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Hebron High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Hebron High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Hebron High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 20

Academic performance score: 10

In addition to its 2019 top-tier Dallas area high schools academic ranking, Hebron High School is similarly recognized as one of the best public open enrollment high schools in Texas. The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 91

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

Hebron High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 91 85 88 94 95

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 44.9% 58.1% 28.1%

The Advance Placement / International Baccalaureate (AP / IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: 12

2016-2017 enrollment

Hebron High School 3,618  
  Ninth grade campus 1,002  
  Tenth grade 902  
  Eleventh grade 840  
  Twelfth grade 874  

2016-2017 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 18.1
Average years teaching experience 12.7

Campus address and phone number

4207 Plano Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75010
469 713-5183

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Sources: Lewisville Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Hebron High School homes for sale

The table in which these properties are presented is both searchable and sortable. To show houses on a specific street, as an example, enter the street name in the Search box. To display all currently listed properties, select All in the Show entries box and to change the order in which they are sorted, click on any of the column headings.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
14218 Mulberry Drive, Carrollton$267,0001,605198732.012N0.16
16609 Terrace Mill Lane, Plano$549,9903,425200043.123Y0.18
14227 Arbor Creek Drive, Carrollton$269,0001,767198432.012N0.16
11044 River Rock Way, Carrollton$699,8643,879201654.022N0.17
14 Innisbrook Court, Frisco$1,099,9006,180198944.222Y0.35
16909 Admirals Cove Court, Plano$455,0003,787199943.022N0.12
16928 Medallion Drive, Plano$535,0003,518200632.122N0.13
14019 Victory Drive, Frisco$459,9003,980200243.123N0.17
31795 Eagle Crest Drive, Carrollton$495,0002,795201532.122Y0.28
41400 Saint Gallen Lane, Lewisville$239,0001,416199632.022N0.16
41862 Lilac Lane, Frisco$3,499,0006,883201955.214Y1.00
54432 Saukenuk Lane, Carrollton$449,9002,949201643.021N0.12
54966 Normandy Drive, Frisco$1,400,0005,531199944.123Y0.30
54428 La Roche Avenue, Carrollton$599,9003,413201844.022N0.00
51814 Auburn Drive, Carrollton$439,0003,624200243.122N0.16
52409 Damsel Katie Drive, Lewisville$485,0003,385200133.123Y0.25
52165 Bailey Street, Carrollton$429,7242,304201842.122N0.09
52152 Spencer Lane, Carrollton$403,7262,064201832.012N0.14
54881 Timber Trail, Carrollton$441,7072,020201832.012N0.16
54175 Peace Drive, Frisco$449,9903,495200243.122Y0.19
511 Windsor Ridge, Frisco$1,750,0007,456200056.123Y0.33
52412 Saffire Way, The Colony$478,9992,444201632.112N0.16
62232 Lady Cornwall Drive, Lewisville$699,0004,512200854.123N0.27
62249 Lobo Lane, Carrollton$392,3701,848201932.012N0.11
62152 Arbor Creek Drive, Carrollton$270,0001,331198532.012N0.09
6859 Stone Circle Lane, Lewisville$445,0003,504200353.123N0.18
72441 Sir Lovel Lane, Lewisville$559,0004,493200654.123Y0.21
82705 Shoal Creek Circle, Plano$659,0003,389199343.023Y0.27
82009 Arles Lane, Carrollton$299,9001,855198432.012N0.16
83872 Harrison Drive, Carrollton$279,9001,684199732.012N0.17
96645 Briar Ridge Lane, Plano$1,275,0007,283200355.123Y0.31
9908 Royal Minister Boulevard, Lewisville$494,9003,283201832.122N0.11
111218 Stillwater Trail, Carrollton$329,0002,062198632.012N0.20
12338 Wyndale Drive, Lewisville$420,0002,170201543.012N0.13
123323 Pilgrim Drive, Frisco$395,0002,939200542.122N0.24
124844 Haven Ridge Road, Carrollton$405,0002,240201932.122N0.10
131502 Iroquois Circle, Carrollton$364,9992,243199332.122N0.12
131672 Hidalgo Lane, Frisco$1,799,9005,996201855.223N0.33
144904 Sage Hill Drive, Carrollton$459,9002,634201332.122N0.06
144675 San Marcos Way, Frisco$459,0003,718200043.222N0.15
164128 Creekhollow Drive, Carrollton$294,9001,531199732.012N0.12
202310 Prairie Glen Street, Lewisville$460,0003,030201743.122N0.13
206901 Cannon Falls Drive, Plano$649,9003,737200543.123N0.16
201344 Dallshan Drive, Carrollton$283,9271,907199832.122N0.10
222026 Stein Way, Carrollton$299,9001,902198442.122Y0.17
261428 Van Winkle Drive, Carrollton$520,0004,552200454.022N0.17
264313 Rice Lane, Carrollton$550,0004,117200444.023N0.23
271201 Queen Guinevere Drive, Lewisville$719,9004,831200054.222Y0.28
271005 Dame Carol Way, Carrollton$611,9003,378201843.122N0.00
274505 Tall Knight Lane, Carrollton$555,9002,479201843.012N0.00
282228 Madison Street, Carrollton$417,7632,160201832.122N0.09
291723 Countryside, Carrollton$669,9006,420200054.123Y0.48
294848 Timber Trail, Carrollton$474,9903,113201853.122N0.17
331105 Shawnee Trail, Carrollton$339,8002,261198642.112Y0.20
331223 Pawnee Trail, Carrollton$347,9902,523198632.112N0.19
331445 Berne Lane, Lewisville$279,5002,047199842.012N0.19
334541 Tall Knight Lane, Carrollton$474,9902,250201843.012N0.14
334553 Tall Knight Lane, Carrollton$579,0003,643201844.022N0.14
344437 Tall Knight Lane, Carrollton$569,7863,494201844.022N0.16
342214 Stonehenge Lane, Lewisville$529,9003,572200443.123N0.17
341950 Westminster Drive, Carrollton$268,0001,644197832.012N0.19
352112 Greenstone Trail, Carrollton$350,0002,240198742.122Y0.18
362625 Round Table Boulevard, Lewisville$1,790,0007,321200667.123Y0.57
362420 Valley Lane, Carrollton$439,9902,202201843.012N0.17
361975 Courtland Drive, Frisco$1,998,0006,639201855.223N0.45
392309 Briar Court, Frisco$659,9004,133200143.122Y0.14
404748 Cash Lane, Carrollton$453,9902,940201943.122N0.11
404548 Sir Craig Drive, Carrollton$643,9003,466201844.122N0.00
414608 Firestone Drive, Frisco$539,9002,945199243.122N0.21
414 Savannah Circle, Frisco$1,595,0006,293199654.223Y0.45
434804 Timber Trail, Carrollton$489,9903,079201843.122N0.15
454023 Truman Drive, Frisco$425,0003,789200554.022N0.17
462312 King Arthur Boulevard, Lewisville$899,0004,621200654.123Y0.32
463529 Nautical Drive, Frisco$398,0003,108200154.022N0.18
474340 Milsop Drive, Carrollton$419,9993,049200233.013N0.25
472613 Creekway Drive, Carrollton$585,0003,872200143.222Y0.28
472301 Cardinal, Carrollton$749,9994,808200843.323N0.18
472525 Damsel Bella Boulevard, Lewisville$609,9004,035201543.222N0.18
474332 Falcon Lane, Carrollton$545,0003,650201444.022N0.14
473674 Chesapeake Drive, Frisco$469,9003,356200542.123N0.17
504864 Haven Ridge Road, Carrollton$415,0002,555201832.122N0.10
502615 Sir Gawain Lane, Lewisville$1,350,0006,253200554.123Y0.45
552272 Longwood Drive, Carrollton$459,9002,632201232.122N0.09
574528 La Roche Avenue, Carrollton$581,3553,342201843.022N0.15
576601 Terrace Mill Lane, Plano$735,0004,561200254.122N0.23
606625 Bermuda Dunes Drive, Plano$749,0004,703199645.123Y0.26
622160 Bailey Street, Carrollton$453,9902,960201843.122N0.10
634744 Cash Drive, Carrollton$448,9902,562201842.122N0.10
632156 Bailey Street, Carrollton$438,9902,580201843.122N0.10
632128 Spencer Lane, Carrollton$404,9902,064201832.012N0.12
632236 Madison Street, Carrollton$469,8262,819201842.122N0.09
681206 King Bors Lane, Lewisville$469,0002,930199943.122N0.22
687040 Autumnwood Trail, Plano$560,0004,050200443.122N0.31
686828 Myrtle Beach Drive, Plano$485,0003,107199443.123Y0.14
691416 Brookside Drive, Carrollton$499,9004,080199844.023N0.22
702603 Merlin Drive, Lewisville$529,9993,762200143.122N0.27
712512 Brandon Drive, Lewisville$389,0002,111201042.012N0.15
722820 Merlins Rock Drive, Lewisville$1,250,0004,880200755.023Y0.54
721829 Boyd Court, Carrollton$301,0001,684199732.012Y0.17
722233 Madison Street, Carrollton$419,4542,160201832.122N0.09
742112 Stonegate Drive, Carrollton$315,0002,848199132.122N0.17
751108 King Mark Drive, Lewisville$1,275,0005,363200956.223Y0.48
752313 Cardinal Boulevard, Carrollton$799,9004,835200854.122N0.20
754832 Timber Trail, Carrollton$448,9902,202201853.012N0.17
762360 Purdue Street, Frisco$765,0004,929201154.022Y0.24
764212 Mesa Drive, Carrollton$449,9003,492199963.123Y0.21
776613 Bermuda Dunes Drive, Plano$850,0005,798200254.223Y0.26
772209 Lexington Way, Carrollton$450,5572,999201842.122N0.09
772232 Madison Street, Carrollton$459,7382,994201853.122N0.09
781804 Dew Valley Drive, Carrollton$285,0001,939199132.012N0.12
792368 Courtland Drive, Frisco$2,100,0006,205201855.123N0.66
811200 Damsel Grey Trail, Lewisville$574,9004,031201554.122N0.19
824602 Parma Lane, Frisco$499,9003,525200542.122Y0.24
824619 Venetian Way, Frisco$405,0002,773199932.022N0.15
822321 Silver Table Drive, Lewisville$2,099,0007,507201355.134Y0.47
836612 Boundary Creek Circle, Plano$995,0005,534199844.123N0.42
844541 Sir Craig Drive, Carrollton$549,9002,513201843.012N0.00
844433 La Roche Avenue, Carrollton$549,9002,502201833.012N0.00
842225 Washington Drive, Carrollton$439,7032,979201842.122N0.09
854737 Franklin Drive, Carrollton$419,5122,331201832.122N0.09
864657 Pony Court, Carrollton$599,9003,519201443.023N0.22
861612 Audubon Court, Carrollton$369,9002,543201242.122N0.13
87216 Anna Avenue, Lewisville$419,0002,906200933.122N0.15
872213 Lexington Way, Carrollton$399,6382,160201832.122N0.09
872225 Lexington Way, Carrollton$449,9202,979201854.022N0.10
897045 Falling Water Lane, Plano$549,9003,189200343.122Y0.17
892205 Austin Waters, Carrollton$799,9004,723200743.323Y0.17
895032 Caraway Street, Carrollton$549,9003,415201043.123N0.12
912606 Avalon Drive, Lewisville$549,9004,056200044.022Y0.27
954376 Onyx Drive, Carrollton$340,0002,067199942.122N0.18
965 Cypress Point Court, Frisco$575,0003,053199433.022N0.18
982632 Prestonwood Drive, Plano$500,0003,812200043.122N0.17
992629 Hundred Knights Drive, Lewisville$465,0002,861200943.022N0.11
1004643 Pine Valley Drive, Frisco$920,0004,708199145.023Y0.37
1036524 Twin Oaks Drive, Plano$895,0004,438199755.023N0.43
1032115 Fawn Ridge Trail, Carrollton$330,0002,621198632.122N0.17
104505 S Hampton Court, Lewisville$450,0002,780200732.012N0.17
1044009 Starling Drive, Frisco$4,995,0008,036201855.225Y1.06
1052402 Long Meadow Way, Lewisville$468,0003,012201943.122N0.13
1052404 Long Meadow Way, Lewisville$415,0002,167201943.112N0.13
1055900 Austin Waters, The Colony$546,9903,257201854.022N0.14
1056617 Muirfield Circle, Plano$1,250,0004,722199354.123Y0.53
1054774 Longvue Drive, Frisco$1,500,0006,911200444.123Y0.30
1064824 Tahoe Trail, Carrollton$404,9902,111201843.022N0.09
107932 Royal Minister Boulevard, Lewisville$479,9002,869201633.122N0.10
1096712 Pebble Beach Drive, Plano$448,9002,503199232.112N0.15
1114621 San Marcos Way, Frisco$419,0003,183200033.022Y0.15
1114653 Cherokee Path, Carrollton$310,0002,320199142.122N0.16
1134233 E Crescent Way, Frisco$470,5004,479199953.123N0.27
113409 Adventurous Shield Drive, Lewisville$423,5002,528201233.022N0.11
1146401 Stillwater Lane, Plano$524,9004,197200353.123N0.21
1141317 Barclay Drive, Carrollton$300,0002,693198954.022N0.32
1162408 Cardinal Boulevard, Carrollton$599,0003,520201744.023N0.15
1174556 Biltmoore Drive, Frisco$770,0003,766199932.212N0.28
1173580 Patriot Drive, Frisco$465,0003,834200254.022N0.17
1172720 Seven Shields Lane, Lewisville$975,0004,862200654.123Y0.32
1231001 Delaware Drive, Carrollton$365,0002,674200243.022N0.17
1244903 Northshore Drive, Frisco$690,0004,860199954.023Y0.21
1246913 Portobello Drive, Plano$665,0003,918201043.023Y0.21
1243705 Braewood Circle, Plano$585,0003,648199654.023Y0.17
1252840 Merlins Rock Lane, Lewisville$1,075,0005,409200855.123N0.40
1254516 Tall Knight Lane, Carrollton$549,0003,186201844.022N0.15
126812 Royal Minister Boulevard, Lewisville$549,9003,272201732.122N0.12
1261023 Caprock Lane, Carrollton$695,7583,970201855.122N0.14
1275821 Hamilton Drive, The Colony$497,9902,041201832.012N0.16
1285888 Austin Waters, The Colony$499,9902,336201833.012N0.14
1282540 Sandy Creek Lane, The Colony$499,9902,391201832.012N0.18
1376620 Whispering Woods Court, Plano$950,0004,799200054.024N0.40
1401728 Prince William Lane, Frisco$1,125,0005,399200744.014Y0.30
1402 Southern Hills Court, Frisco$739,0004,806199244.123Y0.35
1441 Savannah Court, Frisco$799,9994,020199833.123N0.31
1452517 Case Castle Court, Lewisville$449,9002,489200833.012N0.11
1474412 Riverview Drive, Carrollton$342,0002,194201533.132N0.05
1534740 Cash Drive, Carrollton$399,9902,010201832.012N0.11
1535008 Steinbeck Street, Carrollton$649,9003,233201844.113N0.17
1534736 Cash Drive, Carrollton$459,9903,070201843.022N0.10
1544856 Timber Trail, Carrollton$439,9902,267201832.012N0.16
1602320 Lilac Lane, Frisco$4,999,00010,712201867.235Y0.72
1621517 Hidalgo Lane, Frisco$1,869,9006,553201955.223N0.37
1654680 Venetian Way, Frisco$530,0003,534200032.122N0.16
1655 Savannah Ridge Drive, Frisco$1,850,0007,499200045.324Y0.44
1662390 Lilac Lane, Frisco$3,999,0009,675201866.224Y0.78
1663587 Starling Drive, Frisco$730,0003,789201643.123N0.26
167317 Chester Drive, Lewisville$399,9992,783201043.122N0.11
1685700 Southern Hills Drive, Frisco$679,0003,326199643.122N0.24
1681706 Ivy Lane, Carrollton$400,0002,916200443.122N0.14
1765820 Austin Waters, The Colony$679,9904,413201854.022N0.20
1774473 Fairway Drive, Carrollton$535,0004,005200543.123N0.24
177533 Grail Castle Drive, Lewisville$459,9002,465201032.122N0.12
1781336 Greenway Park Drive, Carrollton$434,0004,061200054.022N0.21
1822035 Oakbluff Drive, Carrollton$300,0002,210198432.122N0.27
1843900 Cemetery Hill Road, Carrollton$519,9005,319200054.222Y0.22
1841632 Prince William Lane, Frisco$1,099,0006,833200344.323Y0.29
1933008 Hereford Drive, Lewisville$410,0002,961200943.122N0.10
2044860 Timber Trail, Carrollton$422,9902,202201853.012N0.16
2044868 Timber Trail, Carrollton$424,9902,226201832.012N0.16
2072323 Wild Forest Circle, Lewisville$599,0004,412200644.122N0.25
2141305 Pawnee Trail, Carrollton$280,0001,872199332.122N0.16
2182340 Briar Court, Frisco$525,0003,519200143.122N0.15
2224889 Longvue Drive, Frisco$995,0004,639199943.123Y0.28
2322156 Alcove Drive, Frisco$694,9004,587201844.022N0.22
2431680 Prince William Lane, Frisco$1,899,9997,857200354.223Y0.29
2467037 Grand Hollow Drive, Plano$614,9004,522200354.023Y0.18
2472221 Madison, Carrollton$369,6992,160201832.122N0.10
2524537 Tall Knight Lane, Carrollton$499,9002,491201843.012N0.00
2564521 La Roche Avenue, Carrollton$499,9002,479201843.012N0.00
2612110 Falcon Ridge Drive, Carrollton$247,0001,636198732.012N0.11
2641725 Hilton Head Lane, Frisco$884,9004,416200554.023Y0.29
2656721 Shoal Creek Circle, Plano$790,0003,511199244.123Y0.25
2686625 Overlook Court, Plano$999,0005,263199854.123Y0.50
2996601 Overlook Court, Plano$949,9994,795199743.123Y0.43
3132529 Durango Drive, Carrollton$432,9902,535201742.122N0.10
3152541 Sandy Creek Lane, The Colony$533,9903,100201843.122N0.15
3666700 Crown Forest Drive, Plano$895,0004,741200244.123Y0.48
4126612 Old Gate Road, Plano$1,999,9009,100199656.123Y0.74
8846524 Old Gate Road, Plano$2,050,0007,796200056.224Y0.81

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