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Rockwall High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Rockwall High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Rockwall High School attendance boundaries.

Academic performance score: 10

Dallas open enrollment public high schools rank: 20

The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete 2020 Dallas area public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2019 Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability rating: A

2019 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 93 91 91 96 97

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2019 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

2018 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 35.9% 54.6% 21.8%

The Advance Placement/International Baccalaureate (AP/IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2018-2019 enrollment

Rockwall High School 2,684
  Ninth grade 764
  Tenth grade 674
  Eleventh grade 635
  Twelfth grade 611

2017-2018 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 18.2
Average years teaching experience 12.0

Campus address and phone number

901 W. Yellow Jacket Lane
Rockwall, TX 75087
972 771-7339

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Rockwall ISD schools, click on these Rockwall, Heath and Wylie links.

Sources: Rockwall Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Rockwall High School homes for sale

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
11006 Ridge Road, Rockwall$179,9001,106198021.010N0.33
19102 Davis Street, Rowlett$230,0001,916198432.012N0.17
11717 Pieneze Drive, McLendon Chisholm$349,9002,764201942.012N0.17
3611 Cayden Court, Fate$364,9003,302201553.023N0.34
36113 Grantham Drive, Rowlett$319,9002,448199842.122Y0.17
4813 Miramar Drive, Rockwall$384,9003,111201143.022N0.15
4589 Bordeaux Drive, Rockwall$419,9003,256201543.022N0.20
49801 Cypress Cove, Rowlett$249,9001,886200632.012N0.14
4302 Cox Drive, Fate$329,9003,050200543.122N0.15
52769 Cobblestone Drive, Rockwall$275,0001,859200432.012N0.37
51710 Waneta Drive, Rockwall$366,0002,409202042.112N0.17
51624 Waneta Drive, Rockwall$359,0002,409202042.112N0.17
51102 Teakwood Court, Rockwall$283,5002,141198342.112N0.14
51185 Highbluff Lane, Rockwall$354,9002,936201153.122N0.23
54189 Lorion Drive, Rockwall$639,9004,441201554.024N0.23
6104 Mason Court, Fate$332,0003,226201143.022N0.18
63045 Longhorn Lane, Rockwall$370,0003,346200854.022N0.45
63434 Ridgecross Drive, Rockwall$591,4504,083202054.023N0.17
62457 Berry Court, Heath$519,9984,034201654.123N0.30
77501 Arborside Drive, Rowlett$315,0002,614199243.013N0.24
71395 Clear Meadow Court, Rockwall$256,0001,819200532.012N0.36
8602 Deverson Drive, Rockwall$375,0003,074201343.022N0.16
81366 San Rafael Drive, Rockwall$329,0003,632200253.122N0.16
10597 Mountcastle Drive, Rockwall$424,9503,382201743.122N0.16
10602 Parks Avenue, Rockwall$475,0002,218194032.010Y0.32
108817 Miami Drive, Rowlett$234,7502,627198343.022Y0.15
10321 Micco Lane, Fate$404,3892,882201942.122N0.20
11134 Chisholm Ridge Drive, Rockwall$625,0003,260201244.015Y2.05
11301 Featherstone Drive, Rockwall$519,0003,879201744.023N0.24
11436 Silver Spur Trail, Rockwall$540,0003,783201653.113Y1.50
12930 Lexington Drive, Rockwall$349,9003,056200132.022N0.16
12507 Shoretrail Drive, Rockwall$258,0002,003198232.012N0.19
14303 Williams Street, Rockwall$480,0002,615194542.010N0.28
141747 Bayhill Drive, Rockwall$350,0002,345199542.122Y0.23
153062 Maverick Drive, Heath$252,9901,829201942.012N0.20
151917 Recioto Drive, McLendon Chisholm$349,9002,783201943.013N0.17
161770 Plummer Drive, Rockwall$329,0002,446198633.010Y0.25
173851 Whitman Drive, Rockwall$414,9003,347201843.023N0.26
172401 Wagonwheel Drive, Rockwall$289,5002,206200142.012N0.20
181416 Murphy Drive, Rockwall$399,0003,200199842.122N0.30
18510 Dickie Street, Rockwall$163,000866194721.110N0.43
183208 Dalrock Road, Rowlett$239,9001,788198632.010N0.24
19902 Village Green Drive, Rockwall$275,0002,031198542.012N0.16
191985 Murifield Avenue, Rockwall$354,9002,561199342.122Y0.21
193418 Royal Ridge Drive, Rockwall$489,0004,198201744.023N0.17
201461 Coastal Drive, Rockwall$399,9004,150200743.123N0.19
211039 Michael Gardens, Rockwall$569,9003,564202033.122N0.17
227617 Silverthorn Drive, Rowlett$279,9001,890199242.012N0.23
221851 Tuscany Drive, McLendon Chisholm$299,9002,075201942.112N0.16
22773 Chisholm Ridge Drive, Rockwall$475,0003,057201243.013N1.78
253406 Ridgecross Drive, Rockwall$419,9003,297201843.123N0.17
25698 Cannon, Fate$277,9002,186201242.012N0.16
261320 Scarboro Hills Lane, Rockwall$310,0002,922200342.012N0.23
26160 Pelican Cove Drive, Rockwall$239,9001,709199732.012N0.23
261613 S Alamo Road, Rockwall$489,0003,125197543.022Y0.24
26167 Griffin Avenue, Fate$379,9003,589201443.122N0.17
273403 Waterview Trail, Rockwall$355,0002,496200332.022N0.15
282919 Painted Pony Lane, Rockwall$304,0002,745200942.022N0.25
28714 Lazy Brooke Drive, Rockwall$549,9003,645201743.113N0.26
281085 Mont Cascades Drive, Rockwall$319,9002,590200543.013N0.17
283068 Maverick Drive, Heath$282,9902,288201943.022N0.20
281432 Palasades, Rockwall$294,9002,111201342.012N0.18
301612 Bay Crest Trail, Heath$425,0003,351199043.023Y0.40
31305 Crestbrook Drive, Rockwall$449,9993,411201343.023N0.23
313710 Drewsbury Drive, Rockwall$469,9003,917201654.123N0.20
321518 S Alamo Road, Rockwall$339,9002,541201532.122N0.29
32837 Windham Drive, Rockwall$422,0003,001201043.112Y0.23
323064 Maverick Drive, Heath$266,9901,972201942.013N0.17
323307 Perkins Drive, Heath$272,9902,093201942.012N0.17
321525 Harvard Drive, Rockwall$426,9903,498202043.122N0.19
321214 S Lakeshore Drive, Rockwall$724,9002,814198554.122Y0.55
322091 Whitney Bay Drive, Rockwall$359,9003,288200542.122N0.16
336318 Lancashire Drive S, Rowlett$349,9003,191199543.122Y0.26
333081 Maverick Drive, Heath$257,9901,829201942.012N0.20
333048 Maverick Drive, Heath$303,9902,045201932.013N0.17
34818 Cauble Drive, Fate$309,0002,444201742.122N0.16
34666 Sharpley, Fate$319,9002,654201643.122N0.15
36690 Cannon Drive, Fate$264,1132,011201632.012N0.15
381533 Derby Drive, Rockwall$369,0002,262201732.112N0.15
408902 Watersway Drive, Rowlett$409,0003,210199643.023Y0.23
40664 Mckee Court, Fate$356,0003,487200653.122Y0.34
406314 Lancashire Drive S, Rowlett$330,0002,536199542.112N0.23
416902 Silver Lake Drive, Rowlett$258,0001,848199242.012N0.17
42311 Hawks Drive, Fate$299,9502,261201533.022N0.16
431645 Harvard Drive, Rockwall$503,9903,769202043.122N0.23
45234 Airlene Lane, Fate$431,8764,180202054.023N0.25
45314 Aeronca Drive, Fate$413,9503,976202053.123N0.25
45250 Airlene Lane, Fate$424,6433,818202054.023N0.25
45326 Airlene Lane, Fate$394,9553,364202042.122N0.25
46708 N Alamo Road, Rockwall$199,900960198931.010N0.13
46608 E Boydstun Avenue, Rockwall$158,000874197521.010N0.15
46805 Lazy Brooke Drive, Rockwall$599,9003,403201744.014N0.15
472975 Oak Drive, Rockwall$362,5002,537199142.122N0.23
48121 Stevenson Drive, Fate$325,0002,837201433.022N0.15
48752 Wildwood Lane, Rockwall$449,0003,995201753.123N0.23
497514 Silver Lake Drive, Rowlett$420,0004,200199253.123N0.25
501913 Recioto Drive, McLendon Chisholm$329,9002,075201943.012N0.15
538706 Lakepointe Avenue, Rowlett$335,0002,837199642.122Y0.14
531295 Shores Boulevard, Rockwall$339,9002,640199742.012N0.20
54449 Sausalito Drive, Rockwall$324,9003,036200353.022N0.23
54511 Stonebridge Drive, Rockwall$850,0003,390198643.012Y0.22
561526 Harvard Drive, Rockwall$490,9904,279202054.122N0.18
561415 Southern Pines Drive, Rockwall$389,0003,591200553.023N0.23
568717 Doliver Drive, Rowlett$233,9001,987198542.122N0.19
573609 Noah Crest Drive, Rockwall$437,9003,420201944.022N0.17
611537 Harvard Drive, Rockwall$444,9903,498202043.122N0.19
61119 Julian Drive, Rockwall$260,0001,906199632.012N0.32
642380 Shorecrest Drive, Rockwall$324,8882,504200232.122N0.13
659505 Heartstone Lane, Rowlett$277,9002,326199732.012N0.17
66512 Windsor Way, Rockwall$274,9002,044198932.012N0.24
672983 Black Hills Boulevard, Heath$321,9902,541201953.023N0.17
67327 Hawks Drive, Fate$326,0002,910201343.012N0.16
67310 Airlene Lane, Fate$409,9023,886201953.122N0.25
681600 Coastal Drive, Rockwall$644,9003,243200343.022Y0.19
681905 Creekside Drive, Rockwall$389,5003,054200053.122N0.24
70310 Aeronca, Fate$419,9023,886201954.022N0.25
701531 Gallant Fox, Rockwall$278,4901,522201932.012N0.19
701525 Gallant Fox, Rockwall$291,0291,800201942.012N0.16
701649 Charismatic, Rockwall$328,2872,143201942.012N0.14
721720 San Donato Lane, McLendon Chisholm$349,9002,282201943.013N0.15
73314 Airlene Lane, Fate$354,0542,493201942.013N0.25
74413 Emerson Drive, Rockwall$458,9903,584201944.123N0.20
748710 Willowbrook Drive, Rowlett$215,0001,964198332.010N0.15
762908 Starboard Drive, Rockwall$315,0002,245198332.122N0.11
77560 Southwestern Drive, Rockwall$434,4622,854201943.113N0.23
79306 Airlene Lane, Fate$399,3453,454201944.122N0.25
83610 Nakoma Drive, Rockwall$449,9003,628201944.123N0.17
83551 La Grange Drive, Fate$294,0001,965202042.012N0.19
831419 Harvard Drive, Rockwall$349,0002,409201942.112N0.17
842354 Ambassador Court, Heath$562,1633,919201954.123N0.00
85917 Amber Knoll Drive, Rockwall$468,9003,890202044.123N0.17
853605 Noah Crest Drive, Rockwall$445,9003,537202044.022N0.18
872831 Beverly Drive, Rockwall$295,0002,184200042.012N0.17
90577 La Grange Drive, Fate$317,5002,174202042.012N0.18
90568 La Grange Drive, Fate$329,0002,079202043.022N0.18
921717 San Donato Lane, McLendon Chisholm$399,9003,233201944.023N0.15
921002 Foxhall, Rockwall$498,9003,886201955.123N0.20
92633 Montrose Drive, Rockwall$446,9003,591201944.022N0.20
92542 Bedford Falls Lane, Rockwall$448,7303,120201943.112N0.23
951004 Heather Falls Drive, Rockwall$549,9903,261201944.013N0.00
95530 Emerson Drive, Rockwall$442,9902,627201933.012N0.26
95961 Clem Road, Rockwall$410,0002,096198343.023Y1.00
961702 Cima Lane, McLendon Chisholm$374,9002,783201943.113N0.17
97829 Windham Drive, Rockwall$439,9984,022201054.023Y0.23
991535 Murphy Drive, Rockwall$284,9902,293199842.012N0.18
103113 Summit Ridge Drive, Rockwall$347,2503,120198532.122N0.34
1032360 Ambassador Court, Heath$498,5682,768201932.113N0.00
10514 Amity, Rockwall$239,5002,391198432.010N0.36
1067 Peregrine Circle, Heath$650,0003,907200843.223Y0.68
1098606 Columbia Drive, Rowlett$629,9002,940198953.022N0.16
1101123 Morning Star, Rockwall$274,0002,216199632.012N0.19
1111033 Fawn Trail, Rockwall$445,9902,689201933.013N0.00
1113310 Ridgecross Drive, Rockwall$449,9903,424201943.123N0.00
111609 Mountcastle Drive, Rockwall$361,9002,433201633.022N0.15
1131516 S Alamo Road, Rockwall$499,8003,975201843.122N0.40
113316 Wildhaven Drive, Fate$248,9901,672201932.012N0.17
113514 Highwater Crossing, McLendon Chisholm$448,0002,541201443.013Y1.11
113223 Alta Vista Drive, Rockwall$246,5002,296198042.112N0.19
1147406 Waterwood Drive, Rowlett$318,9002,506199232.012Y0.27
1182947 Barton Springs Lane, Rockwall$349,9002,938201143.022N0.27
119254 Airlene Lane, Fate$420,7523,891201953.123N0.25
119555 La Grange Drive, Fate$290,0001,800201932.012N0.20
119794 York Drive, Rockwall$465,0004,034201554.022N0.19
122860 Cornelius Road, Rockwall$324,5001,555197732.012N5.00
1237506 Silverthorn Drive, Rowlett$399,9933,988199453.122Y0.29
127207 Lakehill Drive, Rockwall$339,0002,275199042.112Y0.28
1291774 Lake Breeze Drive, Rockwall$397,5003,216199552.122Y0.23
1303303 Lakeside Drive, Rockwall$339,0002,217200532.022N0.14
131312 Wildhaven Drive, Fate$265,9901,871201932.012N0.17
133984 Heather Falls Drive, Rockwall$579,9003,725201844.013Y0.23
1342850 Deer Ridge Drive, Rockwall$245,0002,669200342.122N0.16
1371043 St Thomas Court, Rockwall$430,0002,354201732.012N0.13
1381366 Arezzo, McLendon Chisholm$486,5743,688201954.022N0.45
139188 Baldwin Drive, Fate$295,0002,662201443.122N0.13
1468906 Vernon Drive, Rowlett$199,9001,481198332.012N0.17
1511706 Waneta Drive, Rockwall$412,0003,235201933.113N0.17
153545 Bedford Falls Lane, Rockwall$425,9503,232201943.123N0.23
153422 George Drive, Fate$345,0003,091201944.023N0.13
161484 Bedford Falls Lane, Rockwall$432,4623,150201943.112N0.22
16220 Hillside Drive, Fate$369,0003,876198043.123N1.65
1621009 Fox Hall Drive, Rockwall$528,9903,861201954.023N0.24
1649309 Chimneywood Drive, Rowlett$354,0002,956199143.122N0.16
165924 Hunters Creek Drive, Rockwall$362,0002,506201942.112N0.20
166214 Glenn Avenue, Rockwall$375,0002,650198132.212N0.65
166603 Amelia Court, Fate$405,0003,977201564.023N0.44
166209 Chatfield Drive, Rockwall$355,0002,636201242.123N0.19
1672148 Erika Lane, Forney$244,0001,662201932.012N0.15
1711372 Arezzo, McLendon Chisholm$431,0152,765201943.013N0.44
1711348 Arezzo, McLendon Chisholm$443,6562,799201932.113N0.45
1711369 Arezzo, McLendon Chisholm$458,3393,005201943.123N0.45
174497 Life Spring Drive, Rockwall$590,0003,676201744.014N0.51
181530 Southwestern Drive, Rockwall$436,9503,395201943.123N0.24
1821005 Fox Hall Drive, Rockwall$582,9904,470201954.123N0.24
1821016 Heather Falls Drive, Rockwall$519,9903,527201944.023N0.00
1861005 Lazy Brooke Drive, Rockwall$585,9904,239201954.023N0.00
186938 Briar Oak Drive, Rockwall$324,9003,307200243.022N0.14
188603 Wooded Trail, Rockwall$648,0004,343198134.022N2.41
189993 Lazy Brooke Drive, Rockwall$472,5223,175201943.012N0.23
1902345 Ambassador Court, Heath$550,0004,238201954.123N0.00
200608 Private Drive, Heath$1,595,0003,372197632.010N1.37
201305 Airlene Lane, Fate$336,5032,139201942.013N0.25
204612 Nakoma, Rockwall$459,9003,878201944.123N0.17
206516 Southwestern Drive, Rockwall$445,9503,220201943.013N0.23
211801 Promise Drive, Heath$295,0001,632201832.012N0.00
2132608 Coyote Crossing Drive, Rockwall$540,9903,336201944.013N0.37
218484 Centenary Lane, Rockwall$449,9003,150201943.113N0.24
2211406 Morris Crossing, Heath$399,9902,329201943.012N0.12
2211436 Morris Crossing, Heath$369,9902,013201932.112N0.14
2242705 Rolling Meadows Drive, Rockwall$895,0004,283200644.123Y4.60
232987 Heather Falls Drive, Rockwall$474,9902,670201933.013N0.00
253905 Pleasant View Drive, Rockwall$459,0003,832201443.113N0.19
2561022 Ember Crest Drive, Rockwall$459,0003,466201954.123N0.19
2661884 Pontchartrain Drive, Rockwall$329,9002,607200032.023N0.21
2792091 Hartley Drive, Forney$285,3702,817201943.122N0.11
280836 Promise Drive, Heath$350,0002,283201932.122N0.00
281132 Micco Lane, Fate$412,7613,993201954.022N0.25
292238 Airlene Lane, Fate$351,2272,403201942.013N0.25
2943112 Dalrock Road, Rowlett$482,5002,764201932.122N0.24
2942315 Clover Court, Heath$550,0004,353201954.123N0.00
294819 Promise Drive, Heath$340,0002,229201932.012N0.00
300621 Montrose Drive, Rockwall$454,9003,750201944.123N0.22
300614 Nakoma Drive, Rockwall$474,9003,753201944.123N0.18
304914 Colby Bluff Drive, Rockwall$464,9003,716201944.123N0.17
304913 Amber Knoll, Rockwall$449,9003,750201944.123N0.17
306585 Mckenna Drive, Fate$359,0002,836201953.123N0.26
3071320 Gold Coast Drive, Rockwall$359,0003,881200343.023N0.21
3311860 Tahoe Drive, Rockwall$319,9002,570200042.022N0.18
3543315 Ridgecross Drive, Rockwall$399,0002,935201943.112N0.17

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