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Best Dallas Elementary Schools

The 2020 best Dallas elementary schools lists on this page identify the traditional open enrollment, selective enrollment and charter elementary schools located in the Dallas area that scored highest on the 2019 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) evaluations administered statewide by the Texas Education Agency.

To make the evaluation of each schools’s academic performance more precise and meaningful, an academic performance index that indicates the relative combined STAAR score of each Texas elementary and intermediate school has been constructed. This mean that a school with an academic performance index level at 93.4, for example, has a combined STAAR score that equals 93.4 percent the combined score of the state‚Äôs top performing elementary school. Each school also has been assigned an academic performance score based on its rank in the overall academic performance index. Schools that rank among top 10 percent of schools included this study received an academic performance score of 10, schools in the next lower ninth decile received a score of 9, and so on.

Accountability ratings awarded by the TEA in were not considered in this ranking analysis since in addition to STAAR scores these ratings take into account factors that generally have no meaningful linkage to the academic performance of individual students, such as changes in student performance at the school on the STAAR evaluations from one year to the next. Such factors may be meaningful to administrators and teachers, but not to most parents or students. Also not considered in this study are frequently, sometimes purposefully, misleading subjective factors such as opinions of self-selected contributors of anonymous parent and student reviews and "expert insights" regarding teacher quality.

Clicking on these 2020 top Dallas open enrollment elementary schools, 2020 top Dallas selective enrollment elementary schools and 2020 top Dallas charter elementary schools jump links displays these rankings. A comprehensive list of Dallas area public elementary schools and additional information about how the rankings were derived are provided on this complete Texas public elementary schools rankings page.

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Open enrollment elementary schools

Of the 1,203 DFW public elementary and intermediate schools included in this best Dallas elementary schools analysis, 1,060 are traditional open enrollment schools which are operated by local independent schools districts and where the only requirement for admittance is student residency in the school's attendance area. The DFW open enrollment schools that ranked highest in this 2020 analysis and the DFW towns and cities they serve are listed below.

The data presented in this table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the data display to a single school or school district by typing the name of a school or school district in the Search box. Additional performance and other information for middle schools located in the communities profiled on this website can be accessed by clicking on the name of the school.

2020 top DFW open enrollment elementary schools

attended by students living in
1Old Union Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD46898.0A97Colleyville, Southlake
2McSpedden Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD59394.7A97Frisco
3Carroll Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD58594.7A97Southlake, Keller
4Talley Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD52193.7A96Frisco
5Skaggs Elementary SchoolPlano ISD38791.6A96Plano
6Evans Elementary SchoolAllen ISD69691.6A96Allen, McKinney
7Eubanks Intermediate SchoolCarroll ISD56991.1A96Colleyville, Keller, Southlake
8Tanglewood Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD87489.7A96Fort Worth
9Kerr Elementary SchoolAllen ISD70489.2A96Allen
10Beverly Elementary SchoolPlano ISD43788.9A96Allen, Plano
11Wyatt Elementary SchoolPlano ISD45988.7A96Plano
12Prairie Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD32488.6A96Richardson
13Boon Elementary SchoolAllen ISD70987.9A95Allen
14Rockenbaugh Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD52887.8A95Southlake
15Durham Intermediate SchoolCarroll ISD74987.0A95Grapevine, Southlake, Westlake
16Walnut Grove Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD70086.9A95Southlake, Westlake
17Preston Elementary SchoolAllen ISD53186.4A95Allen
18Lakewood Elementary SchoolDallas ISD94286.1B95Dallas
19Sloan Creek Intermediate SchoolLovejoy ISD70586.0A95Fairview, Lucas, Allen, McKinney, Wylie
20Johnson Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD65985.8A95Grapevine, Southlake
21McCoy Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD45685.5A95Carrollton
22University Park Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISD64085.4A95Dallas, University Park
23Mathews Elementary SchoolPlano ISD48185.4A95Plano
24Borchardt Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD76485.3A95Plano
25Cheatham Elementary SchoolAllen ISD61185.3A95Allen
26Puster Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISD43885.1A95Fairview
27Lee Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD84885.0A95Irving
28Glenhope Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD48584.7A95Colleyville, Grapevine
29Valley Ranch Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD66784.6A95Irving
30Hyer Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISD66484.2A95Dallas, University Park
31Norton Elementary SchoolAllen ISD49583.4A95Allen, McKinney
32Castle Hills Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD69083.2A95Lewisville
33McCulloch Intermediate SchoolHighland Park ISD1,08283.1A95Dallas, Highland Park, University Park
34Andrews Elementary SchoolPlano ISD57483.1A95Plano
35Nichols Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD72582.7A94Frisco
36Lovejoy Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISD41282.5A94Allen, Fairview, Lucas
37Bradfield Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISD62982.2A94Highland Park, University Park
38Hightower Elementary SchoolPlano ISD53182.1A94Plano
39Bluebonnet Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD48382.1A94Flower Mound
40Brentfield Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD81381.9A94Dallas
41Canyon Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD28381.7A94Richardson
42Bear Creek Intermediate SchoolKeller ISD98981.2A94Keller, Colleyville, Fort Worth, Hurst, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Westlake
43Lakeside Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD59080.7A94Coppell
44Anderson Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD70480.6A94Plano
45Mohawk Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD47080.3A94Richardson
46Curtsinger Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD51880.2A94Frisco, McKinney
47Hunt Elementary SchoolPlano ISD70480.1A94Lucas, Murphy, Parker, Wylie
48Centennial Elementary SchoolPlano ISD56479.9A94Plano
49Liberty Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD50979.8A94Flower Mound
50Colleyville Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD49879.7A94Colleyville
51Pinkerton Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD42779.5A94Coppell
52Spring Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD33679.3A94Richardson
53Heritage Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD50979.3A94Colleyville, Euless, Grapevine
54Wellington Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD89179.3A94Flower Mound
55Parks-Heath Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD51279.3A94Heath, Forney
56Beck Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD81979.1A94Trophy Club, Flower Mound, Roanoke, Southlake
57Hidden Lakes Elementary SchoolKeller ISD40078.9A94Keller
58Sem Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD65478.6A94Frisco, McKinney
59Newman Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD68478.5A94Frisco
60Denton Creek Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD47278.5A94Coppell, Irving
61Barksdale Elementary SchoolPlano ISD63877.8A94Plano
62Town Center Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD57877.7A94Coppell
63Bransford Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD45977.6A93Colleyville, Hurst
64Hart Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISD45777.4A93Lucas, Allen, Wylie
65Stinson Elementary SchoolPlano ISD63677.4A93Wylie
66Walker Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD52777.4A93Plano
67Sparks Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD75477.3A93Frisco
68Mockingbird Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD48477.2A93Coppell, Irving
69Bledsoe Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD69277.1A93Frisco
70Purefoy Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD52177.1A93Frisco, McKinney
71Bridlewood Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD40177.1A93Flower Mound
72Whitt Elementary SchoolWylie ISD65877.0A93Sachse, Murphy, Wylie
73White Rock Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD90776.9B93Dallas
74Vaughan Elementary SchoolAllen ISD71876.9A93Allen
75Gulledge Elementary SchoolPlano ISD72876.5A93Plano
76Allen Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD56876.5A93Frisco
77Lakeview Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD58876.4A93Trophy Club
78Liscano Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD75376.3A93Frisco
79Williams Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD48576.2A93Rockwall
80Bowie Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD64376.1B93Richardson
81Stuard Elementary SchoolAledo ISD59175.9A93Aledo, Annetta South, Hudson Oaks
82North Joshua Elementary SchoolJoshua ISD56975.8A93Burleson, Crowley, Joshua, Keene
83Norris Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD41175.6A93Frisco
84Riddle Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD76975.4A93Plano
85Draper Intermediate SchoolWylie ISD98075.3A93Wylie, Sachse
86Lyon Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD49775.2A93Heath, Forney
87McKillop Elementary SchoolMelissa ISD72075.2A93Melissa, McKinney
88Cockrell Elementary SchoolProsper ISD78575.1A93Prosper, Celina, McKinney
89Hosp Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD70174.9A93Frisco
90Armstrong Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISD50874.8A93Highland Park, University Park
91Solar Preparatory School for GirlsDallas ISD46074.7A93Highland Park, Dallas
92Ashley Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD65074.3A93Frisco
93Vaughn Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD59874.3A93Frisco
94Florence Elementary SchoolKeller ISD47074.3A93Keller
95Pink Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD54074.3A93Frisco
96Fisher Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD55974.0A93Frisco
97Green Valley Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD47073.9A93North Richland Hills, Watauga
98Lindsey Elementary SchoolAllen ISD74973.8A93Allen, McKinney
99Johnson Elementary SchoolForney ISD59173.7A93Forney, Talty
100Glen Oaks Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD48973.6A93McKinney

Selective enrollment elementary schools

In addition to their traditional open enrollment schools, a number of DFW school districts also operate selective enrollment schools. Selective enrollment schools provide career-oriented or specialized curriculum in addition to academic subjects, and admittance typically is based on students' previous academic performance and interests demonstrated in student interviews, auditions, essays, and other similar faculty assessments. As would be expected, since admission to selective enrollment high schools generally is highly selective and limited, the average standardized test results of the selective enrollment schools generally are much higher than results attained by the open enrollment schools that their students otherwise would attend.

2020 top DFW selective enrollment elementary schools

1Williams Talented and Gifted SchoolDallas ISD20490.0B96
2Kimberlin AcademyGarland ISD46088.4A95
3School For The Talented and GiftedDallas ISD20888.3A95
4Walnut Glen AcademyGarland ISD41383.0A94
5Hillside AcademyGarland ISD46280.2A94

Charter elementary schools

Generally speaking, any student can apply for admission to a Texas charter school, though the school's charter can specify certain restrictions. A typical example of this would be that a student must reside in a specific town or city in order to apply for admission. In most cases, the school's admissions policy also will describe its lottery process. A charter school must use a lottery process when the number of applications to the school exceeds the number of available spaces.

2020 top DFW charter elementary schools

1School for Highly GiftedGrand Prairie ISD13495.6A97
2Uplift North Hills Primary SchoolUplift Education56773.5B93
3GRCS - Grand PrairieGolden Rule Charter School8573.0A93

Similar Dallas area high schools and middle schools student performance ranked lists are available on these best DFW public high schools and best DFW public middle schools pages. Rankings for area school districts are shown on this best DFW school districts page.


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