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Homes For Sale In Aubrey

The table in which current Aubrey single-family homes for sale listings are presented below is both searchable and sortable. This makes it an excellent tool for doing a quick high-level assessment of available Aubrey houses. Detail property descriptions and photos also are available by clicking on the property addresses. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading. To display only new construction properties, enter "new" in the Search box.

A more traditional website presentation in which a picture and summary description of each of these Aubrey homes are shown also is provided below on this page.

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
13212 Buckskin Trail$251,9991,442202132.012N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
13516 Sweet Grass Drive$383,1942,395202133.122N0.12New Construction - Incomplete
12801 Upland Trail Lane$355,0002,274201943.012N0.14Preowned
11400 Saddle Ridge Drive$408,2002,305202143.012N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
11424 Starlight Avenue$457,4682,934202143.112N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
13505 Hunter Street$333,5331,645202132.012N0.12New Construction - Incomplete
11829 Coronet Avenue$336,5531,601202132.012N0.12New Construction - Incomplete
11840 Coronet Avenue$311,3231,963202132.112N0.12New Construction - Incomplete
13500 Sweet Grass Drive$300,7341,645202132.012N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
11848 Hackamore Lane$324,5571,963202142.112N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
21700 Ranch Trail Road$385,0002,623201854.022Y0.16Preowned
51628 Barberry Hill$335,4672,754202132.122N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
5717 Marietta Lane$350,0002,334201443.022N0.13Preowned
63529 Lilac Drive$285,0001,591201832.012N0.12Preowned
101100 Bluestem Drive$449,9002,784202043.013N0.17Preowned
112059 Dove Creek Circle$120,0001,456198532.010N0.46Preowned
132725 Ryder Lane$315,0002,115201832.012N0.15Preowned
131321 Coyote Ridge$425,0002,772201943.022Y0.20Preowned
141600 Canter Court$399,9903,231201954.022N0.18Preowned
151121 Bridle Path Drive$424,9902,745201943.012N0.18Preowned
161621 Gold Mine Trail$363,6243,060202153.022N0.12New Construction - Incomplete
221609 Gold Mine Trail$298,2841,659202132.012N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
336028 Moss Rose Lane$565,0004,535198944.122N2.54Preowned
342019 Dove Creek Circle$149,900910198421.010N0.46Preowned
351732 Coronet Avenue$337,0111,620202032.012N0.12New Construction - Incomplete
404113 Palomino Road$461,1562,863202043.022N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
404021 Silver Spur Court$453,7862,780202043.022N0.16New Construction - Incomplete
404116 Palomino Road$449,0682,780202043.022N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
41928 Bridle Path Parkway$468,9002,726202043.112N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
411724 Coronet Avenue$386,0512,492202032.122N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
414117 Silver Spur Court$426,3912,258202043.012N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
414128 Silver Spur Court$430,4322,278202043.012N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
414113 Fox Trotter Drive$418,7812,153202043.012N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
414012 Silver Spur Court$460,2662,863202043.022N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
424100 Scout Lane$459,9953,330201954.023N0.17Preowned
421800 Coronet Avenue$337,9911,670202032.012N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
484104 Fox Trotter Drive$405,5462,075202032.112N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
484025 Fox Trotter Drive$453,8782,780202043.022N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
534109 Hawthorn Drive$504,7423,065202043.113N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
531000 Bluestem Drive$537,6172,870202043.113N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
533516 Hunter Street$390,2512,664202042.122N0.12New Construction - Incomplete
531616 Hanoverian Lane$591,3053,271202043.112N0.22New Construction - Incomplete
56921 Bridle Path Parkway$486,6113,206202054.023N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
624108 Palomino Road$517,5483,528202054.123N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
633409 Riverside Drive$359,9902,487202043.022N0.14New Construction - Incomplete
639020 Huxley Drive$275,0891,650202032.012N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
701715 Langham$278,9911,650202032.012N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
743512 Dusty Miller Road$339,1531,645202032.012N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
991004 Bluestem Drive$530,8853,065202043.113N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
99904 Bridle Path Parkway$457,4382,825202042.012N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
99940 Bridle Path Parkway$493,9753,330202054.023N0.20New Construction - Incomplete
1087151 Cedar Lake Road$685,0002,928197932.122Y4.94Preowned
1099012 Huxley Drive$306,9912,557202032.122N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
1161104 Bluestem Drive$489,5122,714202032.113N0.17New Construction - Complete
1506943 Indian Hills Road$449,0002,540200532.020N2.85Preowned
2178175 Rhoads Road$1,400,0002,046200932.015Y10.01Preowned

Aubrey homes for sale listings

Presented below are pictures and summary descriptions of currently listed Aubrey single-family homes.

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