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Dallas Area Property Tax Rates

Dallas property taxesIf you are relocating to the Dallas area from another state, your property taxes may be higher here than where you lived previously. The offset is that in Texas you will not be paying any state or local personal income taxes. Depending on your level of income and the value of your home, your total annual state and local tax bill may be less than it is where you are currently living. Additionally, Texas is one of only 12 states in the nation without a residential real estate transfer tax. In fact, recent U.S. Census data shows Texas ranks 37th among the 50 states in percentage of per capita personal income spent on state and local taxes.

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of the property minus applicable homestead, age 65+ and disability exemption amounts by the mil rates levied by the taxing authorities that have jurisdiction where the property is located. Texas state law defines the assessed value of real property as the market value of a property on January 1, the first day of the tax year. Official property tax exemption information can be found at State of Texas Comptroller property tax exemptions.

Property taxes typically are paid in a single annual payment that is due on or before December 31, the final day of the tax year.

Becoming familiar with the analyses on this website can help identify the best places in the Dallas area for you to live. Acquiring the home that best meets your wants and needs, however, usually is done most efficiently with the assistance of a capable real estate agent.

DFW cities/towns property tax rates

The following table provides the most common 2017 total combined property tax rates for 177 Dallas Fort Worth area cities and towns. Highland Park, which has a combined total rate of 1.67 percent, has the lowest property tax rate in the DFW area and Hawk Cove, with a combined rate of 3.17 percent, has the highest tax rate. Complete lists of DFW school districts and counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area are shown by clicking on these DFW school districts property tax rates and DFW counties property tax rates jump links.

Additional information about these cities and towns, including median homes prices, quality of local schools, crime rates, and home value appreciation, is available by clicking on this best Dallas suburbs link. Community and housing information for these DFW cities and towns is available on this more about Dallas suburbs page.

To show the combined total tax rates for all of the DFW cities and towns listed below, change Show entries to All. To display the tax rates for only a specific city or town, enter its name in the Search box. Click on the column headings to change the table sort order.

property tax ratesother taxing units
cities/townstotalmunicipalschoolcountyschool districtcounty
Addison2.49%0.55%1.28%0.66%Dallas ISDDallas
Aledo2.60%0.38%1.60%0.62%Aledo ISDParker
Allen2.38%0.52%1.59%0.27%Allen ISDCollin
Alma2.15%0.25%1.54%0.36%Ennis ISDEllis
Alvarado2.73%0.73%1.46%0.53%Alvarado ISDJohnson
Alvord2.33%0.60%1.35%0.38%Alvord ISDWise
Anna2.57%0.63%1.67%0.27%Anna ISDCollin
Argyle2.22%0.40%1.59%0.24%Argyle ISDDenton
Arlington2.62%0.64%1.37%0.61%Arlington ISDTarrant
Aubrey2.29%0.54%1.51%0.24%Aubrey ISDDenton
Aurora2.17%0.30%1.49%0.38%Northwest ISDWise
Azle2.61%0.67%1.33%0.61%Azle ISDTarrant
Balch Springs2.74%0.80%1.28%0.66%Dallas ISDDallas
Bardwell2.26%0.36%1.54%0.36%Ennis ISDEllis
Bartonville1.97%0.19%1.54%0.24%Denton ISDDenton
Bedford2.39%0.52%1.26%0.61%Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISDTarrant
Benbrook2.60%0.64%1.35%0.61%Fort Worth ISDTarrant
Blue Mound2.89%0.74%1.54%0.61%Eagle Mt-Saginaw ISDTarrant
Blue Ridge2.38%0.54%1.57%0.27%Blue Ridge ISDCollin
Boyd2.24%0.55%1.31%0.38%Boyd ISDWise
Bridgeport2.27%0.64%1.25%0.38%Bridgeport ISDWise
Burleson2.94%0.74%1.67%0.53%Burleson ISDJohnson
Caddo Mills2.94%0.73%1.46%0.75%Caddo Mills ISDHunt
Campbell1.96%0.16%1.04%0.75%Campbell ISDHunt
Carrollton2.22%0.60%1.38%0.24%Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISDDenton
Cedar Hill2.87%0.70%1.52%0.66%Cedar Hill ISDDallas
Celeste2.95%0.74%1.46%0.75%Celeste ISDHunt
Celina2.59%0.65%1.67%0.27%Prosper ISDCollin
Chico2.27%0.60%1.29%0.38%Chico ISDWise
Cleburne2.97%0.80%1.63%0.53%Cleburne ISDJohnson
Cockrell Hill3.00%1.06%1.28%0.66%Dallas ISDDallas
Colleyville2.34%0.33%1.40%0.61%Grapevine-Colleyville ISDTarrant
Combine2.62%0.35%1.54%0.73%Crandall ISDKaufman
Commerce3.14%0.82%1.56%0.75%Commerce ISDHunt
Coppell2.71%0.58%1.48%0.66%Coppell ISDDallas
Copper Canyon1.94%0.30%1.41%0.24%Lewisville ISDDenton
Corinth2.44%0.54%1.67%0.24%Lake Dallas ISDDenton
Corral City1.92%0.20%1.49%0.24%Northwest ISDDenton
Crandall3.03%0.76%1.54%0.73%Crandall ISDKaufman
Crowley3.00%0.72%1.67%0.61%Crowley ISDTarrant
Dallas2.72%0.78%1.28%0.66%Dallas ISDDallas
Dalworthington Gardens2.35%0.37%1.37%0.61%Arlington ISDTarrant
Decatur2.42%0.70%1.34%0.38%Decatur ISDWise
Denton2.42%0.64%1.54%0.24%Denton ISDDenton
DeSoto2.89%0.74%1.49%0.66%Desoto ISDDallas
DISH2.00%0.29%1.47%0.24%Ponder ISDDenton
Double Oak1.88%0.23%1.41%0.24%Lewisville ISDDenton
Duncanville2.94%0.76%1.52%0.66%Duncanville ISDDallas
Edgecliff Village2.55%0.27%1.67%0.61%Crowley ISDTarrant
Ennis2.61%0.71%1.54%0.36%Ennis ISDEllis
Euless2.33%0.46%1.26%0.61%Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISDTarrant
Everman3.28%1.16%1.51%0.61%Everman ISDTarrant
Fairview2.22%0.36%1.59%0.27%Allen ISDCollin
Farmers Branch2.64%0.60%1.38%0.66%Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISDDallas
Farmersville2.45%0.79%1.39%0.27%Farmersville ISDCollin
Fate2.08%0.29%1.44%0.35%Rockwall ISDRockwall
Ferris2.43%0.69%1.39%0.36%Ferris ISDEllis
Flower Mound2.08%0.44%1.41%0.24%Lewisville ISDDenton
Forest Hill2.95%0.99%1.35%0.61%Fort Worth ISDTarrant
Forney2.89%0.62%1.54%0.73%Forney ISDKaufman
Fort Worth2.77%0.81%1.35%0.61%Fort Worth ISDTarrant
Frisco2.18%0.45%1.46%0.27%Frisco ISDCollin
Garland2.82%0.70%1.46%0.66%Garland ISDDallas
Garrett2.39%0.49%1.54%0.36%Ennis ISDEllis
Glen Rose2.12%0.38%0.99%0.74%Glen Rose ISDSomervell
Glenn Heights3.06%0.89%1.52%0.66%Duncanville ISDDallas
Godley2.72%0.56%1.63%0.53%Cleburne ISDJohnson
Granbury2.03%0.40%1.21%0.42%Granbury ISDHood
Grand Prairie2.87%0.67%1.60%0.61%Grand Prairie ISDTarrant
Grandview2.68%0.75%1.40%0.53%Grandview ISDJohnson
Grapevine2.29%0.29%1.40%0.61%Grapevine-Colleyville ISDTarrant
Greenville2.75%0.69%1.31%0.75%Greenville ISDHunt
Hackberry2.02%0.24%1.54%0.24%Little Elm ISDDenton
Haltom City2.72%0.65%1.45%0.61%Birdville ISDTarrant
Haslet2.43%0.33%1.49%0.61%Northwest ISDTarrant
Hawk Cove3.41%1.42%1.24%0.75%Quinlan ISDHunt
Heath2.21%0.42%1.44%0.35%Rockwall ISDRockwall
Hickory Creek2.27%0.37%1.67%0.24%Lake Dallas ISDDenton
Highland Park2.08%0.22%1.20%0.66%Highland Park ISD
(University Park, TX)
Highland Village2.21%0.57%1.41%0.24%Lewisville ISDDenton
Hurst2.45%0.58%1.26%0.61%Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISDTarrant
Hutchins2.62%0.68%1.28%0.66%Dallas ISDDallas
Irving2.68%0.59%1.43%0.66%Irving ISDDallas
Italy2.85%0.91%1.59%0.36%Italy ISDEllis
Josephine2.44%0.54%1.63%0.27%Community ISDCollin
Joshua2.91%0.78%1.60%0.53%Joshua ISDJohnson
Justin2.38%0.65%1.49%0.24%Northwest ISDDenton
Kaufman3.18%0.90%1.55%0.73%Kaufman ISDKaufman
Keene3.03%0.90%1.60%0.53%Joshua ISDJohnson
Keller2.56%0.43%1.52%0.61%Keller ISDTarrant
Kemp3.11%0.81%1.57%0.73%Kemp ISDKaufman
Kennedale2.87%0.78%1.48%0.61%Kennedale ISDTarrant
Krugerville2.07%0.32%1.51%0.24%Aubrey ISDDenton
Krum2.43%0.65%1.54%0.24%Krum ISDDenton
Lake Dallas2.57%0.66%1.67%0.24%Lake Dallas ISDDenton
Lake Worth2.73%0.45%1.67%0.61%Lake Worth ISDTarrant
Lakeside2.27%0.13%1.54%0.61%White Settlement ISDTarrant
Lakewood Village2.08%0.30%1.54%0.24%Little Elm ISDDenton
Lancaster3.06%0.87%1.54%0.66%Lancaster ISDDallas
Lavon2.35%0.46%1.63%0.27%Community ISDCollin
Lewisville2.08%0.44%1.41%0.24%Lewisville ISDDenton
Lipan2.26%0.35%1.49%0.42%Lipan ISDHood
Little Elm2.44%0.66%1.54%0.24%Little Elm ISDDenton
Lone Oak2.60%0.55%1.30%0.75%Lone Oak ISDHunt
Lowry Crossing2.12%0.23%1.62%0.27%McKinney ISDCollin
Lucas2.18%0.32%1.59%0.27%Allen ISDCollin
Mansfield2.86%0.71%1.54%0.61%Mansfield ISDTarrant
Maypearl2.57%0.91%1.30%0.36%Maypearl ISDEllis
McKinney2.47%0.57%1.62%0.27%McKinney ISDCollin
McLendon-Chisholm1.88%0.09%1.44%0.35%Rockwall ISDRockwall
Melissa2.55%0.61%1.67%0.27%Melissa ISDCollin
Mesquite2.80%0.69%1.46%0.66%Mesquite ISDDallas
Midlothian2.61%0.71%1.54%0.36%Midlothian ISDEllis
Milford2.03%0.50%1.17%0.36%Milford ISDEllis
Millsap2.61%0.38%1.61%0.62%Millsap ISDParker
Murphy2.22%0.51%1.44%0.27%Plano ISDCollin
Nevada2.09%0.19%1.63%0.27%Community ISDCollin
New Hope2.28%0.39%1.62%0.27%McKinney ISDCollin
North Richland Hills2.65%0.59%1.45%0.61%Birdville ISDTarrant
Northlake2.02%0.30%1.49%0.24%Northwest ISDDenton
Oak Point2.32%0.54%1.54%0.24%Little Elm ISDDenton
Ovilla2.56%0.68%1.52%0.36%Duncanville ISDEllis
Palmer2.59%0.69%1.54%0.36%Red Oak ISDEllis
Pantego2.40%0.42%1.37%0.61%Arlington ISDTarrant
Paradise2.06%0.34%1.34%0.38%Paradise ISDWise
Parker2.23%0.37%1.59%0.27%Allen ISDCollin
Pecan Hill2.22%0.32%1.54%0.36%Red Oak ISDEllis
Pelican Bay2.84%0.90%1.33%0.61%Azle ISDTarrant
Pilot Point2.17%0.56%1.37%0.24%Pilot Point ISDDenton
Plano2.18%0.47%1.44%0.27%Plano ISDCollin
Ponder2.35%0.64%1.47%0.24%Ponder ISDDenton
Princeton2.58%0.69%1.62%0.27%Princeton ISDCollin
Prosper2.46%0.52%1.67%0.27%Prosper ISDCollin
Providence Village2.58%0.83%1.51%0.24%Aubrey ISDDenton
Quinlan2.55%0.56%1.24%0.75%Quinlan ISDHunt
Red Oak2.55%0.65%1.54%0.36%Red Oak ISDEllis
Rhome2.39%0.52%1.49%0.38%Northwest ISDWise
Richardson2.67%0.63%1.39%0.66%Richardson ISDDallas
Richland Hills2.63%0.56%1.45%0.61%Birdville ISDTarrant
Rio Vista2.72%0.59%1.60%0.53%Rio Vista ISDJohnson
River Oaks2.78%0.78%1.39%0.61%Castleberry ISDTarrant
Roanoke2.10%0.38%1.49%0.24%Northwest ISDDenton
Rockwall2.21%0.42%1.44%0.35%Rockwall ISDRockwall
Rowlett2.89%0.78%1.46%0.66%Garland ISDDallas
Royse City2.64%0.62%1.67%0.35%Royse City ISDRockwall
Runaway Bay2.29%0.66%1.25%0.38%Bridgeport ISDWise
Sachse2.86%0.75%1.46%0.66%Garland ISDDallas
Saginaw2.64%0.50%1.54%0.61%Eagle Mt-Saginaw ISDTarrant
Sanctuary2.10%0.15%1.33%0.62%Azle ISDParker
Sanger2.29%0.68%1.37%0.24%Sanger ISDDenton
Sansom Park2.79%0.79%1.39%0.61%Castleberry ISDTarrant
Seagoville2.68%0.74%1.28%0.66%Dallas ISDDallas
Shady Shores2.22%0.31%1.67%0.24%Lake Dallas ISDDenton
Southlake2.46%0.46%1.39%0.61%Carroll ISDTarrant
Springtown2.57%0.59%1.36%0.62%Springtown ISDParker
St. Paul2.28%0.37%1.64%0.27%Wylie ISD
(Wylie, TX)
Sunnyvale2.59%0.41%1.52%0.66%Sunnyvale ISDDallas
Talty2.52%0.25%1.54%0.73%Forney ISDKaufman
Terrell3.05%0.72%1.60%0.73%Terrell ISDKaufman
The Colony2.31%0.67%1.41%0.24%Lewisville ISDDenton
Tolar2.33%0.48%1.44%0.42%Tolar ISDHood
Trophy Club2.18%0.45%1.49%0.24%Northwest ISDDenton
University Park2.11%0.25%1.20%0.66%Highland Park ISD
(University Park, TX)
Venus3.00%0.88%1.59%0.53%Venus ISDJohnson
Watauga2.66%0.60%1.45%0.61%Birdville ISDTarrant
Waxahachie2.59%0.68%1.55%0.36%Waxahachie ISDEllis
Weatherford2.57%0.49%1.45%0.62%Weatherford ISDParker
West Tawakoni2.60%0.61%1.24%0.75%Quinlan ISDHunt
Westlake2.13%0.14%1.39%0.61%Carroll ISDTarrant
Weston2.27%0.36%1.64%0.27%Celina ISDCollin
Westover Hills2.32%0.36%1.35%0.61%Fort Worth ISDTarrant
Westworth Village2.46%0.50%1.35%0.61%Fort Worth ISDTarrant
White Settlement2.91%0.76%1.54%0.61%White Settlement ISDTarrant
Willow Park2.75%0.54%1.60%0.62%Aledo ISDParker
Wilmer2.44%0.50%1.28%0.66%Dallas ISDDallas
Wolfe City2.69%0.59%1.34%0.75%Wolfe City ISDHunt
Wylie2.51%0.78%1.46%0.27%Garland ISDCollin

The most common combined total property tax rates for 958 of the largest cities/towns in Texas are shown on this Texas property tax page.

Current property tax data available for Dallas area real properties can be found on these central appraisal districts websites, depending on which counties the properties are located ‐ Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Somervell, Tarrant or Wise.

DFW school districts property tax rates

The table below provides 2017 property tax rates for 122 school districts located in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

school districttax rate
Aledo ISD1.60%
Allen ISD1.59%
Alvarado ISD1.46%
Alvord ISD1.35%
Anna ISD1.67%
Argyle ISD1.59%
Arlington ISD1.37%
Aubrey ISD1.51%
Avalon ISD1.23%
Azle ISD1.33%
Birdville ISD1.45%
Bland ISD1.43%
Blue Ridge ISD1.57%
Boles ISD1.54%
Boyd ISD1.31%
Bridgeport ISD1.25%
Brock ISD1.62%
Burleson ISD1.67%
Caddo Mills ISD1.46%
Campbell ISD1.04%
Carroll ISD1.39%
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD1.38%
Castleberry ISD1.39%
Cedar Hill ISD1.52%
Celeste ISD1.46%
Celina ISD1.64%
Chico ISD1.29%
Cleburne ISD1.63%
Commerce ISD1.56%
Community ISD1.63%
Coppell ISD1.48%
Crandall ISD1.54%
Crowley ISD1.67%
Dallas ISD1.28%
Decatur ISD1.34%
Denton ISD1.54%
Desoto ISD1.49%
Duncanville ISD1.52%
Eagle Mt-Saginaw ISD1.54%
Ennis ISD1.54%
Everman ISD1.51%
Farmersville ISD1.39%
Ferris ISD1.39%
Forney ISD1.54%
Fort Worth ISD1.35%
Frisco ISD1.46%
Garland ISD1.46%
Garner ISD1.15%
Glen Rose ISD0.99%
Godley ISD1.54%
Granbury ISD1.21%
Grand Prairie ISD1.60%
Grandview ISD1.40%
Grapevine-Colleyville ISD1.40%
Greenville ISD1.31%
Highland Park ISD
(University Park, TX)
Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD1.26%
Irving ISD1.43%
Italy ISD1.59%
Joshua ISD1.60%
Kaufman ISD1.55%
Keene ISD1.43%
Keller ISD1.52%
Kemp ISD1.57%
Kennedale ISD1.48%
Krum ISD1.54%
Lake Dallas ISD1.67%
Lake Worth ISD1.67%
Lancaster ISD1.54%
Lewisville ISD1.41%
Lipan ISD1.49%
Little Elm ISD1.54%
Lone Oak ISD1.30%
Lovejoy ISD1.67%
Mabank ISD1.37%
Mansfield ISD1.54%
Maypearl ISD1.30%
McKinney ISD1.62%
Melissa ISD1.67%
Mesquite ISD1.46%
Midlothian ISD1.54%
Milford ISD1.17%
Millsap ISD1.61%
Northwest ISD1.49%
Palmer ISD1.46%
Paradise ISD1.34%
Peaster ISD1.44%
Pilot Point ISD1.37%
Plano ISD1.44%
Ponder ISD1.47%
Poolville ISD1.37%
Princeton ISD1.62%
Prosper ISD1.67%
Quinlan ISD1.24%
Red Oak ISD1.54%
Richardson ISD1.39%
Rio Vista ISD1.60%
Rockwall ISD1.44%
Royse City ISD1.67%
Sanger ISD1.37%
Scurry-Rosser ISD1.33%
Slidell ISD1.14%
Springtown ISD1.36%
Sunnyvale ISD1.52%
Terrell ISD1.60%
Tolar ISD1.44%
Venus ISD1.59%
Waxahachie ISD1.55%
Weatherford ISD1.45%
White Settlement ISD1.54%
Wolfe City ISD1.34%
Wylie ISD
(Wylie, TX)

School taxes typically are the major component of a homeowner's annual property tax bill, typically ranging from about 50 to 60 percent of the total. Set by state law, the homestead exemption for all Texas independent school districts currently is $25,000.

Property tax tates for all 1,018 Texas independent school districts are available by clicking on this Texas school districts property tax rates link.

DFW counties property tax rates

The following table provides 2017 the property tax rates for 13 Dallas Fort Worth area counties that are included in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area.

countytax rate

Property tax rates for all 254 Texas counties are available by clicking on this Texas counties property tax rates link.


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