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Coppell High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Coppell High School and where its student academic performance overall ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Coppell High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 6

Academic performance score: 10

In addition to its 2019 top-tier Dallas area high schools ranking, Coppell High School is recognized as one of the best high schools in Texas. The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 92

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

Coppell High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 92 91 83 94 96

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 56.1% 60.8% 63.7%

The Advance Placement / International Baccalaureate (AP / IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: 33

2016-2017 enrollment

Coppell High School 3,430  
  Ninth grade 941  
  Tenth grade 876  
  Eleventh grade 819  
  Twelfth grade 794  

2016-2017 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 17.3
Average years teaching experience 12.6

Campus address and phone number

185 W. Parkway Boulevard
Coppell, TX 75019
214 496-6100

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Coppell ISD schools, click on this Coppell link.

Sources: Coppell Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Coppell High School homes for sale

The table in which these properties are presented is both searchable and sortable. To show houses on a specific street, as an example, enter the street name in the Search box. To display all currently listed properties, select All in the Show entries box and to change the order in which they are sorted, click on any of the column headings.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1206 Westwind Drive, Coppell$489,9002,615199342.113Y0.23
1334 Copperstone Trail, Coppell$640,0003,632199643.123Y0.30
11456 Gardenia Street, Irving$449,0003,118200143.022N0.16
1539 Raintree Circle, Coppell$234,0001,184199032.012N0.10
1846 Pelican Lane, Coppell$490,0002,789199543.012N0.22
2946 Condor Drive, Coppell$625,0004,519199655.023Y0.21
2705 Greenway Drive, Coppell$415,0002,260198642.012Y0.21
34215 Audubon Lane, Irving$500,0002,697201843.122N0.16
5437 Dillard Lane, Coppell$379,9002,104198232.022Y0.22
5102 Creekside Lane, Coppell$365,0001,979198632.012N0.23
6233 Suzanne Way, Coppell$424,9002,264199132.112Y0.24
67304 Clementine Drive, Irving$625,0003,537201564.022N0.13
7120 Sand Point Court, Coppell$795,0004,197199354.123Y0.36
7308 Woodhurst Place, Coppell$345,0001,785197932.012N0.16
71305 Lakeridge Lane, Irving$415,0002,378199742.012N0.21
7613 Mission Circle, Irving$251,1251,225198422.012N0.12
8202 Barclay Avenue, Coppell$262,0001,266198332.012N0.19
9611 Rancho Circle, Irving$299,0001,528198532.022N0.11
10512 Oakcrest Drive, Coppell$410,0002,313197832.012Y0.28
14759 Marble Canyon Circle, Irving$355,0002,007199232.122Y0.22
14954 Hummingbird Drive, Coppell$529,9003,015199843.013Y0.21
14636 Deforest Road, Coppell$589,0003,701199943.122N0.21
149315 Vista Circle, Irving$430,0003,417199743.122N0.16
159815 Cliffside Drive, Irving$339,0001,972199432.122N0.13
15755 Red River Trail, Irving$390,0002,184198643.012N0.15
15148 Mockingbird Lane, Coppell$399,9002,308198443.022N0.21
16120 Juniper Drive, Coppell$869,0004,655201154.123N0.28
17639 Stratford Lane, Coppell$1,749,0006,582200155.124Y0.46
21466 Dakota Lane, Coppell$415,0002,473199442.123N0.17
21641 Rock Springs Road, Coppell$699,9003,757201654.122N0.13
22958 Village Parkway, Coppell$485,0003,370199454.022N0.18
22465 Sandy Knoll Drive, Coppell$345,0001,836198832.012N0.15
23452 Woodway Drive, Coppell$389,9002,142197942.012N0.18
23352 Dogwood Trail, Coppell$619,9003,898199253.122Y0.25
237219 Marquis Lane, Irving$525,0003,016201633.013N0.17
24636 Raintree Circle, Coppell$300,0001,875198932.122N0.10
25700 Wingate Road, Coppell$600,0002,929201953.022N0.13
259426 Abbey Road, Irving$399,0002,055199032.122N0.19
25650 Cumberland Circle, Irving$312,0001,876198732.122N0.11
25234 W Bethel Road, Coppell$4,800,0009,564201144.326Y2.78
256770 Prompton Bend, Irving$470,5732,171201932.122N0.09
27220 Cove Drive, Coppell$415,0002,306199142.122Y0.00
27600 Stone Canyon Drive, Irving$384,0002,421198532.012N0.19
289033 Jasmine Lane, Irving$525,0003,696200143.122Y0.16
29913 Sugarberry Drive, Coppell$255,0001,306198332.010N0.12
29631 Burning Tree Lane, Coppell$449,0002,685199043.122N0.12
29509 Ashford Drive, Coppell$350,0002,205199042.122N0.10
29474 Sandy Knoll Drive, Coppell$364,9002,016198932.012N0.14
30748 Deforest Road, Coppell$1,995,0006,019200144.124Y5.07
31548 Layton Drive, Coppell$440,0002,964199642.122Y0.22
34339 S Heartz Road, Coppell$375,0002,164198242.122Y0.16
34157 Cottonwood Drive, Coppell$2,750,0005,998198866.126Y8.03
35268 Black Oak Circle, Coppell$515,0002,772199642.112Y0.46
35262 Edmondson Drive, Coppell$925,0004,561199843.123Y0.38
35540 S Coppell Road, Coppell$475,0003,017201932.023N0.00
35949 Fountain Drive, Coppell$460,0002,964199743.022Y0.20
35105 Corsica Court, Coppell$899,0005,829200954.124Y0.31
37528 Raintree Circle, Coppell$345,0001,741198932.122N0.25
37209 Glendale Drive, Coppell$549,0003,011199042.122N0.21
37217 E Bethel Road, Coppell$555,0003,650198954.022N0.21
387735 La Haye Drive, Irving$661,5953,811201944.022N0.14
38127 Winding Hollow Lane, Coppell$459,0002,541198743.012Y0.21
40312 Meadowood Lane, Coppell$399,0002,263198832.012N0.10
41760 Sparrow Lane, Coppell$364,9001,620198432.012N0.24
42807 Meadowglen Circle, Coppell$369,9001,767198532.012Y0.21
42603 Rancho Circle, Irving$295,0001,528198432.022N0.13
421223 Valley Vista Drive, Irving$524,0003,241201154.022N0.12
43763 Cameron Court, Coppell$490,0002,513201433.122N0.07
43229 Bay Circle, Coppell$449,9002,756199143.122N0.10
43652 Deforest Road, Coppell$517,0002,794199242.112Y0.24
43450 Sandy Knoll Drive, Coppell$441,0002,414199142.122N0.14
45609 Ashford Drive, Coppell$334,9002,241199032.122N0.12
46532 Christi Lane, Coppell$660,0002,909197443.012Y0.74
47937 Tupelo Drive, Coppell$279,0001,387198332.012N0.18
49544 S Coppell Road, Coppell$475,0003,017201932.023N0.00
49161 Pinyon Lane, Coppell$264,9001,236198332.010N0.11
49126 Ridgecrest Court, Coppell$738,4003,814201443.123Y0.25
49962 Mallard Drive, Coppell$539,0003,615199843.123N0.21
50144 Glendale Drive, Coppell$447,0002,611199342.122N0.20
514331 Superior Lane, Irving$540,0002,996201943.122N0.13
514334 Superior Lane, Irving$570,0003,274201943.122N0.13
514311 Superior Lane, Irving$535,0003,270201943.122N0.13
514327 Superior Lane, Irving$565,0003,558201954.022N0.13
54128 E White Spruce Drive, Coppell$749,0004,258201054.023N0.24
55136 Kingston Circle, Coppell$499,0003,836199253.122Y0.17
56111 Bristol Court, Coppell$529,9003,442199743.123Y0.21
59140 Hollywood Drive, Coppell$569,0003,314199443.122Y0.22
62755 Lexington Avenue, Coppell$1,165,0005,201199844.223Y0.36
63741 Sparrow Lane, Coppell$329,9001,924198432.012N0.21
631020 Basilwood Drive, Coppell$569,9003,519199553.023Y0.21
639432 Blue Jay Way, Irving$312,0002,062198932.122N0.08
632419 Lismore Lane, Irving$568,0003,503201154.022N0.16
64738 Hammond Street, Coppell$449,0002,405201632.122N0.09
644203 Prado Court, Irving$657,6083,260201943.022N0.25
644363 Superior, Irving$673,1943,238201944.022N0.25
65209 Magnolia Drive, Coppell$479,9002,555198942.122Y0.17
691431 Gardenia Street, Irving$575,0003,711200143.123N0.31
69136 Mesquitewood Street, Coppell$330,0001,830198732.012N0.16
70452 Leisure, Coppell$279,0001,349198832.122N0.09
70208 Beechwood Lane, Coppell$499,9003,216199253.122Y0.20
71421 Dillard Lane, Coppell$329,9002,085198242.012N0.22
71425 Dillard Lane, Coppell$418,9002,586198242.123Y0.22
716880 Prompton Bend, Irving$499,9902,646201932.122N0.09
72550 Evergreen Drive, Coppell$515,0002,944201743.122N0.13
721132 Stone Gate Drive, Irving$389,9002,480199642.122N0.27
73136 Rustic Meadow Way, Coppell$659,9004,486199464.022N0.20
736959 Birch Creek Drive, Irving$501,2212,653201943.022N0.09
79607 Prestwick Court, Coppell$829,0005,038200254.123Y0.29
80336 Beechwood Lane, Coppell$498,0003,105199242.122N0.21
80416 Fairlands Circle, Coppell$514,9003,355199842.122Y0.19
80902 Santa Fe Trail, Irving$376,9002,414198932.122N0.10
817243 Notre Dame Drive, Irving$629,0003,538201543.122N0.13
81723 Hammond Street, Coppell$445,0002,488201732.122N0.10
811435 Ranch Hill Drive, Irving$404,4002,593199642.122N0.16
83132 Kingston Circle, Coppell$399,9002,506199142.012N0.17
839011 Jasmine Lane, Irving$497,9003,989200043.122N0.15
83460 Hidden Valley Lane, Coppell$915,0003,965201443.123Y0.28
84313 Meadowood Lane, Coppell$340,0002,189198932.012N0.22
849433 Vista Circle, Irving$445,0002,700199753.022N0.20
85717 Stratford Lane, Coppell$1,199,0005,593200154.123Y0.39
86101 Tanbark Circle, Coppell$399,9002,609198842.122N0.24
88121 Meadowcreek Road, Coppell$725,0003,946198354.124Y0.93
88328 S Coppell Road, Coppell$410,0002,487198942.122Y0.25
921405 Meadow Drive, Irving$364,9002,209199532.012Y0.17
9210302 Sandbar Drive, Irving$624,0004,053200854.022N0.15
9310008 Bluewater Terrace, Irving$599,0003,711200743.122N0.13
97117 Whispering Hills Drive, Coppell$975,0005,428200855.123N0.37
98145 Windham Circle, Coppell$499,0003,850199253.122Y0.17
981209 Valley Vista Drive, Irving$420,0002,706200342.122N0.12
991215 Harbor Dune Court, Irving$599,9003,437200543.122N0.15
100632 Forest Hill Drive, Coppell$445,0003,068199853.122N0.25
1006864 Prompton Bend, Irving$500,1412,870201943.122N0.09
1032230 Longview Road, Irving$595,0004,130200844.022N0.12
103542 Village Green Drive, Coppell$390,0002,224198943.022Y0.25
105301 Brushy Creek Trail, Coppell$650,0004,242199643.122Y0.23
106192 Highland Meadow Circle, Coppell$412,5002,799199042.122Y0.17
106116 Georgian Drive, Coppell$599,9993,928200043.122Y0.17
1077167 Isle Royal Lane, Irving$469,9002,966201743.222N0.12
108750 Chalais Court, Coppell$550,0003,914200954.112N0.28
108941 Blue Jay Lane, Coppell$609,0004,268199754.123Y0.21
111126 Manchester Lane, Coppell$619,0003,387199743.022Y0.28
111768 Crestview Court, Coppell$611,9003,624199854.023Y0.36
112967 E Bethel School Road, Coppell$649,9004,012199943.123N0.22
112300 S Coppell Road, Coppell$575,0003,109198942.122Y0.41
113128 Hollywood Drive, Coppell$575,0003,855199454.022Y0.21
119350 Still Forest Drive, Coppell$315,0001,960198732.122N0.17
119152 Peachtree Drive, Coppell$629,9554,448200954.022N0.21
120513 Oak Grove Lane, Coppell$348,0002,940196543.020N0.26
120511 Meadowview Lane, Coppell$429,0002,459198232.112N0.26
121328 Raintree Drive, Coppell$318,5001,779198932.122N0.09
1216955 Birch Creek Drive, Irving$524,1302,870201943.122N0.09
1244139 Lassen, Irving$711,7623,915201954.023N0.03
1243823 Ozark Drive, Irving$735,0593,892201932.123N0.03
124788 Crestview Court, Coppell$700,0004,478199154.123Y0.32
125722 Armstrong Boulevard, Coppell$770,0004,272199853.123Y0.24
1253733 Nassau, Irving$621,0663,493201944.022N0.13
127123 Winding Hollow Lane, Coppell$419,0002,461198743.012N0.21
127140 Beaver Run Drive, Coppell$549,9003,553199453.022Y0.25
128366 Kyra Court, Coppell$424,9002,500201942.122N0.13
1287249 Ridgepoint Drive, Irving$600,0003,819201645.022N0.20
128133 Natches Trace, Coppell$849,0005,123200155.224Y0.27
129368 Kyra Court, Coppell$399,0002,150201932.122N0.09
133756 Lexington Avenue, Coppell$744,0004,442199854.123Y0.29
1343131 Ivy Hill Lane, Irving$486,0002,646201732.122N0.14
134109 S Macarthur Boulevard, Coppell$249,9001,349198332.010N0.12
137631 Stratford Lane, Coppell$1,124,0005,901200155.123N0.38
137325 Clear Haven Drive, Coppell$383,0002,160198743.022N0.16
140774 E Main Street, Coppell$464,8002,495201233.122N0.07
141735 Bankers Cottage Lane, Coppell$615,0003,411200343.123Y0.13
141938 Fountain Drive, Coppell$449,5002,796199442.122N0.19
142602 Castle Creek Drive, Coppell$759,9003,852199954.023Y0.29
1446732 Torrey Pines Drive, Irving$612,5972,967201943.122N0.03
146217 Beechwood Lane, Coppell$524,9004,101199153.122Y0.19
1484340 Arroyo Drive, Irving$716,3903,657201954.122N0.25
1484335 Montgomery Bend, Irving$663,3473,053201944.022N0.25
1484355 Audubon, Irving$649,9993,277201944.022N0.03
149702 Graywood Lane, Coppell$509,9993,395199863.022Y0.20
155206 Black Oak Circle, Coppell$549,9003,870199444.022Y0.21
1589107 Cotoneaster Court, Irving$389,7003,649200142.122N0.24
166220 Bricknell Lane, Coppell$489,0003,421199843.122Y0.16
175255 Stanton Court, Coppell$950,0004,864199743.123Y0.37
178372 Kyra Court, Coppell$444,9002,500201942.122N0.13
182602 Swan Drive, Coppell$875,0004,732199144.124Y0.63
18410308 Offshore Drive, Irving$549,9003,396200442.122Y0.15
186111 Manchester Lane, Coppell$590,0003,625199854.023Y0.28
190131 Whispering Hills Court, Coppell$675,0003,227201554.022N0.15
203600 Mockingbird Lane, Coppell$649,99910,600198523.110N1.47
2033640 Coldstream, Irving$554,1722,391201932.112N0.14
204934 Beau Drive, Coppell$370,0002,491199533.022N0.11
206566 S Coppell Road, Coppell$488,0002,630201932.122N0.34
2097620 Sonian Forest, Irving$627,1793,381201943.123N0.14
216118 Blackburn Drive, Coppell$795,0003,719201343.123N0.10
216106 Manchester Lane, Coppell$584,5003,652199743.123Y0.28
219924 Blue Jay Lane, Coppell$625,0004,172199754.123Y0.21
219100 Cottonwood Drive, Coppell$2,695,0009,810200256.224Y4.47
236370 Kyra Court, Coppell$419,9002,150201932.122N0.09
2369134 Bottlebrush Lane, Irving$425,0002,768200232.012N0.15
245310 Hearthstone Lane, Coppell$660,0003,820199743.123Y0.22
274538 Beverly Drive, Coppell$1,395,0007,761200166.024Y0.80
337106 Oakbend Drive, Coppell$499,0004,009199454.022N0.19
350911 Mapleleaf Lane, Coppell$289,0001,875198332.010N0.16
391183 Georgian Drive, Coppell$599,9904,628200155.122N0.19
477937 Deforest Road, Coppell$1,290,0005,562200245.123Y0.28

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