April Completion!*d.r. Horton's Community Of Hawthorne Meadows In North Fort Worth & Northwest Isd*energy Efficient 1 Story 4-2-2 Carlsbad Floorplan-elevation A*open Concept Floorplan With A Spacious Living...

Photo of Listing #14046741

1112 Blooming Prairie Trail, Fort Worth, TX - $262,490

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,811 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Beautiful New Construction With A Spring April Completion*the Exciting New D.r. Horton Community Of Hawthorne Meadows In North Fort Worth & Northwest Isd Offers A Beautiful 1 Story 4-2-2 Portales Floorplan-elevation A*energy Efficient Open Concept...

Photo of Listing #14046772

9516 Blaine Trail, Fort Worth, TX - $260,420

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,736 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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New Construction In D.r. Horton's Hawthorne Meadows Community In North Fort Worth & Northwest Isd!*stunning 1 Story 3-2-2 With 2nd Dining Optional Study & Great Energy Saving Features*los Alamos Floor Plan Elevation C - Estimated Spring April Comp...

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