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Best Home Builders In DFW Area

Best home builders in DFWWith the recent explosion in Dallas Fort Worth new home construction, more than 40 custom and production home builders are now building homes in the area north of Dallas. Included in this group are many of DFW's best builders.

I have significant experience working with the best DFW home builders and make it my business to know the discounts at which they currently are selling newly constructed houses. This frequently enables me to help my clients negotiate purchase prices that are less than they can negotiate by themselves. As the home buyer, you incur no expense for this assistance, or for any of my services. The owner of the home, the builder in this case, pays all agent commissions.

Though at first it may seem counter-intuitive, the good builders are eager to work with buyer's agents. The reason actually is pretty simple. These builders know real estate agents recommend them to their clients for the kind of high-quality, high-value homes that they build. This makes it relatively easy for them to sell a house. Marginal builders, on the other hand, often offer prospective home buyers all kinds of incentives to try to keep them from engaging real estate agents who know, and more importantly, warn their clients about the inferior quality of these builders' homes.

A large majority of the homes the DFW metroplex's best home builders currently are constructing are located in ...

Smaller numbers of high quality homes also are being built in the north Dallas suburbs of Argyle/Lantana, Coppell, Grapevine and Southlake and the park cities of Highland Park and University Park.

Unfortunately, in these communities, like everywhere else, builders constructing new homes generally range from very good to poor. It therefore is critical and, because of a growing quality differences between the good and poor builders, becoming even more critical for new home buyers to know what behavior they can likely expect from builders both during the construction process and after they have closed on their new homes. Builders’ sales strategies and construction quality reputation are also very important considerations. These are things experienced local real estate agents know, but generally do not discuss with anyone other than their clients.

If you are considering buying or building a new home in any of the towns or cities listed above, I can assist you in identifying both the best neighborhoods in which to buy or build and the builders who emphasize the things that you consider most important.

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