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Plano Senior High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Plano Senior High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Plano Senior High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 15

Academic performance score: 10

In addition to its 2019 top-tier Dallas area high schools academic ranking, Plano Senior High School / Clark High School / Vines High School is similarly recognized as one of the best public open enrollment high schools in Texas. The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 93

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

Plano Senior High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 93       96

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 47.5% 54.0% 32.5%

The Advance Placement / International Baccalaureate (AP / IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: 14

2016-2017 enrollment

Plano Senior High School 2,810  
  Eleventh grade 1,377  
  Twelfth grade 1,433  

2016-2017 Teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 16.5
Average years teaching experience 12.0

Campus address and phone number

2200 Independence Parkway
Plano, TX 75075
469 752-9300

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Plano ISD schools, click on these Plano, Allen, Dallas, Murphy and Parker links.

Sources: Plano Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Plano Senior High School homes for sale

The table in which these properties are presented is both searchable and sortable. To show houses on a specific street, as an example, enter the street name in the Search box. To display all currently listed properties, select All in the Show entries box and to change the order in which they are sorted, click on any of the column headings.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
11913 Cherbourg Drive, Plano$325,0001,830197832.012Y0.21
13232 Dagan Drive, Plano$285,0001,860198132.012N0.18
14324 Jenning Court, Plano$289,9991,637198532.122N0.11
13504 Wandering Trail, Plano$399,9002,690198043.012Y0.22
1809 Raywood Circle, Plano$300,0002,013199032.122N0.15
12328 Fountain Head Drive, Plano$355,0002,516197842.112N0.22
1610 Belhaven Drive, Allen$674,9996,341200054.023Y0.33
13105 Monette Lane, Plano$533,9004,277199844.123N0.24
12816 Landershire Lane, Plano$295,0001,897197842.012N0.23
11513 Geneva Lane, Plano$385,0002,204198342.012N0.20
22021 Baffin Bay Drive, Plano$362,1402,133197542.112Y0.24
21732 Westridge Drive, Plano$349,0002,489196742.112N0.23
23524 Asaro Place, Plano$580,0003,800199454.023Y0.25
22613 Bunker Hill Circle, Plano$325,0002,205198132.112N0.24
3418 Lawndale Drive, Richardson$389,9001,984196842.112N0.21
32124 Antwerp Avenue, Plano$309,0001,913198532.012N0.22
32417 Trophy Drive, Plano$399,9002,940199042.122N0.18
46808 Wesson Drive, Plano$336,0002,604198842.122N0.17
42521 Mollimar Drive, Plano$357,0002,637197243.012N0.21
63613 Marwick Drive, Plano$289,7001,862197442.012N0.18
62312 Treehouse Lane, Plano$395,0002,349197743.012Y0.26
7712 Tumbleweed Drive, Plano$232,0001,504198132.012N0.18
81528 Sacramento Terrace, Plano$347,5002,458198443.012N0.22
86208 Bronze Leaf Drive, Plano$259,9001,787198342.012N0.18
84003 Mountain Pass Drive, Plano$249,9001,453198232.012N0.25
8901 Purcell Drive, Plano$297,9002,024198442.012Y0.21
8553 Farrell Lane, Allen$464,9902,514201943.022N0.12
81033 Gannon Drive, Plano$339,9002,464198342.010N0.28
9216 Canyon Valley Drive, Richardson$560,0002,815197943.022Y0.22
94121 Mildenhall Drive, Plano$475,0003,621199654.022N0.30
91521 Faringdon Drive, Plano$389,9002,793198232.112Y0.22
92009 Keystone Drive, Plano$395,0003,091199032.122N0.12
104001 Madison Circle, Plano$379,0002,682198343.022N0.20
103613 S Echo Trail, Plano$400,0002,441197543.012N0.24
1017848 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$503,2522,502201943.122N0.10
108267 Agarito Way, Dallas$532,6392,837201932.122N0.12
111819 Rice Court, Allen$469,0003,851200343.123N0.21
128025 Shady Lane, Plano$450,0003,376199254.022Y0.21
123824 Graphic Place, Plano$359,3822,590197943.012Y0.21
125013 Country Place Drive, Plano$420,5003,235197943.122Y0.29
126637 Osage Trail, Plano$250,0001,783197642.012N0.17
143409 Deep Valley Trail, Plano$274,9002,086198242.012N0.25
146813 Sweetwater Drive, Plano$300,0002,051198742.012N0.19
146403 Apache Court, Plano$269,0001,934197732.012N0.22
147516 Hasselt Court, Plano$409,9003,339199342.122N0.25
152508 Delmar Drive, Plano$525,0003,135197343.012N0.23
156824 Saddletree Trail, Plano$285,0001,511199732.012N0.11
152845 Prairie Creek Drive, Plano$344,9002,590197433.012N0.25
153012 Sheraton Drive, Plano$339,9002,068197932.012N0.19
15408 Canyon Ridge Drive, Richardson$400,0002,192196833.012Y0.21
15805 Valley Creek Drive, Plano$450,0002,787197143.011N0.50
151801 Lake Crest Lane, Plano$357,9002,723197542.122N0.25
15644 Post Oak Drive, Plano$409,9003,161198944.022Y0.19
167817 Roaring Ridge Drive, Plano$370,0002,554199732.122Y0.18
163420 Nancy Court, Plano$429,9002,791198643.122Y0.21
162021 Westridge Drive, Plano$275,0002,208196843.012N0.24
162624 Winterstone Drive, Plano$339,9002,160197442.112N0.19
162056 Ruger Drive, Plano$315,0001,954198532.011N0.18
172516 Little Creek Drive, Richardson$649,5003,153196644.022N0.28
174500 Atlanta Drive, Plano$425,0002,436197942.022N0.21
183709 Gwinn Court, Plano$525,0003,288199643.123Y0.25
183801 Anatole Court, Plano$329,9002,553197943.012N0.24
182312 Micarta Drive, Plano$345,0002,215199632.012N0.18
183508 Napolean Court, Plano$263,0002,016198943.022N0.09
20806 Firestone Lane, Richardson$289,9901,566196832.012N0.21
211812 Huron Trail, Plano$325,0001,907198432.012N0.21
213104 Congress Avenue, Plano$367,0002,463199232.112N0.21
2117839 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$409,9001,800201832.012N0.15
228101 Clayton Drive, Plano$448,5003,250199833.122Y0.26
223441 Brushy Creek Drive, Plano$498,0003,288199744.023Y0.35
22240 Canyon Valley Drive, Richardson$499,9992,629197832.112Y0.21
223005 Macao Court, Plano$275,0002,203197342.012N0.25
224020 Bullock Drive, Plano$390,0002,672197943.012Y0.22
23713 Arbor Downs Drive, Plano$254,9001,674197932.012N0.17
243608 Solarium Place, Plano$315,0002,154198643.012Y0.23
242405 Evergreen Drive, Plano$305,0002,398197232.112N0.22
243312 Fontaine Street, Plano$279,5001,499197232.012Y0.18
24235 Canyon Valley Drive, Richardson$454,9002,661197843.022Y0.22
241447 Cross Bend Road, Plano$269,9001,764197432.012N0.19
255724 Northbrook Drive, Plano$969,9004,625199843.123Y0.24
253308 Pinehurst Drive, Plano$369,9002,909197543.112Y0.22
266313 Bradley Lane, Plano$350,0002,280198632.012N0.18
263512 Marwick Drive, Plano$240,0001,926197542.012N0.18
272212 Chamberlain Drive, Plano$390,0003,013197742.122Y0.20
283204 Overland Drive, Plano$350,0003,099197743.122N0.24
293416 Sage Brush Trail, Plano$460,0003,614198844.022Y0.20
296300 Bradley Lane, Plano$369,0002,439198443.013N0.20
2948 Crown Place, Richardson$317,0002,016197822.112N0.10
29423 Lawndale Drive, Richardson$525,0002,520196743.012N0.21
293801 Knob Hill Drive, Plano$359,9002,478198143.012Y0.23
29905 Stone Trail Drive, Plano$279,0002,225197942.012N0.18
30421 Forest Grove Drive, Richardson$399,9982,522197342.122N0.26
303320 Overland Drive, Plano$499,9004,090197655.012Y0.25
302124 Cliffside Drive, Plano$399,9003,123199543.022N0.18
303304 Fontaine Street, Plano$239,9951,738197242.012N0.19
312505 Custer Parkway, Richardson$525,0003,221196843.010N0.47
313604 Rainier Road, Plano$250,0001,431197232.012Y0.21
334108 Dillehay Drive, Parker$395,0001,803197342.010N2.23
332309 Loch Haven Drive, Plano$379,9002,556198142.112Y0.22
332505 Winterstone Drive, Plano$285,0002,120197432.012N0.21
338241 Miscanthus Court, Dallas$469,9902,658201942.122N0.10
353228 Bullock Drive, Plano$350,0002,229197942.112Y0.21
353553 Leathertop Drive, Plano$399,0002,999198242.112Y0.23
362504 Skipwith Drive, Plano$398,0002,928198243.013Y0.23
361604 Glenwick Drive, Plano$330,4991,958196332.012N0.23
371813 Spanish Trail, Plano$250,0001,783197742.012Y0.17
374428 Atlanta Drive, Plano$319,9002,026197942.022N0.18
383501 Lynbrook Drive, Plano$300,0002,299197542.012N0.21
392120 Broadstone Drive, Plano$339,9002,001200532.122N0.09
392502 Custer Parkway, Richardson$399,9002,940196843.012Y0.30
408008 Lynchburg Drive, Plano$449,9004,020199844.023N0.23
4017676 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$469,0002,424201942.122N0.10
4217554 Sequoia Drive, Dallas$499,9992,855201843.122N0.10
432116 Newcastle Circle, Plano$355,9002,255197843.012Y0.21
432020 Sako Drive, Plano$379,8002,639198952.122N0.19
432741 Grandview Drive, Plano$360,0002,447197043.012N0.25
442609 Corby Drive, Plano$379,0002,372198843.012Y0.19
442732 S Colfax Circle, Plano$355,0003,024197253.120N0.21
441009 Ridgefield Drive, Plano$299,9002,084196532.012N0.21
453512 Cabriolet Court, Plano$460,0004,455199054.123Y0.21
452056 Sako Drive, Plano$330,0002,036198532.012Y0.18
452508 Bowie Drive, Plano$385,0002,560199043.012Y0.17
462416 Regal Road, Plano$279,5002,295197242.012Y0.00
471100 Joshua Tree Drive, Plano$235,0001,642197932.012N0.19
481921 Kiestwood Circle, Plano$365,0002,944199043.122Y0.18
4837 Crown Place, Richardson$339,0002,726197923.022N0.10
493600 Marwick Drive, Plano$304,9991,906197342.012N0.22
492317 Maumelle Drive, Plano$464,9003,359198343.022Y0.23
493317 Appalachian Way, Plano$389,9003,158197753.112N0.21
50860 Whitehall Drive, Plano$258,0001,706198442.012N0.17
50708 Warwick Drive, Plano$275,0001,700197932.012N0.16
501001 Mossvine Drive, Plano$269,9002,006197432.012N0.21
501436 Baffin Bay Drive, Plano$305,0002,280198132.112N0.20
502025 Westlake Drive, Plano$325,0001,999196832.012N0.23
512013 Cherbourg Drive, Plano$284,9002,090197642.012N0.20
523101 Bullock Drive, Plano$319,9002,168197843.012Y0.22
527400 Breakers Lane, Plano$995,0006,520198865.223Y0.50
522902 Tam O Shanter Lane, Richardson$512,0002,607196643.012Y0.22
533920 Dickens Drive, Plano$238,1521,717197932.012N0.17
543613 Stonington Drive, Plano$459,9002,799199043.012N0.20
543248 Steven Drive, Plano$349,0002,505198342.012N0.19
552114 Winterstone Drive, Plano$299,9001,763197532.012N0.18
563905 Sandia Drive, Plano$344,0002,362197932.112N0.26
56745 Sunkist Lane, Plano$505,0004,087199254.022N0.23
567724 Saragosa Creek Drive, Plano$459,0003,621199744.023Y0.21
561809 Greenway Drive, Plano$319,9002,125197442.012N0.27
577000 Harvey Lane, Plano$575,0004,674199464.123Y0.29
578409 Finsbury Drive, Plano$352,0002,626199942.122N0.17
57409 W Lookout Drive, Richardson$485,0002,248196943.012N0.24
582304 Williams Way, Plano$359,9002,564197343.011Y0.25
581616 Ports O Call Drive, Plano$329,0002,109197542.112N0.22
591701 Simsbury Drive, Plano$450,0004,242198953.122Y0.26
594217 Cassandra Lane, Plano$450,0003,324199143.122Y0.23
60407 Stonebridge Circle, Allen$310,0002,554199932.122N0.16
606916 Barbican Drive, Plano$274,9001,396199532.012N0.10
612313 Loch Haven Drive, Plano$379,9992,591197842.112N0.23
612321 Chamberlain Drive, Plano$355,0002,699197943.012N0.24
64716 Baldwin Court, Allen$430,0003,438200052.123N0.28
643508 Pinehurst Drive, Plano$369,0002,607197732.112N0.21
652425 Skiles Drive, Plano$349,9002,253197242.012Y0.22
653417 Newkirk Drive, Plano$310,0001,937197342.012N0.18
653801 Lakedale Drive, Plano$635,0005,312200054.123Y0.25
66824 Shenandoah Drive, Plano$299,9002,225197942.012N0.18
661929 Shadow Trail, Plano$450,0002,895198242.112Y0.26
662717 Wickham Court, Plano$459,0003,635199243.122Y0.17
672924 Mountview Place, Plano$419,0003,472199243.122N0.23
678117 Stonehill Drive, Plano$439,0003,955200154.023N0.22
683909 Hogan Manor Drive, Plano$469,9003,402199254.022Y0.18
688249 Blumelia Drive, Dallas$565,0003,490201954.122N0.15
68782 Eiffel Drive, Plano$264,9002,016199043.022N0.09
6918936 Waterway Road, Dallas$369,0002,210198432.012N0.12
702016 Nottingham Place, Allen$289,9902,330199842.012N0.21
702432 Kelsey Drive, Plano$315,0002,286197342.112N0.23
701116 Edgefield Drive, Plano$325,0002,095196342.012N0.20
722108 Monticello Circle, Plano$359,0002,399199432.122N0.18
72402 W Lookout Drive, Richardson$389,0002,448196732.012N0.23
733108 Canyon Creek Drive, Richardson$1,769,9005,768201945.123N0.26
742821 Glen Forest Lane, Plano$310,0002,076197742.022N0.21
772713 Meadowbrook Court, Plano$330,0002,659197442.112N0.23
772205 Pittner Lane, Plano$355,0002,249199543.022N0.18
782908 Clear Springs Drive, Plano$274,5001,918197432.122N0.06
792008 Carmel Drive, Plano$449,5003,149197942.122Y0.28
794073 Olympic Court, Plano$354,9002,223199643.022N0.14
802306 Bengal Lane, Plano$325,0002,262197442.112N0.19
804205 Mildenhall Drive, Plano$475,0003,871199654.123N0.23
853136 Glory Lane, Plano$319,9002,249199543.022N0.19
863456 Glenwood Lane, Plano$219,9991,160197032.010N0.18
865016 Hatherly Drive, Plano$290,0002,097197932.112N0.23
923813 Lakedale Drive, Plano$416,0003,200199842.113N0.24
926708 Ashmont Drive, Plano$329,0002,793199142.122N0.20
9217510 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$469,0002,492201943.122N0.10
9217604 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$419,0001,842201932.012N0.10
9217636 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$489,0002,908201943.122N0.10
922217 Chula Vista Drive, Plano$399,9003,040198343.012Y0.21
942008 Westridge Drive, Plano$329,9902,291196842.012N0.23
972017 Macao Place, Plano$319,9002,158197642.112Y0.24
983008 Bandolino Lane, Plano$325,0002,043197932.012Y0.29
983308 Phaeton Court, Plano$409,5002,823198343.012Y0.21
1012521 Naperton Drive, Plano$525,0003,892200043.123N0.21
1032732 Pinery, Richardson$275,0001,752198522.012N0.11
105318 Lawndale Drive, Richardson$449,9002,556196832.122N0.26
1061404 Calhoun Lane, Plano$345,0002,817199242.122N0.17
1063925 Sagamore Hill Court, Plano$515,0002,985198843.013Y0.21
1073848 Pine Valley Drive, Plano$325,0002,249199543.022N0.16
108653 Buffalo Bend, Plano$259,9001,949198142.012N0.22
1122400 Cross Bend Road, Plano$285,0002,058197532.012N0.23
11420 Crown Place, Richardson$384,9001,879197822.012N0.10
1222023 Elmsted Drive, Allen$317,5002,733199742.122N0.19
1242112 Glendale Drive, Plano$444,9003,368199243.022Y0.22
1263525 Arbuckle Drive, Plano$415,0002,916198243.012Y0.21
1273524 Sandy Trail Lane, Plano$470,0004,466199054.022Y0.21
1302505 Westridge Drive, Plano$339,0002,463197042.012N0.22
131302 Woodcrest Drive, Richardson$489,0002,380197042.112N0.00
1362926 Deep Valley Trail, Plano$345,0002,396197242.012Y0.28
1384417 Cleveland Drive, Plano$301,0001,965197932.012N0.18
1422608 Cathedral Drive, Richardson$399,9002,101201932.122N0.07
1442012 Willowbrook Way, Plano$285,0002,337197343.022Y0.33
1477809 Aqua Vista Drive, Plano$409,0003,084199742.122N0.16
1476117 Charlestown Lane, Plano$499,9003,113199243.123Y0.21
1493617 Arbuckle Drive, Plano$370,0002,720198143.122N0.21
1634029 Boren Court, Plano$442,5002,976198243.012Y0.21
1643308 Appalachian Way, Plano$319,0002,826197542.112Y0.21
1712644 Forest Grove Drive, Richardson$424,9001,933196842.112Y0.36
1712504 Valley Forge, Richardson$350,0002,316198142.012N0.20
1732805 W Prairie Creek Drive, Richardson$465,0002,964197842.112N0.30
1762724 Hunters Creek Drive, Plano$360,0002,650197032.012Y0.23
1794004 Wilshire Court, Plano$499,5003,863198454.023Y0.21
1812716 Pinehurst Drive, Plano$309,0002,042197242.012Y0.22
1831601 Hardeman Lane, Plano$512,9902,469201832.112N0.26
1881 Wooded Lane, Allen$935,0005,600199355.123Y1.30
1956901 Aimpoint Drive, Plano$339,9002,706198942.122N0.17
2003333 Langston Drive, Plano$399,9993,106199742.122N0.16
2182640 Forest Grove Drive, Richardson$425,0002,147196842.112N0.24
2263401 Bonniebrook Drive, Plano$479,9992,909197444.112N0.25
24317558 Sequoia Drive, Dallas$438,9902,138201943.022N0.10
4001812 Amazon Drive, Plano$562,9903,829201854.023N0.21
4001816 Amazon Drive, Plano$492,9902,430201832.113N0.21
4151808 Amazon Drive, Plano$542,9903,800201853.022N0.25

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