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Homes For Sale In Argyle ISD

The table in which these Argyle Independent School District single-family homes for sale listings are presented below is searchable and sortable. This makes it an excellent tool for doing a quick high-level assessment of houses currently available for sale within the available Argyle ISD attendance boundaries. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading.

A more traditional website presentation in which a picture and summary description of each of these Argyle ISD homes are shown also is provided below on this page.

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1528 E Hickory Ridge Circle, Argyle$1,089,9004,410200054.123Y2.50
110941 Smoky Oak Trail, Flower Mound$680,0003,729201754.123Y0.26
111125 Smoky Oak Court, Flower Mound$1,050,0004,638201544.123Y0.44
2416 Appaloosa Run, Argyle$799,9004,173201844.023N0.35
4709 Fenceline Drive, Argyle$378,0002,488201443.012N0.14
41212 10th, Northlake$544,6792,929202144.013N0.25
51202 Redbud Drive, Bartonville$180,0001,680198442.010N0.22
53209 Fairway Drive, Denton$899,9994,016201944.123N0.40
66620 Dolan Falls Drive, Flower Mound$649,9904,420201643.112N0.27
61541 Twistleaf Road, Flower Mound$459,9902,514201932.012N0.18
6900 Hat Creek Court, Bartonville$3,100,0007,470201965.124Y2.06
711508 Antler Ridge Way, Argyle$705,9003,714202143.113N0.00
711504 Antler Ridge Way, Argyle$722,9003,525202144.113N0.00
77021 Salmon Springs Drive, Argyle$703,9003,410202143.113N0.00
77025 Salmon Springs Drive, Argyle$695,9003,334202143.113N0.00
711509 Misty Ridge Drive, Flower Mound$584,9902,926201744.122N0.00
14778 Johns Well Court, Argyle$999,0005,288200844.123Y2.50
181209 10th Street, Argyle$625,1983,902202154.123N0.00
19420 Pegasus Ridge, Argyle$750,0004,145201744.123N0.39
226209 Savannah Oak Trail, Flower Mound$574,5203,242201443.123N0.17
22819 Indian Trail, Argyle$1,650,0006,230201876.124N6.34
231408 17th Street, Argyle$530,8563,323202043.113N0.15
3311308 Bull Head Lane, Flower Mound$499,9003,329201843.023N0.20
36319 Carrington Drive, Argyle$710,9003,521202044.113N0.37
36309 Aberdeen Boulevard, Argyle$713,9003,756202044.113N0.34
41302 Misty, Argyle$704,4363,378202044.012N0.21
41613 Blue Horizon Way, Argyle$436,2542,178202032.112N0.14
42324 Boonesville Bend, Argyle$850,0003,762201443.222N0.25
43615 Blue Horizon Way, Argyle$507,3993,201202143.122N0.15
45215 Stirling Drive, Argyle$899,9003,539201844.113N0.30
451064 Roadrunner Road, Bartonville$2,395,0005,277200243.114Y5.52
5111351 Misty Ridge Drive, Flower Mound$524,9902,926202044.122N0.17
54309 Waters Edge Drive, Argyle$680,4723,168202044.012N0.23
556359 Whiskerbrush Road, Flower Mound$530,0003,405201643.122N0.14
583236 Club View, Denton$945,0003,895202144.023N0.55
613516 Misty Meadow Lane, Northlake$478,3002,830201743.113N0.17
626908 Basket Flower, Flower Mound$722,7963,983202044.223N0.22
632653 Basswood Drive, Argyle$529,6863,018202044.122N0.21
755513 Montalcino Boulevard, Flower Mound$1,129,5004,280202144.114N1.14
104324 Carrington Drive, Argyle$675,0003,541202043.023N0.28
106621 Sunset Court, Argyle$850,0003,964198444.023N2.00
1098701 Baltusrol Drive, Flower Mound$2,149,0007,474200356.124N1.55
1141508 Twistleaf Boulevard, Flower Mound$587,5542,766202043.122N0.25
1188621 Normandy Way, Argyle$1,390,0007,212200866.124Y1.06
12411624 Slumber Falls Drive, Flower Mound$654,3973,892202033.122N0.25
1344219 Meadowview Drive, Argyle$139,900896199722.010N0.38
144748 Cimarron Court, Argyle$4,950,00011,509200779.227Y5.56
1478601 Riviera Court, Flower Mound$997,5005,500199545.124Y1.96
1556913 Basket Flower, Flower Mound$617,1762,840202043.013N0.23
1732822 Silver Leaf Drive, Argyle$496,0012,607202033.012N0.20
199735 E Hickory Hill Road, Argyle$4,200,0007,044202066.124Y12.40
3007100 Woodside Drive, Argyle$749,0003,746202044.023N0.00
537834 Frenchtown Road, Argyle$649,9991,702196732.012N4.91

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