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Homes For Sale In Frisco ISD

The table in which these Frisco Independent School District single-family homes for sale listings are presented below is searchable and sortable. This makes it an excellent tool for doing a quick high-level assessment of houses currently available for sale within the available Frisco ISD attendance boundaries. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading.

A more traditional website presentation in which a picture and summary description of each of these Frisco ISD homes are shown also is provided below on this page.

Please call 972 355-3511 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
112504 Cardinal Creek Drive, Frisco$379,9003,165200542.122N0.15
13564 Stroll Road, Plano$310,0001,703200732.012N0.17
14108 Rancho Del Norte Trail, McKinney$309,9001,999200532.012N0.12
110505 N Ambergate Lane, Frisco$315,0001,806199832.012N0.15
1864 Highland Hills Drive, Frisco$469,9003,896200854.023N0.18
12147 Crowbridge Drive, Frisco$425,0002,727200432.112N0.18
14929 Ridgedale Drive, Plano$400,0002,367199732.122N0.13
112240 Lenox Lane, Frisco$2,299,9006,820201455.223Y0.47
15739 Summer Star Lane, Frisco$725,0005,634200754.123N0.23
113585 Mill Town Drive, Frisco$419,0002,770200542.122Y0.14
26205 Eldridge Lane, McKinney$446,7003,434201643.022N0.11
21174 Alamo Court, Frisco$549,9003,886200243.122Y0.21
21229 Horsemint Drive, Little Elm$429,0003,295202043.022N0.16
26900 San Juan Trail, McKinney$379,0002,050201332.112N0.15
211875 Coronado Trail, Frisco$779,0004,508201055.223Y0.26
27256 Silverbrook Lane, Frisco$539,9004,266201154.023N0.27
22321 Tisbury Way, Little Elm$289,9002,608199942.122N0.17
212665 Ducks Landing, Frisco$389,0003,148200243.023N0.15
210738 Leonatus Lane, Frisco$860,0004,589201855.123N0.19
26624 Waverly Lane, Frisco$429,0003,564200054.022N0.19
29305 Timber Wagon Drive, McKinney$379,9002,599200442.122Y0.18
27398 Creekmere Drive, Frisco$309,9001,811200432.012N0.17
21225 Horsemint Drive, Little Elm$419,0002,868202043.022N0.14
21221 Horsemint Drive, Little Elm$439,0003,370202043.022N0.13
2850 Gaited Trail, Frisco$535,0003,192201443.123N0.15
28724 Calistoga Springs Way, Plano$475,0003,510200144.022N0.23
26530 Scottsdale Way, Frisco$369,9003,017200242.122N0.15
22473 Maidenhair Road, Frisco$547,6953,002202054.022N0.23
21301 Rain Fern Drive, McKinney$275,0001,924200632.012N0.14
27106 Fieldstone Drive, Frisco$360,0002,376199432.012N0.16
27400 Los Padres Place, McKinney$690,0004,046201343.013Y0.21
210604 Brandenberg Drive, Frisco$309,9002,162199642.012N0.16
26820 Cotton Seed Drive, McKinney$320,0002,290200732.122N0.14
31448 San Andres Drive, Frisco$511,0003,853200543.123N0.24
37680 Red Clover Drive, Frisco$494,9003,259200043.123Y0.20
38200 Indian Palms Trail, McKinney$384,0003,301200853.022N0.16
32488 Hammock Lake Drive, Little Elm$389,0002,782201142.112N0.18
31700 Bareback Ranch Road, Frisco$689,9903,735201243.123N0.20
311112 Rogers Road, Frisco$349,9002,456199942.122N0.21
310217 Coolidge Drive, McKinney$335,0002,361200542.122N0.11
310905 Shadow Brook Lane, Frisco$315,0002,043199942.012N0.16
312318 Payne Street, Frisco$369,9002,193201242.012N0.23
31842 Mustang Trail, Frisco$525,0004,227200453.122N0.19
34633 Post Oak Drive, Frisco$900,0005,146199744.123Y0.34
31703 Polo Heights Drive, Frisco$415,0003,863200554.022N0.21
37804 Desert Dunes Trail, McKinney$462,0002,988202043.122N0.12
313942 Hot Springs Lane, Frisco$455,0004,342200743.123N0.16
36724 Sigma Lane, Frisco$700,0004,917201355.123N0.24
36800 Marina Circle, McKinney$415,0002,292201833.112N0.13
38717 Tutbury Place, McKinney$423,0003,436201754.022N0.12
37708 Pleasant Valley Trail, McKinney$305,0002,229200642.012N0.13
315680 Custer Trail, Frisco$1,437,5243,500199343.223Y1.50
311165 Tenison Lane, Frisco$499,0003,568200153.122Y0.21
32954 La Vista Lane, Frisco$389,9002,456200242.022N0.15
312214 Ducks Landing, Frisco$339,0002,186200432.012N0.15
3509 Cypress Hill Drive, Little Elm$410,0003,373201443.022N0.14
49515 Westridge, Frisco$395,0002,503197232.112N1.29
49216 Azinger Drive, Plano$324,5002,260199832.022N0.15
412921 Railhead Court, Frisco$889,9004,472201544.123N0.31
42477 Dawn Mist Drive, Little Elm$349,9003,060200442.123N0.24
43616 San Gabriel Avenue, Frisco$739,0002,868201133.013Y0.22
43904 Sunglow Trail, McKinney$325,0002,348200643.022N0.16
514617 Little Anne Drive, Little Elm$344,9003,464200753.122N0.12
59284 County Down Lane, Frisco$530,0004,333201354.023N0.20
59694 Sunset Drive, Frisco$648,8003,250201843.122N0.16
55100 Lake Creek Court, Frisco$439,9003,390200043.122N0.25
512462 Riverhill Road, Frisco$850,0004,505201154.123N0.21
57014 Poco Soto Drive, Frisco$750,0004,537201544.123N0.26
510620 Wintergreen Drive, Frisco$639,0003,627201944.123N0.18
610948 Pecos Court, Frisco$875,0005,437200754.223N0.35
61364 Coneflower Drive, Frisco$364,7301,802202032.012N0.15
6761 High Meadow Road, Frisco$464,9003,263200643.123N0.18
82351 Hague Drive, Frisco$599,9005,113200744.122N0.20
81104 Seclusion Cove Drive, McKinney$489,0003,857201344.022N0.19
89987 Dartmouth Drive, Frisco$339,0002,354200732.122N0.19
82429 Morning Dew Drive, Little Elm$339,0002,245200542.012N0.18
85717 Cojimar Drive, McKinney$265,0001,650201222.122N0.04
914196 Sorano Drive, Frisco$592,0004,306201253.123N0.25
910129 Slick Rock Trail, Frisco$365,0002,303200132.112N0.15
911653 Cedar Springs Drive, Frisco$559,9993,736200744.123N0.20
94232 Wellesley Avenue, Frisco$619,0003,008201633.113N0.17
913680 Cardigan Lane, Frisco$624,9904,130202055.223N0.19
96300 Whetstone Drive, McKinney$364,9002,925200742.022N0.16
912557 Granite Falls Trail, Frisco$450,0003,769200754.023N0.20
99808 Southgate Drive, McKinney$285,0001,873200632.012N0.16
911437 Eaglebend Lane, Frisco$414,9003,592199854.023N0.18
98260 Fairview Drive, Frisco$548,8002,128201833.012N0.16
97112 Chateau Drive, Frisco$336,0002,070199442.012N0.13
98213 Ottowa Ridge, Frisco$466,4582,762202043.022N0.13
915282 Wintergrass Road, Frisco$580,0003,465201844.122N0.18
92444 Morning Dew Drive, Little Elm$359,0002,891200543.022N0.23
93429 Daylight Drive, Little Elm$299,0001,864201432.012N0.14
102336 San Andres Drive, Frisco$714,9005,215201354.223Y0.29
108180 Rock Brook Street, Frisco$305,0002,139199142.122N0.16
1049 Mill Pond Drive, Frisco$499,0002,953200332.122Y0.13
1015610 Forest Creek Drive, Frisco$399,9003,186200243.022N0.17
10687 Revalen Lane, Frisco$465,0003,440201443.122N0.28
108721 Paradise Drive, McKinney$513,4442,927202044.022N0.10
106096 Dunsford Drive, Frisco$474,9993,074200643.122Y0.22
101561 Morris Lane, Frisco$570,0003,801200633.122N0.13
102207 Hague Drive, Frisco$650,0004,487200643.123N0.22
1011950 Verona Court, Frisco$729,9004,282200553.223N0.25
104920 Baton Rouge Boulevard, Frisco$338,0002,023199532.012N0.16
104920 Plantation Lane, Frisco$475,0003,578199753.022N0.18
102814 Del Largo Way, Frisco$385,0002,590200243.022N0.16
1112925 Walnut Ridge Drive, Frisco$415,0002,981200943.022N0.16
1110301 Max Lane, Frisco$355,0002,454199542.122N0.15
115209 Promise Land, Frisco$359,0002,634199243.022N0.13
115485 Moonlight Lane, Frisco$359,9002,552200332.122N0.15
116612 Stallion Ranch Road, Frisco$767,5004,284201455.123Y0.22
1213708 Mammoth Cave Lane, Frisco$414,9902,016201932.012N0.22
1213866 Kevin Drive, Frisco$429,9902,200201953.012N0.17
134225 Querida Avenue, McKinney$524,9903,543202044.022N0.00
139220 Indian Knoll Drive, McKinney$460,0004,236200453.123N0.14
134385 Florentine Lane, Frisco$630,0003,708201445.023N0.18
147808 Kickapoo Drive, McKinney$729,9504,657201653.122N0.16
1411579 Mesa Verde Drive, Frisco$709,9004,339200253.123Y0.28
155825 Stonewall Drive, McKinney$490,0002,930201943.122N0.13
152640 Leisure Lane, Little Elm$315,0002,207200642.012N0.18
164621 Observation, Plano$549,0003,190201453.122N0.16
168105 Blacktail Trail, McKinney$329,0002,260200332.122N0.12
164616 Spalding, Plano$444,9002,235201332.112N0.15
168265 Cotton Patch Lane, Frisco$474,9902,935202043.022N0.16
168314 Cotton Patch Lane, Frisco$481,9903,110202054.122N0.17
1612492 Pleasant Grove Drive, Frisco$539,9004,298201354.023N0.21
161328 Horse Creek Drive, Frisco$674,9004,188201454.223N0.19
162852 Barnhill Lane, Frisco$437,5003,271200443.122N0.16
165204 Watters Branch Drive, McKinney$467,5002,954201844.122N0.15
168113 Waimea Street, Frisco$339,9002,001199232.122N0.14
164444 Waskom Drive, Plano$362,0002,530200243.022N0.15
162452 Greenbrook Drive, Little Elm$354,9002,660200643.022N0.16
1615793 Pine Bluff Cove, Frisco$419,0003,084200143.122N0.18
165910 Dustin Trail, Frisco$334,9002,832200043.022N0.13
177116 Planters Row Drive, McKinney$256,0001,718200442.122N0.10
171256 Timber Lane, Frisco$650,0005,282200454.123N0.22
172696 Lake Ridge Drive, Little Elm$319,0002,461200642.122N0.14
1711916 Chattanooga Drive, Frisco$329,9001,757199632.012N0.16
172150 Idlewild Drive, Frisco$499,8003,929199953.122N0.20
178239 Cotton Patch Lane, Frisco$494,9903,471202054.122N0.16
178090 Hickory Street, Frisco$274,9001,474198432.012N0.21
174633 Chapel Creek Drive, Plano$575,0004,340200353.122N0.18
178620 Grassland Drive, McKinney$339,0001,820201632.012N0.00
171394 Coneflower Drive, Frisco$442,0693,106202043.122N0.15
171231 Coneflower Drive, Frisco$433,7192,434202032.112N0.19
1713008 Abbott Drive, Frisco$375,0002,064200542.012N0.15
1752 Emerald Pond Drive, Frisco$509,0003,410200043.122N0.13
178304 La Quinta Lane, McKinney$309,9992,280200332.112N0.13
1813728 Wickham Lane, Frisco$553,6202,864202032.113N0.19
1813680 Wickham Lane, Frisco$574,9902,881202043.013N0.19
187611 Traveller Street, Frisco$659,9003,079201843.113N0.18
183940 Marble Hill Road, Frisco$740,0003,421201844.013N0.22
188548 Caribou Drive, Frisco$512,0002,831201943.122N0.14
188278 Sitka Street, Frisco$512,0002,761201943.122N0.14
188300 Lonesome Spur Trail, McKinney$325,0003,096200542.122N0.12
181912 Lanshire Drive, McKinney$324,0002,539200642.122N0.13
191049 Talley Lane, Frisco$375,0003,086200353.122N0.18
192404 Boatman Drive, Little Elm$365,0002,124201732.012N0.21
198108 Steamers Lane, Frisco$325,0002,415199332.122N0.15
207125 Wind Row Drive, McKinney$274,9001,873200442.122N0.10
2011110 Alexandria Drive, Frisco$524,9004,125199454.022Y0.19
20600 Regency Trail, McKinney$434,9003,839200343.122N0.17
201272 Gray Fox Lane, Frisco$494,4223,391202043.122N0.22
206960 Mercy Road, Frisco$650,0004,171201354.123N0.20
201250 Gray Fox Lane, Frisco$458,8482,622202032.112N0.22
209548 Hetta Drive, Frisco$525,0003,405201954.022N0.14
219704 Carmel Valley Drive, Frisco$318,9251,827199142.122N0.12
2114336 Gatewood Lane, Frisco$549,0003,720201843.222N0.15
22744 Telemark Trail, Frisco$599,0004,083201554.122N0.16
2212215 Peak Circle, Frisco$285,0002,349200232.022N0.13
224613 Vista Grande, Plano$600,0004,195201465.022N0.17
2310712 Tree Shadow Lane, Frisco$412,0003,009199953.022N0.16
231255 Bridle Boulevard, Frisco$684,9004,017201443.123N0.20
233644 Evita Drive, Frisco$949,9005,209201354.123Y0.26
235483 Travis Drive, Frisco$439,9002,849200033.022N0.12
231363 Tomah Drive, Frisco$389,9002,936200842.122N0.17
235769 Lightfoot Lane, Frisco$600,0003,606201544.022Y0.17
23572 Laverton Drive, Frisco$768,0034,213202044.223N0.00
239801 Concord Drive, Frisco$330,0001,710199132.012N0.12
233683 Sevilla Drive, Frisco$475,9002,609201843.122N0.11
23524 Laverton Drive, Frisco$760,7914,188202055.123N0.00
2310704 Tree Shadow Lane, Frisco$364,9002,613199942.122N0.18
231247 Coneflower Drive, Frisco$415,3402,267202032.012N0.18
23745 Shiprock, Frisco$349,9002,707200642.122N0.13
244240 Hazelwood Avenue, Frisco$605,0003,001201733.013N0.20
2416339 Creek Plum Road, Frisco$513,9903,251202044.023N0.00
248821 Stenson Street, McKinney$489,9003,224201554.122N0.11
2415648 Pleat Leaf Road, Frisco$532,3493,599202044.023N0.23
249916 Thomas Jefferson Drive, McKinney$264,9901,700200532.012N0.14
245146 Statesman Lane, Frisco$790,2384,551202055.223N0.00
245376 Statesman Lane, Frisco$849,9904,522201555.123N0.00
251770 Coldstone Drive, Frisco$575,0004,640200454.023N0.21
256712 Shinnecock Hills Drive, McKinney$474,0002,658202043.122N0.20
258516 Royal County Down Drive, McKinney$515,0003,470202054.023N0.13
2513162 Gallahadion Way, Frisco$899,3704,995202055.123N0.20
254404 Addax Trail, Frisco$559,9004,305201553.123N0.18
251689 Foard Drive, Frisco$685,0004,001200433.122N0.14
255564 Monterey Drive, Frisco$3,289,0007,008200255.114Y0.82
258000 Keechie Drive, McKinney$589,9003,355200843.123Y0.18
262295 Stuttgart Drive, Frisco$365,0003,436200453.122N0.14
2610424 Sexton Drive, McKinney$340,0001,924200832.012N0.14
2712920 Cabana Drive, Frisco$409,9901,924202033.012N0.10
274166 Parterre Drive, Frisco$304,0001,900200232.012N0.16
2910305 Ambergate Lane, Frisco$329,9002,280199842.122N0.14
296203 Sweeney Trail, Frisco$1,895,0006,926200956.123Y0.34
304017 Wind Dance Circle, Plano$475,0003,579200454.023N0.16
305854 Country View Lane, Frisco$419,9003,582200553.122N0.13
305603 Foard Drive, Frisco$519,0002,765200633.022N0.16
302545 Dearborn Lane, Frisco$515,0004,246200664.023N0.20
305822 Midnight Moon Drive, Frisco$467,0003,822200553.122N0.19
304905 Palm Springs Drive, McKinney$449,9002,916201543.122N0.12
303213 Raphael Court, McKinney$480,0002,375202033.122N0.13
303208 Renoir Lane, McKinney$410,0002,130202043.122N0.08
302833 Greenway Drive, Frisco$329,0002,289200542.012N0.15
3010408 Noel Drive, Frisco$450,0003,238200153.022N0.22
307800 Comanche Way, McKinney$684,9005,612200353.232N0.16
303472 Delford Drive, Frisco$514,9004,081200554.023N0.21
318401 Loma Alta Trail, McKinney$384,9003,276200653.022N0.15
316377 Bear Lake Road, Frisco$584,0003,499201444.223N0.15
316209 Pete Dye Road, McKinney$410,0002,202201532.112N0.12
3115612 Plum Lane, McKinney$665,0004,379197844.022N1.93
311340 Coneflower Drive, Frisco$379,8902,129202042.012N0.15
313000 San Patricio Drive, Plano$425,0003,425200043.123N0.38
3213805 Notting Hill Drive, Little Elm$430,9002,910201643.022N0.16
323133 Seneca Drive, Frisco$869,0004,269200043.123N0.25
3210482 Tobias Lane, Frisco$830,0004,178201544.123N0.28
328317 Cotton Patch Lane, Frisco$504,9903,632202054.122N0.16
3211653 Avondale Drive, Frisco$489,9994,298200454.123N0.20
334432 White Rock Lane, Plano$435,0003,429200054.022N0.17
3315397 Viburnum Road, Frisco$899,0003,699201844.123Y0.20
336416 Dewberry Drive, Frisco$470,0004,157200443.122N0.17
333201 Raphael Court, McKinney$490,0002,545202033.122N0.10
3415749 Crown Cove Lane, Frisco$475,0003,920200454.023N0.20
348000 Milestone Ridge Drive, Frisco$324,0002,680200532.122N0.16
349001 Mcmullen Drive, Plano$434,9002,988199942.122Y0.20
3413583 Louisiana Lane, Frisco$749,0004,832201355.124N0.21
366904 Gallatin Street, McKinney$448,5002,772201443.022N0.13
375913 Exeter Avenue, McKinney$495,0003,041201643.122N0.10
3710545 Rogers Road, Frisco$1,149,9006,699200245.123Y0.90
377538 Cotton Top Trail, Frisco$609,9903,839202054.123N0.18
3712101 Wildwood Lane, Frisco$429,0003,197199543.023Y0.19
372716 Sarazen Drive, Plano$699,0004,468199743.122N0.36
374142 Wellesley Avenue, Frisco$672,5003,741201633.223N0.18
377600 Cottonwood Street, Frisco$1,395,0003,828197943.013Y3.25
3811425 Rio Secco Road, Frisco$388,0003,221200043.122N0.17
3815196 Brooks Lane, Frisco$358,0002,500200442.112N0.16
38647 Mineral Point Drive, Frisco$464,9003,777200843.122N0.20
3813108 Lyndhurst Drive, Frisco$600,0004,523200864.023N0.19
387751 Piedmont Avenue, Frisco$574,4252,252202033.012N0.15
3812932 Yale Court, Frisco$699,0743,451202044.023N0.15
3813458 Vineyard Lane, Frisco$691,3224,060202054.022N0.20
3813480 Vineyard Lane, Frisco$657,9903,654202054.122N0.20
389012 Roundbluff Road, Plano$370,0003,049199942.122N0.16
382421 Pheasant Drive, Little Elm$339,0002,755200242.122N0.13
381347 Patch Grove Drive, Frisco$399,9003,576200743.122N0.17
3810561 Tobias Lane, Frisco$1,299,0005,537200744.223Y0.27
384086 Wing Point Drive, Frisco$699,9003,104201332.113N0.25
384154 Harvest Lane, Frisco$639,9903,039202032.122N0.14
3816460 Willowick Lane, Frisco$490,3943,515202054.023N0.17
3816434 Willowick Lane, Frisco$461,9882,998202054.023N0.17
3814608 Highland Circle, Little Elm$380,0002,825200842.122N0.13
3911178 Mosaic Drive, Frisco$485,0003,594201454.023N0.18
391329 Tomah Drive, Frisco$419,9003,365201154.022N0.21
395605 River Highlands Drive, McKinney$549,9993,808201344.024N0.18
393849 Washburne Drive, Frisco$725,0004,017201644.022N0.18
392904 Shenandoah Drive, Frisco$2,495,0007,221200255.324N0.82
396397 Shady Oaks Drive, Frisco$1,495,0006,638200555.123Y0.39
3913546 Vineyard Lane, Frisco$674,9904,231202054.123N0.20
395901 Dorset Drive, McKinney$450,0003,118201643.122N0.11
409224 Old Veranda Road, Plano$374,9002,373200342.012N0.17
4014900 Snowshill Drive, Frisco$399,0003,074200342.122N0.18
408570 Caribou Drive, Frisco$512,0003,102201954.022N0.14
4010112 Placid Drive, McKinney$289,0002,136200532.122N0.11
417020 Coulter Lake Road, Frisco$850,0004,410201854.123N0.24
417901 Heritage Palms Trail, McKinney$489,0003,225202054.022N0.12
418001 Heritage Palms Trail, McKinney$446,0002,675202043.122N0.14
417801 Heritage Palms Trail, McKinney$467,0002,986202054.022N0.15
412474 Horsetail Road, Frisco$449,4002,201202032.012N0.20
446812 San Juan Trail, McKinney$424,9902,909201343.022N0.12
444429 Casa Grande Lane, McKinney$495,0003,530201554.022N0.16
4468 Secluded Pond Drive, Frisco$532,5003,491200544.022N0.18
444287 Castle Bank Lane, Frisco$929,9004,892201155.123N0.28
444561 Wilbarger Street, Plano$520,0003,618202043.022N0.11
443804 Temecula Creek Trail, McKinney$309,9502,601200543.022N0.10
449512 Preston Vineyard Drive, Frisco$335,0002,660199542.122N0.14
455501 Twin Cities Lane, McKinney$3,800,00011,219200977.228Y1.00
45840 Saddlebrook Drive, Frisco$449,9003,896200854.023N0.22
457805 Avondale Drive, McKinney$440,0003,056201643.122N0.10
4611038 Millvale Court, Frisco$380,0002,795199942.122N0.28
46855 Nicklaus Court, Frisco$262,0001,442200722.012N0.13
462728 Montreaux Drive, Frisco$949,9004,497200544.123Y0.19
464676 Donegal Drive, Frisco$450,0002,960200333.012N0.21
466708 Sleepy River Street, McKinney$439,0002,431202042.112N0.13
467701 Chickasaw Trail, McKinney$619,9003,355202054.022N0.21
467320 Los Padres Place, McKinney$555,0003,669201343.123N0.21
476500 Dynamite Drive, McKinney$474,9902,858202043.022N0.13
48544 Bannerdale Boulevard, Frisco$579,0003,498201744.022N0.15
486219 Douglas Avenue, Frisco$1,750,0006,159201154.123Y0.48
507616 Choctaw Lane, McKinney$555,0003,322201744.022N0.14
509416 Katrina Path, Plano$459,0003,442200143.022N0.16
506295 Stockwell Drive, Frisco$1,018,7054,268202043.123N0.20
5115125 Sea Eagle Lane, Frisco$429,9003,980200643.122N0.16
517761 Tournament Road, Frisco$332,0002,024199342.122N0.15
512241 Bannister Drive, Frisco$595,0004,600200154.023N0.35
518387 Pitkin Road, Frisco$597,5003,886201344.022N0.19
516075 Westchester Lane, Frisco$795,0004,602201755.022N0.14
511612 Spanish Bay Court, Little Elm$519,9003,996202054.022N0.13
5113225 Tarragona Court, Frisco$729,9003,282201733.113N0.25
515243 Spicewood Lane, Frisco$2,275,0008,098199844.223Y0.54
5111327 Pagewynne Drive, Frisco$365,0002,880199742.122N0.16
526325 Star Creek, Frisco$674,9003,691199833.012N0.24
521111 Resaca Drive, Frisco$355,0002,537200532.010N0.20
5211989 Cobblestone Drive, Frisco$399,9003,092200043.122N0.16
526219 Chimney Peak Lane, Frisco$560,0003,219201343.122N0.18
537703 Parkbrook Drive, Frisco$379,9002,931199952.122N0.18
5411574 Ashdon Lane, Frisco$675,0004,101202053.123N0.23
544209 Vivion Drive, Frisco$701,0423,976202044.123N0.01
541419 Bowie Lane, Frisco$657,5004,824200444.023Y0.24
5412049 Tyler Drive, Frisco$386,4004,326200543.122N0.16
5510200 Hunter Run, Frisco$329,9002,142199442.012N0.15
565812 Stonewall Drive, McKinney$476,8702,930202043.122N0.18
5611643 Seaside Lane, Frisco$625,0004,752200754.123N0.24
578002 Hickory Branch Drive, Frisco$440,0002,792201954.022N0.12
574081 Wing Point Drive, Frisco$609,9002,737201632.112N0.24
5812423 Shoal Forest Lane, Frisco$725,0003,223200832.123N0.19
582933 Shenandoah Drive, Frisco$2,350,0008,138200355.223Y0.58
581776 Passion Flower Road, Frisco$539,9502,794201733.113N0.19
584813 Palm Springs Drive, McKinney$455,0003,328201543.122N0.12
596095 Lightfoot Lane, Frisco$539,9003,408201454.022N0.19
5914248 Danehurst Lane, Frisco$545,0002,998202043.122N0.16
6014128 Gatewood Lane, Frisco$510,0002,697202043.122N0.16
602520 Sedalia Court, Frisco$388,0002,966200233.012N0.15
6013 Stonebriar Way, Frisco$1,525,0002,688199242.022N2.02
618560 Calimar Drive, Frisco$395,0003,480200043.123N0.15
615659 Cecina Drive, Frisco$290,0001,670200622.122N0.05
627079 Pecan Chase Lane, Frisco$564,9004,506201154.023N0.20
6214751 Story Lane, Frisco$565,0003,885201054.023N0.19
6410974 Apple Valley Drive, Frisco$642,0004,506200654.123N0.33
646854 Sigma Lane, Frisco$645,0003,472201354.023N0.21
641517 Frisco Hills Boulevard, Little Elm$430,3442,686202043.022N0.13
641708 Frisco Hills Boulevard, Little Elm$440,6833,143202044.022N0.13
641601 Frisco Hills Boulevard, Little Elm$444,2303,345202054.022N0.13
651865 Bareback Ranch Road, Frisco$810,0004,538201855.123N0.28
651204 Silentbrook, Frisco$684,0004,890200554.123N0.22
6611715 Eden Lane, Frisco$445,0002,837200542.122N0.32
668400 Foothill Drive, Plano$550,0003,584200644.022Y0.14
669367 N County Road, Frisco$750,0002,596202043.013N0.27
666732 Shadow Glen Drive, Frisco$699,0004,643201255.123N0.22
666505 Liberty Court, Frisco$404,5003,640199942.122Y0.21
676844 Saint Phils Street, Frisco$590,0004,067201354.123N0.17
683405 Shaddock Creek Lane, Frisco$779,0004,463200654.023N0.20
6815 Riva Ridge, Frisco$3,845,0009,882199466.326Y4.07
687 Riva Ridge, Frisco$3,750,00012,222199169.238Y2.00
6811321 Powder Horn Lane, Frisco$555,0004,229200754.023N0.17
694213 Sandalwood, Frisco$389,9002,944199842.123N0.17
697305 Rockford Court, McKinney$399,5002,799201743.122N0.08
699813 Meadow Rue Drive, McKinney$285,5001,934200532.012N0.13
6912606 Grayhawk Boulevard, Frisco$499,9504,498200543.123N0.28
696794 Backstretch Boulevard, Frisco$850,0003,951201644.122Y0.17
709936 Old Field Drive, McKinney$344,9002,721200542.122N0.23
713517 Greenbrier Drive, Frisco$860,0004,379201054.123Y0.21
7115683 Buffalo Creek Drive, Frisco$429,9003,052200143.122N0.15
7113318 Riverhill Road, Frisco$837,1724,067202044.223N0.25
7212268 Foothill Lane, Frisco$317,5002,160200242.012N0.00
725431 Widgeon Way, Frisco$654,9004,126199743.123N0.26
73809 Sundrop Drive, Little Elm$382,0002,946201632.122N0.13
7315139 Bull Run Drive, Frisco$367,9002,569200442.122N0.17
738254 Sitka Street, Frisco$486,0002,782202043.022N0.13
736800 Helena Way, McKinney$475,5003,163201443.022N0.15
788246 Cotton Patch Lane, Frisco$460,9902,553202043.012N0.20
787139 Greystone Lane, Frisco$820,0004,718201254.123N0.26
7913432 Hemlock Trail, Frisco$439,0004,498200643.123N0.00
792064 Mustang Trail, Frisco$499,5003,934200343.123N0.18
799913 Carmel Valley Drive, Frisco$295,0001,710199132.012N0.12
796000 Pete Dye Road, McKinney$389,8002,124201432.112N0.12
8016380 Moss Haven Lane, Frisco$484,5812,998202054.023N0.18
8016382 Barton Creek Lane, Frisco$489,9783,506202054.023N0.17
8016408 Willowick Lane, Frisco$495,0003,615202054.023N0.20
819958 Teal Hollow Drive, Frisco$425,0003,222200642.122N0.18
8113917 Notting Hill, Little Elm$480,9002,377202033.012N0.16
813879 Attu Drive, Frisco$695,0003,282201734.013N0.19
836162 Pitchfork Ranch Drive, Frisco$775,0004,626201455.123N0.23
831116 Frisco Hills Boulevard, Little Elm$559,9003,579202043.022N0.15
865904 Heron Bay Lane, McKinney$550,0003,086201333.022N0.14
868072 Vermillion Avenue, Frisco$749,9904,577202055.122N0.00
863855 Attu Drive, Frisco$744,9003,311201932.212N0.21
8650 Picadilly Park, Frisco$2,850,00010,539199176.224Y4.18
8716315 Moss Haven Lane, Frisco$425,0002,310202032.112N0.19
8713552 Decidedly Drive, Frisco$515,0003,173201842.122N0.18
885942 Tascate Drive, Frisco$549,9004,475200644.022N0.28
897043 Pecan Chase Lane, Frisco$649,9994,507200754.023Y0.19
896967 Eldarica Place, Frisco$2,395,0005,858202044.123Y0.42
904901 Buena Vista Drive, Frisco$1,775,0006,861200455.123Y0.46
907559 Bellingrath Drive, Frisco$529,0003,665201454.023N0.17
903 Stonebriar Way, Frisco$3,995,0007,675201055.125Y3.22
926105 Heron Bay Lane, McKinney$479,5003,033201133.113N0.17
9410604 Cochron Drive, McKinney$330,0002,844200743.022N0.11
945327 Elm Spring Lane, Frisco$695,0004,074200054.123N0.25
94665 Gulf Shores Drive, Frisco$699,9004,371201344.113N0.33
95278 Driscoll Lane, Frisco$489,0003,615202043.122N0.17
9610973 Southbury Lane, Frisco$665,0005,250200655.123N0.38
961 Fox Glen Run, Frisco$2,299,0507,801198464.224N2.09
9712173 Bethel Drive, Frisco$419,0002,872200643.022N0.13
9812064 Tivoli Lane, Frisco$450,0002,837200552.122N0.17
995004 Buena Vista Drive, Frisco$1,499,0005,837200355.123Y0.32
9911013 Latimer Drive, Frisco$335,0001,968200132.012N0.25
10012651 Loxley Drive, Frisco$484,9003,292201043.123N0.21
10110437 Bolivar Drive, McKinney$359,9003,098200753.122N0.16
10213364 Leeson Lane, Frisco$1,198,0005,045201654.123N0.29
1029761 Old Field Drive, McKinney$291,0001,943200532.012N0.14
1046732 Rambling Trail, Frisco$499,5004,209200854.022N0.15
1048266 Benthaven Place, Frisco$898,9004,237202055.123N0.22
10413508 Lampton Circle, Frisco$469,9993,420201043.123N0.25
1082413 Lakebend Drive, Little Elm$424,9003,794200953.122N0.18
11013921 Signal Hill Drive, Little Elm$458,9993,566201253.122Y0.16
1105095 Stillwater Trail, Frisco$669,0004,206200154.023Y0.24
1106859 Stonecrop Drive, McKinney$435,9602,489202032.122N0.14
1118340 Cotton Patch Lane, Frisco$518,5363,942202064.022N0.16
1127700 Choctaw Lane, McKinney$539,9802,934202043.022N0.14
1149513 National Pines Drive, McKinney$345,0002,643200832.122N0.12
1145584 Lightfoot Lane, Frisco$639,0003,510201544.122N0.20
1149286 Autumn Glen Drive, Frisco$563,0794,052202043.222N0.18
1149190 Autumn Glen Drive, Frisco$575,0043,944202064.022N0.18
1144200 Forebridge Drive, McKinney$429,9993,324201543.122N0.19
1156616 Sleepy River Street, McKinney$579,0003,826201754.122N0.13
1164217 Cedar Bluff Lane, Frisco$960,0004,824201144.123Y0.29
11614768 Foxbriar Lane, Frisco$569,9004,448200954.223N0.21
1168320 Texian Trail, McKinney$389,9003,100201132.122N0.14
1171370 Bryan Crest, Frisco$573,5913,973202054.023N0.25
1183668 Torrance Boulevard, Frisco$1,299,9005,420201855.324N0.35
1181283 Reese River Road, Frisco$549,3784,087202054.023N0.19
1209988 Sharps Road, Frisco$532,9852,820202032.122N0.16
1217809 Kickapoo Drive, McKinney$730,9884,861201955.022N0.15
1242287 Olive Branch, Frisco$469,9902,954201944.022N0.16
1254300 Del Rey Avenue, McKinney$389,1002,757201943.122N0.11
1254224 Del Rey Avenue, McKinney$388,4802,736201943.122N0.11
1254240 Del Rey Avenue, McKinney$391,8872,757201943.122N0.11
1278711 6th Street, Frisco$644,0002,443202033.132N0.11
1275345 Monterey Drive, Frisco$4,550,00014,509200467.235Y1.38
127592 Shadow Trail, Frisco$570,0043,944202064.022N0.18
1289166 Autumn Glen Drive, Frisco$530,9523,638202064.022N0.18
1301916 Hopkins Drive, McKinney$269,0001,791200532.122N0.11
1321605 Frisco Hills Boulevard, Little Elm$448,6833,168202044.022N0.13
13512778 Timber Crossing Drive, Frisco$855,0004,587201666.123N0.22
1353914 Attu Drive, Frisco$756,5064,030201933.223N0.19
1369910 Madrone Drive, Frisco$469,0004,280200053.123N0.28
1364222 Forest Park Lane, Frisco$1,149,0006,219201254.224Y0.28
1392336 Kittyhawk Drive, Frisco$379,0003,341200643.122N0.15
14114787 Yorktown Drive, Frisco$600,0003,730201544.023N0.18
1424908 Temecula Creek Trail, McKinney$469,0003,050201954.022N0.13
14211662 Mansfield Drive, Frisco$330,5002,070200532.012N0.15
14314897 Speargrass Drive, Frisco$455,0002,638202043.013N0.00
14414956 Lucerne Drive, Frisco$509,9003,841201453.122N0.21
14515446 Catalpa Road, Frisco$682,5383,294201844.122N0.18
1453416 Paradise Valley Drive, Plano$463,9003,662200053.122N0.39
14816 Armstrong Drive, Frisco$1,800,0006,253200455.123Y0.42
14816016 Plum Lane, Frisco$639,0003,153197343.012N1.71
1517800 Brookview Drive, Frisco$382,0002,613199852.122N0.16
1525155 Flemington Drive, Frisco$750,7384,569202055.223N0.00
1527521 Glasshouse Walk, Frisco$315,0001,956200432.012N0.09
1535533 Lago Vista Lane, Frisco$1,465,0005,742200655.123Y0.28
1533398 Shaddock Creek Lane, Frisco$614,9954,554200754.023N0.22
1538045 Marathon Drive, Plano$592,0004,351200253.122Y0.17
1577511 David Drive, Frisco$339,5552,139199742.012Y0.19
16110116 Burnt Mill Lane, Frisco$479,0004,492200553.123N0.22
1659116 Guadalupe Street, Plano$449,0002,801201932.122N0.11
1658460 Caribou Drive, Frisco$508,8003,102201954.022N0.14
1665637 Braemar Drive, Frisco$520,0003,138200532.122N0.13
1669401 Stonewood Drive, McKinney$320,0002,548200442.012N0.14
17012036 Bamberg Lane, Frisco$459,0003,245200443.022N0.19
1746623 Arbor Cove Drive, Frisco$875,0004,311202055.122N0.27
1749155 Homestead Lane, Frisco$309,0002,010199932.122N0.14
1764661 Hershey Lane, Plano$599,0003,819200843.122N0.20
1771545 Morris Lane, Frisco$529,5003,623201443.022N0.12
17712310 Harvest Meadow Drive, Frisco$2,495,0006,376202055.223N0.47
1778401 Cottage Drive, McKinney$649,9004,232201754.223N0.19
178351 Witt Road, Little Elm$393,0001,660199432.012N0.68
1793766 Summit Court, Frisco$749,0004,245200154.123Y0.30
1795774 Park Lane, Frisco$1,025,0004,923200344.123Y0.19
1807405 Longmont Court, Frisco$699,0004,329201555.123N0.23
18210500 Last Stand Circle, Frisco$1,379,0005,630198454.023N1.70
185581 Gannon Heights Lane, Frisco$539,0003,464202044.022N0.18
1871271 Holford Drive, Frisco$1,245,0005,223201854.213N0.40
1905502 Monterey Drive, Frisco$2,790,0007,812200653.424Y0.69
1919456 Kavik Street, Frisco$522,3602,955202054.022N0.14
19213336 Dolomite Drive, Frisco$789,0004,751201655.023N0.22
1955413 Braemar Drive, Frisco$1,200,0004,832200444.223Y0.37
1985686 Kerry Drive, Frisco$505,0003,360201633.022N0.14
1995849 Versailles Avenue, Frisco$1,349,0007,597200256.223Y0.35
2003674 Hamilton Heights Avenue, Frisco$1,376,4355,373202055.224N0.25
2011069 Seymour Drive, Frisco$369,9003,462200553.122N0.17
20211049 Dark Star Lane, Frisco$824,9504,100201954.123N0.20
2055248 Jessica Lane, Frisco$1,550,0006,180200455.123Y0.58
2063668 Marble Hill Road, Frisco$869,0004,563202054.023N0.24
2373 Cliff Trail, Frisco$2,100,0004,754198144.023Y2.03
2428302 Sitka Street, Frisco$489,0002,978201943.022N0.14
2517080 Pecan Chase Lane, Frisco$510,0004,196200743.122N0.18
2614227 Mission Avenue, Frisco$799,9904,468201955.122N0.00
2694212 Del Rey Avenue, McKinney$389,3302,736201943.122N0.11
2865207 Buena Vista Drive, Frisco$1,375,0005,575200354.223Y0.46
2893521 Furrow Road, Frisco$590,9853,301201954.122N0.00
295546 El Camino Drive, Frisco$499,0003,370201254.022N0.17
3025 Stonebriar Way, Frisco$5,495,00010,78068.223Y10.34
3064537 Wilbarger Street, Plano$399,0001,898201932.012N0.06
3115029 Brandywine Lane, Frisco$1,190,0006,100200455.123Y0.33
3195904 Squeezepenny Lane, McKinney$849,0005,123200654.123N0.20
3209950 Gristmill Lane, Frisco$581,9853,149201943.122N0.07
3305627 Miramar Drive, Frisco$710,0003,967200032.123N0.21
33310299 Cavalcade Drive, Frisco$549,9003,546201954.122N0.15
3334509 Wilbarger Street, Plano$494,0003,107201942.222N0.11
3596407 Birkdale Lane, Frisco$332,0002,820199832.122N0.20
37512062 Via Bello Court, Frisco$988,0004,772200644.223Y0.26
3816616 Bluffview Drive, Frisco$3,250,0007,823202055.223Y0.46
3904228 Del Rey Avenue, McKinney$386,8702,757201943.122N0.11
4094296 Birdseye Lane, Frisco$824,9904,488201955.022N0.00
4238028 Ingram Drive, Plano$467,9002,175202032.132N0.04
4432909 Oak Tree Drive, Plano$368,0003,216199653.022N0.18
4435975 Hidden Creek Lane, Frisco$389,9003,305200532.122N0.14
4448428 Brightside Lane, Frisco$375,0003,731200353.122N0.17
46712002 Peachtree Lane, Frisco$315,0002,645199842.122N0.20
4865211 Spanish Oaks, Frisco$2,988,88810,525199767.224Y0.81
8624297 Birdseye Lane, Frisco$1,199,9904,658201755.022N0.00

Frisco ISD homes for sale listings

Presented below are pictures and summary descriptions of currently listed Frisco ISD single-family homes.

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Photo of Listing #14409436

12504 Cardinal Creek Drive, Frisco, TX - $379,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 3,165 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Stunning West Facing 4 Bedroom Home With Open Layout. Elegant Entry, Formal Living And Beautiful Cabinets. Private Downstairs Bedroom And Bath Make For A Perfect Office. Huge Luxurious And Private Master Retreat With Fireplace, Garden Tub, Separat...

Photo of Listing #14409261

3564 Stroll Road, Plano, TX - $310,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,703 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Beautiful One Story Home Is Located In Plano's Coveted Ridgeview Ranch Neighborhood And All Exemplary Frisco Isd Schools!! Wonderfully Cared For By The Original Owner, This 3 Bedrooms 2 Bath House Is The Perfect Starter Home For The First Tim...

Photo of Listing #14403746

4108 Rancho Del Norte Trail, McKinney, TX - $309,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,999 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautifully Updated Home In Coveted Craig Ranch Neighborhood With A Luxury Master Suite, Two Bedrooms, Bonus Study With Built-in Floating Desk & Shelves Already Installed, Formal Dining Room And A Breakfast Nook Right Off Of The Kitchen! Over 25k ...

Photo of Listing #14409085

10505 N Ambergate Lane, Frisco, TX - $315,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,806 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautiful Single Story House In A Great Neighborhood With Exemplary Frisco School District. New Hvac System In August 2020, New Water Heater In December 2019, New Roof In September 2019, New Carpet In August 2020, New Whole House Paint In August 2...

Photo of Listing #14364105

864 Highland Hills Drive, Frisco, TX - $469,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,896 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Perfect Floor Plan - Elegant 5 Bedrooms, 4 Baths + Office, Media Room & Game Room. 3,896* Sq Ft In The Vistas At Waterstone. Frisco Isd. Master Bedroom Downstairs With Spacious Outdoor Retreat. Huge Walk In Closet. Spacious Mater Bath - 2nd Bedroo...

Photo of Listing #14408234

2147 Crowbridge Drive, Frisco, TX - $425,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,727 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Truly Beautiful Home In The Trails, A Premiere West Frisco Neighborhood. Upgrades Include Oversized 2.5 Car Garage, Hardwood Floors, Mature Landscaping, Plantation Shutters Throughout, Designer Light Fixtures, Fresh Paint And Gorgeous Barn Door ...

Photo of Listing #14408968

4929 Ridgedale Drive, Plano, TX - $400,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,367 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Looking For A Home On A Greenbelt With A Private Backyard, Surrounded By Trees And Nature, Complete With A 2 Level Deck And Retractable Awning? This Home Has All That And More! Incredible Location Less Than 5 Miles From Everything: Toyota, Jc Penn...

Photo of Listing #14384721

12240 Lenox Lane, Frisco, TX - $2,299,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.2 Baths
  • 6,820 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Highly Sought After Newman Village Community! Stunning Ron Davis Custom Transitional Mediterranean Pool Home Offers Impeccable Finishes & Elegant Lifestyle. 20' Ceilings, 5brs, 5.2b, 2 Living, Study, Library, Game, Media, Chef Kitchen W Commercial...

Photo of Listing #14408832

5739 Summer Star Lane, Frisco, TX - $725,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 5,634 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Situated On A Large Interior Lot, This Home Is Spacious Enough To Accommodate Multiple Generations. The First Floor Is Complete With Two Primary Bedrooms, A Study, Wet Bar, Guest Bedroom, Living Area, Formal Dining Room And Kitchen. Upstairs You W...

Photo of Listing #14403632

13585 Mill Town Drive, Frisco, TX - $419,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,770 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Come And Feel The Love At This One Owner Grayhawk Home. Energy Efficient Home To The Max! Huge Energy Savings! Solar Panels Will Reduce The Monthly Cost Tremendously. 8'privacy Fence With Electric Gate Surrounds Some Serious Outdoor Living! Outdoo...

Photo of Listing #14402814

6205 Eldridge Lane, McKinney, TX - $446,700

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,434 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Fabulous Home In Fairways Craig Ranch With Access To Exemplary Frisco Isd! Meticulously Customized Home Boasting An Open Concept Floorplan, Wood Floors, Plenty Of Windows, 2 Br & Ba Downstairs, Study, Game, And Media Rooms +fall In Love With The S...

Photo of Listing #14405490

1174 Alamo Court, Frisco, TX - $549,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,886 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Wow.. West Frisco Home Has A Resort Style Backyard And Is A Must See!! Home Is Loaded With Upgrades And Sits On A Large Corner Lot.  Home Features Extensive Wood Floors, Large Chef's Kitchen With Granite And Ss Appliances, Huge Master Bedroom With...

Photo of Listing #14406398

1229 Horsemint Drive, Little Elm, TX - $429,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,295 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Brand New Design In Frisco Hills North Facing! Beautiful Old World Design With Stone Accents. Custom Front Door With Speakeasy Leads To 2 Story Foyer And Circular Staircase. Engineered Hardwood Entry, Study, F. Dining, Family! Study W French Door...

Photo of Listing #14399341

6900 San Juan Trail, McKinney, TX - $379,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,050 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Meticulously Maintained, Single Story Showcase Home Is Perfect For Entertaining. As You Enter The Home Natural Light Floods Through The Windows Illuminating The Open Living, Dining And Kitchen Areas. The Established Raised Vegetable & Herb Garden ...

Photo of Listing #14404894

11875 Coronado Trail, Frisco, TX - $779,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.2 Baths
  • 4,508 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Stunning 5 Bedroom (each Has Its Own Bath) Home On Corner Lot With Great Curb Appeal. Grand Entry With Soaring Ceilings, Hardwood Floors, Plantation Shutters. Elegant Touches W-wood Beams And Coffered Ceiling In Formal Dining. Perfect For Multi-ge...

Photo of Listing #14406766

7256 Silverbrook Lane, Frisco, TX - $539,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 4,266 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Stunning Move-in Ready Home With 5 Bedrooms, 4 Baths And 3 Car Garage In Sought-after Pearson Farms In Frisco. This Home Is Loaded With Upgrades! Extensive Hand Scraped Wood Floors. Open Floor Plan Features A Grand Entry With A Spiral Staircase An...

Photo of Listing #14407038

2321 Tisbury Way, Little Elm, TX - $289,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,608 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Beautiful Home In The Heart Of The Little Elm With Frisco Isd Schools! This Home Has Upgrades That Will Attract Even The Most Meticulous Buyers. The Upgrades On This 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom Home Include Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring, New Carpet, Gr...

Photo of Listing #14404612

12665 Ducks Landing, Frisco, TX - $389,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,148 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Welcome To This Well Maintained Home In The Desirable Grayhawk Addition With Inviting Covered Front Porch And Great Curb Appeal. Split Formals Separated By Striking Staircase And Flexible Plan Where Formal Living Would Be A Perfect Spot For A Stu...

Photo of Listing #14408126

10738 Leonatus Lane, Frisco, TX - $860,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 4,589 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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John R Landon Executive Series, Built To Match The Model Home! This Fabulous Home Is Located In A Guard-gated Community And Features High-end Finishes. The Home Welcomes You With A Courtyard Entry. Easy Flow Plan With Lg Modern Kitchen Open To The...

Photo of Listing #14406261

6624 Waverly Lane, Frisco, TX - $429,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,564 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Gorgeous & Immaculate Open Concept Home In Parkside Estates Of Frisco! Home Backs Up To College Parkway Hike And Bike Trail - With Landscaped Privacy. Home Offers Tons Of Natural Light & Neutral Colors Throughout. Dark Hardwood Floors Throughout T...

Photo of Listing #14408179

9305 Timber Wagon Drive, McKinney, TX - $379,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,599 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Stunning Property With Oasis Backyard!! This Open & Bright Floor Plan Has It All...4 Beds, 2.5 Baths, Office With Large Storage Closet, Upstairs Bonus Room, Large Mastersuite. This Home Has Multiple Upgrades From Kitchen Counter Tops, Guest Bath, ...

Photo of Listing #14403665

7398 Creekmere Drive, Frisco, TX - $309,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,811 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Beautiful Updated Home Situated On A Corner Lot. This Home Is Highlighted With Wood Floors Throughout Main Living Areas, Plantation Shutters And Neutral Tones. Well Maintained With 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths And A Study. Spacious Kitchen With Quartz Coun...

Photo of Listing #14408229

1225 Horsemint Drive, Little Elm, TX - $419,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,868 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Brand New Design In Frisco Hills North Facing! Frisco Schools!! Beautiful Old World Design With Stone Accents And Buff Mortar. 2 Story Foyer With Beautiful Engineered Hardwood Extending In Study And Family Room! Study With French Doors Or Guest Br...

Photo of Listing #14408242

1221 Horsemint Drive, Little Elm, TX - $439,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,370 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Brand New North Facing In Frisco Hills--with Frisco Schools! Beautiful Design With Stone Accents,buff Mortar. Impressive 2 Story Foyer Leads To Curved Staircase With Iron Balusters. Engineered Hardwood Entry, Study, F. Dining, Family! Study With F...

Photo of Listing #14404435

850 Gaited Trail, Frisco, TX - $535,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,192 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Expect To Be Impressed! This Gorgeous Home Is Loaded With Upgrades. Study W-french Doors. Soaring Dining Room Ceiling. Gourmet Kitchen Features Oversized Painted Island, Ss Appliances, Decorative Hood Cover, Quartz Counters And Walk-in Pantry. Li...

Photo of Listing #14405229

8724 Calistoga Springs Way, Plano, TX - $475,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,510 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Upgrades Galore! Just A Few Of The Upgrades Include: Updated Flooring Throughout, Wrought Iron Staircase With Upgraded Carpet, Tile And Hand Scraped Wood Flooring. Master Bathroom Features Granite Countertops And Travertine Tile With A Custom Des...

Photo of Listing #14403909

6530 Scottsdale Way, Frisco, TX - $369,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 3,017 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Charming Home On Cul De Sac Offers A Desired Open Layout, Three Living Areas, Formal Living And Dining Rooms And Freshly Painted Walls Throughout Most Of The Home. Spacious Kitchen With Breakfast Area, Granite Counter Tops And Plenty Of Storage Ov...

Photo of Listing #14389826

2473 Maidenhair Road, Frisco, TX - $547,695

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,002 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Built By M-i Homes - Walking Distance Of The New Pga Golf Course. This Beautiful 2 Story Home Has An Open Concept Living. The Volume High Ceilings In The Foyer And Family Room Make For A Grand Entrance. Two Bedrooms Down Includes The Guest Suit A...

Photo of Listing #14406963

1301 Rain Fern Drive, McKinney, TX - $275,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,924 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Charming Vintage Style 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Home In Winsor Meadows Subdivision. Open Floor Plan, Filled With Natural Light, Formal Dining, Cozy Fireplace, And Neutral Tones Ideal For Any Decor. Kitchen Opens To The Living Area Designed To Entertain...

Photo of Listing #14408524

7106 Fieldstone Drive, Frisco, TX - $360,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,376 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Seller Spent $50k In Upgrades To Include Wood Flooring; Master Bath Total Remodel And Backyard Entertaining Area Addition Of Flagstone, Pergola & Built-in Grill Area.motorized Sliding Gate Extends Backyard Area - Board-on-board Fence. Plantation ...

Photo of Listing #14393870

7400 Los Padres Place, McKinney, TX - $690,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 4,046 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Resort Style Backyard W Riverbend Pool Boasting A Firebowl,water Features,in Pool Table W Seating & Umbrella Sleeve,extended Covered Patio W Cedar Ceiling Bar & Fp,outdoor Kitchen,stand Alone Water Fountain,arbor W Key West Patio Swings,& Professi...

Photo of Listing #14405224

10604 Brandenberg Drive, Frisco, TX - $309,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,162 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Look At This Great Opportunity! Immaculate Move-in Ready One-story, Four Bedroom In Popular Location Frisco Isd! Shows Beautifully! *buyer And Buyer's Agent To Verify All Information And Schools* Please Note: *multiple Offers Have Been Received...

Photo of Listing #14408994

6820 Cotton Seed Drive, McKinney, TX - $320,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,290 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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All New Kitchen Appliances Including Microwave Hood, Kitchen Range, And Dishwasher, And New Vinyl And Laminate Flooring On Both 1st And 2nd Floors. Great Frisco School District With Top Ratings.

Photo of Listing #14405514

1448 San Andres Drive, Frisco, TX - $511,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,853 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Beautifully Updated Home On A Corner Lot With A 3 Car Garage. First Level Boasts Hand Scraped Wood Floors & Faux Wood Beams. Chefs Kitchen With Oversized Island W Gas Stovetop And Tons Of Counter Space Plus New Stainless Steel Appliances. All Ligh...

Photo of Listing #14405527

7680 Red Clover Drive, Frisco, TX - $494,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,259 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Magnificent 2 Story Drees Home In The Desirable Meadow Hill Estates Near Warren Park. Large Kitchen With Granite And Appliances That Opens To A Cozy Breakfast Nook And Family Room With Gas Fireplace. Nook Opens To A Covered Patio Adjacent To A Sw ...

Photo of Listing #14384407

8200 Indian Palms Trail, McKinney, TX - $384,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,301 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Multiple Offers Received! Deadline Is Aug 10 At 5pm. True Luxury Awaits You In The Immaculate Home Full Of Upgrades! Enjoy Real Wood Flooring, New Samsung Smart Appliance Package, 18.5 Seer Acs In 19, Water Heater 19, Roof 19, Major Window Replace...

Photo of Listing #14405874

2488 Hammock Lake Drive, Little Elm, TX - $389,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,782 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Immaculate And Spacious 1 Story With 4 Beds, 2.5 Bath With 2 Living Areas A Study Plus Formal Dining. With 50k+ In Upgrades! And Is Priced To Sell Fast. This Is A Realtor Home And Has Been Maintained Meticulously. Enjoy Upgrades Throughout With In...

Photo of Listing #14403684

1700 Bareback Ranch Road, Frisco, TX - $689,990

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,735 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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This Beautiful Former Model Home Is A Stunning 4 Bd, 3.5ba Home With 3 Car Garage Located In The Highly Sought After Phillips Creek Ranch! Grand Entry Onto Gleaming Wood Floors Followed By A Private Study And Elegant Formal Dining Room. Light & Br...

Photo of Listing #14385512

11112 Rogers Road, Frisco, TX - $349,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,456 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Well Maintained House In An Quiet Neighborhood. Wood Flooring Downstairs, Ceramic Tile In Wet Areas. Huge Game Room And Three Bedrooms Upstairs. Walking To The Small Pond And Enjoy Cool Air During The Summer! Beautiful Outdoor Covered Patio And...

Photo of Listing #14406368

10217 Coolidge Drive, McKinney, TX - $335,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,361 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Great Golf Course Community Within Frisco Isd! Pride Of Ownership Shows In This Home! Four Bedrooms With Master Down And Secondary Bedrooms And Large Game Room Up - With Surround Sound. Open Concept With Totally Remodeled Kitchen, White Cabinets, ...

Photo of Listing #14391101

10905 Shadow Brook Lane, Frisco, TX - $315,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,043 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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This One Story Open Concept Lay-out Home Is Great For Everyone And Is Ready For You To Make It Your Very Own. An Excellent Opportunity To Start With A Blank Slate For You. This Spacious 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home Plus An Office Is Great For Those Tha...

Photo of Listing #14404321

12318 Payne Street, Frisco, TX - $369,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,193 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Multiple Offers-need Highest & Best Offer By 10 Am On 08.08.20. Updated Pristine Single Story Nestled On A Large Corner Lot In Cobb Farm! Recent Updates Include Study Addition, Lighting, Hvac & Bath Mirrors & Fans. Formal Dining + Butler’s Pantry....

Photo of Listing #14405539

1842 Mustang Trail, Frisco, TX - $525,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 4,227 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Immaculate, Updated Home Located In The Highly Sought After Trails Of West Frisco. Gourmet Kitchen With Granite Counters, Subway Tile Backsplash, Gas Cooktop And Industrial Vent Hood. Kitchen Is Open To Family Room With Stone Surround Fireplace & ...

Photo of Listing #14315937

4633 Post Oak Drive, Frisco, TX - $900,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 5,146 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Exquisite Starwood Mediterranean With Two Bedrooms Down, Located On An Oversized Lot With An Outdoor Oasis. This One-of-a Kind Bruce Ott Custom Home Has Incredible Construction, Attention To Detail, And Extensive Updates. The Home Features A Tw...

Photo of Listing #14401058

1703 Polo Heights Drive, Frisco, TX - $415,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,863 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Gorgeous Home Located On A Corner Lot In The Popular Grayhawk Community! This 5 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom Home Does Not Disappoint! Every Detail Of This Home Offers Elegance And Style From The Beautiful Entry To The Open Floor Plan. Wood Floors Througho...

Photo of Listing #14376372

7804 Desert Dunes Trail, McKinney, TX - $462,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 2,988 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Megatel Homes' Covid-19 Mortgage Relief Program: Megatel Will Pay Six Months Of Your Mortgage In The Event That You Lose Your Job Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic. Our Homeowners Are Our Family. When You Join Our Family With The Purchase Of A Home Bet...

Photo of Listing #14405629

13942 Hot Springs Lane, Frisco, TX - $455,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 4,342 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Pride Of Ownership Shines Throughout This Home, Located In The Villages At Willow Bay! Move In Ready! Freshly Updated Wood Flooring Through The Living, Dining, Kitchen And Entry Way. Kitchen Offers Granite Counters, Newer Stainless Steel Appliance...

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