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Best Dallas Suburbs To Buy House

Selecting a single Dallas area city or town as the best place to buy a single-family home is at best problematic and probably just not possible. The criteria for such assessments are simply too complex, personal and subjective for there to be a definitive choice on which everyone can agree. Deciding generally on which DFW cities and towns are the best places for your family to live is nonetheless an important part of finding the most suitable property to buy, so key factors that typically are considered when making this decision are presented in the table below.

To ensure that data presented in this table is displayed in a font size that is large enough to be legible, it unfortunately was necessary to omit or summarize other key considerations. The whereabouts of the various Dallas suburbs is a major issue for most home buyers and this information is provided on this more about Dallas suburbs page. Additional information about the general desirability and livability of individual Dallas suburbs is also provided on that same page and on this best Dallas suburbs page. Good resources for learning about Dallas area public schools are these best Dallas schools and best DFW school districts pages.

Of course it also is very important to have at least a general impression about houses that actually are available for sale. Clicking on the names of the DFW cities and towns listed below will display pictures and descriptions of all currently listed single-family homes in each city/town. All data presented in the table is searchable and sortable. If you want to see the overall top ranked Dallas area cities and towns, for example, click on the best places to live column heading. You also can limit the data shown to a specific city or town by entering its name in the Search box.

Notes: Best cities/towns rank derived from analysis presented on best Dallas suburbs page, best schools and lowest crime rates ranking data is presented on best Dallas suburbs for families page. Additional property tax data provided on Dallas area property taxes page.

Sources: Texas Education Agency, U.S. Census Bureau and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Map of Dallas suburbs


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