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Homes For Sale In Plano ISD

The table in which these Plano Independent School District single-family homes for sale listings are presented below is searchable and sortable. This makes it an excellent tool for doing a quick high-level assessment of houses currently available for sale within the available Plano ISD attendance boundaries. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading.

A more traditional website presentation in which a picture and summary description of each of these Plano ISD homes are shown also is provided below on this page.

Please call 214-725-4011 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
17200 Randall Way, Plano$459,0003,475199643.123Y0.19
12252 Briarcrest Drive, Plano$275,0001,554199032.012N0.16
1337 Ashley Place, Murphy$379,9003,367200152.122N0.22
11212 Biscayne Drive, Plano$410,0003,019197153.122N0.23
17156 Elm Creek Lane, Dallas$339,0001,648199532.012N0.11
14561 Jenkins Drive, Plano$542,0003,832199354.023Y0.25
118944 Fortson Avenue, Dallas$505,0003,463198943.122Y0.30
14032 Laser Lane, Plano$474,9003,196198343.013Y0.28
1207 Glenwood Drive, Murphy$379,9003,929199843.123N0.22
13629 Piedmont Drive, Plano$300,0002,036197832.012N0.20
12712 Winfield Drive, Plano$295,0001,912197642.112N0.21
18408 Brooksby Drive, Plano$419,9002,354199942.012N0.19
1805 Valley Creek Drive, Plano$445,0002,787197143.011N0.50
1128 Oakbluff Drive, Murphy$335,0002,766200142.122N0.31
1130 Carolyn Lane, Murphy$399,9002,945200053.022N0.29
11309 Windhaven Drive, Murphy$714,9005,412201054.123N0.36
15104 Lincolnshire Court, Dallas$599,0003,994199344.123Y0.41
18908 Canyonlands Drive, Plano$438,8003,014199643.022Y0.17
14820 Cape Coral Drive, Dallas$825,0004,799199066.023Y0.22
13321 Canoncita Lane, Plano$400,0002,837197642.112Y0.30
1632 Morning View Way, Murphy$365,0002,944200043.022N0.31
17 Janna Way, Lucas$699,9003,281198653.123Y2.05
12813 Biscayne Drive, Plano$365,0002,220197142.012N0.22
14584 Sundance Drive, Plano$695,0004,050199954.023Y0.28
15049 Royal Creek Lane, Plano$3,250,0009,180200556.234Y0.35
12609 Cobre Valle Lane, Plano$367,0002,676198343.012N0.22
14500 Copper Mountain Lane, Richardson$489,9003,657199944.023Y0.21
12920 Whitemarsh Circle, Richardson$420,0001,824196732.012N0.21
17608 Capella Court, Plano$329,0002,092199432.012N0.18
1431 Shady Brook Place, Richardson$359,9001,662196832.012N0.28
15212 Runnin River Drive, Plano$1,699,0006,941200065.123Y0.54
12201 Grinelle Drive, Plano$395,0002,457199642.122Y0.19
12713 Meadowbrook Court, Plano$369,9002,659197442.112N0.25
12800 Persimmons Court, Plano$199,0001,416198532.121N0.15
13313 Sharon Circle, Plano$200,0001,068196731.111N0.17
17003 Audubon Drive, Parker$839,0004,080200644.123Y1.09
12712 Chancellor Drive, Plano$254,9001,737197942.012N0.19
13409 Gary Drive, Plano$465,0002,908198643.012Y0.21
14516 Lone Grove Lane, Plano$341,9002,161198032.011N0.21
14721 Bear Run Drive, Plano$329,9001,685199432.012N0.15
12200 Chadbourne Drive, Plano$335,0002,515198332.112N0.22
14309 Springhurst Drive, Plano$435,0003,450201543.122N0.20
15753 Cadence Lane, Plano$799,0004,978200655.123N0.14
13716 Hearst Castle Way, Plano$475,0003,879199453.123Y0.27
13624 S Echo Trail, Plano$369,9002,554197642.112N0.24
14412 Jenning Drive, Plano$350,0002,062198442.012Y0.18
18216 Miscanthus Court, Dallas$494,9902,566202042.122N0.00
12020 Sako Drive, Plano$369,0002,639198952.122N0.19
13204 Overland Drive, Plano$343,9003,099197743.122N0.24
12105 Rising Star Court, Plano$399,9002,241198343.012Y0.58
12420 Kimberly Lane, Plano$314,9001,954197232.112N0.22
16429 Shady Oaks Lane, Plano$850,0004,475199543.133Y0.30
14313 Lottie Lane, Plano$300,0002,164198643.012N0.18
1413 Lakefield Drive, Murphy$290,0002,051200132.012N0.26
13824 Stoneway Drive, Plano$367,0002,524199542.112N0.17
12204 Greenpark Drive, Richardson$265,0001,634198532.012N0.14
23928 Wilshire Drive, Plano$479,9003,320198145.022Y0.20
21309 Whitehall Drive, Plano$278,1681,744197432.012N0.18
24827 Stony Ford Drive, Dallas$724,9003,821199043.123Y0.22
2312 Huntington Drive, Murphy$450,0003,964200343.123N0.28
23104 Santana Lane, Plano$449,9002,667199032.122N0.17
23285 Green Court, Plano$325,0001,981199442.122Y0.17
28625 Berwick Drive, Plano$370,0002,715199242.122N0.20
32604 Anders Lane, Plano$2,450,0007,515199655.234Y0.46
32529 Cedar Elm Lane, Plano$335,9002,110198342.012N0.22
35113 Streamwood Lane, Plano$529,0002,979198443.012Y0.19
33601 Asbury Lane, Plano$495,0003,528199654.023Y0.23
34108 Nasmyth Drive, Plano$510,9003,483198654.123Y0.24
3416 Huntington Drive, Murphy$385,0002,790200343.022Y0.27
33901 Bramley Way, Plano$325,0002,495199643.012N0.21
32800 Kyle Drive, Plano$310,0002,087197542.112N0.27
3261 Golden Gate Drive, Richardson$444,9002,257202043.022N0.06
35820 Windmier Lane, Dallas$515,0003,350198243.013Y0.27
42201 Compton Drive, Plano$355,0002,414199633.012N0.21
44577 Crown Ridge Drive, Plano$429,0002,808199742.122N0.20
52913 Mountview Place, Plano$549,9004,073199253.122Y0.22
52101 Briarcreek Lane, Plano$240,0002,084196832.122N0.38
63500 Curbstone Way, Plano$385,0002,451200843.013N0.23
63916 Palo Duro Drive, Plano$279,9002,126198032.112N0.20
65956 Sawgradd Court, Plano$795,0004,221199954.023Y0.30
66316 Yorkdale Drive, Plano$585,0003,447199643.022Y0.18
62321 Ravenhurst Drive, Plano$425,0003,569200043.122N0.14
64508 Springhurst Drive, Plano$444,9003,256201743.122N0.18
61513 Ports O Call Drive, Plano$350,0002,213197932.112N0.21
63825 Glasgow Drive, Plano$449,9003,182199443.022Y0.18
63132 Ipswich Drive, Plano$399,0002,790198843.012N0.19
6234 Woodcrest Drive, Richardson$675,0003,164197843.122Y0.20
63308 Wyndmere Drive, Richardson$429,0003,735199153.122N0.21
617624 Harbord Oaks Circle, Dallas$1,300,0005,634198955.124Y0.37
66869 Bushnell Drive, Plano$450,0003,211199632.112Y0.21
67809 Zurich Drive, Plano$437,5003,235198643.123Y0.18
63320 Regent Drive, Plano$343,0001,823197732.012N0.17
618282 Meandering Way, Dallas$490,0002,864199632.122N0.10
64644 Knoll Hollow Trail, Plano$345,0002,017199532.122Y0.14
73512 Watercrest Drive, Plano$785,0003,933199554.123Y0.22
71400 Sherrye Drive, Plano$219,9001,248196532.012N0.22
75526 Tamaron Court, Dallas$715,0003,733198044.022N0.25
73413 Leighton Ridge Drive, Plano$550,0004,434199954.023N0.21
75644 Northbrook Drive, Plano$975,0004,782199844.123Y0.29
74007 Mountain Pass, Plano$265,0002,171198243.010N0.18
73608 Margaux Drive, Parker$989,9004,104201254.024N2.14
71633 Toddville Drive, Plano$299,9001,759198932.012N0.16
71991 Cousins Trail, Allen$539,9903,345202043.122N0.13
82401 Belmont Place, Plano$350,0002,232198032.112Y0.25
86717 Denali Drive, Plano$485,0002,457201943.022N0.19
817723 Voss Road, Dallas$599,0003,497198444.022Y0.22
81809 Crooked Lane, Plano$420,0002,370197853.012N0.23
85802 Kensington Drive, Richardson$353,9002,381199642.012N0.21
82704 Schofield Court, Plano$449,0003,281199643.123Y0.22
817762 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$499,9902,579202032.122N0.00
83617 18th Street, Plano$349,5002,696197432.012Y0.34
92984 Marlow Lane, Richardson$475,0003,620199853.122N0.20
93408 Garner Lane, Plano$270,0001,972197242.112N0.17
96004 Marlow Avenue, Dallas$325,0002,153199432.122N0.09
92208 Greenpark Drive, Richardson$249,9001,984198532.012N0.16
97608 Stoney Point Drive, Plano$539,0004,515199354.022Y0.25
92152 Broadstone Drive, Plano$375,0002,312200543.122N0.09
91405 Kittery Drive, Plano$325,0001,896198732.012N0.11
92508 Delmar Drive, Plano$499,0003,135197343.012N0.23
104509 Saint James Drive, Plano$497,9993,926199744.023N0.21
106404 Widgeon Drive, Plano$529,9003,862199553.122Y0.20
104303 Briargrove Lane, Dallas$599,0003,496198643.122Y0.24
103941 Burnley Drive, Plano$314,0001,748199432.012N0.15
101809 Ports O Call Drive, Plano$350,0001,937197432.012Y0.22
103323 Meadow Wood Drive, Richardson$459,0003,385200043.123N0.33
103525 Ranchero Road, Plano$2,850,0007,218197364.232Y3.05
113009 Vermillion Drive, Plano$1,125,0006,087200855.223Y0.31
113545 Ranchero Road, Plano$3,295,0008,641197477.214Y2.19
114613 Meadow Ridge Drive, Plano$795,0004,968200655.123N0.29
115704 Arrow Point Drive, Plano$599,0004,087199845.023N0.22
113449 Tarkio Road, Plano$234,9001,817197432.010N0.17
124041 Mountain Pass, Plano$235,0001,574198132.012N0.16
125129 Mustang Trail, Plano$534,9003,204198443.022N0.18
124039 Briarbend Road, Dallas$400,0002,915199242.122N0.13
123104 Clymer Drive, Plano$614,9994,250199644.123Y0.25
123309 Bright Star Way, Plano$335,0002,702200332.022N0.20
132705 White Dove Drive, Plano$525,0003,310200742.122N0.11
137100 Audubon Drive, Parker$1,425,0006,028200755.223Y2.08
134540 Denver Drive, Plano$329,9002,056198042.122N0.19
133106 Barley Court, Richardson$449,0003,199199743.023N0.37
136404 Brandon Court, Plano$599,0003,935199753.022Y0.22
132101 Westridge Drive, Plano$315,0002,130196842.012Y0.25
138504 Lancome Drive, Plano$399,0002,689199643.022N0.17
13408 Shoreline Street, Plano$495,0002,808201932.122N0.11
136101 Leblanc Drive, Plano$719,0003,710200744.022N0.23
133817 Tapestry Court, Plano$354,9002,510198043.012Y0.22
133304 Fontaine Street, Plano$299,5001,738197242.012N0.19
132929 Regal Road, Plano$325,0002,075197732.112N0.24
131337 Kesser Drive, Plano$299,0002,088198342.012N0.19
135028 Lakewood Drive, Plano$1,475,0005,671199366.122Y0.32
137601 Twelve Oaks Circle, Plano$598,0004,973199244.123Y0.39
134501 Newcombe Drive, Plano$339,9002,175198132.012N0.23
133205 Runabout Court, Plano$379,9002,928198342.122Y0.20
131645 G Avenue, Plano$419,9002,255202032.122N0.06
1318712 Sagewood Drive, Dallas$379,9002,394198442.112N0.17
1317848 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$510,0002,502201943.122N0.10
134112 Eldorado Drive, Plano$367,9002,534198542.012Y0.23
143414 Sweetwater Drive, Richardson$520,0002,965201442.122N0.12
144206 Sycamore Lane, Parker$1,175,0005,446197543.014Y4.61
145920 Brookhaven Drive, Plano$575,0003,299199543.022Y0.20
144564 Saint James Drive, Plano$499,0002,919199543.113Y0.22
141620 Airpark Lane, Plano$1,379,0006,496199954.223Y0.77
145221 Blackhawk Drive, Plano$969,0004,910198844.223Y0.29
148225 Miscanthus Court, Dallas$449,0002,109202043.122N0.10
145316 Doral Circle, Plano$1,250,0005,437198845.023Y0.51
142049 Cannes Drive, Plano$377,5002,561198842.122Y0.20
143017 Indigo Drive, Wylie$435,0002,969201643.122N0.20
156345 Westblanc Drive, Plano$465,0003,115199753.122Y0.15
156407 Juliet Place, Dallas$349,9002,146201532.122N0.09
158012 Sunflower Lane, Dallas$569,9902,837201732.122N0.10
154215 Country Brook Drive, Dallas$449,0002,735198132.112Y0.19
152933 Regal Road, Plano$355,0002,139197832.012N0.23
163461 Market Row, Richardson$550,0002,817201833.232N0.04
161403 Rollins Drive, Allen$459,0003,938200243.123N0.20
162925 Deep Valley Trail, Plano$418,0002,700197443.022N0.33
16416 Lawndale Drive, Richardson$454,9002,096196843.012N0.21
163049 Martello Lane, Plano$369,9002,106201632.122N0.11
161131 Terrace Mill Drive, Murphy$560,0004,819200443.123N0.27
174100 Glenbrook Drive, Richardson$600,0004,600200154.123Y0.35
176016 Homestead Court, Dallas$297,0001,861199123.022N0.08
173001 Vinson Lane, Plano$1,225,0004,944199854.123Y0.30
172496 Cathedral Drive, Richardson$449,9002,252202043.022N0.08
176209 Trailwood Drive, Plano$480,0003,262199443.122N0.19
174012 Wishing Well Lane, Plano$1,600,0006,425199955.123Y0.55
173100 Raintree Drive, Plano$240,0001,564197532.012Y0.20
181713 Montana Trail, Plano$259,9001,934197832.012N0.18
191932 Paris Avenue, Plano$379,9002,785199442.122N0.18
193401 Bonniebrook Drive, Plano$469,9992,909197444.112N0.25
196721 Mantissa Drive, Plano$314,9002,158199042.122N0.15
192600 Lawndale Drive, Plano$324,9002,398197642.012N0.19
201128 Mill Springs, Richardson$539,0002,820197743.012Y0.22
204324 Hartford Drive, Plano$337,5002,168198632.112N0.24
205900 Milano Drive, Plano$470,0003,408199443.022N0.20
2018908 Fortson Avenue, Dallas$499,9002,905199043.012Y0.23
20235 Canyon Valley Drive, Richardson$449,9002,661197843.012Y0.22
2117607 Cedar Creek Canyon, Dallas$899,9006,151198944.223Y0.46
215901 Woodwind Drive, Plano$659,0004,271199954.023Y0.19
21605 Mossycup Oak Drive, Plano$425,0003,478199143.122N0.19
213904 Ruthridge Drive, Plano$429,9003,526200042.122N0.22
216424 Academy Lane, Plano$529,9004,256201354.022N0.24
215045 Royal Creek Lane, Plano$4,500,00013,406200255.424Y0.59
211701 G Avenue, Plano$447,9002,510202044.022N0.06
214317 Evenstar Way, Plano$465,0003,299201743.122N0.16
213916 Boulton Court, Plano$489,9003,634199453.122Y0.18
224409 Adriel Lane, Plano$485,0003,485201754.022N0.15
226412 Pavillion Court, Plano$439,0004,211199454.022N0.23
224301 Springhill Estates Drive, Parker$779,9004,708200344.124N1.26
2319123 Windmill Lane, Dallas$875,0003,000201743.122Y0.39
23644 Post Oak Drive, Plano$389,0003,161198944.022Y0.19
233409 Parkhaven Drive, Plano$296,5002,227197742.112N0.21
241714 Hastings Court, Plano$295,0001,989197832.012Y0.34
24217 Black Walnut Drive, Garland$549,9004,176200443.023N0.34
248520 Wareham Drive, Plano$335,0002,242199432.122N0.16
241558 Cityline Drive, Richardson$750,0002,865201933.132N0.05
245801 Windmier Lane, Dallas$825,0004,549198454.122Y0.32
245801 Buffridge Trail, Dallas$525,0003,106198343.122Y0.21
253817 N Big Horn Trail N, Plano$355,0002,405198032.111N0.21
2517864 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$497,9902,566202043.022N0.00
2517502 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$479,9902,331202032.122N0.13
263201 Wyndmere Drive, Richardson$419,9993,856199253.122N0.20
263317 Appalachian Way, Plano$368,3003,158197753.112N0.21
272809 Parkhaven Drive, Plano$305,0002,310197242.112N0.21
275728 Misted Breeze Drive, Plano$699,0004,098199244.023Y0.21
275212 Beckington Lane, Dallas$549,0003,667199153.123Y0.19
273325 Patriot Drive, Plano$366,9002,589199642.122Y0.16
275113 Sunningdale Court, Plano$579,0003,598199043.123Y0.20
278025 Cavalier Drive, Plano$400,0003,281199543.022N0.20
27768 Pierre Lane, Plano$275,0002,016199043.022N0.09
273613 Stonington Drive, Plano$459,0002,799199032.112N0.20
283912 Wood Lake Drive, Plano$1,399,0006,186199755.123Y0.38
28327 Canyon Valley Drive, Richardson$385,0002,071197142.112N0.22
286504 Northridge Parkway, Parker$750,0004,767201244.113Y1.00
288242 Primose Way, Dallas$395,0001,943202032.122N0.06
295223 Oak Lake Drive, Dallas$969,0004,614199144.123Y0.31
292716 Hunters Creek Drive, Plano$384,0002,368197143.012Y0.23
294034 Cobblers Lane, Dallas$415,0002,446198433.012Y0.27
301412 Hawthorne Drive, Plano$219,0001,412196541.010N0.25
306505 Macintosh Drive, Plano$277,0001,944198532.012N0.21
304624 Southpointe Drive, Richardson$385,0003,015199943.122N0.34
30515 Flamingo Court, Murphy$560,0005,351200754.123N0.28
311524 Debbie Drive, Plano$180,0001,076196531.010N0.17
325981 Kensington Drive, Plano$525,0002,518199543.012Y0.19
327412 Wildflower Drive, Plano$420,0003,456199743.122N0.18
342120 Broadstone Drive, Plano$359,9002,001200532.122N0.09
347416 Stoney Point Drive, Plano$414,9003,301198942.122Y0.28
346715 Summer Meadow Lane, Dallas$378,9902,538198442.012Y0.18
342706 Canyon Valley Drive, Richardson$415,0002,508197132.122N0.21
345808 Roswell Drive, Plano$1,100,0005,430199755.123Y0.32
342816 Ridgeway Drive, Plano$189,9901,044196231.011N0.16
342609 Greenlawn Drive, Wylie$555,0004,604201654.023N0.23
345024 Lakewood Drive, Plano$1,235,0004,938199356.123Y0.33
342215 Parkhaven Drive, Plano$369,0002,375197533.012N0.23
352301 Huntington Drive, Plano$369,9002,445197643.012Y0.21
357004 Gerrards Cross, Plano$475,0003,132199743.522N0.16
351511 Sun Valley Court, Lucas$499,0002,865201733.013N1.00
353928 Lost Creek Drive, Plano$567,5004,692199954.023N0.33
351813 Cliffview Drive, Plano$1,150,0006,138199355.123Y0.38
353905 Ruthridge Drive, Plano$415,0003,426200143.123N0.20
363317 Carriage Lane, Plano$304,9001,965197732.012N0.17
364404 Galsford Drive, Plano$439,9002,984199943.023Y0.20
363853 Elgin Drive, Plano$429,9003,095199543.222N0.17
365817 Dove Creek Lane, Plano$879,9004,842199843.223Y0.26
361000 Joshua Tree Drive, Plano$249,9001,694197942.012N0.29
375416 Caine Road, Richardson$467,9902,452201943.122N0.08
371103 Stirling Drive, Lucas$637,5223,257202043.013N1.10
371026 Greenacres Lane, Lucas$625,0003,085202043.013N1.00
372613 Lawton Lane, Plano$1,135,0005,873199765.123Y0.27
381019 Sparrow Drive, Murphy$525,0003,601201053.123N0.26
383304 Bandolino Lane, Plano$359,9002,876197642.112N0.24
383057 Martello Lane, Plano$370,0002,209201632.122N0.13
384515 Briar Oaks Circle, Dallas$875,0005,101200054.223Y0.25
392716 Pinehurst Drive, Plano$319,8002,042197242.012Y0.22
394080 Windhaven Lane, Dallas$250,0001,416198622.121N0.07
405405 Hennessey Road, Richardson$495,0002,738201743.122Y0.00
415819 Flintshire Lane, Dallas$839,0005,718198443.123Y0.28
412910 Wembley Court, Richardson$450,0003,896198843.122Y0.21
42310 Forest Grove Drive, Richardson$444,9002,135197242.112Y0.00
423720 Hearst Castle Way, Plano$575,0004,469199354.023Y0.27
422704 S Colfax Circle, Plano$275,0001,850197132.012N0.22
432600 Fairfield Drive, Richardson$524,9004,391200154.123N0.24
4321 Kildonan, Richardson$675,0004,066200143.123Y0.46
446404 Stonebrook Circle, Plano$724,9994,193199544.023Y0.27
444240 Creekstone Drive, Plano$298,5001,786199232.012N0.14
457008 Sedgehill Court, Plano$799,9004,763200054.022Y0.21
456113 Glenhollow Drive, Plano$524,0003,082199243.022N0.18
476512 Texana Way, Plano$369,9003,104200632.122N0.11
477905 Cap Rock Drive, Plano$465,0003,559199854.023Y0.24
473008 Laguna Drive, Plano$329,0002,484198043.012N0.22
475320 Tennington Park, Dallas$799,9004,744199854.123Y0.19
484032 Windhaven Lane, Dallas$240,0001,712198522.121N0.08
486116 Preserve Drive, Plano$899,9002,836201933.232N0.04
487700 Highcroft Way, Plano$849,9002,965201932.232N0.04
487853 Element Avenue, Plano$1,199,9004,357202044.233N0.00
491413 E 15th Street E, Plano$730,0004,292190153.020N0.61
491613 Hardeman Lane, Plano$589,9004,112201654.020N0.21
491004 Mustang Ridge Drive, Murphy$415,0002,625200343.012Y0.26
491804 Cliffview Drive, Plano$2,250,0007,052199944.223Y0.37
495908 Wight Street, Plano$585,0003,435200043.123Y0.18
492541 History Lane, Plano$585,0003,502201555.122N0.15
508227 Bristlegrass Way, Dallas$508,8882,186201943.012N0.00
505424 Caine Road, Richardson$449,9902,745201932.122N0.08
512705 Cascade Drive, Plano$474,5003,490199743.123N0.18
515924 Saint Agnes Drive, Plano$630,0003,791198943.123Y0.19
512644 Forest Grove Drive, Richardson$391,0001,933196842.112Y0.36
515302 Harbor Town Drive, Dallas$1,050,0004,829198455.123Y0.30
516300 Teal Court, Plano$419,9002,566199732.012Y0.28
527704 Highcroft, Plano$849,9002,878201932.232N0.00
523425 Sherrye Drive, Plano$335,0002,007196732.012N0.22
526509 Cypress Point Drive, Plano$774,9903,919199453.222Y0.26
533812 Alamdre Lane, Richardson$449,9003,852200354.023Y0.25
533225 Santana Lane, Plano$293,0001,852198132.012N0.17
538218 Natchez Trail, Dallas$492,9902,566202043.022N0.00
542556 History Lane, Plano$698,7003,801201644.122N0.15
551701 Millsap Lane, Plano$387,9001,993202032.122N0.06
555736 Gleneagles Drive, Plano$824,9003,554199844.022Y0.14
553112 Fernhurst Drive, Richardson$450,0003,741199753.122N0.21
554803 E Parker Road, Parker$479,9003,266197443.122N1.97
563500 Ranchero Road, Plano$2,500,0007,450197946.014Y2.60
562321 Brisbane Lane, Plano$864,9004,118201643.123N0.24
565501 Gleneagles Drive, Plano$779,0004,000199844.123Y0.34
573048 Pinon Canyon Lane, Richardson$424,9003,775200144.022N0.20
577000 Harvey Lane, Plano$550,0004,674199464.123Y0.29
591344 Chicota Drive, Plano$290,0001,941198542.012N0.23
60129 Timber Ridge Drive, Murphy$300,0002,469198443.012Y0.17
612617 Winfield Drive, Plano$327,8881,968197532.012Y0.20
6518040 Benchmark Drive, Dallas$575,8603,712199054.023Y0.17
661812 R Avenue, Plano$222,2221,800196632.012N0.17
661716 Shreveport Trail, Plano$247,5001,565197832.012N0.18
672110 Glen Forest Lane, Plano$284,0002,022197632.012N0.18
684532 Eldorado Drive, Plano$299,0002,022198142.012N0.20
682620 Mollimar Drive, Plano$515,0002,931197343.112Y0.22
702501 Blackberry Drive, Richardson$350,0002,447198343.012Y0.22
714209 Early Morn Drive, Plano$325,0002,324197842.122N0.18
715033 Charles Place, Plano$769,0004,393199354.123Y0.26
713104 Hoffman Drive, Plano$309,9902,000199742.012N0.15
734808 Sunnybrook Drive, Plano$616,2402,830201833.122N0.13
755713 Mccall Drive, Plano$975,0004,263199743.123Y0.25
76421 Forest Grove Drive, Richardson$333,9002,522197342.122N0.26
785437 Harbour Road, Richardson$549,9902,970201743.122N0.09
807602 Element Avenue, Plano$1,077,9003,425201944.132N0.00
827709 Watson Drive, Plano$449,0003,572199443.021N0.25
8317818 Hillcrest Road, Dallas$358,8002,032198632.122N0.17
8318187 Whispering Gables Lane, Dallas$255,0001,271198322.011N0.07
834616 Stonehollow Way, Dallas$2,650,0008,931199977.124Y0.75
844900 Portrait Lane, Plano$454,9003,848199053.122N0.15
8417644 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$489,6202,583201943.122N0.10
844113 Ryan Lane, Richardson$495,9503,815200043.123N0.23
853428 Terry Drive, Plano$494,9993,237198743.123Y0.20
867724 Saragosa Creek Drive, Plano$465,0003,621199744.023Y0.21
876930 Rocky Top Circle, Dallas$469,0003,326198343.013Y0.28
871112 Lombardy Drive, Plano$269,0002,225198042.011N0.20
902912 Hurstwood Drive, Plano$369,9002,373201633.022N0.10
903212 Silver Creek Drive, Plano$844,9004,769200154.123Y0.27
902307 Winterstone Drive, Plano$310,0002,043197642.012N0.18
916235 Cupertino Trail, Dallas$324,9002,344199342.122N0.10
925901 Loch Maree Drive, Plano$529,0003,662198944.123Y0.25
924415 Windhaven Lane, Dallas$349,9002,476198232.122Y0.21
925508 Seapines Drive, Plano$3,500,0009,769200465.224Y1.04
921900 Jubilee Road, Plano$515,0003,116199054.022Y0.22
933404 Cedar Falls Lane, Plano$1,199,5005,279199754.123Y0.40
943814 Timberlake Drive, Plano$525,0003,256197842.110N0.41
974119 Briarbend Road, Dallas$475,0003,299199243.122N0.19
975204 Edgewater Court, Parker$925,0004,840200444.123N1.12
976406 Rainier Road, Plano$278,0002,113197842.012Y0.21
972320 Flanders Lane, Plano$439,9003,380199443.122Y0.18
973510 Bradford Drive, Richardson$465,0003,831199754.423Y0.21
9817904 Castle Bend Drive, Dallas$580,0003,709199443.023Y0.24
993116 Amesbury Drive, Plano$899,0004,760199054.023Y0.29
1005315 Ambergate Lane, Dallas$970,0005,206199654.323Y0.31
1013502 Elmsted Drive, Richardson$445,0003,356199654.022Y0.24
1035 Ridgeview Circle, Richardson$525,0002,408197143.012N0.25
1036805 Amaretto Court, Plano$2,179,0005,354201644.223Y0.36
1042220 Overglen Drive, Plano$250,0001,913197132.012N0.17
1045125 Marble Falls Lane, Plano$974,9005,393199654.123Y0.28
1043205 Oak Arbor Drive, Plano$749,0002,747200133.012Y0.14
1045000 Castle Creek Court, Plano$1,275,0007,013200253.323Y0.27
1054037 Bramley Way, Plano$320,0001,996199232.122N0.09
1055100 Forest Grove Lane, Plano$1,550,0006,962199445.223Y0.43
1063416 Stonecrest Circle, Plano$360,0002,814200732.122N0.20
1063217 Gleneagles Court, Plano$675,0003,621199833.022N0.13
1074500 Boston Drive, Plano$379,9902,329197942.112Y0.22
1074205 Springhill Estates Drive, Parker$960,0004,306199854.123Y1.58
1084545 Crosstimber Drive, Plano$535,0003,719199543.123Y0.21
10817754 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$474,9902,321202032.122N0.10
1106404 Drawbridge Lane, Plano$2,149,0005,284201644.123Y0.43
1106431 Garlinghouse Lane, Dallas$439,5002,375198142.112Y0.18
1116748 Biltmore Place, Plano$385,0003,078198853.022N0.19
1123108 Vermillion Drive, Plano$1,000,0005,979200756.123Y0.30
1121745 Stinson Road, Lucas$999,9004,254200733.123N7.11
1127505 Larchmont Drive, Dallas$489,9004,184199865.022N0.21
1121013 Christopher Court, Lucas$849,9004,948201544.114N1.51
1141124 Crestwick Drive, Murphy$530,0004,318200454.023Y0.30
1173117 Cedar Ridge Drive, Richardson$449,9004,133200154.023N0.22
1173425 Black Canyon Drive, Plano$479,9003,671199743.123Y0.21
1185129 Fairglen Drive, Plano$650,0004,727198955.223Y0.18
1195008 Albatross Drive, Plano$599,9583,784201965.022N0.14
1195900 Glen Heather Drive, Plano$674,9003,724198954.022Y0.24
1193506 S Echo Trail, Plano$337,5002,418197642.112Y0.26
1193805 Appomattox Circle, Plano$459,0002,924198343.022Y0.21
1201731 Lincoln Drive, Lucas$859,5804,430201954.024N2.50
1206824 Mulhouse Court, Plano$1,898,0005,992201844.323N0.38
1204076 Banff Court, Plano$493,9003,619199343.122Y0.22
1237621 Brownley Place, Plano$364,0002,571199342.014Y0.17
1245009 Sail Creek Drive, Plano$1,195,0004,879199555.223Y0.37
124200 Thunder Bay Drive, Lucas$849,8314,486201954.024N1.20
1246520 Ute Court, Plano$274,9001,939197832.012N0.00
1252712 Crow Valley Trail, Plano$334,7002,234197833.012N0.22
1253636 Interlaken Drive, Plano$430,0002,918198243.012N0.33
1272217 Windy Ridge, Plano$400,0003,332199843.022N0.17
1285516 Inverrary Court, Dallas$829,0005,111198543.223Y0.27
1315024 York Lane, Plano$1,999,9996,725200055.223Y0.41
1315032 Hummingbird Lane, Plano$709,9004,326199445.023Y0.22
1323620 Bent Ridge Drive, Plano$399,9993,625199843.122N0.26
1333552 Acropolis Way, Plano$660,8754,144201955.022N0.18
1335972 Campus Court, Plano$884,8884,810199555.023Y0.27
134423 Hickory Drive, Murphy$319,0003,017200142.022N0.21
1365004 Goodwin Drive, Plano$267,0002,168197432.012N0.18
1361821 Lincoln Drive, Lucas$749,0003,919201953.123N3.45
1397208 Moss Ridge Road, Parker$535,0002,912199743.023Y2.09
1396328 W Trace Drive, Plano$499,0003,450199653.122Y0.17
1391008 Shenandoah Drive, Plano$239,5001,308197332.010N0.18
140223 High Point Drive, Murphy$450,0003,357200253.123N0.27
1405701 Mccall Drive, Plano$1,015,0005,663199754.123N0.30
1404204 Mildenhall Drive, Plano$489,9004,065199753.123N0.21
1407816 Merit Lane, Plano$899,0002,893201733.122N0.06
1413101 New Britton Drive, Plano$1,695,0008,113200366.223Y0.42
1426820 Mulhouse Court, Plano$2,430,0006,371201955.123N0.37
1424520 Daffodil Trail, Plano$489,9003,299199443.023N0.23
1423919 Marchwood Drive, Richardson$455,0003,884200154.022Y0.37
1464715 Spyglass Drive, Dallas$695,0004,307198643.122N0.46
1462306 Primrose Drive, Richardson$325,0002,448198343.012Y0.22
1486813 Newell Avenue, Plano$330,9002,574198732.122Y0.18
1495712 Sandalfoot Circle, Plano$1,450,0005,895199465.123Y0.50
1514527 Briar Oaks Circle, Dallas$775,0004,760199054.113Y0.43
1537400 Forest Bend Drive, Parker$689,4994,652201544.113N1.12
1533708 Watercrest Drive, Plano$659,9003,779199443.023Y0.26
1531705 Cross Bend Road, Plano$449,9993,287197743.012Y0.22
1532506 Grandview Drive, Richardson$548,5002,409196742.112N0.26
1545600 Wayfarer Drive, Plano$1,900,0006,856199555.223Y0.28
1555119 Briargrove Lane, Dallas$674,0004,095199143.123Y0.23
1605406 Lancelot Lane, Richardson$439,9003,754199653.122Y0.25
1613217 Glenhurst Court, Plano$1,150,0005,280200044.223Y0.33
1613105 Monette Lane, Plano$519,0004,277199844.123N0.24
1615316 Barouche Court, Plano$395,9003,314198453.122Y0.19
1625421 Caine Road, Richardson$449,9903,356202043.122N0.08
1632521 Mollimar Drive, Plano$339,9002,637197243.012N0.21
1644117 Christopher Way, Plano$375,0002,606199242.122Y0.20
1675613 Saint Thomas Drive, Plano$336,9902,855200533.022N0.16
1674512 Briar Oaks Circle, Dallas$850,0004,288199043.123Y0.31
1702705 Northridge Drive, Richardson$399,9003,392200054.022N0.21
1701819 Rice Court, Allen$442,8003,851200343.123N0.21
1715013 Country Place Drive, Plano$399,9003,235197943.122Y0.29
1745748 Quebec Lane, Plano$799,5004,567200844.122Y0.13
1743205 Kinlock Court, Plano$294,0002,220199742.012N0.23
17819124 Windmill Lane, Dallas$499,0002,801199933.022N0.26
1814925 Durham Drive, Plano$599,0002,779201943.022N0.13
1816108 Preserve Drive, Plano$999,9002,870201933.232N0.00
1832705 Rockefeller Way, Plano$619,0003,393201843.122N0.13
1844508 Sycamore Lane, Parker$649,0003,781197054.013Y6.00
1855121 Meadowlark Drive, Plano$625,0004,520200044.122N0.17
1883001 Deansbrook Drive, Plano$599,0003,381201743.222N0.13
1882705 Deansbrook Drive, Plano$599,0003,356201854.122N0.13
1895436 Hennessey Road, Richardson$449,9902,745202032.122N0.08
1984601 Kellner Place, Plano$1,075,0006,238200755.223Y0.36
19819 Maxwell Lane, Murphy$1,325,0007,964199443.2215Y2.00
2023713 Lowrey Way, Plano$434,9953,243199943.022N0.17
2035216 Oak Lake Drive, Dallas$1,299,0004,804199244.123Y0.25
2038012 Fleetwood Drive, Plano$359,9002,841199452.122N0.18
2048014 Acoma, Dallas$560,0003,711201853.122N0.10
2072304 Dyers Oak Drive, Plano$274,9991,871198832.122N0.09
2085719 Moss Creek Trail, Dallas$665,0004,091198644.222Y0.20
216409 W Lookout Drive, Richardson$482,5002,248196943.012N0.24
2171616 Ports O Call Drive, Plano$331,5002,109197542.112N0.22
2225609 Templin Way, Plano$840,0005,117199454.023N0.25
2251637 Glen Springs Drive, Plano$524,5003,353199143.123N0.18
2252701 Mum Drive, Richardson$314,0002,499199742.122N0.13
2253932 Capricorn Court, Plano$280,0002,214198632.122Y0.23
2275608 Stone Cliff Court, Dallas$1,539,0008,350199555.223Y0.30
2303010 Indigo Drive, Wylie$438,9903,385201943.123N0.23
2335504 Cavendish Court, Plano$4,850,00013,521199956.223Y2.42
2346112 Preserve Drive, Plano$1,099,9003,452201933.232N0.00
2404732 Holly Tree Drive, Dallas$574,9003,972199043.123Y0.23
2436718 Starbuck Drive, Dallas$779,0003,275201943.132N0.17
2497513 Ramblewood Drive, Garland$644,7504,120200443.123Y0.39
25117604 Bottlebrush Drive, Dallas$419,0001,842201932.012N0.10
2523315 Meadow Wood Drive, Richardson$549,0004,269200043.122Y0.32
2555612 Snowberry, Plano$547,8003,017201954.022N0.14
2557509 Forest Bend Drive, Parker$879,9006,290201466.023N1.27
2583101 Deansbrook Drive, Plano$559,0002,915201832.122N0.14
2595204 Silver Lake Drive, Plano$1,349,0005,308199644.213Y0.36
2695315 Stone Falls Lane, Dallas$760,0004,248199343.123Y0.33
2793405 Rambling Way, Plano$3,499,00011,796199467.327Y2.33
2794504 Lancelot Drive, Plano$499,9003,925199744.123N0.21
2865633 Gleneagles Drive, Plano$599,9003,396199933.022N0.13
2866748 Magnum Drive, Plano$459,9003,082199354.023N0.19
2874803 Holly Tree Drive, Dallas$750,0003,898198943.122Y0.26
2903521 Lakebrook Drive, Plano$619,5003,573199433.023Y0.23
2971013 Goodwin Drive, Plano$275,0002,260197542.010Y0.19
3246820 Lemans Court, Plano$2,078,0005,964201854.123N0.38
33717615 Cedar Creek Canyon Drive, Dallas$1,645,0007,587198755.123Y0.61
3384455 Voss Hills Place, Dallas$266,9001,978199132.012N0.11
3421601 Hardeman Lane, Plano$498,9902,469201832.112N0.26
3471 Wooded Lane, Allen$899,0005,600199355.123Y1.30
3496808 Mulhouse Court, Plano$2,299,0006,049201544.223Y0.38
3511400 Caman Park Drive, Lucas$750,0004,426201644.012N1.19
3583529 Twin Lakes Way, Plano$1,899,9907,903199555.223Y0.52
3851415 Stinson Road, Lucas$1,499,0008,260197556.024Y18.46
3915104 Forest Grove Lane, Plano$1,125,0005,602199355.123Y0.37
4854800 Sunnybrook Drive, Plano$559,0002,830201833.122N0.13
5124424 Highlander Drive, Dallas$582,0003,766198844.023Y0.19
5213800 Ranch Estates Drive, Plano$1,595,0005,600197345.123Y2.90
5741808 Amazon Drive, Plano$533,9903,800201853.022N0.25
6753420 Ranchero Road, Plano$2,975,00010,281197266.224Y4.62
6995909 Fairchild Court, Plano$899,0004,817199654.123Y0.26
7062104 Willow Bend Drive, Plano$5,699,00014,702198479.526Y3.08
104818024 Rock Branch Drive, Dallas$599,9903,207199343.123N0.21


Plano ISD homes for sale listings

Presented below are pictures and summary descriptions of currently listed Plano ISD single-family homes.

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Photo of Listing #14277017

7200 Randall Way, Plano, TX - $459,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,475 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Over $50k Worth Of Upgrades Make This David Weekly Home Unique! Perfect Open Floor Plan For Entertaining Family And Friends. Lower-level Foyer Opens Up To The Living, Dining, And Office. First Floor Master Bedroom Has With Jetted Tub And Walk In S...

Photo of Listing #14289817

2252 Briarcrest Drive, Plano, TX - $275,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,554 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Move In Ready Home In A Great Neighborhood And Excellent School District! Many Updates Have Been Made Over The Last Couple Of Years, Including Flooring, Fixtures, Window Coverings, And Fresh Paint! Large Eat In Kitchen With Updated Stainless Appli...

Photo of Listing #14289114

337 Ashley Place, Murphy, TX - $379,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 3,367 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Welcome Home! Amazingly Pristine And Very Well Taken Care Of, This Jewel Of A Home With Fresh Paint Is Ready For Your Family And Is Move-in-ready!! With Tons Of Wide Open Space, 5 Bedrooms Including A Master Bedroom That Is Fit For A Queen! 3 Livi...

Photo of Listing #14289469

1212 Biscayne Drive, Plano, TX - $410,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,019 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Just Remodeled!! Beautiful 5 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath Home In The Coveted Dallas North Estates. Open Floor Plan With Dual Master Bedrooms, Both Of Which Have Walk In Closets. Updated Kitchen With Granite Counters, Ss Appliances Including Dual Ovens. New ...

Photo of Listing #14287666

7156 Elm Creek Lane, Dallas, TX - $339,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,648 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Gated Neighborhood With On Duty Guard. Community Pool, Club House And Walking Trails. Single Story In Highland Creek Manor. Open Concept With Island Kitchen, Granite Counter Tops, And Breakfast Bar Overlooking Living Area With Fireplace And Din...

Photo of Listing #14289382

4561 Jenkins Drive, Plano, TX - $542,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,832 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Upon Entering You Will See The Warmth Of This Home Engineered Hard Wood Floors Wrought Iron Balusters Plantation Shutters Beautiful Crown Molding Large Kitchen Has Stainless Steel App. With Granite C Tops Open To The Family Room Making Entertainin...

Photo of Listing #14290499

18944 Fortson Avenue, Dallas, TX - $505,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,463 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Airy Home With Soaring, Cathedral & Tray Ceilings Will Draw Your Eyes Up To Sun-filled Rooms Overlooking An Impressive Oversized Pool, Patio & Privacy Fenced Back Yard On A Tranquil Cul-de-sac. Imagine A Spacious Master Suite With A Double-si...

Photo of Listing #14281887

4032 Laser Lane, Plano, TX - $474,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,196 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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You Want An Over 3100 Square Foot 1 Story Updated Home With A Pool & Spa & A 3 Car Garage, All In A Prestigious Neighborhood....that's A Lot To Ask, But This Remarkable Home Has All That & More. This Home Is Packed With Updates & Upgrades Such As;...

Photo of Listing #14285446

207 Glenwood Drive, Murphy, TX - $379,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,929 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Welcome Home To The Timbers! You'll Love This Two Story Home With 4 Bedrooms And 3.1 Baths Convenient To Shopping, Dining And Recreation! Master Suite Features A Sitting Area And The Master Bath Offers Both A Jetted Tub And Generous Walk In Clos...

Photo of Listing #14285347

3629 Piedmont Drive, Plano, TX - $300,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,036 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautiful 1-story House Is On A Corner Lot That's Located In The Heart Of Plano. This 3 Bed 2 Bath Home Comes W 2 Lg Living Areas, Oversized Bedrooms W Great Closet Space, Big Kitchen W Breakfast Area, Gas Fireplace, Vaulted Ceiling, Formal Dining...

Photo of Listing #14288275

2712 Winfield Drive, Plano, TX - $295,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 1,912 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Welcoming 4 Bedroom Traditional Ranch Home In A Well Established Neighborhood Boasts A Great Floorplan Along With Vaulted Ceilings In The Family Room, Large Eat In Kitchen And Generous Sized Master Bedroom With Separate Dual Vanities And Dual...

Photo of Listing #14290439

8408 Brooksby Drive, Plano, TX - $419,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,354 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautiful,highland Home With Fabulous Floor Plan. Information Provided Is Deemed Reliable, But Not Guaranteed And Independently Verified. Buyer Or Buyer's Agent To Verify Room Measurements, School Information.

Photo of Listing #14290807

805 Valley Creek Drive, Plano, TX - $445,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,787 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Such A Rare Find In Plano! A Serene Half Acre Wooded Creek Lot With A Wonderfully Updated 4 Br, 3 Bath Home That Has Majestic Views From The Wall Of Windows All Across The Back. All New Wide-plank Distressed Wood Flooring Throughout Except For Bat...

Photo of Listing #14289496

128 Oakbluff Drive, Murphy, TX - $335,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,766 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautiful Two-story Home On An Oversized Corner Lot. Tons Of Updates! Fabulous Open Floorplan Has Sweeping Staircase, Neutral Paint, Formal Living & Dining, Lovely Ceramic Tile Flooring, Family Room With Cast-stone Fp, Decorative Moldings. Kitchen...

Photo of Listing #14289497

130 Carolyn Lane, Murphy, TX - $399,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,945 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautifully Updated Murphy Home In Turn Key Condition! Bright & Open Interior With So Many Upgrades-all New Hardwood Flooring, Carpet, & Tile. Excellent Flexible Floorplan With Neutral Paint Thruout, Soaring Ceilings, Formal Living Or Study With B...

Photo of Listing #14289616

1309 Windhaven Drive, Murphy, TX - $714,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 5,412 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Spectacular Shaddock Custom Home In Coveted Rolling Ridge Estates. Meticulously Maintained, Shows Like New! Interior Has Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring, Sweeping Staircase With Iron Balusters, Built-ins, Study With French Doors, Neutral Colors, Re...

Photo of Listing #14291347

5104 Lincolnshire Court, Dallas, TX - $599,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 3,994 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Prestige Gated Community Stunning Inside Light And Bright. Island Kitchen With Downdraft Cook Top. Walk In Pantry. New Dishwasher. White Cabinets With New Counter Tops. Living Room With Fireplace Has Wall Of Windows Looking Out To Pool. Lot...

Photo of Listing #14188020

8908 Canyonlands Drive, Plano, TX - $438,800

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,014 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Back On Market. Brand New Roof. Wonderful Schools: Skaggs - Rice - Jasper - Plano West. Immaculate And Stunning Beautiful Home Located In Secluded Cul-de-sac Facing Creek & Jogging Trail, Privacy + Fresh Air. Next To Russell Creek Park. Mother-in-...

Photo of Listing #14289337

4820 Cape Coral Drive, Dallas, TX - $825,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 6 Beds
  • 6 Baths
  • 4,799 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Stately Bent Tree North Home Has Soaring Ceilings, Lots Of Windows For Light, But Maintains Privacy. Featuring 2 Bedrooms On The First Floor, Open Kitchen With Updates, Spacious Master Bedroom & Freshly Updated Master Bath. Enjoy Both A Private ...

Photo of Listing #14280701

3321 Canoncita Lane, Plano, TX - $400,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,837 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautifully Updated Home On One Of The Largest Lots In The Neighborhood. Amazing Backyard With Diving Pool, Attached Spa, Lush Landscaping, Open Patio Courtyard, And Extra Room To Play. Meticulously Maintained And Updated Home Features Soaring Cei...

Photo of Listing #14290575

632 Morning View Way, Murphy, TX - $365,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,944 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautifully Updated Home With Perfect Floor Plan On Large Corner Lot. Super-sized Master Suite And Highly Desirable 2nd Bedroom And Full Bath Down. Study With Scraped Hardwoods Off Entry. Wood-look Tile Accents Entry, Downstairs Living, Kitchen-...

Photo of Listing #14291250

7 Janna Way, Lucas, TX - $699,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,281 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Extraordinary 5 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath Home On A Cul-de-sac With A Circular Driveway On Over 2 Acres, And Includes A Diving Pool With Spa, Spacious Extended Outdoor Living Area W Built-in Bar & Kitchen, Fire Pit, A Horse Barn-workshop, Pond, And A 3-ca...

Photo of Listing #14290262

2813 Biscayne Drive, Plano, TX - $365,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,220 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Beautiful Ranch Style Home Has Been Well Maintained With Lots Of Updates To Include Interior Paint, New Laminate Flooring Through The Entire House, Master Bathroom Has Been Completely Updated With Subway Tile From Floor To Ceiling And Stand U...

Photo of Listing #14287638

4584 Sundance Drive, Plano, TX - $695,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 4,050 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Amazing Updated Deerfield Community Of West Plano Home Located On Oversized Cul De Sac Lot! This 5 Bedroom, 4 Bath Home With Gleaming Hardwood Floors On 1st Level Is Truly Stunning. Open The Door To A Grand Entry And View Of Your Private Oasis Bac...

Photo of Listing #14289295

5049 Royal Creek Lane, Plano, TX - $3,250,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 6.2 Baths
  • 9,180 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Exquisite Mediterranean 3-level Retreat Located In The Coveted Creeks Of Willow Bend. Meticulously Kept, Circular Drive Up.beautifully Positioned W-lake And Greenbelt View. Master Suite W-balcony, Top Level W-exercise Room, Huge Loft, Office, Laun...

Photo of Listing #14289922

2609 Cobre Valle Lane, Plano, TX - $367,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,676 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Call This Beautifully Maintained Plano Home Yours In Established Neighborhood With Gorgeous, Mature Trees And Landscaping. Spacious Kitchen With Plenty Of Natural Light And Cabinet Storage. Large Counter Top Space, Perfect For Entertaining. Planta...

Photo of Listing #14289533

4500 Copper Mountain Lane, Richardson, TX - $489,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,657 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Spectacular Custom Home In Heather Ridge Estates! Upon Entry You Are Greeted With A Grand Wooden Banister Wrapped Staircase, Dining Room, Formal Living Area And High Vaulted Ceilings. The Family Room Features A Floor To Ceiling Stone Gas Fireplace...

Photo of Listing #14283626

2920 Whitemarsh Circle, Richardson, TX - $420,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,824 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Another Stunning Mid Century Modern Reno By Ip Designs! For Those That Truly Like An Original, You'll Find It Here As Soon As You Pull Up. Inside Are French Oak Hdwood Flrs At The Base Of The Floor To Ceiling Double Sided Fplace. All New Kitch Wit...

Photo of Listing #14289028

7608 Capella Court, Plano, TX - $329,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,092 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Freshly Painted And Recently Replaced Flooring, This Beautiful Light & Bright 1 Story On A Treed Cul-de-sac Lot In Sought After West Plano Area. It Features A Formal Living Room And Dining Room With Window Seat. Spacious Family Room With A Beautif...

Photo of Listing #14287445

431 Shady Brook Place, Richardson, TX - $359,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,662 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Best Of Both Worlds. Live In Canyon Creek Country Club And Plano Isd! Welcome To The Canyon Creek Community Lifestyle Where Neighbors Become Best Friends. Bring Your Golf Cart! Huge Secluded Cul-de-sac Lot. Open Concept With New Flooring Throughou...

Photo of Listing #14288974

5212 Runnin River Drive, Plano, TX - $1,699,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 6 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 6,941 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Open House Sun. March 1, 1-3pm! Fabulous Location On Over One-half Acre! Exquisite Mediterranean Inspired Home With Stand-alone Casita And A Park-like Backyard. Open Floorplan, High Ceilings, Wonderful Architecture And Beautiful Views. Great Forma...

Photo of Listing #14280347

2201 Grinelle Drive, Plano, TX - $395,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,457 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Jewel Of The Neighborhood! Oversized Corner Lot With Salt Water Pool. Gracious Two Story Home Features First Floor Master Suite & 2 Living, 2 Dining Areas W Flexible Floor Plan. All Wood Floors & Recessed Lighting Throughout. Impressive Entry Flan...

Photo of Listing #14289743

2713 Meadowbrook Court, Plano, TX - $369,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,659 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Great Single Story Ranch In Established Plano Neighborhood. This Home Has 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms. Great Entertaining Home With A Grand Living Room Complete With Brick Fireplace. New Hardwood Floors Flow Throughout The Home. Updates To The Kitch...

Photo of Listing #14288885

2800 Persimmons Court, Plano, TX - $199,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 1,416 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Calling All Investors! Spacious Two-story Home Resides On A Large Cul-de-sac Lot With Beautiful Brick Elevation! Inside You Will Find 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Spacious Family Room, And Single Car Garage! All Bedroom Located On Second Floor Allowing ...

Photo of Listing #14288320

3313 Sharon Circle, Plano, TX - $200,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 1.1 Baths
  • 1,068 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Great Starter Home In East Plano Is Available For You Now. Large Backyard With Board On Board Fence, Open Patio, Pergola Covered Patio, Extended Attractive Stone Pavers And Storage Building. Beautiful Wood Looking Vinyl Flooring Throughout Excep...

Photo of Listing #14278729

7003 Audubon Drive, Parker, TX - $839,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 4,080 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Luxuriously Appointed 4 Bedroom Home On 1+ Acre Of Land In Prestigious Brooks Farm Estates. Walk Outside To Your Own Resort Backyard With Stunning Pool, Rock Ledge Waterfall, Attached Spa, Fire Pit, Giant Outdoor Living With Kitchen. Private Maste...

Photo of Listing #14289844

2712 Chancellor Drive, Plano, TX - $254,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,737 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautiful 4 Bedroom In Highly Sought After Plano Isd. Large Living And Dining With Luxury Plank Vinyl And Open Floor Plan Between The Two W Beautiful Wood Burning Fireplace. Kitchen Boasts Lots Of Cabinet And Counter Space, Butcher Block Laminate...

Photo of Listing #14284900

3409 Gary Drive, Plano, TX - $465,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,908 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Hard To Find Custom One Story In Sought After Forest Creek Estates! Hand-scraped Hardwoods Thru Entry, Dining & Both Living Areas Plus Vaulted Ceilings Thru-out. Updated Kitchen With Quartz Counters, Subway Tile Bksplsh, Gas Cooktop, Bi Microwave ...

Photo of Listing #14289968

4516 Lone Grove Lane, Plano, TX - $341,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,161 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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A Must See! Don't Miss Out On This Beautifully Updated 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home In Desirable West Plano Neighborhood With Great Schools. This Home Features A Wood Burning Fireplace And Recently Updated Kitchen With Granite Countertops, New Backsplas...

Photo of Listing #14290016

4721 Bear Run Drive, Plano, TX - $329,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,685 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Updated, Move-in Ready Home Conveniently Located In Established West Plano Neighborhood. Walk Into A Wonderful Entertaining Space With A Spacious Living And Dining Room. The Kitchen Featuring Beautiful Granite Counter Tops, A Ton Of Natural Ligh...

Photo of Listing #14289758

2200 Chadbourne Drive, Plano, TX - $335,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,515 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Charming Single-story Home In Highly Sought Quail Creek, Situated On Corner Lot With Gorgeous Mature Trees. This 3-bed, 2.5 Bath Home Is Bathed In Beautiful Natural Light, Designer Touches, Gorgeous On-trend Color Palette, And A Flexible Floor Pl...

Photo of Listing #14289787

4309 Springhurst Drive, Plano, TX - $435,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,450 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Stunning 4 Bedroom Home Located In The Quiet Neighborhood Of Merriman Estates In The Heart Of Plano! Extensive Handscraped Hardwoods, Rounded Corners, Arched Walkways & Wrought Iron Balusters! Chef Quality Kitchen Features Subway Tile Backsplash, ...

Photo of Listing #14282912

5753 Cadence Lane, Plano, TX - $799,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 4,978 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Former Model Home In Avignon. This Mediterranean Style Home Exudes Old World Charm With Dark Hand-scraped Wood Floors, Archways, And Warm Neutral Tones. Tall Ceilings And Beautifully Proportioned Spaces Make This Home Incredible For Day To Day Liv...

Photo of Listing #14289676

3716 Hearst Castle Way, Plano, TX - $475,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,879 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Spacious Two Story Traditional Situated In City Of Plano's Platinum-rated Estates Of Forest Creek! Upon Entering You'll Notice The Soaring 19 Ft Ceilings, Sprawling Hardwood Floors And Large Living Areas With A Cozy Double Sided Fireplace. The Gor...

Photo of Listing #14289158

3624 S Echo Trail, Plano, TX - $369,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,554 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Gorgeous Move-in Ready Home In Established Plano Community. Upon Entering, You'll Be Swept Away By The Extensive Engineered Wood Flooring, Inviting Open Living Space And Countless Modern Updates Throughout. The Beautiful Kitchen Is Fit For Any Che...

Photo of Listing #14290793

8216 Miscanthus Court, Dallas, TX - $494,990

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,566 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Stunning Two Story With Beautiful Exterior Elevation! This Property Is On A Private Interior Cul-de-sac Lot Close To The Future Amenity Center. This Home Has Beautiful Hardwood Floors Throughout, Quartz Counter Tops. The Spacious Gourmet Kitchen ...

Photo of Listing #14284138

2020 Sako Drive, Plano, TX - $369,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,639 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Location Location Location! No Hoa! This Awesome Home Is In The Beautiful City Of Plano It's Within Minutes Of North Dallas Tollway, 121 And 75 Central. It Sits On .190 Acre, One Of The Largest Lots In Hunters Ridge. The Interior Has Been Updated ...

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