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Finding The Right Home

Finding right homeFinding the home that best meets the needs of an entire family is usually a fairly complex undertaking, but when organized correctly it can be done fairly quickly.

The first thing most people need to do is identify a trustworthy and knowledgeable buyer's agent. Some good questions to ask real estate agents you are considering engaging to help you find and buy a new home are available by clicking on this finding the best buyers agent link.

Once you have selected the agent who will assist you, you are ready to begin your new home search. A process that has worked well for my clients consists of five basic steps ...

  1. Compile a list of what you and your family are looking for, not just in your new home, but also in the town and neighborhood where you want to live. Home prices/appreciation, schools, commute times and distances, crime rates and property taxes are among the things home buyers often consider most important.

  2. Visit some neighborhoods and homes in the towns that best meet your general selection criteria. This DFW best places to buy home analysis page may be useful for confirming the initial list of cities/towns you and your agent select.

  3. Refine your neighborhood and property selection criteria and decide which one or two towns best meet your requirements. Visit the properties that appear to best meet your revised selection criteria.

  4. Narrow your search to the neighborhoods and properties that meet these revised criteria and continue looking until you find at least one "wow" house. Of course finding more than one house you really like puts you in a stronger negotiating position than identifying only a single property.

  5. Make an offer on the property you and your family like best, but try not to become overly attached emotionally to it until the seller has accepted your offer and repairs/allowances have been agreed upon.

Looking for the best real estate agent to assist you in buying a home in the Dallas suburbs?

If you are looking for a professional, business-savvy buyer's agent, please call 214 725-4011 or send me an email and let's talk about how we can assist you. If you will be traveling from outside the DFW area and want us to show you houses while you are here, please call before finalizing your plans.