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Homes For Sale In Wylie

The table in which current Wylie single-family homes for sale listings are presented below is both searchable and sortable. This makes it an excellent tool for doing a quick high-level assessment of available Wylie houses. Detail property descriptions and photos also are available by clicking on the property addresses. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading. To display only new construction properties, enter "new" in the Search box.

A more traditional website presentation in which a picture and summary description of each of these Wylie homes are shown also is provided below on this page.

Please call 214-725-4011 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
13302 Whiteley Road$279,0001,896196331.118N0.88Preowned
1424 Fairland Drive$360,0003,257200743.122N0.18Preowned
11804 Stephen Drive$315,5002,643201643.122N0.14Preowned
1224 Shadybrook Drive$237,5001,785200732.012N0.20Preowned
11911 Country Walk Lane$300,0002,617200242.122N0.31Preowned
12916 Meadow Bluff Drive$264,0002,240200642.122N0.21Preowned
1216 Columbine$499,9003,662201953.023N0.36New Construction - Complete
11901 Eagle Aerie Lane$329,0002,383201743.012N0.22Preowned
11710 Sagebrush Trail$285,0002,157201742.012N0.18Preowned
2205 Edison Lane$269,9002,042200532.012N0.19Preowned
32336 E Stone Road$425,0002,666198642.113N2.00Preowned
31311 Hidden Valley Drive$339,9682,949201342.122N0.15Preowned
31208 S Ballard Avenue$224,9001,509200132.012N0.39Preowned
31813 Watermark Lane$325,0003,019201443.122N0.25Preowned
32709 Gum Tree Trail$339,9002,500201643.122N0.20Preowned
44530 Troy Road$270,0002,064200542.010N0.25Preowned
5916 Fleming Street$269,0002,603200642.122N0.17Preowned
53007 Misty Way Drive$235,0001,960200632.012N0.17Preowned
73013 Eagle Mountain Drive$244,9001,897200142.012N0.14Preowned
72906 Lake Vista Drive$225,0001,579200632.012N0.21Preowned
92809 Meadow Bluff Drive$230,0001,934200632.012N0.18Preowned
91600 Autumn Glen Court$249,9001,653200332.012N0.22Preowned
9309 Highland Creek Drive$268,0002,190200532.012N0.15Preowned
9207 Arborview Drive$235,0001,817200232.012N0.17Preowned
9306 Carriage Trail$485,5003,932198034.113Y0.51Preowned
10931 Heatherwood Drive$298,0002,256199942.012N0.19Preowned
10112 N Rustic Trail$249,9001,737198632.012N0.18Preowned
11207 Masters Avenue$178,0001,359196132.010N0.17Preowned
1257 Pearl Road$80,0001,216201432.010N0.12Preowned
13703 Ireland Way$299,9002,242201333.012Y0.20Preowned
13616 Marbury Way$300,0002,071200532.112Y0.20Preowned
13906 Fountain Drive$325,0002,412200242.012N0.22Preowned
132910 Reata Drive$254,0001,954200442.012N0.20Preowned
13505 Landing Drive$475,0003,855201454.123N0.22Preowned
13112 Autumn Sage Drive$495,0003,967201654.022N0.18Preowned
139402 Wells Road$710,0003,538199743.123Y2.56Preowned
14405 Highland Ridge Drive$275,0002,110201032.012N0.16Preowned
14200 Millstone Drive$249,9001,856200333.022N0.31Preowned
141223 Riverway Lane$316,9002,706200252.123N0.19Preowned
15219 Columbine$554,3753,686201954.022N0.20New Construction - Complete
15317 Highland Ridge Drive$299,9992,752200843.022N0.12Preowned
153502 Viburnum Drive$321,9002,879200143.022N0.17Preowned
16407 Washington Place$348,0003,039199642.122N0.27Preowned
161617 Hightimber Lane$289,0002,536200142.122N0.17Preowned
163007 Meadow Bluff Drive$229,9002,047200642.012N0.17Preowned
161603 Long Meadow$348,9502,303201932.012N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
161703 Knollwood$389,7983,180201943.022N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
161708 Vine Brook$339,9892,415201933.022N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
183503 Beaumont Drive$374,9903,094201943.122N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
19903 Oakcrest Drive$277,9002,679200742.122N0.17Preowned
191516 Windward Lane$308,0002,928199752.122N0.17Preowned
203119 Bryce Drive$260,0002,033200442.012N0.19Preowned
201308 Lake Trail Court$379,9003,004200644.022N0.21Preowned
201922 Fairway Glen Drive$329,0002,298201032.012N0.13Preowned
20414 Graham Lane$249,9001,270199032.011Y0.17Preowned
20717 Fleming Street$195,0001,241200332.012N0.13Preowned
20303 W Jefferson Street$159,9001,276195921.011N0.25Preowned
211002 Eagle Glen Drive$419,9002,778201932.113N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
211710 Morning Mist Way$315,0002,198201532.012N0.15Preowned
211203 Leeward Lane$250,0002,088199942.012N0.16Preowned
21414 Kylie Lane$224,9001,927199142.012N0.17Preowned
211802 Enchanted Cove$338,0003,000201342.122N0.25Preowned
211809 Doves Landing Lane$525,0004,391201164.123Y0.40Preowned
212909 Lake Vista Drive$243,0002,112200642.012N0.20Preowned
24615 Tuskegee Drive$376,0004,113200754.022N0.24Preowned
241803 Camlin Court$479,0003,596201443.123N0.55Preowned
25325 Fairland Drive$279,9002,129200832.012N0.13Preowned
251114 Camelot Drive$258,7502,004200632.012N0.23Preowned
251609 Deer Field Lane$325,5031,794201932.012N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
251714 Roberts Ravine Road$275,0001,859201532.012N0.16Preowned
251510 Canyon Creek Road$317,9002,234201532.112N0.19Preowned
262615 Gum Tree Trail$329,9002,432201542.122N0.16Preowned
271532 Daniel Drive$345,0002,392200442.012Y0.19Preowned
273119 Claybrook Drive$320,0002,708200442.122N0.15Preowned
271633 Nancy Drive$384,9902,170201932.012N0.22New Construction - Incomplete
271606 Roberts Ravine Road$335,0003,149201732.122N0.18Preowned
279500 Wells Road$660,0003,238199743.122N3.39Preowned
281000 Tyler Trail$425,0003,465200842.122N1.01Preowned
281228 Iron Horse Street$269,9992,018200632.012N0.17Unknown
283117 Eastwood Drive$292,0002,033200332.012N0.18Preowned
282602 Gum Tree Trail$349,9002,725201543.122N0.17Preowned
28104 Fox Hill Drive$329,9902,399201942.012N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
292807 Sequoia Lane$289,0002,109200442.012N0.17Preowned
291717 Morning Mist Way$369,9992,802201543.022N0.15Preowned
293013 Marigold Drive$235,0001,777200432.012N0.16Preowned
30333 Sage Meadow Road$474,1413,439201954.022N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
301634 Jeffrey Drive$599,0004,594201654.023N1.12Preowned
30124 Autumn Sage Drive$433,4802,552201932.112N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
31308 Maltese Circle$415,0003,285201943.022N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
312106 Jayden Lane$319,9952,928201443.022N0.20Preowned
31119 Aster Lane$505,8543,833201954.023N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
34308 Autumn Breeze Drive$249,9001,814200232.012N0.16Preowned
342815 Meadow Bluff Drive$219,5001,588200632.012N0.18Preowned
34516 Shore Drive$269,0002,098196532.012N0.26Preowned
341617 Ringtail Drive$380,0003,850201654.123N0.22Preowned
34206 Tanglewood Drive$251,0002,392199842.122Y0.18Preowned
341200 Summerdale Lane$324,0003,611200453.022N0.29Preowned
341002 Mardi Gras Lane$194,9001,184196632.012N0.17Preowned
34214 Cedar Ridge$273,9002,261199942.012N0.19Preowned
352336 Ray Hubbard Way$397,4803,292201943.023N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
352319 Bob Sandlin Lane$365,8002,714201953.023N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
35708 Cedar Bluff Drive$259,9002,098200542.012N0.20Preowned
351524 Liberty Way Trail$459,0004,099201554.023N0.19New Construction - Complete
35327 Fairland Drive$289,0002,250200732.012N0.13Preowned
352901 Lakefield Drive$249,0001,742200032.012N0.18Preowned
362801 Prairie Court$235,0002,134200542.012N0.27Preowned
36112 S Bending Oak Lane$268,0002,676200143.022N0.26Preowned
37305 Lochwood Drive$235,0001,452200032.012N0.14Preowned
37111 Douglas Drive$274,9991,554198632.012Y0.00Preowned
393101 Candlebrook Drive$229,9001,608200232.012N0.14Preowned
40324 Highland Creek Drive$296,0002,242200632.012N0.13Preowned
41325 Hilltop Lane$217,9001,748196632.122N0.18Preowned
41416 Snead Drive$524,3004,457201654.123N0.43Preowned
413010 Indigo Drive$459,9903,385201943.123N0.23New Construction - Incomplete
42427 Bell Drive$262,5001,808200532.012N0.19Preowned
42202 Lago Grande Trail$749,9004,750200543.023N0.62Preowned
421918 Edward Drive$380,5603,299201944.022N0.18New Construction - Incomplete
422203 Mountain Creek Court$354,7202,203201932.112N0.22New Construction - Complete
43823 Forest Edge Lane$264,9991,970199542.012N0.21Preowned
44801 Memorial Drive$197,5001,184196532.012N0.20Preowned
47315 Fairland Drive$245,0001,787200732.012N0.13Preowned
483008 Misty Way Drive$264,9002,337200642.122N0.17Preowned
49103 Riva Ridge$374,9003,650198443.112N0.51Preowned
50132 Spanish Bluebell$415,0002,821201843.022N0.20Preowned
501836 Fountain Vista View$363,9002,465201543.012N0.15Preowned
50342 Sage Meadow Road$425,4142,924201942.122N0.20New Construction - Complete
501205 Arthurs Court$297,0002,847200643.022N0.20Preowned
51219 Meadowlark Lane$350,0002,178197642.112N1.86Preowned
513103 Eastwood Drive$269,9002,178200332.012N0.16Preowned
511735 Long Meadow Road$300,0002,113201742.012N0.14Preowned
523016 Lake Terrace Drive$218,9001,574200632.012N0.20Preowned
521302 Pajarito Mountain Drive$259,9001,693200632.012N0.20Preowned
531100 Hidden Oaks Drive$430,0003,481201554.123N0.46Preowned
543006 Lake Vista Drive$239,9001,713200632.012N0.18Preowned
54815 Heatherwood Drive S$349,0004,013199654.022N0.21Preowned
541730 Wildflower Lane$330,0002,805201553.022N0.20Preowned
551214 Iron Horse Street$355,0003,409200553.122N0.27Preowned
55711 Fairfield Drive$325,0002,236201742.012N0.17Preowned
562801 Hillside Drive$299,9002,721200042.122Y0.18Preowned
562015 Trinity Lane$285,0002,272201542.112N0.20Preowned
581621 Genevieve Drive$485,0003,939201654.023N0.32Preowned
59339 Sage Meadow$444,9002,935201953.022N0.17New Construction - Complete
601311 Iron Dale Drive$374,5004,218200654.022N0.23Preowned
621101 Nighthawk Drive$425,0003,430201932.013N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
63423 Fairland Drive$300,0002,720200742.022N0.22Preowned
63716 Pickwick Lane$315,0003,443200553.022N0.18Preowned
641317 Greensboro Drive$355,0003,364200642.122N0.24Preowned
643500 Brookside Drive$347,5002,651200042.122N0.17Preowned
65327 Highland View Drive$278,0002,110200532.012N0.14Preowned
66233 Duck Blind Avenue$379,9903,301201943.022N0.27New Construction - Incomplete
66334 S 4th Street$205,0001,346197232.112N0.33Preowned
67309 Dominion Drive$446,6252,895201932.113N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
67223 Dominion Drive$507,1463,941201954.023N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
69118 Fairmount Drive$202,5001,634198332.012N0.19Preowned
69314 Celia Circle$229,0001,892200332.121N0.09Preowned
69304 Hilltop Lane$199,9991,044197032.011N0.18Preowned
70310 Day Lily Drive$399,9003,070201744.022N0.16Preowned
70102 Cliffbrook Drive$279,9002,057200632.012N0.19Preowned
722900 Hunters Way$300,0002,100200942.013N0.23Preowned
722905 Lake Vista Drive$229,9001,783200532.012N0.17Preowned
721711 Vine Brook$340,0002,300201942.112N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
731604 Timber Brook Drive$310,0002,824200342.122N0.27Preowned
731012 E Brown Street$450,0001,899197332.012N1.84Preowned
732714 Sutters Mill Way$230,0001,783200232.012N0.19Preowned
75102 Tanglewood Court$299,9992,968198433.023N0.34Preowned
762910 Mason Lane$313,0003,103200542.122N0.15Preowned
761703 Splinter Drive$349,9003,078200342.122N0.24Preowned
77115 Aster Lane$344,9002,052201832.012N0.00Preowned
77403 Adams Avenue$265,0002,121199342.012Y0.25Preowned
781304 Vail Lane$234,9001,847199942.012N0.19Preowned
782104 Fair Parke Lane$342,9803,180200844.022N0.22Preowned
801822 Spring Valley$395,0002,921201943.023N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
801612 Sweet Water$338,5401,959201932.012N0.21New Construction - Incomplete
811613 Redcedar Drive$374,9003,601200544.022N0.22Preowned
823002 Lake Vista$243,0002,253200642.122N0.13Preowned
841716 Rushing Way$314,9002,825200242.122N0.19Preowned
862011 Trinity Lane$285,0002,312201433.022N0.20Preowned
86205 Cedar Ridge Street$265,0002,570199942.122N0.20Preowned
883005 Jessica Drive$524,9003,430201954.023N0.35New Construction - Complete
90500 E Oak Street$170,0001,036195521.011N0.10Preowned
911705 Vine Brook$299,9991,860201932.012N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
93414 Pendall Drive$529,0004,171201654.123N0.41Preowned
963004 Waterside Court$319,9002,773200553.022N0.19Preowned
992415 Richland Chambers Court$342,5902,354201932.012N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
1011023 Dodd Drive$230,0001,634199932.012N0.26Preowned
1012005 Jayden Lane$319,9002,928201554.022N0.20Preowned
1041613 Saddle Ridge Road$379,0004,374201664.123N0.29Preowned
1081810 Spring Valley$333,9692,199201932.012N0.18New Construction - Complete
1081607 Deer Field Lane$298,9891,956201942.012N0.18New Construction - Complete
1091518 Mariners Hope Way$440,0003,876201654.122N0.21Preowned
1121605 Roberts Ravine Road$299,9992,402201642.012N0.18Preowned
1131929 Highland Oaks Drive$289,0002,221200732.012N0.13Preowned
113300 E Stone Road$214,9001,408197032.012N0.26Preowned
1171206 Cedar Branch Drive$279,9002,492200642.012N0.17Preowned
119711 Tuskegee Drive$375,0004,091200754.022N0.24Preowned
119800 Riva Ridge$439,9002,955198643.013Y0.50Preowned
1191401 Bankston Drive$265,0002,457200542.122N0.23Preowned
1202607 Pin Oak Lane$579,9002,604200643.015Y1.63Preowned
1213202 Reagenea Drive$319,9003,424200553.022N0.20Preowned
127201 Duck Blind Avenue$394,9903,336201943.022N0.35New Construction - Incomplete
131204 Gatwick Court$359,9003,029201443.022N0.20Preowned
1363109 Rainburst Lane$299,8992,608200232.012N0.17Preowned
139927 Oakcrest Drive$270,0002,603200542.122N0.17Preowned
1395 Delmar Circle$449,9003,431199643.123N0.50Preowned
1421817 Watermark Lane$400,0003,850200743.023N0.24Preowned
14293 Riva Ridge$697,5004,421201233.123N0.80Preowned
148401 N Keefer Drive$159,5001,218192131.010N0.23Preowned
150103 N Bending Oak Lane$265,0002,676200232.122N0.19Preowned
152117 Turks Cap Trail$459,0003,265201643.122N0.15Preowned
1521321 Hill View Trail$225,0001,690200532.122N0.21Preowned
1621627 Nancy Drive$389,9902,170201932.012N0.23New Construction - Incomplete
1641720 Clements Way$289,9992,703200242.122N0.23Preowned
164306 Highland Glen Drive$265,0002,242200632.012N0.15Preowned
1671203 Great Meadows Drive$375,0002,624201932.122N0.18New Construction - Complete
1671209 Cold Stream Drive$365,0002,836201943.122N0.19New Construction - Complete
1671211 Cold Stream Drive$355,0002,436201932.022N0.25New Construction - Complete
1671903 Edward Drive$359,0002,584201943.122N0.16New Construction - Complete
1681509 Coyote Ridge Road$340,0002,713201642.012N0.43Preowned
1722208 Ray Hubbard$388,2272,866201932.112N0.18New Construction - Complete
1773032 Martha Drive$374,9901,806201932.012N0.23New Construction - Incomplete
1962007 Megan Court$279,0002,184201332.122N0.12Preowned
1981706 Vine Brook$299,9691,959201932.012N0.15New Construction - Complete
1981705 Fox Meadow Drive$365,9693,180201943.122N0.18New Construction - Complete
1981820 Spring Valley$354,9692,672201932.022N0.18New Construction - Complete
2161917 Bishop Barrel Lane$354,9002,514201643.012N0.16Preowned
2321624 Genevieve$419,9902,368201842.112N0.22New Construction - Complete
2831701 Meadowleaf Lane$319,9892,207201832.012N0.19New Construction - Complete
2882903 Sheridan Lane$269,9552,915200352.122N0.20Preowned
3211104 Hall Drive$269,9002,241199642.012Y0.20Preowned
3301740 Addison Grace Lane$495,7773,429201843.113N0.25New Construction - Complete
3661925 Doves Landing Lane$414,4703,991201854.022N0.22New Construction - Complete
4421407 E Brown Street$230,0001,552201842.012N0.13New Construction - Incomplete

Wylie homes for sale listings

Presented below are pictures and summary descriptions of currently listed Wylie single-family homes.

The default display order of the property listings shown below is number of days listed, but other sort orders can be selected. The property selection also can be easily changed. To display only homes in certain neighborhoods, for example, click on the SHOW ADVANCED SEARCH button to display the search form and enter the full or partial names of the subdivisions, separated by commas, that define your search. Click on the UPDATE SEARCH RESULTS button at the bottom of the form to refresh the display. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, a map that shows the location of the selected properties can be displayed by clicking on the map icon.

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Photo of Listing #14168555

3302 Whiteley Road, Wylie, TX - $279,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 1.1 Baths
  • 1,896 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Huge Lot! Huge Shop! Low Taxes In Unincorporated Dallas County. Back Yard Lighting System Is In Place For A Riding Arena. No Hoa. The Shop Is Already Set With Electric And Ready For Plumbing As Well. Beautiful Trees Create Wonderful Places To Spen...

Photo of Listing #14155722

424 Fairland Drive, Wylie, TX - $360,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,257 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Stunning David Weekley Home Loaded With Upgrades On A Premium Lot Just Steps To One Of The Beautiful Community Parks With Pond! New Wood Flooring In The Formal Dining And Office, Massive Covered Patio With Outdoor Kitchen, Built In Gas Grill And E...

Photo of Listing #14166458

1804 Stephen Drive, Wylie, TX - $315,500

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 2,643 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Adorable, Like-new, 2-story Home In Bozman Farms! This Home Features An Open Floor Plan, Oversized Secondary Bedrooms, An Updated Modern Paint Pallet, Plus A Game Room. Kitchen Boasts A Large Island, Gas Range, Granite Countertops, Undermount Sink...

Photo of Listing #14169006

224 Shadybrook Drive, Wylie, TX - $237,500

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,785 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Charming And Gently Lived-in Single Story Home Is Nestled In A Quiet Part Of Wylie’s Southbrook Trails Neighborhood. This Home Features Beautiful Hardwood Floors Through-out, Updated Fans And Lights, And Warm Paint Finishes. The Flexible Fl...

Photo of Listing #14169232

1911 Country Walk Lane, Wylie, TX - $300,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,617 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Wylie Two-story Home Offers A Fireplace, A Den, A Kitchen Island, And A Two-car Garage.

Photo of Listing #14167703

2916 Meadow Bluff Drive, Wylie, TX - $264,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,240 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautiful Well Kept Home Just Minutes Away From Lake Lavon, Firewheel Shopping, And George Bush Tollway. Schools Are In The Award-winning Rockwall Isd, Home Has Been Upgraded With Laminate Wood Floors On The First Floor And Hardwood Floors On The ...

Photo of Listing #14079490

216 Columbine, Wylie, TX - $499,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,662 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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New Grand Home On .3 Acre Large, Corner Lot Adjacent To Treed Greenbelt With Huge Backyard. Neighborhood Pool, Park & Trails. Fabulous 1.5 Story Home With Upstairs Gameroom & Media Room Or A Mother In Law Suite! Tons Of Amenities With Hardwood Flo...

Photo of Listing #14168171

1901 Eagle Aerie Lane, Wylie, TX - $329,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,383 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Amazing Opportunity To Own A Corner Lot In Inspiration With This Beautiful 1 Story Home! The Open Living Concept Of The Kitchen, Dining, And Living Room Is Great For Entertaining! The Large Oversized Granite Island Is To Die For, With The Bright W...

Photo of Listing #14162075

205 Edison Lane, Wylie, TX - $269,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,042 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Great Curb Appeal & Move-in Ready! In 2016 - New Roof, New Low-e.double Pane Windows, New Gutters, New Carpet, New Hvac (seer 14.r410-a). Open Floorplan W Vaulted Ceilings; Modern Fixtures & Neutral Color Scheme; M-bath W Dual Sinks, Separate Show...

Photo of Listing #14161014

2336 E Stone Road, Wylie, TX - $425,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,666 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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One Of A Kind Custom Home On 2 Acres! Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors Throughout With Slate And Ceramic Tile. Kitchen Has Large Island, Ample Cabinets, A Double Oven, Stainless Steel Appliances, A Trash Compactor And Easy Access To The Wet Bar And Wi...

Photo of Listing #14154718

1311 Hidden Valley Drive, Wylie, TX - $339,968

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,949 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Beautiful 2 Story Home Located In Desirable Bozman Farms Subdivision. Home Offers 4 Beds, 2.5 Bath & Huge Upstairs Game Room! Kitchen Boasts Granite Counter-tops, 42in Cabinets, And Spacious Dining Area. Private Master Retreat Features His & Hers ...

Photo of Listing #14166246

1208 S Ballard Avenue, Wylie, TX - $224,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,509 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Come On Out To See This Darling Clean Wylie Home, 3 Bedroom Home With Wylie Isd! Bright And Open With High Ceilings, Fresh Paint And New Flooring Throughout. Spacious Updated Kitchen With Updated Ceramic Tile, Eat In Kitchen. Other Updates Inclu...

Photo of Listing #14166598

1813 Watermark Lane, Wylie, TX - $325,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,019 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Amazing Move In Ready Home With Lakeviews. Enjoy Your Tea, Coffee Or Beverage Of Choice With Amazing Views From Either Front Or Back Covered Patios. Large Fenced Yard Complete With Planter Boxes And Inground Trampoline For Safety. Inside You Will...

Photo of Listing #14166628

2709 Gum Tree Trail, Wylie, TX - $339,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 2,500 SQFT
  • 3 DAYS
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Beautiful Charming Address That Is Rich In Amenities & Features. Two Bedroom Down With Full Bath. Well-maintained ,look Like Brand New. Perfect Floor Plan Features. Master Down. Two Bedrooms Up And A Huge Game Room. The Large Open Kitchen With Upg...

Photo of Listing #14164245

916 Fleming Street, Wylie, TX - $269,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,603 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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Great 4 Bedroom Home With 2.5 Baths, 2 Living Areas And A 2 Car Attached Garage. Very Lovely Home, Beautifully Maintained, With A Private Study And Huge Game Room. Growing Families Will Enjoy The Large Backyard Backing To A Greenbelt Area Plus A...

Photo of Listing #14162675

3007 Misty Way Drive, Wylie, TX - $235,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,960 SQFT
  • 5 DAYS
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This Single-story Home In Wylie Offers A Master Suite With Walk-in Closet, An Open Patio, And An Attached Two-car Garage.

Photo of Listing #14162125

3013 Eagle Mountain Drive, Wylie, TX - $244,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,897 SQFT
  • 7 DAYS
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This One Is Priced To Sell. Bring Your Decorating Ideas To This Adorable One Story Home In Sage Creek. This 4 Bdrm Home Needs A Few Touches To Make It Your Own. Floor Plan Features A Flex Room Near The Entry, Split Bedrooms And A Built-in Desk Or ...

Photo of Listing #14164072

2906 Lake Vista Drive, Wylie, TX - $225,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,579 SQFT
  • 7 DAYS
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Wylie Location, Rockwall Isd. Open Concept Home, Living Room Opens To Kitchen And Breakfast Area. Kitchen Has A Large Pantry, Bedrooms With Walk-in Closets. Master Bedroom Has Separate Shower And Tub. Fenced Backyard. This Is A Very Quiet Communit...

2809 Meadow Bluff Drive, Wylie, TX - $230,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,934 SQFT
  • 9 DAYS
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Best Deal In Neighborhood. Updated 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Car Garage Home With New Floors, Roof, Hvac, Ss Appliances. Don't Miss Your Opportunity To Own This Gem. It Will Go Fast. Back On The Market... Due To Cold Feet... Didn't Even Make It To Insp...

1600 Autumn Glen Court, Wylie, TX - $249,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,653 SQFT
  • 9 DAYS
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Great One-story In The Heart Of Wylie! Home Offers Three Bedrooms And Two Full Bathrooms. Feel The Elegance Upon Entering The Dining Room That Boasts A Beautiful Light Fixture And Elegant Flooring. Prepare Meals In The Kitchen Featuring A Decorati...

Photo of Listing #14154823

309 Highland Creek Drive, Wylie, TX - $268,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,190 SQFT
  • 9 DAYS
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Single Story Home, With 3 Living Areas! Split Bedrooms With A Game Room And Full Bathroom. Walking Distance To One Of The Many Community Pools In The Neighborhood.

207 Arborview Drive, Wylie, TX - $235,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,817 SQFT
  • 9 DAYS
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Aggressively Priced, This Wonderful One Story Home Has Been Shined And Polished For It's Next Lucky Owner! Great Floorplan Features Master Split From Secondary Bedrooms Plus A Study With French Doors. Picture Stockings Hung On The Large Brick Fire...

306 Carriage Trail, Wylie, TX - $485,500

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 3,932 SQFT
  • 9 DAYS
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Enjoy The Lakefront Retreat In This Seis Lagos Home In Wylie! This 3 Bed, 4.5 Bath Home Features Mature Trees, Panoramic View Of The Lake, Spacious Living Area W~vaulted Ceilings & Bamboo Floors Opens Up To Private Courtyard W~pool & Spa, Tons Of ...

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