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Homes For Sale In Allen ISD

The table in which these Allen Independent School District single-family homes for sale listings are presented below is searchable and sortable. This makes it an excellent tool for doing a quick high-level assessment of houses currently available for sale within the available Allen ISD attendance boundaries. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading.

A more traditional website presentation in which a picture and summary description of each of these Allen ISD homes are shown also is provided below on this page.

Please call 214-725-4011 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1739 Wandering Way Drive, Allen$209,7501,481197832.012N0.14
17221 Caladium Drive, McKinney$425,7012,544201932.122N0.07
1321 Del Cano Drive, Allen$374,9003,207200303.122Y0.17
11001 Ashby Drive, Allen$293,0001,657198532.012N0.18
11615 Lake Tawakoni Drive, Allen$310,0002,626200442.122N0.18
11426 Shetland Drive, Allen$375,0002,640200042.022N0.21
31812 Lancaster Gate, Allen$325,0002,747200632.122N0.11
41406 Petunia Drive, Allen$275,0001,611198432.012N0.18
4706 Lake Highlands Drive, Allen$295,0002,032197342.012N0.21
41541 Cliff Creek Drive, Allen$269,9001,565200332.012N0.15
4748 Yale Drive, Allen$339,9002,571199342.012N0.16
45812 Broken Spur, McKinney$299,0002,018200732.012N0.13
41024 Spencer Street, Allen$599,9903,286201943.223N0.16
4549 Cumberland Drive, Allen$200,0001,259197632.011N0.14
4962 Euclid Drive, Allen$439,9002,610201432.113N0.19
41835 Wood Duck Lane, Allen$429,0002,895201554.022N0.14
41859 Wood Duck Lane, Allen$460,0003,164201544.022N0.13
4951 Herschell Street, Allen$699,9994,040201754.023N0.18
41210 Shadetree Lane, Allen$452,0003,173199743.022Y0.19
45200 Berwick Lane, Parker$1,195,0005,230201655.114N1.99
41306 Hazelwood Drive, Allen$289,9002,029200432.012N0.19
5816 Walnut Drive, Allen$289,9002,058199532.123Y0.23
51411 Shetland Drive, Allen$350,0002,595200043.012N0.19
51030 Winslow Drive, Allen$275,0001,905199442.012N0.18
51410 Guthrie Lane, Allen$469,9902,865201943.122N0.19
5414 Sunrise Drive, Allen$369,0003,346200153.122N0.19
51327 Marwood Drive, Allen$341,9002,420200142.012N0.19
61317 Terrace Lane, Allen$354,7862,649201143.022N0.16
6807 Pebblebrook Drive, Allen$290,0001,722197732.012N0.20
72235 Morning Dew Court, Allen$434,9003,410200943.122N0.18
75824 Amphora Avenue, McKinney$390,4852,829201742.122N0.19
8924 Pebblebrook Drive, Allen$299,0002,212197832.112Y0.27
82461 Electra Drive, Allen$806,9003,990201954.123N0.20
81712 Terrell Drive, Allen$330,0002,636200642.122N0.13
91604 Lost Creek Drive, Allen$359,9753,025200242.122N0.22
101853 Audubon Pond Way, Allen$612,0003,836201343.122N0.14
10608 Hefner Drive, Allen$255,0001,448196832.012N0.26
115904 Silver Buckle Drive, McKinney$349,0002,988200642.122N0.13
115737 Wilford Drive, McKinney$349,9002,607201042.122N0.13
11891 Starcreek Parkway, Allen$505,9003,030201433.112N0.13
111538 Hennessey Drive, Allen$689,0004,660201643.122N0.17
111527 Winthrop Drive, Allen$625,0003,787201543.023N0.21
11514 Laredo Circle, Allen$572,5003,995199443.123Y0.26
11901 Circle Cove Drive, Allen$210,0001,277197932.011N0.14
121329 Mistywood Lane, Allen$289,9002,088198442.012N0.19
121023 Kenilworth Street, Allen$725,0004,900201254.023N0.30
121023 Grand Teton Drive, Allen$309,9002,077200232.012N0.18
12608 Cano Street, Allen$450,0003,378201653.122N0.11
12722 Bluebonnet Drive, Allen$350,0002,546199742.122Y0.22
121006 Taylor Drive, Allen$449,9003,819201454.022N0.14
12430 Shady Valley Drive, Allen$365,0003,664200043.122N0.17
145416 Great Worth Way, McKinney$390,0003,196200543.123N0.17
14105 Worchester Lane, Allen$255,0001,524199632.012N0.22
15947 Cottontop Trail, Allen$417,4401,848201932.012N0.11
157 Valleycrest Court, Allen$369,5002,512198332.012N0.20
151324 Dalhart Drive, Allen$419,9903,056200534.022N0.20
161413 Winterwood Drive, Allen$310,0002,630199943.022N0.17
171527 Link Street, Allen$344,9901,647201832.012N0.11
181206 Granger Drive, Allen$524,9003,561199953.123Y0.25
18801 Otto Drive, Allen$500,0003,381201643.122N0.12
18970 Fairfield Lane, Allen$694,3604,371201044.111N0.38
18984 Rebecca Drive, Allen$457,4852,930201942.122N0.10
18985 Mikaela Drive, Allen$457,6302,679201942.122N0.10
18612 Rainforest Lane, Allen$499,9003,348199744.023N0.27
181416 Hazelwood Drive, Allen$340,0002,645200443.122N0.14
18906 Marie Drive, Allen$724,2773,998201944.123N0.16
181141 Callan Drive, Allen$719,8493,998201934.123N0.17
181225 Waterford Way, Allen$360,0002,635200442.112N0.18
18906 Lake Highlands Drive, Allen$299,9002,352197433.012N0.21
181310 Cotulla Drive, Allen$594,9003,880200543.123Y0.21
19401 Allenwood Drive, Allen$250,0001,432196632.012Y0.20
19602 Cano Street, Allen$399,9002,689201632.122N0.11
192292 Sussex Lane, Allen$725,0004,562200854.123Y0.30
19403 Suncreek Drive, Allen$365,0002,657199842.122N0.13
205901 Wessex Court, Parker$599,9004,213200164.023N0.58
201611 Humbolt Drive, Allen$399,0003,794200653.122N0.17
207204 Caladium Drive, McKinney$405,0672,595201942.122N0.07
20811 Sunny Slope Drive, Allen$207,0001,332197932.011N0.13
211406 Luckenbach Drive, Allen$599,9004,019200554.123Y0.21
215105 Sangria Drive, McKinney$434,9903,206201943.022N0.17
21886 Newcastle Drive, Allen$757,7494,346201955.223N0.00
212465 Electra Drive, Allen$790,3144,365201955.123N0.00
221629 Roma Lane, Allen$428,0003,365199943.022Y0.27
221459 Norfolk Court, Allen$350,0002,910200253.123Y0.19
22916 Morningside Lane, Allen$319,0002,619199342.122N0.19
22408 San Mateo Drive, Allen$469,9003,273199653.122Y0.20
22968 Byron Street, Allen$689,9804,125201954.023N0.19
22948 Herschell Street, Allen$747,4354,903201965.022N0.19
24605 Juniper Drive, Allen$259,9001,648198532.012N0.21
252463 Electra Drive, Allen$781,1534,481201955.123N0.00
252343 Timberlake Circle, Allen$849,9005,196200855.123Y0.38
257252 San Saba Drive, McKinney$413,2812,576201932.122N0.08
251037 Billy Lane, Allen$665,0004,179201955.123N0.15
256217 Exeter Avenue, McKinney$399,0002,669201733.022N0.07
26503 Cameron Lane, Allen$305,0002,030199642.012N0.17
261122 Bel Air Drive, Allen$465,0003,754199454.023N0.25
261121 Nick Circle, Allen$449,9002,860200742.122Y0.15
261519 Chadwick Drive, Allen$564,9003,848201654.123N0.18
261607 Albrook Drive, Allen$285,0002,057198642.122N0.13
265804 Corinth Chapel Road, Parker$799,7505,924200675.125N1.00
271415 Blair Court, Allen$380,0002,948199853.022Y0.20
281919 Esparanza Court, Allen$515,0003,544200733.122N0.20
28410 Ola Lane, Allen$299,0002,061197142.122N0.32
28811 Amblewood Drive, Lucas$720,0005,093200855.013N1.00
281045 Miller Road, Allen$650,0003,534201954.123N0.18
291042 Stephen Street, Allen$419,8902,560201932.122N0.09
29919 Sydney Lane, Allen$949,7504,807201945.123N0.22
311602 Mountain Side Drive, Allen$247,0001,736198632.122N0.12
311040 Mondamin Drive, Allen$575,0003,325201643.113N0.20
322030 Calisto Way, Allen$549,7523,522201543.223N0.17
32811 Amber Court, Allen$285,0002,126199842.012N0.20
325732 Amphora Avenue, McKinney$336,1121,911201932.012N0.13
321549 Sandstone Drive, Allen$299,0001,968200232.012N0.16
321408 Greenwich Drive, Allen$330,0002,216200342.012N0.18
321330 E Exchange Parkway, Allen$239,9991,685198732.012N0.18
331011 Merribrook Lane, Allen$340,0002,596198942.122Y0.18
344821 Concho Lane, McKinney$299,9002,078200932.012N0.13
361308 Waterdown Drive, Allen$408,6003,642200054.020N0.17
385633 Barrique Boulevard, McKinney$452,9993,404201943.122N0.14
391622 Alamosa Drive, Allen$524,9003,598201343.023N0.18
391813 Camo Court, Allen$435,0003,671201643.122N0.14
391549 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Allen$300,0002,430200342.122N0.15
395305 Amphora Avenue, McKinney$470,0203,687201943.122N0.18
401311 Capstan Drive, Allen$345,0002,799199633.012N0.17
401229 Brenham Drive, Allen$540,0003,297199943.123Y0.23
406417 Millie Way, McKinney$400,0002,747201732.122N0.07
411042 Enchanted Rock Drive, Allen$459,9003,682201443.122N0.19
421419 Woodmont Drive, Allen$304,9002,231199642.012N0.18
421520 Autumnmist Drive, Allen$337,5002,876199943.022N0.17
45208 Whisenant Drive, Allen$339,9002,032196532.010N0.32
4526 Brewster Court, Allen$195,0001,070198422.012N0.12
451009 Alameda Court, Allen$400,0002,961199342.122N0.18
462253 Big Valley Circle, Allen$449,0003,056201043.122Y0.19
461223 Sarita Drive, Allen$465,0003,132199954.023Y0.23
461004 Fairlawn Street, Allen$255,0001,648198732.012N0.20
461014 Wimberly Court, Allen$649,9004,052200054.023Y0.38
461900 Keystone Drive, Allen$440,0004,092200354.023N0.17
477029 Collin Mckinney Parkway, McKinney$396,5002,365201833.122N0.07
472295 Sussex Lane, Allen$749,9004,593201255.123Y0.39
471204 Vineland Court, Allen$360,0002,955200153.122N0.17
485904 Desperado Drive, McKinney$424,0003,019200642.122N0.11
491106 Hampstead Lane, Allen$480,0003,334201943.122N0.10
507225 Caladium Drive, McKinney$417,6422,540201942.122N0.07
52614 Cano Street, Allen$409,9002,815201632.123N0.17
521324 Lighthouse Lane, Allen$329,9002,278199732.012N0.17
52615 E Ridge Street, Allen$299,9002,572198642.122N0.19
531410 Brandon Court, Allen$349,9002,407199442.122N0.16
531405 Winterwood Drive, Allen$375,0002,630199943.022Y0.17
532009 Pear Tree Drive, Allen$575,0003,576201743.122N0.17
53974 Terracotta Drive, Allen$469,9003,824200644.022N0.24
531404 Lombardy Way, Allen$330,0002,843199844.022N0.18
54959 Cougar Drive, Allen$425,0003,236201043.022N0.14
542005 Temperate Drive, Allen$559,0003,850201432.223N0.21
541229 Waterford Way, Allen$444,9004,330200354.022N0.17
54600 Harvest Mountain Court, Allen$335,0002,881199342.122N0.28
55978 Lehigh Lane, Allen$739,9005,028200744.123Y0.33
55937 Marie Drive, Allen$742,3114,427201955.123N0.20
55807 Rudder Court, Allen$755,2964,427201955.123N0.22
55933 Marie Drive, Allen$732,6914,120201944.123N0.20
56503 Lake Ridge Drive, Allen$282,5002,062197342.012N0.26
561220 Concho Drive, Allen$599,0004,095200543.123Y0.21
576705 Stafford Drive, Parker$794,8723,773201944.114N1.00
57731 Bethany Lake Boulevard, Allen$375,0004,277200153.122Y0.25
575200 Norwick Drive, Parker$914,0005,205201944.115N1.00
571604 Wagon Wheel Drive, Allen$335,9002,726200043.022N0.19
59829 Redbud Drive, Allen$334,9902,793200552.122N0.18
591329 Lochness Drive, Allen$299,9002,499199942.122N0.20
601104 Winnsboro Court, Allen$565,0003,647200143.123Y0.25
601331 Lincoln Court, Allen$1,075,0004,898201354.123N0.30
601323 April Rain Drive, Allen$365,0003,205200532.122N0.20
601411 Pine Bluff Drive, Allen$320,0002,843199743.022N0.22
611067 Liberty Parkway, Allen$364,9902,387201932.122N0.07
611807 Lake Whitney Lane, Allen$489,5004,262200053.122N0.19
612022 Artemis Court, Allen$648,0004,354201454.123N0.17
612039 Barley Place Drive, Allen$509,9002,753201732.112N0.17
611005 Bandelier Drive, Allen$468,9003,791200543.123N0.19
625617 Demi Sec Drive, McKinney$445,9993,481201944.322N0.14
631418 Guthrie Lane, Allen$459,9903,220201843.122N0.13
63764 Monticello Circle, Allen$359,9002,817199042.112N0.19
64945 Herschell Street, Allen$657,9903,963201664.123N0.24
641322 Marwood Drive, Allen$374,9002,832200143.022N0.16
645600 Barrique Boulevard, McKinney$359,9002,012201732.012N0.13
651509 Evanvale Drive, Allen$519,9003,981200854.123N0.00
652296 Middle Town Court, Allen$755,0005,015200954.123Y0.62
661315 Timberview Drive, Allen$215,0001,373198231.111N0.16
671317 Canterbury Drive, Allen$365,0002,784200043.022N0.19
671531 Bethlehem Road, Allen$379,0003,346200053.123N0.17
671062 Miller Drive, Allen$465,0003,352201943.122N0.10
671057 Miller Drive, Allen$500,0002,473201932.112N0.18
68428 Arrowhead Drive, Allen$359,9003,016200054.022N0.19
681606 Harvest Glen Drive, Allen$365,0003,490200243.123N0.22
681006 Barrymore Lane, Allen$399,0003,351200043.023N0.17
69883 Llano Drive, Allen$319,9002,143201132.122N0.11
701109 Granada Drive, Allen$450,0002,235201932.012N0.13
701064 Miller Road, Allen$470,0003,008201943.122N0.13
701060 Miller Road, Allen$440,0002,474201933.122N0.13
70709 Rivercrest Boulevard, Allen$262,0001,899197232.012N0.22
71207 Venice Court, Allen$434,0003,292200142.122Y0.18
711400 Placer Drive, Allen$438,0003,211199653.022N0.27
721413 Cibolo Drive, Allen$599,0004,427200654.123N0.20
731500 Snowberry Drive, Allen$660,0004,761201554.122N0.19
731514 Home Park Drive, Allen$339,9002,925199152.122N0.24
741107 Italy Drive, Allen$629,0004,537200454.023Y0.20
741122 Shady Oaks Court, Allen$269,9001,549199932.012N0.13
751808 Stetson Way, Allen$480,0003,766201554.023N0.18
757505 Avondale Drive, McKinney$459,0003,001201643.123N0.13
751218 Newberry Drive, Allen$450,0003,107199442.123Y0.22
76528 Ridgemont Drive, Allen$190,0001,239197732.011N0.16
76702 Bel Air Drive, Allen$434,0002,601199442.122N0.18
761609 Pantego Lane, Allen$785,0004,871200754.123Y0.27
761608 Summer Oaks Drive, Allen$597,0004,245201153.223N0.22
761330 Waterdown Drive, Allen$345,0002,636199943.022N0.19
77845 Emporio Drive, Allen$721,9003,363201943.122N0.16
77854 Baugh Drive, Allen$707,9003,396201934.122N0.15
772456 Bainbridge Drive, Allen$695,9003,637201945.022N0.15
776304 Warwick Way, Parker$880,9004,757201965.023N1.01
781311 Salado Drive, Allen$435,0003,048200143.123N0.18
78898 Newcastle Drive, Allen$757,9003,689201943.123N0.17
78828 Birdie Drive, Allen$365,0002,313201632.122N0.11
782465 Kent Drive, Allen$806,9004,072201954.122N0.20
811238 Philip Drive, Allen$419,8002,850200843.012N0.12
811112 Laguna Court, Allen$539,9003,947199443.122Y0.35
811351 Hamilton Green, Allen$959,0005,314201354.124N0.37
811307 Bailey Lane, Allen$364,9901,912201932.122N0.07
81415 Arrowhead Drive, Allen$360,0003,193200054.022N0.17
811309 Bailey Lane, Allen$393,9902,451201932.122N0.08
817316 San Saba Drive, McKinney$409,9002,945201743.222N0.07
811207 Surrey Lane, Allen$409,9003,721200154.023N0.17
812259 Broad Brook Lane, Allen$849,0005,314201254.023Y0.29
811434 Greenwich Drive, Allen$476,9953,728200854.023N0.17
831114 Spencer Street, Allen$789,9004,678201754.123N0.21
83917 Leola Lane, Allen$615,9003,424201944.123N0.14
83812 Durham Street, Allen$611,9003,424201944.123N0.14
83810 Durham Street, Allen$587,9003,281201944.122N0.14
84665 Ridgemont Drive, Allen$319,9002,677199142.122N0.19
86530 E Ridgemont Drive, Allen$215,0001,360197732.010N0.15
861413 Springmeadow Drive, Allen$324,9853,187200053.023N0.21
874001 Rolling Knolls Drive, Parker$850,0004,217200444.122Y1.67
87964 Terracotta Drive, Allen$539,0004,641200564.122Y0.17
871622 Sul Ross Drive, Allen$409,0004,654200943.123N0.17
874207 Rolling Knolls Drive, Parker$625,0004,354200353.123N1.22
88811 Circle Cove Drive, Allen$259,9002,445197932.012N0.14
884928 Lasso Lane, McKinney$292,0002,184200842.012N0.14
881616 Shelborn Drive, Allen$395,0003,230200154.023N0.25
881001 Rockefeller Lane, Allen$329,9002,759199042.122N0.21
89405 Spring Leaf Court, Allen$345,0002,884200343.122N0.18
891628 Alamosa Drive, Allen$549,5003,997201354.123N0.18
891318 Lincoln Court, Allen$1,075,0004,739201354.123Y0.25
90409 Mainsail Drive, Allen$389,0003,194199953.022Y0.16
911706 Bur Oak Drive, Allen$299,5002,088200142.012N0.14
931206 Thoreau Lane, Allen$250,0001,906198232.012Y0.20
952141 Estes Park Court, Allen$475,0003,839200143.123N0.22
95963 Terracotta Drive, Allen$469,9004,499200554.022N0.21
95904 Thornbury Court, Allen$889,9005,195200656.123Y0.42
951042 Mondamin Drive, Allen$630,0003,534201944.123N0.20
961201 Defford Lane, Allen$300,0002,375199742.122N0.15
961319 Bailey Lane, Allen$371,9901,912201932.122N0.09
96962 Park Ridge Drive, Allen$535,0003,448201543.023N0.20
965900 Cranbrook Lane, McKinney$405,0003,012201454.022N0.15
971208 Rio Grande Court, Allen$625,0004,477200254.122Y0.24
97419 Spring Air Drive, Allen$349,9993,347200042.122N0.16
985600 Bottiglia Way, McKinney$434,0003,045201743.122N0.16
981002 Twin Creeks Drive, Allen$750,0005,420200754.123N0.31
99975 White Rvr Drive, Allen$450,0003,775200654.023N0.23
991081 Great Meadow Drive, Allen$675,0004,250200745.123N0.36
100916 Carlsbad Drive, Allen$432,5003,416200343.121N0.19
1022355 N Wingsong Lane, Allen$649,9004,545201054.123N0.38
1022265 Wakefield Lane, Allen$659,9004,094201055.023N0.30
1021051 Margo Drive, Allen$412,9902,609201943.122N0.10
1021715 Giddings Court, Allen$279,0002,205200142.012N0.20
102928 Julia Place, Allen$387,9902,338201933.122N0.09
102705 Meadow Creek Drive, Allen$340,0003,290198253.022N0.19
1031350 Claire Lane, Allen$630,0003,288201533.113N0.24
104413 Watson Drive, Allen$314,0003,355196243.012N0.25
104417 Fountain Gate Drive, Allen$345,0002,981199042.122Y0.17
1041004 Kinkade Lane, Allen$699,0005,158200743.123N0.42
1051530 Bellnap Drive, Allen$565,0003,724200843.123Y0.21
1055812 Adair Lane, McKinney$457,0003,268201943.122N0.14
1091530 Cliff Creek Drive, Allen$314,9002,430200342.122N0.17
1092340 Wingsong Lane, Allen$875,0004,782201055.123N0.30
1106007 Andover Drive, Parker$739,5005,462200445.013Y1.07
1101042 Fireside Drive, Allen$339,9003,279199343.112N0.16
115958 Falcon Drive, Allen$515,0004,496201154.122N0.18
1161312 Lamar Lane, Allen$309,0003,024200642.122N0.12
1161704 Harvest Glen Drive, Allen$365,0003,319200044.022N0.22
1201064 Fullerton Drive, Allen$437,2802,706201932.122N0.09
123103 Tiburon Court, Allen$395,0002,917199542.122N0.17
1231433 Greenwich Drive, Allen$335,0002,600200242.122N0.20
1231095 Limestone Court, Allen$599,0003,855200143.123Y0.32
123968 Rockport Lane, Allen$679,9004,675201344.123Y0.30
1232272 Morning Dew Court, Allen$449,9993,320201343.122N0.17
124303 Fountain Gate Drive, Allen$344,9003,000198743.122N0.18
126815 Water Oak Drive, Allen$339,0002,925200142.122N0.16
1305809 Rathbone Drive, Parker$525,0004,478200154.023N0.63
1331704 Westfield Way, Allen$350,0003,207200953.122N0.17
134924 Leola Lane, Allen$784,5003,530201944.023N0.16
137763 Rockefeller Lane, Allen$354,0002,555199143.012N0.19
1382141 Waterrock Drive, Allen$790,0004,272201044.123Y0.28
1381624 Gladewater Drive, Allen$925,0005,379200754.223Y0.30
138414 Macrocarpa Road, Allen$609,9003,821201443.223N0.20
138922 Brett Drive, Allen$999,7875,038201955.123N0.29
1381323 Claire Lane, Allen$809,5005,091201355.223N0.20
1391429 Greenwich Drive, Allen$309,9002,096200342.012N0.19
140441 Spring Air Drive, Allen$350,9003,073200143.022N0.13
1421605 Lexington Avenue, Allen$870,0004,868200743.123N0.30
144504 Newport Drive, Allen$445,0003,843199553.024N0.23
145904 Devonshire Drive, Allen$770,0004,389201654.122N0.16
1511313 Lombardy Way, Allen$349,7502,601199842.122Y0.18
1521822 Childress Lane, Allen$540,0003,893200554.123Y0.20
1525920 Folsum Place, McKinney$462,0003,297201954.022N0.14
154873 Paradise Circle, Allen$699,0004,746201155.123N0.28
157707 Ridgemont Drive, Allen$289,0002,155199142.122N0.11
1601604 Salvia Springs Drive, Allen$270,0001,955200432.012N0.21
162831 Brett Drive, Allen$1,049,9005,298201955.224N0.29
1721093 Limestone Court, Allen$569,9003,939200254.123Y0.00
172405 Heatherwood Drive, Allen$319,9003,243199953.124N0.21
1741059 Drew Lane, Allen$434,8782,600201943.022N0.01
1781009 Rockefeller Lane, Allen$300,0002,348199042.122N0.18
1791227 Copano Drive, Allen$598,0004,715201065.022N0.24
1891032 Big Spring Drive, Allen$490,0004,014200954.123N0.20
1922005 Calisto Way, Allen$595,0003,746201543.223N0.17
1945304 Cheyenne Drive, Parker$680,5003,197201833.113N1.30
1975105 Wayland Drive, Parker$745,5004,215201943.113N2.02
2001825 Canyon Court, Allen$535,0004,164200544.123Y0.18
2091005 Navarro Drive, Allen$783,0004,787200054.023Y0.30
2132115 Estes Park Drive, Allen$549,8004,393200344.123N0.21
2141046 Stephen Street, Allen$440,5903,221201932.122N0.09
2141044 Stephen Street, Allen$417,3302,765201933.022N0.09
2282342 Boxwood Drive, Allen$590,0004,647200753.222Y0.19
2301052 Drew Lane, Allen$429,9902,400201943.022N0.01
2565817 Folsum Place, McKinney$420,0002,893201943.122N0.14
2945528 Amphora Avenue, McKinney$409,9692,703201933.022N0.14
2971055 Drew Lane, Allen$439,1892,723201833.122N0.25
305410 Club House Drive, Allen$392,9902,467201842.122N0.10
322918 Leola, Allen$599,9003,725201844.122N0.13
3435613 Meritage Street, McKinney$374,9902,011201842.012N0.13
3495736 Adair Lane, McKinney$442,0003,064201943.122N0.14
3505609 Meritage Street, McKinney$409,9902,847201843.122N0.13
360504 Bristol Drive, Allen$2,399,0008,620201155.224Y0.75
3751508 Jamison Drive, Allen$542,0004,752201343.122N0.18
427907 Brett Drive, Allen$989,9005,372201855.223N0.29

Allen ISD homes for sale listings

Presented below are pictures and summary descriptions of currently listed Allen ISD single-family homes.

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Photo of Listing #14178873

739 Wandering Way Drive, Allen, TX - $209,750

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,481 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Handsomely Renovated Home Is Ready For A Hold Investor's Portfolio Or New Family's Dwelling. This Cozy Residence Is Located In The Highly Desirable Allen Isd And Is Only Minutes From The Elementary School. Inside, You Can Find Numerous Updat...

Photo of Listing #14186625

7221 Caladium Drive, McKinney, TX - $425,701

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,544 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Home Is Wonderful! Come And See, I Know You'll Agree! If Its Space You Are Looking For, You'll Have Plenty Of It Upstairs And Down. This Home Has Soaring 20ft Ceilings In The Family Room, This Is An Open Concept Layout With Your Kitchen, Dini...

Photo of Listing #14186594

321 Del Cano Drive, Allen, TX - $374,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,207 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Move In Ready! Quiet Neighborhood Within Walking Distance To Celebration Park And Minutes To Allen Hs. Beautiful 4 Br, 3.1 Ba, 3 Living Spaces And A Media Room. Large Kitchen With An Island, Lots Of Cabinets, Dry Bar, Granite Countertops And Much ...

Photo of Listing #14185335

1001 Ashby Drive, Allen, TX - $293,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,657 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautiful ,fully Updated One Story House In The Heart Of Allen . Exemplary Schools And Quiet Neighborhood . The House Has Been Fully Renovated And Move In Ready . Brand New Appliances In The Kitchen . New Roof 2019 .

Photo of Listing #14170994

1615 Lake Tawakoni Drive, Allen, TX - $310,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,626 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Fabulous One Owner Dr Horton Home Has An Open Concept With An Abundance Of Space And A Yard That Will House Any Pool And Yet Have Room To Play For Kids And Pets. Four Spacious Bedrooms, Walk In Closets, Plenty Of 42in Cabinets And Enough Cou...

Photo of Listing #14185447

1426 Shetland Drive, Allen, TX - $375,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,640 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Gorgeous Home Nestled In The Heart Of Allen! This 4 Bed-2 Bath Home Boasts New Wood Floors & New Ceramic Tile Flooring Throughout. Kitchen Has Beautiful Granite Countertops, Complete With Gas Cooktop. Windows Have Recently Been Upgraded With New S...

Photo of Listing #14176883

1812 Lancaster Gate, Allen, TX - $325,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,747 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Beautiful 3 Bedrooms And 2.5 Baths In The Sought After Allen Isd Right Across The Street From Community Park.formal Living And Dinning Room Are Perfect For Entertaining . Specious Kitchen And Eat In Breakfast Nook Are Open To Family Room With Fire...

Photo of Listing #14181250

1406 Petunia Drive, Allen, TX - $275,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,611 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Come Fall In Love W This Fully Remodeled 3-2-2 In Allen Isd! Open Kitchen W New Cabinets Painted White Topped W Gorgeous Marble, Ss Appliances, Lots Of Windows, Breakfast Bar For Extra Seating. Family Room Has A Fabulous Over Sized Newly Tiled Fir...

Photo of Listing #14179241

706 Lake Highlands Drive, Allen, TX - $295,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,032 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Beautifully Updated Gem In A Quiet Neighborhood Only 5 Minutes From Hwy 75! Recently Update In Sept 2019; Flooring, Lighting, Paint, Cabinets, Counters, Appliances And More. Kitchen And Master Bath Were Completely Gutted And Remodeled. Roof Repl...

Photo of Listing #14161893

1541 Cliff Creek Drive, Allen, TX - $269,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,565 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Hard To Find Gem In Lost Creek Ranch! This One-story Home Offers The Perfect Sized Floor Plan With 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms And An Open Concept Kitchen, Living And Dining That Is Perfect For Entertaining! This Property Has Been Recently Upgraded To...

Photo of Listing #14183202

748 Yale Drive, Allen, TX - $339,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,571 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Stylish Updates Completed On This 1 Story Gem In Allen Isd! Split Bedrooms, And Generous Living And Dining Spaces Highlight This Very Well Laid Out Home. Recent Updates Include New Granite Counters In Kitchen, New Backsplash, New Stainless Steel A...

Photo of Listing #14184019

5812 Broken Spur, McKinney, TX - $299,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,018 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Open And Inviting 3 Bed, 2 Full Bath Home In Mckinney, Sought After Allen Isd! Granite Counters In Spacious Kitchen, 2017 Wood Floors, See-through, Wood-burning Fireplace Between Dining Room And Living Room Make For Cozy Evenings. 2017 Roof, 2015 ...

Photo of Listing #14172597

1024 Spencer Street, Allen, TX - $599,990

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.2 Baths
  • 3,286 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Beautiful Modern New Darling Home On An Oversized, Premium Lot Which Backs To Private Greenbelt Area With Native Trees.plenty Of Room For A Pool,great Outdoor Living Area. Look At All The Rooms Viewing The Trees!loaded With Upgrades And Has All Of...

Photo of Listing #14181483

549 Cumberland Drive, Allen, TX - $200,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,259 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Traditional Charm At A Very Nice Price! This Cozy 3 Br, 2 Ba Home Is Located In The Award Winning Allen Isd School District! This Home Features A Spacious Open Living Room With Large Wood Burning Fireplace And Mantle. Enjoy Formal Dining Or Meals ...

Photo of Listing #14183809

962 Euclid Drive, Allen, TX - $439,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,610 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Rarely Found 1 Story 3 Bedroom Plus Study & Formal Dining South Facing Home Features Wood Floors, Neutral Palette & Natural Light. Open Floor Plan Boasts Chef's Kitchen With Granite Island, Ss Appliances, Built In Microwave, Oven, And 5 Burner Gas...

Photo of Listing #14184258

1835 Wood Duck Lane, Allen, TX - $429,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 2,895 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Immaculate One-owner Ashton Woods Patio Home In Sought-after Allen Community+isd. Convenient Location Between Highway 121 And 75. This Beautiful Community Offers Private Lake And Walking Trail. Upgrade Kitchen Come With 2nd Sink, Ss Appliances, 5 ...

Photo of Listing #14182648

1859 Wood Duck Lane, Allen, TX - $460,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,164 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Lots Of Natural Light Throughout This Adorable Two-story House With Four Bedrooms And Four Baths In The Highly Sought-after Preserve Subdivision In Allen. Home Features Hardwood Floors On The First Floor And Natural Stone Fireplaces. Kitchen Has G...

Photo of Listing #14179951

951 Herschell Street, Allen, TX - $699,999

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 4,040 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Light Bright Open & Airy Allen Home. Step Into A 27 Ft Foyer Leading To Large La's. Hand-scraped Hdwd Floors On The 1st Level. This North Facing 5 Br 4 Ba Home W 3 Car Is Peaceful W Flex Spaces. The Mbr & Guest Br & Bath Are On 1st Fl W 3 Br Up. T...

Photo of Listing #14180762

1210 Shadetree Lane, Allen, TX - $452,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,173 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Beautiful Darling Built Home With A Sparkling Pool, Spa And Outdoor Living Area Complete With Built In Grill, Fridge And Pergola. Lovely Mature Landscape Surrounds The Pool. Dramatic Entry With Vaulted Ceiling And Staircase. Interior Boasts Handso...

Photo of Listing #14184554

5200 Berwick Lane, Parker, TX - $1,195,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 5,230 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Mls# 14184554 - Built By Newcastle Homes - Const. Completed Apr 01 2017 ~ Beautiful 5 Bedroom Single Story 4-car Garage Home On 1.99 Acres. Elegant Double Iron Doors. Dramatic Foyer With 3 Groin Vaults And Wet Bar. With Wine Gate. Vaulted Family ...

Photo of Listing #14173228

1306 Hazelwood Drive, Allen, TX - $289,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,029 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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Unparalleled Quality And Appeal Can Be Found In This Single-story Charmer With Modern Updates. New Engineered Hardwood Floors, New Carpet, And A Full Interior Repaint Create A Crisp, Blank Canvas For Your Decorating And Interior Design Touches. Va...

Photo of Listing #14177074

816 Walnut Drive, Allen, TX - $289,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,058 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Family Life Thrives In This Lovely 3 Bedroom 2.1 Bath 3 Car Garage Home With Formal Living And Dining Areas! New Carpet! Sunshine Bright Kitchen With Custom Cabinetry,black Appliances,tiled Backsplash,island & Walk-in Pantry!relax In The Cozy Fami...

Photo of Listing #14183427

1411 Shetland Drive, Allen, TX - $350,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,595 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Located On A Quiet Street In Glendover Park - Spacious 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 1 Story Home With A Great Flowing Floor Plan! The Back Of The Home Contains The Master, 2 Nice Sized Bedrooms, Connected By A Jack N Jill Bath. At The Other End Of The Home ...

Photo of Listing #14183473

1030 Winslow Drive, Allen, TX - $275,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,905 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Beautifully Maintained One Owner Home In Allen's Heritage Park Neighborhood! Upgrades Include Solar Screens On All Windows, Vinyl Siding, 12x9 Storage Building And Boat Slab, 3 Car Driveway. This 4 Bedroom Home Has A Huge Living Area That Is The H...

Photo of Listing #14138704

1410 Guthrie Lane, Allen, TX - $469,990

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 2,865 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Completed Meritage Built New Construction Home Full Of Upgrades! Chef Quality Kitchen W Large Prep Island, Gas Cooktop, Range Hood, Double Oven, Quarts C-tops & Subway Tile Backsplash! Spacious Family Room W Vaulted Ceilings & Stone Fireplace! Spa...

Photo of Listing #14090957

414 Sunrise Drive, Allen, TX - $369,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,346 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Delightful North Facing Home In Spring Meadow That Has Been Recently Renovated With New Wood Flooring On Main Level. New Cooktop, Vent And Light Fixtures In Kitchen And Updated Half Bath Mirror. 5 Bedrooms, 3.1 Baths, And 3 La's With Soaring Ceili...

Photo of Listing #14173252

1327 Marwood Drive, Allen, TX - $341,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,420 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Step Into An Airy Atmosphere Filled With Multiple Upgrades, Various Desirable Finishes, And Ample Living Space. Neutral Interior Paint Tones, New White Granite Countertops, Refurbished Cabinets, New Backsplash And New Stainless Appliances Grace Th...

Photo of Listing #14182639

1317 Terrace Lane, Allen, TX - $354,786

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,649 SQFT
  • 6 DAYS
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Shows Like A Model! Look At This Beautiful Stone Elevation Home With Covered Patio On A Cornet Lot! Brand New Roof As Of July 2019. Master Bedroom + One Bedroom Down With A Full Bath. Kitchen With Granite Counter Tops, Stainless Steel Appliances W...

Photo of Listing #14181900

807 Pebblebrook Drive, Allen, TX - $290,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,722 SQFT
  • 6 DAYS
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This Gem Has Beautiful Updates. The Bright Kitchen Features Gas Cooktop, Granite Counters, Stainless Appliances And Stone Backsplash. Formal Dining With Trayed Ceiling Could Also Serve As A Great Office. Large Master Bedroom With Two Walk In Clos...

Photo of Listing #14181622

2235 Morning Dew Court, Allen, TX - $434,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,410 SQFT
  • 7 DAYS
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Price Reduced Drastically. Motivated Seller! This Beautiful Home Is Nestled In The Starcreek Neighborhood In Allen, Tx. The Entry Welcomes You In With Beautiful Iron Staircase And Large Office With Glass French Doors. High Ceilings And Open Flo...

Photo of Listing #14181967

5824 Amphora Avenue, McKinney, TX - $390,485

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,829 SQFT
  • 7 DAYS
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Mls# 14181967 - Built By Impression Homes - Const. Completed Feb 23 2018 ~ Come Home To This Beautiful Bristol Model With Elegant Covered Front Porch And Awesome Brick And Stone Exterior. Large Study Off Entrance Leading To Cozy Open Kitchen And F...

924 Pebblebrook Drive, Allen, TX - $299,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,212 SQFT
  • 8 DAYS
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Coming Soon!! Remodeled 2018. Pool On Property With New Lining. Elegant White Kitchen, Designer Bathroom Vanities In All Bathrooms, Wood Like Floors, Tile And Carpet Throughout.

Photo of Listing #14180828

2461 Electra Drive, Allen, TX - $806,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 3,990 SQFT
  • 8 DAYS
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Mls# 14180828 - Built By Toll Brothers, Inc. - February Completion! ~ 23-miles Northeast Of Dallas-fort Worth Entertainment And Employment Opportunities, You Will Find A Spacious Home With A Stucco And Stone Exterior. Inside Will Surprise You Wit...

1712 Terrell Drive, Allen, TX - $330,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,636 SQFT
  • 8 DAYS
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Beautiful One Owner Home In Allen's Silhouette Neighborhood! This 4 Bedroom Home With Walk In Closets In Every Bedroom Shows True Pride Of Ownership. Large Eat In Kitchen Has Flat Top Cook Top, Solid Surface Counters And Tile Floor. Formal Dining ...

1604 Lost Creek Drive, Allen, TX - $359,975

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 3,025 SQFT
  • 9 DAYS
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Gorgeous 2 Story Home In Desirable Lost Creek Ranch Offers Great Location Across From The Private Community Pool, Walking Trails, And Park! Lots Of Bright Natural Light And Open Floor Plan. Beautiful Gourmet Kitchen With Abundant Cabinets, Granite...

1853 Audubon Pond Way, Allen, TX - $612,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,836 SQFT
  • 10 DAYS
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This Stunning Ashton Woods Home Located In The Preserve Has Ample Storage, Including 8 Walk-in Closets! 3 Walk-in Closets In The 1st Floor Master Suite. Open The Front Door Into An Elegant Entry Way With Custom Tile Flooring. Your Private Study...

608 Hefner Drive, Allen, TX - $255,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,448 SQFT
  • 10 DAYS
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Darling Home In A Beautiful Established Neighborhood. All Water And Sewer Pipes Replaced. Home Well Maintained. Pretty Laminate Wood Floors, Fireplace With Gas Logs And Sliding Door From Living Area To Large Backyard With A Nice Storage Shed. Gal...

5904 Silver Buckle Drive, McKinney, TX - $349,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,988 SQFT
  • 11 DAYS
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Fabulous Two Story In Saddle Club! Prestigious Allen Schools - Elementary Close By Along With Community. Pool. Open Floor Plan. Kitchen Has Granite And Stainless Appliances, Over-sized Oven And Great Cabinets. Home Has 2019 Carpet Upstairs, 2018 H...

5737 Wilford Drive, McKinney, TX - $349,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,607 SQFT
  • 11 DAYS
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One Of A Kind House!! A Must See!!! Beautiful 2 Story Home Featuring 4 Bedrooms And 2.5 Baths. Loaded With Upgrades And A Beautiful Open Floor Plan. This Home Features Hand Scraped Engineered Wood Floors, Designer Fixtures, Custom Paint And Much M...

891 Starcreek Parkway, Allen, TX - $505,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,030 SQFT
  • 11 DAYS
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Pristine 1 And Half Story, Built By Darling Homes, 3 Br, 3.5 Bath Home With Master Br , Study, Dining Room And 2 Secondary Brs Downstairs And Huge Game Room Upstairs With Full Bath. Gorgeous Eat-in Kitchen With Granite Countertops, Island, Brea...

1538 Hennessey Drive, Allen, TX - $689,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 4,660 SQFT
  • 11 DAYS
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Upgraded Throughout, This Grand Home Is Stunningly Beautiful. The Beautiful Architectural Details Abound, Including A Sweeping Staircase With Iron Balusters, Arched Doorways And Dramatic Vaulted Ceiling In The Living Room. Step Down Into The Pri...

1527 Winthrop Drive, Allen, TX - $625,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,787 SQFT
  • 11 DAYS
View details More Photos Save

Absolutely Stunning, Turn-key, With Flawless Design And Upgraded Finishes. 4 Bedroom Windsor Home In Cumberland Crossing. Nothing About This Home Is Cookie Cutter Or Average! From The Special Lot Placement To The Gourmet Kitchen To The Oversized G...

514 Laredo Circle, Allen, TX - $572,500

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,995 SQFT
  • 11 DAYS
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Custom Home In The Desirable Community Of Twin Creeks. Enter Through The Arched Wooden Doors And You Will Immediately Notice The Attention To Details In The Trim And Crown Moldings. Formal Living Areas To The Left And Study With Built-in Bookshelv...

901 Circle Cove Drive, Allen, TX - $210,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,277 SQFT
  • 11 DAYS
View details More Photos Save

Light, Bright And Loaded With Fresh New Updates!! From The Front Door To The Totally Renovated Kitchen, Almost Every Surface Has Been Touched. Replaced Kitchen Cabinets With Soft Close Doors And Drawers Provide Abundant Storage And Granite Counter...

Photo of Listing #14107470

1329 Mistywood Lane, Allen, TX - $289,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,088 SQFT
  • 12 DAYS
View details More Photos Save

Great Updated Home In Allen. The Sellers Have Done It All. Welcoming Wide Front Porch. One Of The Largest Floor Plans In The Neighborhood. New Windows, Wood Look Tile Flooring, Fresh Paint, Trim & Cabinet Refacing. Completely Rebuilt Showers In B...

1023 Kenilworth Street, Allen, TX - $725,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 4,900 SQFT
  • 12 DAYS
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Light And Bright With An Open Floor Plan, Soaring Ceilings, Archways & Elegant Details. Home Boast 5 Spacious Bedrooms, Game Room & Media Room.two Bedrooms And Two Full Bathrooms On The First Floor. Dream Kitchen With Over Sized Island, Large B'fa...

1023 Grand Teton Drive, Allen, TX - $309,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,077 SQFT
  • 12 DAYS
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Well Maintained One Story Home Conveniently Located To Schools, Shops And Restaurants. Minutes From Highway 75. Across The Street From Celebration Park! Excellent Floor Plan With Kitchen Open To Family Room, Study, And Split Master Suite For Priva...

608 Cano Street, Allen, TX - $450,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,378 SQFT
  • 12 DAYS
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Great Curb Appeal When You Walk In You Will See The Soaring Ceilings So Much Natural Light All Throughout The Home. Great Home For Entertaining The Floor Plan Has A Terrific Flow. There Is A Great Study Downstairs, The Kitchen Has A Gas Cook Top T...

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