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Dallas Area Elementary Schools

This page presents complete rankings of 1,203 DFW public elementary schools in order of their 2018 cumulative raw unrounded score for all State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests administered during the 2017-2018 school year. The top 100 DFW open enrollment elementary schools, top 10 DFW selective enrollment elementary schools and top 10 charter elementary schools are listed on this best Dallas elementary schools page.

Unlike some other published rankings, the DFW public elementary schools rankings presented below are based only on the most recent student performance data available and no consideration was given to student demographics, changes in student performance over time, student/parent reviews, or other such factors.

DFW public elementary schools rankings

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scores shown in the table below are calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of assessments on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) refers to this as the raw STAAR component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and raw component scores of all Texas public school districts and campuses. Because the precision of the scaled STAAR star is significantly diminished by this process, but otherwise unchanged for comparison purposes, the raw STAAR component score is used in this analysis to construct an academic performance index that indicates the relative performance of each Texas elementary school.

Each school also has been assigned an academic performance score based on its relative position in the academic performance index. The top 10 percent of Texas elementary schools included in this study received an academic performance score of 10, elementary schools in the next lower, ninth decile received a score of 9, and so on.

Using the sort and search capabilities of the interactive table shown below, it is easy to answer questions such as ...

  • Based on overall student performance on the STAAR evaluations, which are the best Dallas ISD elementary schools?
    Enter "dallas isd" in the Search box and click on the "academic performance score" column heading.

  • How significant are academic performances differences at the various campuses?

1Travis Talented and Gifted VanguardDallas ISD104 - 5200100.098Met Standard
2Old Union Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD10EE - 447299.997Met Standard
3School for Highly GiftedGrand Prairie ISD101 - 612799.997Met Standard
4McSpedden Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 571499.896Met Standard
5University Park Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISD10EE - 465299.796Met Standard
6Kerr Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 665799.796Met Standard
7Rockenbaugh Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD10EE - 454299.596Met Standard
8Beverly Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 548399.596Met Standard
9Kimberlin AcademyGarland ISD10KG - 548399.596Met Standard
10Evans Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 669699.496Met Standard
11Tanglewood Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD10KG - 586499.496Met Standard
12Johnson Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD10KG - 465799.496Met Standard
13Cheatham Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 656099.496Met Standard
14Puster Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISD10KG - 441399.495Met Standard
15Preston Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 652999.395Met Standard
16Andrews Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 559199.295Met Standard
17Carroll Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD10EE - 459699.295Met Standard
18Prairie Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD10KG - 633599.295Met Standard
19Eubanks Intermediate SchoolCarroll ISD105 - 658899.195Met Standard
20Castle Hills Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10KG - 563999.195Met Standard
21Durham Intermediate SchoolCarroll ISD105 - 668399.095Met Standard
22Mathews Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 547499.095Met Standard
23Brentfield Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD10KG - 678699.095Met Standard
24Walnut Grove Elementary SchoolCarroll ISD10KG - 470198.995Met Standard
25Bradfield Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISD10EE - 468498.995Met Standard
26Spring Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD10EE - 632998.995Met Standard
27Wyatt Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 547798.895Met Standard
28Valley Ranch Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD10KG - 562798.895Met Standard
29McCoy Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD10KG - 544198.895Met Standard
30Skaggs Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 541798.795Met Standard
31Curtsinger Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 575798.595Met Standard
32Lakeside Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD10KG - 552598.595Met Standard
33Hosp Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 574398.595Met Standard
34Anderson Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 564698.294Met Standard
35Boon Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 669998.294Met Standard
36Wellington Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10EE - 590798.194Met Standard
37Borchardt Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 575198.194Met Standard
38Heritage Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD10KG - 547697.994Met Standard
39Hyer Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISD10KG - 469397.994Met Standard
40Walnut Glen AcademyGarland ISD10KG - 541897.894Met Standard
41Lee Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD10EE - 582197.794Met Standard
42Liberty Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10KG - 551597.794Met Standard
43Sloan Creek Intermediate SchoolLovejoy ISD105 - 666197.694Met Standard
44Ashley Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 565797.694Met Standard
45Dealey Montessori SchoolDallas ISD10PK - 644197.694Met Standard
46Hillside AcademyGarland ISD10KG - 542297.594Met Standard
47Centennial Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 554897.594Met Standard
48Armstrong Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISD10KG - 452997.594Met Standard
49Norris Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 581797.494Met Standard
50Lovejoy Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISD10KG - 441897.494Met Standard
51Norton Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 650997.494Met Standard
52Bledsoe Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 568297.394Met Standard
53Lakewood Elementary SchoolDallas ISD10KG - 592497.394Met Standard
54Riddle Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 577297.394Met Standard
55Newman Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 581397.294Met Standard
56Mohawk Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD10KG - 645297.294Met Standard
57Nichols Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 555197.294Met Standard
58Bluebonnet Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10KG - 550897.194Met Standard
59E. Rayzor Elementary SchoolDenton ISD10KG - 539497.194Met Standard
60Liberty Elementary SchoolKeller ISD10KG - 442197.194Met Standard
61Tibbals Elementary SchoolWylie ISD10KG - 467997.094Met Standard
62Glenhope Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD10KG - 548597.094Met Standard
63Bowie Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD10KG - 662697.094Met Standard
64Canyon Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD10EE - 629696.994Met Standard
65Solar Preparatory School for GirlsDallas ISD10KG - 329496.994Met Standard
66Hunt Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 570196.894Met Standard
67Hightower Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 556596.793Met Standard
68Vaughan Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 670596.793Met Standard
69Moss Haven Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD10KG - 648996.794Met Standard
70Pinkerton Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD10KG - 541996.693Met Standard
71Vaughn Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 557296.593Met Standard
72McCulloch Intermediate SchoolHighland Park ISD105 - 61,12896.493Met Standard
73Barksdale Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 565896.493Met Standard
74Green Valley Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD10EE - 547496.393Met Standard
75Sparks Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10EE - 572496.393Met Standard
76Florence Elementary SchoolKeller ISD10KG - 448496.293Met Standard
77Stinson Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 564796.293Met Standard
78White Rock Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD10KG - 692596.293Met Standard
79Taylor Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 570696.193Met Standard
80Fisher Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 558496.193Met Standard
81Mockingbird Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD10KG - 551596.093Met Standard
82Hartman Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD10PK - 652595.993Met Standard
83Glen Oaks Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD10KG - 547795.893Met Standard
84Olson Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 664895.893Met Standard
85O'Dell Elementary SchoolCelina ISD101 - 540095.893Met Standard
86Jackson Elementary SchoolDallas ISD10KG - 565195.793Met Standard
87Green Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 659195.793Met Standard
88Gulledge Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 566295.793Met Standard
89Colleyville Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD10PK - 546595.693Met Standard
90Purefoy Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 558595.693Met Standard
91Hartman Elementary SchoolWylie ISD10EE - 455995.593Met Standard
92Argyle Intermediate SchoolArgyle ISD104 - 539895.393Met Standard
93Denton Creek Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD10KG - 546495.393Met Standard
94Lindsey Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 666695.293Met Standard
95Bear Creek Intermediate SchoolKeller ISD105 - 699195.293Met Standard
96Smith Elementary SchoolWylie ISD10KG - 449795.193Met Standard
97Spencer Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD10KG - 473595.193Met Standard
98Beck Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD10KG - 583395.093Met Standard
99Walker Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD10KG - 556795.093Met Standard
100Comstock Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 573294.993Met Standard
101Garden Ridge Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10EE - 537794.993Met Standard
102Ditto Elementary SchoolArlington ISD10KG - 672094.893Met Standard
103Uplift North Hills Primary SchoolUplift Education10KG - 555894.893Met Standard
104Mooneyham Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 582694.893Met Standard
105Parks-Heath Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD10KG - 653694.893Met Standard
106Smith Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 563094.893Met Standard
107Marion Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 672394.793Met Standard
108Haun Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 563694.793Met Standard
109North Joshua Elementary SchoolJoshua ISD10EE - 556394.693Met Standard
110Bennett Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD10KG - 551594.693Met Standard
111Chandler Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 667594.693Met Standard
112Math/Science/Tech Magnet SchoolRichardson ISD10KG - 661594.693Met Standard
113Allen Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 563094.593Met Standard
114Town Center Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD10KG - 557794.593Met Standard
115Powell Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD10KG - 553394.492Met Standard
116Whitt Elementary SchoolWylie ISD10KG - 465094.493Met Standard
117Anderson Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 651394.493Met Standard
118Vandagriff Elementary SchoolAledo ISD10KG - 558794.492Met Standard
119Forest Vista Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10EE - 549194.493Met Standard
120Isbell Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 570494.392Met Standard
121Sem Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 582794.393Met Standard
122Sunnyvale Elementary School10EE - 470194.192Met Standard
123Neal Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD10EE - 443994.192Met Standard
124Hart Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISD10KG - 445193.992Met Standard
125Butler Elementary SchoolArlington ISD10KG - 662693.892Met Standard
126Stuard Elementary SchoolAledo ISD10KG - 560893.892Met Standard
127Daulton Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD10PK - 470193.792Met Standard
128Porter Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD10EE - 550593.792Met Standard
129Lyon Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD10EE - 643693.792Met Standard
130Folsom Elementary SchoolProsper ISD10KG - 580493.692Met Standard
131Draper Intermediate SchoolWylie ISD105 - 61,00693.692Met Standard
132Johnson Elementary SchoolForney ISD10KG - 651893.492Met Standard
133Williams Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD10KG - 650293.492Met Standard
134Lakeview Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD10EE - 561993.392Met Standard
135Griffis Elementary SchoolCaddo Mills ISD10PK - 545793.392Met Standard
136Carlisle Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 554793.292Met Standard
137Boggess Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 556393.192Met Standard
138Hidden Lakes Elementary SchoolKeller ISD10KG - 442393.192Met Standard
139Heritage Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10KG - 554393.192Met Standard
140McAuliffe Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10EE - 553793.092Met Standard
141Light Farms Elementary SchoolProsper ISD10EE - 596893.092Met Standard
142Kent Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD10KG - 537792.992Met Standard
143Bransford Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD10EE - 547492.992Met Standard
144Arapaho Classical SchoolRichardson ISD10KG - 658092.892Met Standard
145Brinker Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 565692.792Met Standard
146Bridlewood Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10KG - 539892.792Met Standard
147Boals Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 568892.792Met Standard
148Eddins Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD10KG - 538492.692Met Standard
149Schell Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 567392.592Met Standard
150McKillop Elementary SchoolMelissa ISD10EE - 382792.592Met Standard
151Willis Lane Elementary SchoolKeller ISD10KG - 451792.492Met Standard
152Valley Creek Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD10KG - 555192.492Met Standard
153Gunstream Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10EE - 564792.392Met Standard
154Granger Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD10KG - 592392.292Met Standard
155Bedford Heights Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD10KG - 678492.292Met Standard
156Cox Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD10KG - 561492.192Met Standard
157Fine Arts AcademyWhite Settlement ISD10KG - 630292.192Met Standard
158Carroll Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 550692.092Met Standard
159Brown Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD10EE - 460992.092Met Standard
160ACA Intermediate SchoolArlington Classics Academy103 - 552591.992Met Standard
161Hedgcoxe Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 542991.992Met Standard
162Taylor Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD10EE - 547591.992Met Standard
163Boren Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD10KG - 455691.892Met Standard
164Story Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 652291.692Met Standard
165Smith Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD10EE - 460791.692Met Standard
166Pink Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 548091.692Met Standard
167Wolford Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD10KG - 547691.592Met Standard
168Perot Elementary SchoolKeller ISD10KG - 463991.492Met Standard
169Harrington Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 541191.492Met Standard
170Leadership Prep Elementary CampusLeadership Prep School10KG - 450091.392Met Standard
171Spears Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD10KG - 573491.192Met Standard
172Miller Elementary SchoolPlano ISD10KG - 539990.992Met Standard
173Wilmeth Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD10KG - 567190.992Met Standard
174Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts Elementary SchoolFort Worth Academy of Fine Arts103 - 621990.992Met Standard
175Bolin Elementary SchoolAllen ISD10KG - 653590.892Met Standard
176Donald Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10EE - 547290.692Met Standard
177McClure Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD10KG - 564390.692Met Standard
178Cockrell Elementary SchoolProsper ISD10KG - 598790.692Met Standard
179Highland Village Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD10KG - 533290.492Met Standard
180Hardeman Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD10PK - 564390.291Met Standard
181Harrison Intermediate SchoolWylie ISD105 - 670190.191Met Standard
182Windsong Ranch Elementary SchoolProsper ISD10EE - 596890.191Met Standard
183McCall Elementary SchoolPlano ISD9KG - 555889.991Met Standard
184Grandview Elementary SchoolGrandview ISD9EE - 553589.891Met Standard
185Big Springs Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD9KG - 632489.791Met Standard
186Phillips Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD9KG - 567389.791Met Standard
187Homestead Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD9KG - 554989.791Met Standard
188Akin Elementary SchoolWylie ISD9KG - 442189.691Met Standard
189Old Settlers Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD9EE - 556489.591Met Standard
190Longbranch Elementary SchoolMidlothian ISD9EE - 555989.491Met Standard
191Walsh Elementary SchoolAledo ISD9KG - 533489.491Met Standard
192Hicks Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD9EE - 559389.491Met Standard
193Dunn AcademyBurleson ISD9EE - 566989.391Met Standard
194Alvarado Elementary School-SouthAlvarado ISD9PK - 338289.391Met Standard
195Watkins Elementary SchoolWylie ISD9KG - 456089.291Met Standard
196Meadow Creek Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD9PK - 679489.291Met Standard
197Austin Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD9EE - 571189.191Met Standard
198Cedar Hill Preparatory SchoolCedar Hill ISD9PK - 548389.191Met Standard
199GR - Pleasant GroveGolden Rule Charter School9PK - 414289.091Met Standard
200Rucker Elementary SchoolProsper ISD9EE - 583789.091Met Standard
201Robertson Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD9KG - 574188.991Met Standard
202Duff Elementary SchoolArlington ISD9EE - 662288.991Met Standard
203Beaver Technology CenterGarland ISD9KG - 557188.891Met Standard
204Prestwick STEM AcademyLittle Elm ISD9KG - 875788.891Met Standard
205Dodd Elementary SchoolWylie ISD9KG - 455988.691Met Standard
206Aldridge Elementary SchoolPlano ISD9KG - 561388.691Met Standard
207Rosemeade Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD9EE - 544588.691Met Standard
208Stevenson Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD9EE - 664388.591Met Standard
209Davis Intermediate SchoolWylie ISD95 - 679988.491Met Standard
210Las Colinas Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD9KG - 554988.491Met Standard
211Hilltop Elementary SchoolArgyle ISD9EE - 376188.391Met Standard
212Cottonwood Creek Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD9KG - 549988.191Met Standard
213TCPA Founders Classical Academy of Flower MoundTexas College Preparatory Academies9KG - 742688.191Met Standard
214Oak Woods SchoolGranbury ISD9EE - 559388.191Met Standard
215Felty Elementary SchoolWaxahachie ISD9KG - 565188.091Met Standard
216Cox Elementary SchoolWylie ISD9KG - 466588.091Met Standard
217Flower Mound Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD9EE - 546687.891Met Standard
218Lone Star Elementary SchoolKeller ISD9KG - 481387.891Met Standard
219Southside Elementary SchoolMabank ISD9PK - 440087.691Met Standard
220TCPA Corinth Classical AcademyTexas College Preparatory Academies9KG - 752887.691Met Standard
221Haslet Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD9KG - 570487.691Met Standard
222Cannon Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD9KG - 557587.591Met Standard
223Johnson STEM AcademyGreenville ISD9KG - 523587.591Met Standard
224Smithfield Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD9KG - 544387.591Met Standard
225TCPA Coppell Classical AcademyTexas College Preparatory Academies9KG - 537087.491Met Standard
226Melissa Ridge Intermediate SchoolMelissa ISD94 - 545987.491Met Standard
227Garner Fine Arts AcademyGrand Prairie ISD9PK - 51,00187.491Met Standard
228Walnut Hill Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9PK - 535887.391Met Standard
229Grapevine Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD9PK - 552487.391Met Standard
230Westpark Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD9PK - 572187.291Met Standard
231Adkins Elementary SchoolDenton ISD9KG - 537287.291Met Standard
232Hughston Elementary SchoolPlano ISD9KG - 537287.191Met Standard
233Wilson Elementary SchoolCoppell ISD9KG - 547187.191Met Standard
234Holt Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD9EE - 443287.091Met Standard
235Groves Elementary SchoolWylie ISD9KG - 455287.091Met Standard
236Hays Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD9EE - 682186.991Met Standard
237McCall Elementary SchoolAledo ISD9KG - 564986.991Met Standard
238McAnally Intermediate SchoolAledo ISD96 - 642986.891Met Standard
239Scott Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD9KG - 572886.891Met Standard
240Cabaniss Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD9EE - 457986.691Met Standard
241North Ridge Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD9KG - 548786.691Met Standard
242Hurst Hills Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD9KG - 650886.591Met Standard
243Stone Montessori AcademyDallas ISD9PK - 535186.491Met Standard
244River Trails Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD9KG - 663886.491Met Standard
245Sheppard Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD9PK - 447786.491Met Standard
246Hebron Valley Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD9EE - 556086.391Met Standard
247Low Intermediate SchoolMansfield ISD95 - 678986.391Met Standard
248Lillard Intermediate SchoolMansfield ISD95 - 61,04986.391Met Standard
249Henderson Elementary SchoolForney ISD9PK - 667486.191Met Standard
250Ogle Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD9KG - 568586.191Met Standard
251Watson Technology CenterGarland ISD9KG - 558286.091Met Standard
252Hill Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD9EE - 553985.891Met Standard
253Shady Grove Elementary SchoolKeller ISD9KG - 446485.891Met Standard
254Saigling Elementary SchoolPlano ISD9KG - 541285.791Met Standard
255Lone Star Language AcademyLone Star Language Academy9KG - 311185.791Met Standard
256La Villita Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD9KG - 575485.691Met Standard
257Prairie Trail Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD9KG - 568785.691Met Standard
258Cross Timbers Elementary SchoolAzle ISD9EE - 453985.491Met Standard
259Keller-Harvel Elementary SchoolKeller ISD9KG - 450285.491Met Standard
260Greenfield Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD9KG - 570785.290Met Standard
261Rhea Elementary SchoolForney ISD9KG - 667085.291Met Standard
262Morningside Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD9KG - 538385.290Met Standard
263Vial Elementary SchoolGarland ISD9KG - 555085.291Met Standard
264Lakeview Elementary SchoolMabank ISD9KG - 440685.191Met Standard
265McNair Elementary SchoolDenton ISD9KG - 553385.090Met Standard
266Baker Elementary SchoolProsper ISD9KG - 574885.090Met Standard
267Pullen Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD9KG - 655984.990Met Standard
268Bethany Elementary SchoolPlano ISD9KG - 538484.890Met Standard
269Springer Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD9PK - 665784.790Met Standard
270Celina Elementary SchoolCelina ISD91 - 553484.790Met Standard
271Henderson Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9PK - 548784.690Met Standard
272Shepard Elementary SchoolPlano ISD9KG - 547384.690Met Standard
273Trivium AcademyTrivium Academy9KG - 752284.590Met Standard
274Snow Heights Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD9KG - 537284.590Met Standard
275Rice Learning CenterDallas ISD9PK - 551184.490Met Standard
276TCPA Carrollton Classical AcademyTexas College Preparatory Academies9KG - 530384.490Met Standard
277Hawk Elementary SchoolDenton ISD9KG - 566984.390Met Standard
278The Olive Tree Montessori AcademyEast fort Worth Montessori Academy9PK - 37984.390Met Standard
279Lake Pointe Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD9KG - 569484.290Met Standard
280Tipps Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD9PK - 461184.190Met Standard
281Armstrong Elementary SchoolGarland ISD9EE - 583484.090Met Standard
282Miller Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD9EE - 445983.890Met Standard
283Jones Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD9EE - 447383.790Met Standard
284Keeley Elementary SchoolGarland ISD9KG - 566183.690Met Standard
285Hughes Elementary SchoolProsper ISD9KG - 596883.690Met Standard
286Prestonwood Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD9KG - 645283.690Met Standard
287Timber Creek Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD9EE - 549383.590Met Standard
288Houston Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9PK - 520483.590Met Standard
289Claybon Elementary SchoolForney ISD9PK - 664983.590Met Standard
290Shepard Intermediate SchoolMansfield ISD95 - 683783.490Met Standard
291Central Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9PK - 558783.390Met Standard
292Daffron Elementary SchoolPlano ISD9KG - 558583.390Met Standard
293McClatchey Elementary SchoolMidlothian ISD9KG - 559183.190Met Standard
294Blanton Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9EE - 566983.190Met Standard
295Minshew Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD9KG - 567283.090Met Standard
296Ridgeview Elementary SchoolKeller ISD9KG - 470483.090Met Standard
297Shannon Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD9KG - 671083.090Met Standard
298Trinity Meadows Intermediate SchoolKeller ISD95 - 690982.990Met Standard
299Merriman Park Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD9KG - 657382.890Met Standard
300Roach Elementary SchoolGarland ISD9KG - 546382.890Met Standard
301Woodland Springs Elementary SchoolKeller ISD9KG - 458682.789Met Standard
302International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas9KG - 595682.790Met Standard
303GR - SouthwestGolden Rule Charter School9PK - 427682.689Met Standard
304Tadlock Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD9KG - 563682.690Met Standard
305Corbell Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD9KG - 572282.589Met Standard
306Basswood Elementary SchoolKeller ISD9KG - 434782.589Met Standard
307Yale Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD9KG - 642782.489Met Standard
308South Euless Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD9PK - 664282.489Met Standard
309Eagle Ridge Elementary SchoolKeller ISD9KG - 466482.389Met Standard
310Miller Elementary SchoolMidlothian ISD9KG - 563882.289Met Standard
311Country Place Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD9EE - 541282.289Met Standard
312Coder Elementary SchoolAledo ISD9EE - 547182.189Met Standard
313Stark Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD9EE - 574582.089Met Standard
314Schluter Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD9KG - 571582.089Met Standard
315Blanton Elementary SchoolDenton ISD9KG - 548882.089Met Standard
316Brockett Elementary School9KG - 448881.989Met Standard
317Shackelford Elementary SchoolWaxahachie ISD9KG - 559881.889Met Standard
318Fort Elementary SchoolRoyse City ISD9EE - 455381.789Met Standard
319Dorsey Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9PK - 550881.689Met Standard
320Walker Creek Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD9EE - 561281.589Met Standard
321Wells Elementary SchoolPlano ISD9KG - 553481.489Met Standard
322Roanoke Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD9EE - 574881.489Met Standard
323Richardson Terrace Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD9EE - 652781.489Met Standard
324Reinhardt Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD9KG - 658181.389Met Standard
325Tarver-Rendon Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD9PK - 465881.289Met Standard
326Glen Rose Intermediate SchoolGlen Rose ISD93 - 542181.288Met Standard
327Orr Intermediate SchoolMansfield ISD95 - 683081.289Met Standard
328Brashear Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9EE - 565181.189Met Standard
329Rogers Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9EE - 550380.889Met Standard
330Vernon Elementary SchoolRoyse City ISD9EE - 463180.688Met Standard
331Parkwood Hill Intermediate SchoolKeller ISD95 - 61,20080.588Met Standard
332Viridian Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD9PK - 677380.288Met Standard
333Sewell Elementary SchoolGarland ISD9KG - 561080.188Met Standard
334Sanger Elementary SchoolDallas ISD9PK - 550680.188Met Standard
335Dartmouth Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD8EE - 634579.888Met Standard
336Lewis Elementary SchoolForney ISD8KG - 653279.888Met Standard
337Withers Elementary SchoolDallas ISD8EE - 542079.788Met Standard
338Criswell Elementary SchoolForney ISD8KG - 660779.688Met Standard
339Kimball Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD8KG - 624279.588Met Standard
340Lee Elementary SchoolCaddo Mills ISD8EE - 538479.488Met Standard
341Carlson Applied Learning CenterFort Worth ISD8KG - 539379.388Met Standard
342Wilson Elementary SchoolDenton ISD8KG - 558879.188Met Standard
343Hexter Elementary SchoolDallas ISD8PK - 556078.988Met Standard
344Butterfield Elementary SchoolSanger ISD8EE - 554878.888Met Standard
345Spring Creek Elementary SchoolGarland ISD8EE - 561178.786Met Standard
346Clayton Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD8PK - 555978.686Met Standard
347Casa View Elementary SchoolDallas ISD8EE - 571578.586Met Standard
348Blue Ridge Elementary SchoolBlue Ridge ISD8PK - 539278.388Met Standard
349Herndon Intermediate SchoolRoyse City ISD85 - 646378.387Met Standard
350Trinity School PreparatoryTexas School of the Arts8KG - 634578.186Met Standard
351Anderson Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD8PK - 444578.086Met Standard
352Ponder Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD8EE - 464578.086Met Standard
353Acton Elementary SchoolGranbury ISD8PK - 584777.986Met Standard
354Birmingham Elementary SchoolWylie ISD8KG - 450577.886Met Standard
355Farmers Branch Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD8EE - 555077.786Met Standard
356Bush Elementary SchoolWylie ISD8KG - 464577.486Met Standard
357Austin Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD8PK - 550277.486Met Standard
358Marshall Leadership AcademyGrand Prairie ISD8PK - 567877.386Met Standard
359Silver Lake Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD8PK - 559777.386Met Standard
360Frazier Elementary SchoolBurleson ISD8EE - 558577.186Met Standard
361Holiday Heights Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD8EE - 561277.186Met Standard
362Sonntag Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD8KG - 559176.986Met Standard
363Bryant Elementary SchoolArlington ISD8PK - 652976.986Met Standard
364Corey AcademyArlington ISD8KG - 658076.886Met Standard
365Gonzalez Elementary SchoolDallas ISD8PK - 565776.885Met Standard
366Little Elementary SchoolArlington ISD8EE - 674876.785Met Standard
367Bland Elementary SchoolBland ISD8EE - 533776.686Met Standard
368Alvord ElementaryAlvord ISD8PK - 532476.585Met Standard
369Lowe Elementary SchoolDallas ISD8EE - 561976.285Met Standard
370Eastridge Elementary SchoolRed Oak ISD8PK - 544876.185Met Standard
371Stribling STEAM AcademyBurleson ISD8KG - 554176.085Met Standard
372Lake Highlands Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD8EE - 674076.085Met Standard
373Nelson Elementary SchoolDenton ISD8KG - 561975.985Met Standard
374Alvarado Elementary School-NorthAlvarado ISD8EE - 336975.885Met Standard
375Carson Elementary SchoolDecatur ISD8EE - 746475.785Met Standard
376Boyd Elementary SchoolBoyd ISD8PK - 343575.785Met Standard
377Huddleston Intermediate SchoolPrinceton ISD86 - 634275.586Met Standard
378Harben Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD8EE - 639175.485Met Standard
379Haggar Elementary SchoolPlano ISD8PK - 559375.485Met Standard
380Horn Elementary SchoolPrinceton ISD8EE - 562375.385Met Standard
381Rogers Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD8KG - 551875.185Met Standard
382Rainwater Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD8KG - 533175.085Met Standard
383Coyote Ridge Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD8PK - 568474.785Met Standard
384Mambrino SchoolGranbury ISD8EE - 859474.685Met Standard
385Brock Elementary SchoolBrock ISD8EE - 453274.685Met Standard
386Hill Elementary SchoolArlington ISD8EE - 652774.683Met Standard
387Wilshire Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD8PK - 675374.583Met Standard
388Jones Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD8PK - 664774.585Met Standard
389Moore Elementary SchoolArlington ISD8PK - 688074.485Met Standard
390McGowen Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD8KG - 566974.385Met Standard
391Justin Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD8PK - 556774.383Met Standard
392Donald Elementary SchoolDallas ISD8PK - 541174.285Met Standard
393North Hi Mount Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD8PK - 540474.185Met Standard
394Starks Math, Science and Technology VanguardDallas ISD8PK - 531273.985Met Standard
395Peterson Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD8EE - 575873.683Met Standard
396Daggett Montessri SchoolFort Worth ISD8KG - 850773.683Met Standard
397Springridge Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD8KG - 634573.683Met Standard
398Bowie Elementary SchoolEnnis ISD81 - 336173.683Met Standard
399Shady Brook Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD8KG - 664473.283Met Standard
400Park Glen Elementary SchoolKeller ISD8KG - 457973.083Met Standard
401Shawnee Trail Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD8KG - 559672.983Met Standard
402Freeman Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD8EE - 563072.883Met Standard
403Miller Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD8KG - 563172.783Met Standard
404Pearcy Elementary SchoolArlington ISD8EE - 647872.683Met Standard
405Kennedy Learning CenterDallas ISD8PK - 532672.583Met Standard
406Riverchase Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD8EE - 535772.583Met Standard
407Fitzgerald Elementary SchoolArlington ISD8PK - 650072.483Met Standard
408Crouch Intermediate SchoolCrowley ISD85 - 663172.385Met Standard
409Mitchell Elementary SchoolPlano ISD8PK - 579772.283Met Standard
410Reid Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD8EE - 462072.083Met Standard
411Independence Elementary SchoolKeller ISD8KG - 455271.883Met Standard
412Mt Peak Elementary SchoolMidlothian ISD8EE - 569071.583Met Standard
413Icenhower Intermediate SchoolMansfield ISD85 - 689571.585Met Standard
414North Elementary SchoolWhite Settlement ISD8EE - 472871.582Met Standard
415North Euless Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD8PK - 674871.482Met Standard
416Freedom Elementary SchoolKeller ISD8KG - 456671.482Met Standard
417Shady Oaks Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD8PK - 658671.382Met Standard
418Clinkscale Elementary SchoolBurleson ISD8EE - 563971.282Met Standard
419Spring Garden Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD8EE - 664271.182Met Standard
420Delaney Elementary SchoolKennedale ISD8EE - 465571.082Met Standard
421Hickey Elementary SchoolPlano ISD8KG - 554571.082Met Standard
422Paradise Intermediate SchoolParadise ISD84 - 519771.082Met Standard
423Gerard Elementary SchoolCleburne ISD8PK - 554270.982Met Standard
424Nash Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD8PK - 457970.782Met Standard
425Liberty Elementary SchoolWhite Settlement ISD8EE - 463970.682Met Standard
426Reilly Elementary SchoolDallas ISD8PK - 558170.582Met Standard
427Reed Elementary SchoolAllen ISD8KG - 657970.382Met Standard
428Preston Hollow Elementary SchoolDallas ISD8PK - 550070.282Met Standard
429Blackburn Elementary SchoolForney ISD8KG - 655170.182Met Standard
430Mullendore Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD7EE - 535870.082Met Standard
431Oakwood Terrace Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD7EE - 658769.982Met Standard
432Amos Elementary SchoolArlington ISD7PK - 643169.982Met Standard
433Hoover Elementary SchoolAzle ISD75 - 643369.985Met Standard
434Savannah Elementary SchoolDenton ISD7KG - 571969.782Met Standard
435Bear Creek Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD7PK - 570369.782Met Standard
436Ridglea Hills Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD7EE - 578169.782Met Standard
437Sendera Ranch Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD7KG - 556069.482Met Standard
438Hall Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7EE - 550469.380Met Standard
439Bluebonnet Elementary SchoolKeller ISD7KG - 461669.282Met Standard
440Rountree Elementary SchoolAllen ISD7EE - 656769.180Met Standard
441Knight Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 551169.080Met Standard
442Irvin Elementary SchoolMidlothian ISD7KG - 535369.080Met Standard
443Central Elementary SchoolMabank ISD7PK - 462568.982Met Standard
444Arcadia Park Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 565268.880Met Standard
445Davis Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD7KG - 553568.880Met Standard
446Reinhardt Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 556568.780Met Standard
447Houston Elementary SchoolDenton ISD7KG - 558368.780Met Standard
448Slaughter Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD7KG - 558968.680Met Standard
449Elkins Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD7KG - 531668.480Met Standard
450Smith Elementary SchoolForney ISD7EE - 669268.380Met Standard
451Williams Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 521568.280Met Standard
452Pecan Creek Elementary SchoolDenton ISD7KG - 569868.180Met Standard
453Lee Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD7KG - 424668.080Met Standard
454Rasor Elementary SchoolPlano ISD7KG - 544567.980Met Standard
455Wolfe City Elementary SchoolWolfe City ISD7PK - 532367.980Met Standard
456Lone Oak Elementary SchoolLone Oak ISD7PK - 545267.880Met Standard
457Williams Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD7KG - 563367.880Met Standard
458Key Elementary SchoolArlington ISD7KG - 648067.580Met Standard
459Eagle Mountain Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD7KG - 564167.480Met Standard
460Bransom AcademyBurleson ISD7EE - 556267.380Met Standard
461Independence Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD7EE - 587467.380Met Standard
462Dorsey Elementary SchoolGarland ISD7KG - 562967.280Met Standard
463Soto Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 558867.280Met Standard
464Bonnie Brae Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD7PK - 546567.180Met Standard
465Salazar Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 561466.980Met Standard
466Hatfield Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD7KG - 550366.880Met Standard
467Perry Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD7PK - 437866.680Met Standard
468Blanton Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD7KG - 541966.580Met Standard
469Hajek Elementary SchoolBurleson ISD7KG - 563766.580Met Standard
470Ashworth Elementary SchoolArlington ISD7PK - 646666.580Met Standard
471Farmersville Intermediate SchoolFarmersville ISD72 - 547766.380Met Standard
472Foster Village Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD7PK - 548866.380Met Standard
473Pearson Elementary SchoolGarland ISD7PK - 567666.280Met Standard
474Abbett Elementary SchoolGarland ISD7KG - 574266.180Met Standard
475West Elementary SchoolArlington ISD7PK - 667466.180Met Standard
476Lakewood Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD7KG - 664066.180Met Standard
477Lipan Elementary SchoolLipan ISD7PK - 623066.079Met Standard
478Patterson Elementary SchoolKennedale ISD7KG - 445165.979Met Standard
479Providence Elementary SchoolDenton ISD7KG - 541465.979Met Standard
480Wilson Elementary SchoolCrandall ISD7EE - 662465.779Met Standard
481Houston Elementary SchoolEnnis ISD71 - 328865.780Met Standard
482Austin Elementary SchoolEnnis ISD71 - 328165.579Met Standard
483Saldivar Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 572465.579Met Standard
484Winnetka Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 582065.279Met Standard
485Crosby Elementary SchoolForney ISD7KG - 659765.279Met Standard
486Smith Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7EE - 577665.079Met Standard
487Midway Park Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD7EE - 676465.079Met Standard
488Stemmons Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7EE - 574664.879Met Standard
489Indian Creek Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD7EE - 553664.779Met Standard
490Lakeview Elementary SchoolLittle Elm ISD7KG - 558464.679Met Standard
491Harrison Lane Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD7EE - 670864.679Met Standard
492Scott Elementary SchoolRoyse City ISD7EE - 454964.579Met Standard
493Beckham Elementary SchoolArlington ISD7PK - 656664.479Met Standard
494Shady Shores Elementary SchoolLake Dallas ISD7EE - 553464.179Met Standard
495Mabank Intermediate SchoolMabank ISD75 - 656464.183Met Standard
496Richland Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD7EE - 529564.079Met Standard
497Friendship Elementary SchoolKeller ISD7KG - 454963.879Met Standard
498Lacy Elementary SchoolPrinceton ISD7EE - 554163.879Met Standard
499Scurry-Rosser Elementary SchoolScurry-Rosser ISD7EE - 332363.879Met Standard
500Valley Ridge Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD7EE - 546963.579Met Standard
501Blue Haze Elementary SchoolWhite Settlement ISD7EE - 469263.479Met Standard
502Vickery Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD7KG - 548963.478Met Standard
503Dobbs Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD7EE - 657963.478Met Standard
504Morris Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD7EE - 457763.379Met Standard
505Elliott Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD7KG - 560463.279Met Standard
506Carrollton Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD7EE - 559163.178Met Standard
507Stowe Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD7KG - 566163.178Met Standard
508Mound AcademyBurleson ISD7KG - 541163.178Met Standard
509Kramer Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7EE - 561563.078Met Standard
510Peaster Elementary SchoolPeaster ISD7EE - 662562.979Met Standard
511Johnson Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD7KG - 550262.978Met Standard
512Silberstein Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 573862.878Met Standard
513Nesmith Elementary SchoolCommunity ISD7EE - 552762.778Met Standard
514Taylor Elementary SchoolBurleson ISD7PK - 551462.778Met Standard
515Palmer Elementary SchoolPalmer ISD7PK - 451062.679Met Standard
516Martinez Learning CenterDallas ISD7PK - 556262.678Met Standard
517Johnson 6th Grade SchoolFort Worth ISD76 - 656162.582Met Standard
518Hodge Elementary SchoolDenton ISD7KG - 558462.478Met Standard
519TCPA Classical AcademyTexas College Preparatory Academies7KG - 830662.378Met Standard
520Pershing Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7EE - 551762.378Met Standard
521Tolar Elementary SchoolTolar ISD7PK - 535662.178Met Standard
522Lanier Expressive Arts VanguardDallas ISD7EE - 556761.978Met Standard
523Burnet Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 570261.878Met Standard
524Bell Manor Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD7EE - 673861.778Met Standard
525Hill Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD7PK - 559461.478Met Standard
526Kahn Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 555561.178Met Standard
527McClendon Elementary SchoolCommunity ISD7PK - 560560.878Met Standard
528Brockett Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD7PK - 458660.877Met Standard
529West Hurst Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD7EE - 653160.878Met Standard
530Hughes Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD7EE - 562860.778Met Standard
531Frank Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7EE - 51,14560.778Met Standard
532Cherry Intermediate SchoolRoyse City ISD75 - 646560.681Met Standard
533Urban Park Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7PK - 562760.578Met Standard
534Paloma Creek Elementary SchoolDenton ISD7EE - 565860.477Met Standard
535Luna Elementary SchoolGarland ISD7EE - 530460.378Met Standard
536Reagan Elementary SchoolDallas ISD7EE - 535960.378Met Standard
537Clift Elementary SchoolWaxahachie ISD7KG - 537460.277Met Standard
538Eisenhower Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD7PK - 580960.078Met Standard
539Dunaway Elementary SchoolWaxahachie ISD6KG - 556560.077Met Standard
540Wedgeworth Elementary SchoolWaxahachie ISD6KG - 568259.977Met Standard
541Uplift Summit International Primary SchoolUplift Education6KG - 560859.877Met Standard
542Plum Creek Elementary SchoolJoshua ISD6PK - 547159.877Met Standard
543Lagow Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 550959.777Met Standard
544Carden Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD6EE - 451359.677Met Standard
545Moseley Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 577259.677Met Standard
546Northwood Hills Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6KG - 644059.577Met Standard
547Monaco Elementary SchoolAubrey ISD6EE - 454559.577Met Standard
548Sanger 6th Grade CampusSanger ISD66 - 621559.481Met Standard
549Austin Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD6PK - 647159.277Met Standard
550Davis Elementary SchoolRoyse City ISD6PK - 455359.277Met Standard
551Moore Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD6PK - 556259.277Met Standard
552Stipes Elementary SchoolIrving ISD6KG - 569559.277Met Standard
553Elder Elementary SchoolJoshua ISD6EE - 552458.977Met Standard
554Cuellar Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 572258.877Met Standard
555Press Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD6KG - 558458.877Met Standard
556Ethridge Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD6KG - 549258.777Met Standard
557Henrie Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD6PK - 696158.677Met Standard
558Bryson Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD6KG - 548458.477Met Standard
559McCarroll Middle 6th Grade SchoolDecatur ISD66 - 625358.381Met Standard
560Parkview Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD6KG - 548558.277Met Standard
561Owen Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD6PK - 538858.277Met Standard
562Jackson Elementary SchoolPlano ISD6PK - 554958.277Met Standard
563Motley Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD6EE - 645558.277Met Standard
564Oakhurst Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD6PK - 559758.177Met Standard
565Parkway Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD6KG - 551658.177Met Standard
566GR - DeSotoGolden Rule Charter School6PK - 521558.077Met Standard
567Forestridge Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6EE - 667658.077Met Standard
568Dozier Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD6KG - 563258.077Met Standard
569DeGolyer Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 536557.977Met Standard
570Poolville Elementary SchoolPoolville ISD6EE - 526157.977Met Standard
571Ryan Elementary SchoolDenton ISD6EE - 567057.977Met Standard
572Lake Dallas Elementary SchoolLake Dallas ISD6EE - 566457.977Met Standard
573Wood Elementary SchoolArlington ISD6PK - 680157.877Met Standard
574Richardson Heights Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6PK - 649257.877Met Standard
575Ray Elementary SchoolEverman ISD6PK - 449357.777Met Standard
576Porter Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD6PK - 660557.677Met Standard
577Wallace Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6PK - 680757.577Met Standard
578Dooley Elementary SchoolPlano ISD6KG - 536657.477Met Standard
579Bryant Elementary SchoolAnna ISD6EE - 564457.477Met Standard
580Bradfield Elementary SchoolGarland ISD6PK - 549657.377Met Standard
581Paradise Elementary SchoolParadise ISD6EE - 338157.377Met Standard
582Thomas AcademyBirdville ISD6PK - 562357.377Met Standard
583Back Elementary SchoolGarland ISD6PK - 544757.277Met Standard
584Worth Heights Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD6PK - 564557.177Met Standard
585Garner ElementaryGarner ISD6PK - 819657.077Met Standard
586Ponder Elementary SchoolPonder ISD6EE - 565256.977Met Standard
587Titche Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 568856.877Met Standard
588Walnut Creek Elementary SchoolAzle ISD6KG - 451956.877Met Standard
589Wooden Elementary SchoolRed Oak ISD6PK - 554956.777Met Standard
590Cowart Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 557856.677Met Standard
591De Zavala AcademyGrand Prairie ISD6KG - 586256.677Met Standard
592Rowlett Elementary SchoolGarland ISD6KG - 554756.677Met Standard
593Love Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD6PK - 561256.577Met Standard
594Moseley Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD6PK - 562256.577Met Standard
595Henry Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6EE - 645356.477Met Standard
596Martin Elementary SchoolWeatherford ISD6KG - 559256.377Met Standard
597Uplift Luna Preparatory Primary SchoolUplift Education6PK - 547856.277Met Standard
598Rann Elementary SchoolDecatur ISD6EE - 556256.177Met Standard
599Stephens Elementary SchoolDenton ISD6EE - 544656.177Met Standard
600Lister Elementary SchoolGarland ISD6KG - 546856.177Met Standard
601Waverly Park Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD6EE - 572055.977Met Standard
602Marvin Elementary SchoolWaxahachie ISD6KG - 538355.977Met Standard
603Donna Park Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD6EE - 653755.877Met Standard
604Davis Elementary SchoolPlano ISD6KG - 543555.777Met Standard
605Cross Timbers Intermediate SchoolMansfield ISD65 - 682855.680Met Standard
606Zaragoza Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 532755.677Met Standard
607Silver Creek Elementary SchoolAzle ISD6EE - 457955.277Met Standard
608Spicer Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD6EE - 558355.277Met Standard
609Dunn Elementary SchoolArlington ISD6EE - 656155.177Met Standard
610Moreno Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 544555.077Met Standard
611Baxter Elementary SchoolMidlothian ISD6EE - 560654.877Met Standard
612Willow Creek Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD6KG - 559554.877Met Standard
613Gentry Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD6EE - 691554.877Met Standard
614Chisholm Ridge Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD6KG - 566254.676Met Standard
615Shields Elementary SchoolRed Oak ISD6EE - 557554.376Met Standard
616Sycamore Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD6PK - 462354.377Met Standard
617Miller Intermediate SchoolEnnis ISD64 - 664454.376Met Standard
618Caillet Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 567754.277Met Standard
619Vista Ridge Middle SchoolKeller ISD65 - 625154.179Met Standard
620N. Rayzor Elementary SchoolDenton ISD6PK - 562454.177Met Standard
621Northside Elementary SchoolWaxahachie ISD6KG - 545754.076Met Standard
622Peabody Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 553554.076Met Standard
623Bishop Elementary SchoolEverman ISD6PK - 451653.977Met Standard
624Binion Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD6PK - 579853.976Met Standard
625Marcus Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 578053.976Met Standard
626Sunset Valley Elementary SchoolKeller ISD6KG - 439753.876Met Standard
627West Main Elementary SchoolLancaster ISD6PK - 567553.776Met Standard
628Northlake Elementary SchoolGarland ISD6PK - 557053.776Met Standard
629Swift Elementary SchoolArlington ISD6EE - 647753.676Met Standard
630Daugherty Elementary SchoolGarland ISD6KG - 577953.576Met Standard
631Whitt Fine Arts AcademyGrand Prairie ISD6KG - 564853.476Met Standard
632Chisholm Trail Intermediate SchoolKeller ISD65 - 688653.479Met Standard
633Peters Colony Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD6PK - 566153.476Met Standard
634Northrich Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6EE - 642953.176Met Standard
635UME Preparatory Academy - DuncanvilleUME Preparatory Academy6KG - 622053.176Met Standard
636Adams, N. Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 550653.076Met Standard
637Mark Twain Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6PK - 659452.976Met Standard
638Oak Point Elementary SchoolLittle Elm ISD6PK - 572152.876Met Standard
639Oakmont Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD6PK - 463252.876Met Standard
640Cross Oaks Elementary SchoolDenton ISD6EE - 572352.476Met Standard
641Staples Elementary SchoolJoshua ISD6PK - 550652.276Met Standard
642Richland Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6KG - 665052.276Met Standard
643Brent Elementary SchoolLittle Elm ISD6PK - 569052.176Met Standard
644Rochell Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD6PK - 655652.076Met Standard
645Gilbert Elementary SchoolIrving ISD6KG - 571551.976Met Standard
646Hamilton Park Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD6PK - 665851.976Met Standard
647Westcliff Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD6PK - 555951.976Met Standard
648Rosemont Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 51,02251.876Met Standard
649Springtown Elementary SchoolSpringtown ISD6PK - 454251.776Met Standard
650Terry Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 542351.776Met Standard
651Comanche Springs Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD6KG - 565751.776Met Standard
652Anderson Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 568051.576Met Standard
653Life High School WaxahachieLife School6KG - 61,03051.575Met Standard
654Junkins Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 567651.476Met Standard
655Hooe Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 541851.476Met Standard
656TCPA Denton Classical AcademyTexas College Preparatory Academies6KG - 516051.175Met Standard
657Corinth Elementary SchoolLake Dallas ISD6KG - 558751.175Met Standard
658West Elementary SchoolWhite Settlement ISD6PK - 451451.075Met Standard
659Godwin Elementary SchoolPrinceton ISD6EE - 555051.075Met Standard
660Benbrook Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD6EE - 565250.975Met Standard
661Gideon Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD6PK - 446050.775Met Standard
662Farine Elementary SchoolIrving ISD6KG - 575650.575Met Standard
663Brawner Intermediate SchoolGranbury ISD63 - 541050.475Met Standard
664Hogg Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 527950.475Met Standard
665Medrano Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 539850.275Met Standard
666Botello Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 555950.275Met Standard
667Saginaw Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD6KG - 537550.275Met Standard
668Holland Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6PK - 541250.175Met Standard
669Kleberg Elementary SchoolDallas ISD6EE - 573550.075Met Standard
670Eagle Heights Elementary SchoolAzle ISD5KG - 444849.875Met Standard
671North Riverside Elementary SchoolKeller ISD5KG - 443349.775Met Standard
672Southridge Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD5KG - 562749.775Met Standard
673Manara AcademyManara Academy5KG - 648649.775Met Standard
674Stonegate Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD5PK - 653749.475Met Standard
675Achziger Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD5EE - 597049.275Met Standard
676Martin Elementary SchoolCrandall ISD5EE - 652949.175Met Standard
677Gooch Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 542849.075Met Standard
678Beasley Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD5EE - 646649.075Met Standard
679Tannahill Intermediate SchoolWhite Settlement ISD55 - 699548.978Met Standard
680Travis Elementary SchoolEnnis ISD51 - 328748.975Met Standard
681Dover Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD5PK - 660048.975Met Standard
682Northlake Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD5EE - 659348.875Met Standard
683Pope Elementary SchoolArlington ISD5EE - 654948.775Met Standard
684Sellars Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD5EE - 564148.775Met Standard
685Harlow Elementary SchoolAnna ISD5KG - 550848.675Met Standard
686Ginnings Elementary SchoolDenton ISD5KG - 556948.475Met Standard
687Educational Center International AcademyEducation Center International Academy5PK - 816948.374Met Standard
688Nash Elementary SchoolKaufman ISD55 - 659548.278Met Standard
689Borman Elementary SchoolDenton ISD5PK - 546848.175Met Standard
690Harper Elementary SchoolPrinceton ISD5EE - 551848.174Met Standard
691Remington Point Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD5KG - 548648.074Met Standard
692Florence Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD5EE - 664347.975Met Standard
693Moss Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD5KG - 643447.975Met Standard
694Nance Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD5PK - 556747.974Met Standard
695Walker Elementary SchoolCrandall ISD5PK - 664347.874Met Standard
696Hawthorne Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 548247.774Met Standard
697Bebensee Elementary SchoolArlington ISD5PK - 668347.675Met Standard
698McNeil Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD5KG - 541947.474Met Standard
699Souder Elementary SchoolEverman ISD5PK - 452847.375Met Standard
700Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary SchoolRockwall ISD5PK - 669847.374Met Standard
701Degan Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD5EE - 562647.274Met Standard
702Mills Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5PK - 532247.174Met Standard
703Pleasant Grove Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5PK - 555547.174Met Standard
704Prairie View Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD5PK - 544547.074Met Standard
705Bethune Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5PK - 574247.075Met Standard
706South Hi Mount Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD5PK - 553846.974Met Standard
707Gill Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 589146.974Met Standard
708Goshen Creek Elementary SchoolSpringtown ISD5EE - 459946.774Met Standard
709Sigler Elementary SchoolPlano ISD5PK - 544146.674Met Standard
710Rattan Elementary SchoolAnna ISD5KG - 558246.674Met Standard
711Stevens Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD5EE - 547946.574Met Standard
712Farrell Elementary SchoolArlington ISD5PK - 665146.474Met Standard
713TCPA Vista Academy of GarlandTexas College Preparatory Academies5KG - 832146.474Met Standard
714Polk Talented and Gifted VanguardDallas ISD5EE - 534846.374Met Standard
715Elliott Elementary SchoolIrving ISD5KG - 564746.374Met Standard
716Springtown Intermediate SchoolSpringtown ISD55 - 653346.277Met Standard
717Haley Elementary SchoolIrving ISD5KG - 569346.174Met Standard
718Red Oak Elementary SchoolRed Oak ISD5EE - 560146.074Met Standard
719Caddo Grove Elementary SchoolJoshua ISD5PK - 563345.974Met Standard
720Townley Elementary SchoolIrving ISD5KG - 572745.974Met Standard
721Watauga Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD5KG - 580945.874Met Standard
722Caprock Elementary SchoolKeller ISD5KG - 467245.774Met Standard
723Lee Elementary SchoolDenton ISD5PK - 564145.774Met Standard
724Liberty Elementary SchoolAzle ISD5EE - 448745.674Met Standard
725West Birdville Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD5EE - 572645.574Met Standard
726Chico Elementary SchoolChico ISD5EE - 530745.374Met Standard
727San Jacinto Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 548245.273Met Standard
728Creekside Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD5KG - 547445.273Met Standard
729Davis Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD5PK - 449045.174Met Standard
730Furneaux Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD5EE - 545445.074Met Standard
731McNutt Elementary SchoolArlington ISD5EE - 667945.074Met Standard
732R. Lee Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 534844.873Met Standard
733Hanes Elementary SchoolIrving ISD5KG - 564144.574Met Standard
734Tolbert Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5PK - 553644.573Met Standard
735Hickman Elementary SchoolGarland ISD5PK - 549744.474Met Standard
736Christie Elementary SchoolPlano ISD5PK - 573744.473Met Standard
737Riverside Applied Learning CenterFort Worth ISD5PK - 523644.374Met Standard
738McShan Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 564144.273Met Standard
739Cabell Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5PK - 551244.274Met Standard
740Dietz Elementary SchoolCrandall ISD5EE - 649544.173Met Standard
741TCPA Richardson Classical AcademyTexas College Preparatory Academies5KG - 817544.173Met Standard
742Runyon Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 560944.073Met Standard
743Millbrook Elementary SchoolLancaster ISD5EE - 549544.074Met Standard
744Godley Elementary SchoolGodley ISD5EE - 366843.974Met Standard
745Chapel Hill AcademyChapel Hill Academy5PK - 551043.973Met Standard
746Greenwood Hills Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD5KG - 643843.974Met Standard
747Young Elementary SchoolDecatur ISD5EE - 552043.873Met Standard
748Highland Meadows Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 576043.773Met Standard
749U. Lee Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 557943.773Met Standard
750Lee Elementary SchoolIrving ISD5KG - 566843.773Met Standard
751Newman International Academy at MansfieldNewman International Academy of Art5KG - 627343.573Met Standard
752Heritage Elementary SchoolKeller ISD5KG - 452943.473Met Standard
753Bellaire Elementary SchoolHurst Euless-Bedford ISD5PK - 674243.473Met Standard
754Thompson Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD5EE - 568643.273Met Standard
755Miller Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5PK - 536043.173Met Standard
756Coleman Elementary SchoolCleburne ISD5PK - 552243.173Met Standard
757Dove Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD5KG - 549243.073Met Standard
758Maple Lawn Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5PK - 544742.873Met Standard
759Lawrence Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD5EE - 642242.673Met Standard
760Belt Line Elementary SchoolLancaster ISD5EE - 563042.673Met Standard
761Saint Anthony AcademySt. Anthony School5KG - 522242.573Met Standard
762Parkview Elementary SchoolKeller ISD5KG - 452842.473Met Standard
763Hanby Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD5EE - 592942.473Met Standard
764Austin Elementary SchoolWeatherford ISD5KG - 558842.273Met Standard
765Uplift Peak Primary SchoolUplift Education5KG - 560042.173Met Standard
766Spring Valley Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD5PK - 641642.173Met Standard
767Bush Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 567042.073Met Standard
768Boyd Elementary SchoolAllen ISD5KG - 666041.973Met Standard
769Cheney Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD5PK - 544741.973Met Standard
770Seabourn Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD5EE - 672441.973Met Standard
771Range Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD5KG - 676241.673Met Standard
772Weatherford Elementary SchoolPlano ISD5PK - 548741.572Met Standard
773Macon Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 552841.473Met Standard
774Azle Elementary SchoolAzle ISD55 - 659341.376Met Standard
775Lowery Road Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD5EE - 566641.373Met Standard
776Polser Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD5EE - 539341.273Met Standard
777Tinity Basin PreparatoryTrinity Basin Preparatory5PK - 83,15141.173Met Standard
778Baccus Elementary SchoolGranbury ISD5PK - 554341.073Met Standard
779Golden Meadows Elementary SchoolGarland ISD5KG - 556141.073Met Standard
780Weiss Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5PK - 552340.472Met Standard
781Dodd Intermediate SchoolKrum ISD54 - 531440.272Met Standard
782Guzick Elementary SchoolDallas ISD5EE - 565840.273Met Standard
783High Country Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD5KG - 553140.172Met Standard
784Skyview Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD5PK - 676940.172Met Standard
785Evers Park Elementary SchoolDenton ISD5KG - 557440.072Met Standard
786Stephens Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4PK - 565440.072Met Standard
787Northbrook Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD4KG - 559739.972Met Standard
788Vega Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD4KG - 552139.972Met Standard
789Phillips Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4EE - 548839.872Met Standard
790Ethridge Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4KG - 574839.772Met Standard
791Barron Elementary SchoolPlano ISD4KG - 539439.472Met Standard
792Cooper Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4KG - 557939.372Met Standard
793Adams Elementary SchoolCleburne ISD4PK - 540839.272Met Standard
794Brock Elementary SchoolBurleson ISD4PK - 569839.172Met Standard
795Meadowbrook Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4PK - 564239.172Met Standard
796Bell Elementary SchoolDenton ISD4KG - 580139.172Met Standard
797Lakeridge Elementary SchoolCedar Hill ISD4EE - 532639.072Met Standard
798May Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4EE - 568439.072Met Standard
799Halliday Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 563838.972Met Standard
800Francisco Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD4PK - 534838.872Met Standard
801Steadham Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4EE - 551938.572Met Standard
802Carver Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4EE - 572838.572Met Standard
803Deer Creek Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD4EE - 450038.472Met Standard
804Rayburn STEAM AcademyGrand Prairie ISD4KG - 556638.372Met Standard
805Brandenburg Elementary SchoolIrving ISD4PK - 583438.272Met Standard
806Cockrell Hill Elementary SchoolDeSoto ISD4KG - 566538.172Met Standard
807Seven Hills Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISD4EE - 556838.172Met Standard
808Bushman Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 548838.072Met Standard
809Callejo Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4EE - 566337.872Met Standard
810Boles Elementary SchoolBoles ISD4PK - 421637.772Met Standard
811Lipscomb Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4EE - 551137.672Met Standard
812Lee Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD4KG - 556037.572Met Standard
813Rivera Elementary SchoolDenton ISD4PK - 560337.572Met Standard
814Washington Heights Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4PK - 533937.472Met Standard
815Foster Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4EE - 572537.472Met Standard
816Shands Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD4KG - 682437.372Met Standard
817Nash Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4PK - 527637.272Met Standard
818Chavez Elementary SchoolLittle Elm ISD4EE - 571037.172Met Standard
819Educational Center International AcademyEducation Center International Academy4KG - 811736.972Met Standard
820Thomas Elementary SchoolPlano ISD4PK - 566136.872Met Standard
821Tosch Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD4PK - 687236.772Met Standard
822Stafford Elementary SchoolItaly ISD4EE - 636936.672Met Standard
823IL Texas Saginaw Elementary SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas4KG - 593136.672Met Standard
824Eastern Hills Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4EE - 556536.572Met Standard
825GR - Cockrell HillGolden Rule Charter School4PK - 871036.572Met Standard
826Ireland Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 552736.472Met Standard
827Carver 6th Grade STEM Learning SchoolLancaster ISD46 - 653236.475Met Standard
828Gililland Elementary SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD4KG - 549736.072Met Standard
829Miller Elementary SchoolArlington ISD4EE - 663135.972Met Standard
830Lamar Elementary SchoolGreenville ISD4KG - 565135.972Met Standard
831Budd Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 548835.872Met Standard
832Bullock Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4PK - 561435.772Met Standard
833Bowie Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD4PK - 549535.772Met Standard
834Uplift Triumph PreparatoryUplift Education4KG - 554235.772Met Standard
835Central Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD4EE - 446835.672Met Standard
836Davis Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4EE - 558735.672Met Standard
837Mata Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 554135.372Met Standard
838Bowie Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4EE - 552335.372Met Standard
839International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas4KG - 591535.372Met Standard
840Ray Learning CenterDallas ISD4PK - 522635.272Met Standard
841Central Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD4PK - 558135.072Met Standard
842Gray Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD4EE - 663434.972Met Standard
843Uplift Infinity PreparatoryUplift Education4PK - 548634.672Met Standard
844Adams Elementary SchoolArlington ISD4EE - 681634.372Met Standard
845Goodman Elementary SchoolArlington ISD4PK - 656134.172Met Standard
846Park Crest Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4KG - 534934.071Met Standard
847Crockett Elementary SchoolWeatherford ISD4EE - 545633.471Met Standard
848Pilot Point Intermediate SchoolPilot Point ISD43 - 640833.371Met Standard
849McNair Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 560233.371Met Standard
850Stone Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 534733.271Met Standard
851Seagoville North Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 577533.171Met Standard
852Williams Elementary SchoolArlington ISD4EE - 669633.171Met Standard
853Milam Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 529332.971Met Standard
854Nova Academy PrichardNova Academy4PK - 848132.971Met Standard
855Hodges Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD4PK - 676732.871Met Standard
856Keene Elementary SchoolKeene ISD4PK - 548732.771Met Standard
857Larson Elementary SchoolArlington ISD4PK - 655832.671Met Standard
858Uplift Willaims Primary SchoolUplift Education4KG - 557332.671Met Standard
859Marti Elementary SchoolCleburne ISD4PK - 549132.671Met Standard
860Aikin Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD4EE - 672432.571Met Standard
861Johns Elementary SchoolArlington ISD4PK - 671832.571Met Standard
862Camey Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD4EE - 559432.371Met Standard
863Norwood Elementary SchoolBurleson ISD4EE - 543532.371Met Standard
864Lillian Elementary SchoolAlvarado ISD4PK - 337432.171Met Standard
865Race Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD4PK - 457532.171Met Standard
866East Fort Worth Montessori AcademyEast fort Worth Montessori Academy4PK - 529832.071Met Standard
867Rolling Hills Elementary SchoolLancaster ISD4EE - 550931.971Met Standard
868Curtis Elementary SchoolWeatherford ISD4PK - 566631.971Met Standard
869Lummus Intermediate SchoolEnnis ISD44 - 666631.871Met Standard
870Thompson Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD4EE - 554131.871Met Standard
871Houston Elementary SchoolLancaster ISD4PK - 570331.771Met Standard
872Whitley Road Elementary SchoolKeller ISD4KG - 443031.771Met Standard
873McRae Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4EE - 561531.771Met Standard
874Field Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4EE - 526331.671Met Standard
875Cannaday Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD4KG - 656431.671Met Standard
876Hackberry Elementary SchoolLittle Elm ISD4PK - 562631.571Met Standard
877NTCA NorthNorth Texas Collegiate Academy4PK - 816931.471Met Standard
878Brandenburg Intermediate SchoolDuncanville ISD45 - 654231.274Met Standard
879Shugart Elementary SchoolGarland ISD4PK - 557831.271Met Standard
880Elliott Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4EE - 545331.171Met Standard
881Townley Elementary SchoolEverman ISD4EE - 437331.071Met Standard
882Conner Elementary SchoolDallas ISD4PK - 563131.070Met Standard
883McKenzie Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD4KG - 653730.971Met Standard
884McKamy Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD4EE - 547430.971Met Standard
885Jara Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD41 - 558930.671Met Standard
886Contreras Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4PK - 566730.671Met Standard
887International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas4KG - 581730.271Met Standard
888Galloway Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD4EE - 673230.271Met Standard
889Springdale Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD4EE - 555530.170Met Standard
890Timberline Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD4EE - 570330.170Met Standard
891Birdville Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD4KG - 542530.071Met Standard
892Bridgeport Intermediate SchoolBridgeport ISD33 - 548129.870Met Standard
893Remynse Elementary SchoolArlington ISD3PK - 651529.571Met Standard
894Stults Road Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD3EE - 673729.270Met Standard
895Arthur Intermediate SchoolKennedale ISD35 - 650329.173Met Standard
896Harmon Elementary SchoolMansfield ISD3PK - 462529.170Met Standard
897Wright Elementary SchoolWeatherford ISD3EE - 554229.070Met Standard
898Castleberry Elementary SchoolCastleberry ISD3PK - 575028.970Met Standard
899Marsalis Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3EE - 554528.870Met Standard
900Forman Elementary SchoolPlano ISD3PK - 559328.670Met Standard
901Bush Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD3KG - 549028.570Met Standard
902Bowie Elementary SchoolGreenville ISD3KG - 553028.570Met Standard
903Nova Academy Cedar HillNova Academy3PK - 66228.470Met Standard
904Nova Academy Cedar HillNova Academy3PK - 66228.470Met Standard
905Shulkey Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3PK - 550828.170Met Standard
906Dallas Park Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD3PK - 473927.870Met Standard
907Smith Elementary SchoolBirdville ISD3PK - 545827.870Met Standard
908Rowe Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 550127.770Met Standard
909Good Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD3EE - 552727.770Met Standard
910Liberty Grove Elementary SchoolGarland ISD3EE - 549627.670Met Standard
911Haley Elementary SchoolIrving ISD3KG - 585127.570Met Standard
912Blair Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD3KG - 555427.270Met Standard
913Newman International Academy at GraceNewman International Academy of Art3KG - 619127.169Met Standard
914Hardin Intermediate SchoolDuncanville ISD35 - 667427.073Met Standard
915Herfurth Elementary SchoolGarland ISD3EE - 537427.070Met Standard
916Celeste ElementaryCeleste ISD3PK - 520427.069Met Standard
917Fairmeadows Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD3PK - 448226.969Met Standard
918Powell Intermediate SchoolEverman ISD35 - 549326.769Met Standard
919Black Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD3PK - 662626.469Met Standard
920Dyer Elementary SchoolKrum ISD32 - 330526.269Met Standard
921Smith Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD3EE - 549426.169Met Standard
922De Zavala Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 540926.069Met Standard
923McDonald Elementary SchoolFerris ISD31 - 353125.969Met Standard
924Pleasant Run Elementary SchoolLancaster ISD3PK - 568325.869Met Standard
925Boyd Intermediate SchoolBoyd ISD34 - 628325.769Improvement Required
926Clear Creek Intermediate SchoolSanger ISD33 - 538525.669Met Standard
927Schupmann Elementary SchoolRed Oak ISD3PK - 540525.369Met Standard
928Davis Elementary SchoolIrving ISD3KG - 586725.269Met Standard
929Richardson Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 570125.169Met Standard
930Rutherford Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD3PK - 547425.169Met Standard
931Atherton Elementary SchoolArlington ISD3PK - 661425.169Met Standard
932Finch Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD3KG - 538825.069Met Standard
933Tatum Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3KG - 551424.869Met Standard
934Hyman Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD3EE - 448824.769Met Standard
935Como Montessri SchoolFort Worth ISD3KG - 832024.769Met Standard
936La Academia De EstrellasLa Academia De Estrellas3PK - 81,08824.769Met Standard
937Blanton Elementary SchoolArlington ISD3PK - 662324.569Met Standard
938Ikard Elementary SchoolWeatherford ISD3PK - 554424.569Met Standard
939Venus Elementary SchoolVenus ISD32 - 568124.569Met Standard
940Stevens Park Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 565724.167Met Standard
941East Handley Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3PK - 542624.167Met Standard
942Shaw Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD3KG - 686224.069Met Standard
943IL Texas North Richland Hills Elementary SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas3KG - 595423.967Met Standard
944Kiest Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 573723.867Met Standard
945Blair Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3EE - 566923.867Met Standard
946Keyes Elementary SchoolIrving ISD3KG - 569823.769Met Standard
947Peace Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3PK - 557123.667Met Standard
948Glen Park Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3PK - 564423.467Met Standard
949Club Hill Elementary SchoolGarland ISD3PK - 552823.467Met Standard
950Starrett Elementary SchoolArlington ISD3PK - 657323.469Met Standard
951Green Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3EE - 580123.367Met Standard
952Cooke Elementary SchoolCleburne ISD3PK - 555523.367Met Standard
953James Elementary SchoolCastleberry ISD3EE - 549123.267Met Standard
954Highlands Elementary SchoolCedar Hill ISD3PK - 560723.167Met Standard
955Toler Elementary SchoolGarland ISD3PK - 560823.167Met Standard
956Johnston Elementary SchoolIrving ISD3KG - 582923.067Met Standard
957Jones Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3EE - 560322.967Met Standard
958Thompson Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD3PK - 556522.867Met Standard
959Wilson Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3PK - 558622.767Met Standard
960Russell Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 573222.667Met Standard
961Weaver Elementary SchoolGarland ISD3EE - 558122.667Met Standard
962Vitovsky Elementary SchoolMidlothian ISD3EE - 559622.467Met Standard
963Kirkpatrick Elementary SchoolMaypearl ISD3EE - 442022.367Improvement Required
964Centerville Elementary SchoolGarland ISD3KG - 530222.267Met Standard
965Millsap Elementary SchoolMillsap ISD3EE - 549022.267Improvement Required
966Peeler Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3EE - 532322.067Met Standard
967Rio Vista Elementary SchoolRio Vista ISD3EE - 534322.067Met Standard
968Roark Elementary SchoolArlington ISD3EE - 646722.067Met Standard
969Seagoville Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3EE - 570121.967Met Standard
970Ellis Elementary SchoolArlington ISD3EE - 670421.867Met Standard
971Seguin Elementary SchoolWeatherford ISD3PK - 552021.867Met Standard
972Roberts Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 558821.767Met Standard
973Merrett Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3PK - 562921.667Met Standard
974Crowley Intermediate SchoolCrowley ISD35 - 653121.671Met Standard
975Uplift Pinnacle Primary SchoolUplift Education3KG - 558321.667Met Standard
976Williams Elementary SchoolCommerce ISD33 - 534821.467Met Standard
977Cigarroa Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 556221.367Met Standard
978Johnson 6th Grade CampusEverman ISD36 - 647321.371Met Standard
979Butler Intermediate SchoolQuinlan ISD33 - 555921.267Met Standard
980Uplift Grand Primary SchoolUplift Education3KG - 554021.167Met Standard
981Oliver Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3EE - 531121.167Met Standard
982Woodridge Elementary SchoolDeSoto ISD3KG - 569621.167Met Standard
983Cato Elementary SchoolCastleberry ISD3PK - 571621.167Met Standard
984Bilhartz Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD3EE - 458621.067Met Standard
985Webb Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD3KG - 539420.867Met Standard
986Wood Elementary SchoolTerrell ISD3KG - 561920.765Met Standard
987Briscoe Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3PK - 546420.667Met Standard
988Garcia Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD3PK - 557720.565Met Standard
989KIPP Austin DFW Pleasant Grove Middle SchoolKIPP Dallas-Fort Worth35 - 511620.465Met Standard
990Lakeland Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD3KG - 584320.465Met Standard
991Ochoa STEM AcademyGrand Prairie ISD3KG - 579420.367Met Standard
992Diamond Hill Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD3PK - 567520.367Met Standard
993Bryan Elementary SchoolDallas ISD3PK - 541420.165Met Standard
994Williams Elementary SchoolGarland ISD3KG - 530020.165Met Standard
995Kirkpatrick Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 538820.065Met Standard
996Huerta Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 555219.965Met Standard
997Godley Intermediate SchoolGodley ISD24 - 648119.967Met Standard
998Douglass Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2EE - 548119.765Met Standard
999Helbing Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 546619.665Met Standard
1000Manara STEM Academy - ArlingtonManara Academy2KG - 724319.665Met Standard
1001Hale Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2PK - 656719.365Met Standard
1002Foster Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2PK - 657919.265Met Standard
1003Kemp Intermediate SchoolKemp ISD23 - 537319.265Met Standard
1004Adams, J. Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 574919.065Met Standard
1005Turner Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 529219.065Met Standard
1006Mendenhall Elementary SchoolPlano ISD2PK - 559318.965Met Standard
1007Brown Elementary SchoolIrving ISD2KG - 581618.865Met Standard
1008Phillips Elementary SchoolKaufman ISD23 - 460318.765Met Standard
1009Moates Elementary SchoolDeSoto ISD2KG - 576818.665Met Standard
1010Moss Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 541818.665Met Standard
1011Schulze Elementary SchoolIrving ISD2KG - 566918.465Met Standard
1012Hommel Elementary SchoolEverman ISD2PK - 439918.465Met Standard
1013Cochran Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2EE - 552918.264Met Standard
1014Christie Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD2KG - 553418.265Met Standard
1015Life School LancasterLife School2KG - 663418.164Met Standard
1016Meadows Elementary SchoolPlano ISD2KG - 548218.165Met Standard
1017Waterford Oaks Elementary SchoolCedar Hill ISD2EE - 556518.065Met Standard
1018Willie Elementary SchoolTerrell ISD2KG - 572717.764Met Standard
1019Uplift Heights Primary SchoolUplift Education2PK - 599117.664Met Standard
1020Woodway Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 569217.564Met Standard
1021Sixth Grade CenterGreenville ISD26 - 637017.469Met Standard
1022Springtown Reno Elementary SchoolSpringtown ISD2PK - 438017.364Met Standard
1023Bray Elementary SchoolCedar Hill ISD2PK - 527217.264Met Standard
1024Morningside Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2EE - 561617.064Met Standard
1025Daniel Intermediate SchoolDuncanville ISD25 - 671917.069Met Standard
1026Stewarts Creek Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD2EE - 536916.964Met Standard
1027Chavez Primary SchoolFort Worth ISD2EE - 554416.964Met Standard
1028Marshall Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD2PK - 663916.864Met Standard
1029Northside Elementary SchoolDeSoto ISD2KG - 542616.764Met Standard
1030Young Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 553116.464Met Standard
1031Sagamore Hill Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2EE - 569716.364Met Standard
1032Pirrung Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD2EE - 543416.364Met Standard
1033Rosemont Park Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 559716.364Met Standard
1034Crow Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2KG - 637616.264Met Standard
1035Rugel Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD2KG - 645816.164Met Standard
1036Allen Charter SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 547116.164Met Standard
1037Jones Arts and Language AcademyArlington ISD2KG - 648415.964Met Standard
1038Morton Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2PK - 657215.564Met Standard
1039Dickinson Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD2PK - 540515.564Met Standard
1040Caldwell Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD2KG - 552015.464Met Standard
1041International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas2KG - 594215.464Met Standard
1042Gateway Charter Academy Elementary CampusGateway Charter Academy2PK - 545715.362Met Standard
1043Williams Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2EE - 544715.364Met Standard
1044Alexander Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2EE - 537315.162Met Standard
1045Hernandez Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 532215.062Met Standard
1046Faith Family Master AcademyWaxahachie Faith Family Academy2PK - 829214.962Met Standard
1047College Street Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD2KG - 524214.762Met Standard
1048De Zavala Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 530214.462Met Standard
1049Southgate Elementary SchoolGarland ISD2EE - 548614.462Met Standard
1050Moore Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD2PK - 649514.462Met Standard
1051Huffman Elementary SchoolPlano ISD2PK - 546414.462Met Standard
1052Wimbish Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2PK - 652714.362Met Standard
1053Chavez Learning CenterDallas ISD2PK - 547014.262Met Standard
1054IVA Elementary SchoolInspired Vision Academy2PK - 674214.062Met Standard
1055Handley Elementary SchoolGarland ISD2KG - 547713.962Met Standard
1056Turner Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 547913.862Met Standard
1057Carroll Peak Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2EE - 562413.762Met Standard
1058NTCA EastNorth Texas Collegiate Academy2PK - 816313.762Met Standard
1059McLaughlin Strickland Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD2KG - 561313.662Met Standard
1060Townsell Elementary SchoolIrving ISD2KG - 579513.662Met Standard
1061Uplift Hampton Primary SchoolUplift Education2KG - 557913.462Met Standard
1062Freeman Elementary SchoolGarland ISD2EE - 530513.262Met Standard
1063East Grand Preparatory AcademyCityscape Schools2PK - 874013.060Met Standard
1064Lively Elementary SchoolIrving ISD2KG - 581013.060Met Standard
1065Hubbard Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 561412.960Met Standard
1066Bright Elementary SchoolFrisco ISD2KG - 538312.760Met Standard
1067McWhorter Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD2EE - 687012.662Met Standard
1068Jordan Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 561312.660Met Standard
1069Forest Lane AcademyRichardson ISD2PK - 673212.560Met Standard
1070Caldwell Elementary SchoolGarland ISD2KG - 547712.460Met Standard
1071Montclair Elementary SchoolGarland ISD2PK - 555012.462Met Standard
1072Price Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD2PK - 645112.460Met Standard
1073Daniels Academy of Science and MathGrand Prairie ISD2KG - 543912.260Met Standard
1074Rockbrook Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD2EE - 575412.260Met Standard
1075Howell Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 543912.160Met Standard
1076Mount Auburn Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 564412.160Met Standard
1077Smith Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD2PK - 435512.060Met Standard
1078South Hills Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 584611.960Met Standard
1079South Davis Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2PK - 667611.860Met Standard
1080Crockett Elementary SchoolGreenville ISD2KG - 531911.860Met Standard
1081Seguin Elementary SchoolGrand Prairie ISD2KG - 548711.660Met Standard
1082Memorial Elementary SchoolPlano ISD2PK - 550711.560Met Standard
1083Burks Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD2KG - 546011.460Met Standard
1084Crouch Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2KG - 665111.460Met Standard
1085Sherrod Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2PK - 666411.260Met Standard
1086Knox Elementary SchoolArlington ISD2EE - 653511.060Met Standard
1087Ferris Intermediate SchoolFerris ISD24 - 542010.960Met Standard
1088Burleson Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 568410.860Met Standard
1089NTCA SouthNorth Texas Collegiate Academy2PK - 817710.760Met Standard
1090Hotchkiss Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 575410.660Met Standard
1091Daggett Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2EE - 571810.660Met Standard
1092Alvarado Intermediate SchoolAlvarado ISD24 - 687210.660Improvement Required
1093Alexander Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD2PK - 444010.560Improvement Required
1094White Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD2PK - 558510.559Met Standard
1095Carr Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2PK - 555910.459Met Standard
1096Uplift Gradus Primary SchoolUplift Education2PK - 448610.359Met Standard
1097RISD AcademyRichardson ISD21 - 682510.359Improvement Required
1098Audelia Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD2PK - 666110.159Met Standard
1099Ervin Elementary SchoolDallas ISD2EE - 560310.159Met Standard
1100Shorehaven Elementary SchoolGarland ISD2EE - 540310.059Met Standard
1101Poynter Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD1EE - 45429.959Improvement Required
1102Lewisville Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD1KG - 57759.859Met Standard
1103Travis World Language AcademyGrand Prairie ISD1PK - 88199.559Met Standard
1104Twain Leadership VanguardDallas ISD1EE - 52999.559Met Standard
1105Short Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1EE - 65369.359Improvement Required
1106Burgin Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1EE - 65909.159Met Standard
1107Tisinger Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD1EE - 58249.059Met Standard
1108Campbell Elementary SchoolCampbell ISD1PK - 51469.059Met Standard
1109Young Elementary SchoolDeSoto ISD1KG - 55728.959Met Standard
1110Speer Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1PK - 67388.958Improvement Required
1111Academy of DallasAcademy of Dallas1PK - 84328.859Met Standard
1112Plummer Elementary SchoolCedar Hill ISD1PK - 55828.859Met Standard
1113Webb Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1PK - 66898.759Met Standard
1114Carpenter Elementary SchoolDallas ISD1EE - 53808.658Met Standard
1115Couch Elementary SchoolGarland ISD1EE - 56208.558Met Standard
1116Parkway Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD1PK - 46558.559Met Standard
1117The Meadows Elementary SchoolDeSoto ISD1KG - 54508.458Met Standard
1118Webster Elementary SchoolDallas ISD1EE - 55308.458Met Standard
1119Berry Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1EE - 66788.358Met Standard
1120High Pointe Elementary SchoolCedar Hill ISD1PK - 54668.258Met Standard
1121Malvern Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISD1KG - 55228.258Met Standard
1122Mackey Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD1KG - 67878.158Improvement Required
1123Fellowship Early Childhood Intermediate School CampusA. W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy1KG - 89848.158Met Standard
1124Barton Elementary SchoolIrving ISD1KG - 57518.058Met Standard
1125Wedgwood 6th Grade SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 64547.662Met Standard
1126Johnston Elementary SchoolDallas ISD1EE - 54107.558Met Standard
1127Rosemont 6th Grade SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 64737.362Met Standard
1128Oaklawn Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 55837.358Met Standard
1129Long Elementary SchoolTerrell ISD1KG - 57067.157Met Standard
1130Dillow Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 55677.158Met Standard
1131Clarke Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 54756.958Met Standard
1132Rankin Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1EE - 66876.958Met Standard
1133Nova Academy ScyeneNova Academy1PK - 41826.957Improvement Required
1134Life School Red OakLife School1KG - 54446.857Improvement Required
1135Greenbriar Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1EE - 56466.858Met Standard
1136Patrick Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1EE - 68316.757Improvement Required
1137Seminary Hills Park Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1EE - 53796.657Met Standard
1138Peach Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1EE - 69066.557Met Standard
1139International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas1KG - 59226.557Not Rated: Harvey Provision
1140Heather Glen Elementary SchoolGarland ISD1KG - 55046.457Improvement Required
1141Fellowship Early Childhood CampusA. W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy1PK - 51,1606.357Met Standard
1142Acton Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD1PK - 45416.357Improvement Required
1143Mitchell Boulevard Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1EE - 53896.157Met Standard
1144Bayles Elementary SchoolDallas ISD1PK - 55456.157Met Standard
1145Good Elementary SchoolIrving ISD1KG - 57456.157Improvement Required
1146Sheffield Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD1KG - 57555.957Met Standard
1147McDonald Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1EE - 54865.956Met Standard
1148Rosen Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 55525.857Met Standard
1149Sunrise-McMillan Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 53875.857Met Standard
1150Davis Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 57885.757Met Standard
1151Harris Intermediate SchoolCrowley ISD15 - 65875.660Met Standard
1152Santa Fe Elementary SchoolCleburne ISD1EE - 53945.456Met Standard
1153Westcreek Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1EE - 56395.357Met Standard
1154Beal Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 54465.156Met Standard
1155Meadowcreek Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD1PK - 45585.056Improvement Required
1156Sims Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 57714.756Met Standard
1157Truett Elementary SchoolDallas ISD1PK - 51,1934.756Met Standard
1158Irving Elementary SchoolCleburne ISD1PK - 54574.256Improvement Required
1159Hargrave Elementary SchoolCrowley ISD1EE - 45584.256Improvement Required
1160Logan Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 54444.156Met Standard
1161Mendoza Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD11 - 54394.056Met Standard
1162Merrifield Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD1PK - 44944.056Met Standard
1163Howry Intermediate SchoolLake Worth ISD15 - 64833.958Met Standard
1164Bukhair Elementary SchoolRichardson ISD11 - 66653.856Improvement Required
1165Uplift Mighty Primary SchoolUplift Education1KG - 55163.756Improvement Required
1166Hedrick Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD1KG - 55813.756Met Standard
1167Britain Elementary SchoolIrving ISD1EE - 56543.756Improvement Required
1168Floyd Elementary SchoolMesquite ISD1PK - 67983.656Improvement Required
1169Uplift Meridian SchoolUplift Education1PK - 56473.656Met Standard
1170IL Texas Lancaster Elementary SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas1KG - 58853.656Improvement Required
1171Landry Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD1KG - 53353.556Met Standard
1172Morris Elementary SchoolLake Worth ISD1EE - 43523.556Improvement Required
1173Thornton Elementary SchoolDallas ISD1EE - 53723.455Met Standard
1174Carter Park Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 56433.255Met Standard
1175Western Hills Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD12 - 58363.256Met Standard
1176Marine Creek Elementary SchoolLake Worth ISD1PK - 45433.156Improvement Required
1177Como Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 54603.055Met Standard
1178Glencrest 6th Grade SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 64492.857Improvement Required
1179Thornton Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1PK - 67702.755Met Standard
1180Anderson Elementary SchoolArlington ISD1EE - 66562.655Improvement Required
1181Miller Elementary SchoolLake Worth ISD1EE - 45982.455Improvement Required
1182McWhorter Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD1PK - 55892.455Met Standard
1183Rhoads Learning CenterDallas ISD1PK - 57292.355Met Standard
1184Pate Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 55212.254Met Standard
1185Lindsley Park Community SchoolLumin Education1PK - 33132.154Improvement Required
1186Hastings Elementary SchoolDuncanville ISD1PK - 45912.154Improvement Required
1187A+ Academy Elementary SchoolA+ Academy1PK - 67942.054Improvement Required
1188Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary SchoolDallas ISD1EE - 59191.954Met Standard
1189Pease Elementary SchoolDallas ISD1PK - 54821.954Improvement Required
1190KIPP Austin DFW Truth Elementary SchoolKIPP Dallas-Fort Worth1KG - 34651.854Improvement Required
1191Travis Elementary SchoolGreenville ISD1KG - 53491.653Met Standard
1192Carver Elementary SchoolGreenville ISD1KG - 54841.553Met Standard
1193King Learning CenterDallas ISD1PK - 54391.453Met Standard
1194Walton Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 54311.353Met Standard
1195Central Elementary SchoolLewisville ISD1PK - 59081.353Improvement Required
1196Life School Mountain CreekLife School1KG - 65981.353Improvement Required
1197Walker Intermediate SchoolCrowley ISD15 - 66031.054Improvement Required
1198KIPP Austin DFW Destiny Elementary SchoolKIPP Dallas-Fort Worth1KG - 45890.651Met Standard
1199West Handley Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1PK - 55250.651Met Standard
1200IL Texas East Fort Worth Elementary SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas1KG - 58590.650Improvement Required
1201Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISD1EE - 55950.450Improvement Required
1202Dunbar Learning CenterDallas ISD1EE - 55700.449Met Standard
1203TCPA Founders Classical Academy of DallasTexas College Preparatory Academies1KG - 62550.247Improvement Required

Source: Texas Education Agency

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