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Best Public Schools In Texas

Looking for the best public schools in Texas?

Here on one page are lists of 2018 top ranked Texas high schools, 2018 top ranked Texas middle schools, 2018 top ranked Texas elementary schools and the 2018 top ranked Texas schools districts.

Top Texas public high schools

The data presented in these tables can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the data display to a single school or school district by using the Search boxes at the top of each table.

Advanced Placement /
International Baccalaureate
college admission tests
course credit
taking tests
1School for the Talented and GiftedDallas ISD2619 - 12A+100.0100.097.1%85.3%100.0%195729.2
2School of Science and EngineeringDallas ISD4189 - 12A+99.893.093.7%76.5%100.0%190829.3
3Carnegie Vanguard High SchoolHouston ISD6379 - 12A+100.085.981.6%75.2%100.0%193028.8
4Liberal Arts and Science AcademyAustin ISD1,1119 - 12A+100.083.865.3%84.5%100.0%197129.7
5DeBakey High School for Health ProfessionsHouston ISD8529 - 12A+
6Uplift Education - North Hills Preparatory High SchoolUplift Education5279 - 12A+95.575.369.9%75.6%100.0%172425.2
7Highland Park High SchoolHighland Park ISD2,1599 - 12A+98.366.545.6%74.5%99.0%181427.4
8Westlake AcademyWestlake Academy Charter School843K - 12A+95.970.564.7%69.1%100.0%169725.8
9Westlake High SchoolEanes ISD2,6559 - 12A+97.564.742.2%73.1%100.0%182326.7
10High School for the Performing and Visual ArtsHouston ISD7579 - 12A+99.460.435.9%74.8%100.0%174725.6
11Carroll Senior High School / Carroll High SchoolCarroll ISD2,74611 - 12A+98.959.030.9%83.5%96.4%168426.7
12Westwood High SchoolRound Rock ISD2,6789 - 12A+93.068.543.4%87.8%100.0%173327.4
13Health Careers High SchoolNorthside ISD8519 - 12A+100.055.642.0%52.9%100.0%164425.1
14Clements High SchoolFort Bend ISD2,4969 - 12A+95.359.330.7%87.5%93.3%167627.4
15Washington High School for the Performing and Visual ArtsDallas ISD9299 - 12A98.054.154.4%42.6%100.0%159823.4
16Richards School for Young Women LeadersAustin ISD7856 - 12A96.457.065.7%40.3%100.0%163823.8
17The Science Academy of South TexasSouth Texas ISD7359 - 12A95.957.660.2%46.1%93.3%156526.1
18Kerr High SchoolAlief ISD8049 - 12A99.550.732.4%55.8%100.0%158123.2
19Seven Lakes High SchoolKaty ISD3,3859 - 12A96.256.228.1%88.7%93.5%161326.0
20Lovejoy High SchoolLovejoy ISD1,4319 - 12A96.854.834.9%66.8%94.9%158225.4
21Imagine International Academy of North TexasImagine International Academy1,230K - 12A93.959.435.9%74.3%100.0%168325.8
22Rangel Young Women's Leadership SchoolDallas ISD2719 - 12A99.648.755.7%27.6%100.0%159822.7
23School of Health ProfessionsDallas ISD5499 - 12A100.046.263.7%24.7%100.0%147821.2
24Sanders Law MagnetDallas ISD3819 - 12A99.546.263.7%26.2%100.0%147320.5
25Young Women's Leadership AcademySan Antonio ISD4456 - 12A99.146.660.0%16.6%100.0%165923.0
26Eastwood AcademyHouston ISD4279 - 12A98.946.640.7%33.7%100.0%147823.1
27Vandergrift High SchoolLeander ISD2,4639 - 12A94.154.828.5%85.2%93.6%158225.2
28Memorial High SchoolSpring Branch ISD2,6319 - 12A91.758.332.5%76.9%100.0%165426.2
29Challenge Early College High SchoolHouston ISD4709 - 12A99.344.451.6%18.3%100.0%151722.9
30Meridian SchoolMeridian World School1,421K - 12A90.959.229.3%83.8%100.0%175826.0
31Liberty High SchoolFrisco ISD2,0609 - 12A94.053.226.0%81.5%92.2%156526.0
32International School of AmericaNorth East ISD4899 - 12A96.149.057.6%29.2%100.0%155122.5
33Silva Heath Magnet SchoolEl Paso ISD6689 - 12A99.343.116.8%45.2%100.0%152222.6
34Plano West Senior High School / Jasper High School / Shepton High SchoolPlano ISD5,66611 - 12A94.251.127.4%84.1%84.6%144526.2
35Coppell High SchoolCoppell ISD3,4099 - 12A92.055.025.9%82.6%98.7%170724.5
36The Woodlands High SchoolConroe ISD4,4039 - 12A95.448.421.5%80.1%89.4%148025.1
37Cinco Ranch High SchoolKaty ISD3,2239 - 12A94.949.322.0%79.8%90.1%148425.7
38Wakeland High SchoolFrisco ISD2,1329 - 12A96.346.222.3%70.5%88.5%143324.4
39Judson Early College AcademyJudson ISD4559 - 12A99.839.2100.0%155822.8
40Clear Horizons Early College High SchoolClear Creek ISD4519 - 12A97.543.39.5%54.0%100.0%162723.1
41School of Business and MagementDallas ISD5069 - 12A99.638.950.9%15.9%100.0%140619.1
42Garza Early College High SchoolDallas ISD4259 - 12A99.838.515.1%37.9%100.0%141619.9
43Talkington School for Young Women LeadersLubbock ISD4536 - 12A96.943.458.8%26.4%100.0%138719.3
44Texas Academy of Biomedical SciencesFort Worth ISD3859 - 12A99.039.412.1%26.2%100.0%145622.3
45Flower Mound High School / Flower Mound Ninth Grade CampusLewisville ISD3,57810 - 12A94.747.016.6%85.2%89.1%152025.4
46Tompkins High SchoolKaty ISD2,9559 - 12A95.445.620.4%79.7%86.3%140724.6
47Lassiter Early College High SchoolDallas ISD2379 - 12A100.037.013.1%19.0%100.0%140920.8
48Victory Early College High SchoolAldine ISD4309 - 12A98.839.011.1%18.9%100.0%149922.0
49Academy High SchoolPlano ISD4559 - 12A99.238.20.9%89.9%150225.0
50East Early College High SchoolHouston ISD4889 - 12A99.537.69.6%35.0%100.0%146119.9

Ranked lists of the top traditional open enrollment high schools operated by local school districts, top magnet high schools, also operated by local school districts, and top charter high schools operated by non-profit corporations, higher education institutions and governmental entities are shown on this Texas best high schools page. Information about the methodology used to evaluate and rank the performance of Texas high schools is provided on this Texas high schools rankings page.


Top Texas public middle schools

1Travis Academy for Talented and GiftedDallas ISD6 - 8297A+99.8
2Rangel Young Women's Leadership AcademyDallas ISD6 - 8269A+99.6
3Dallas Environmental Science AcademyDallas ISD6 - 8429A+99.2
4Young Women's Leadership AcademyYsleta ISD6 - 7231A+98.5
5Longfellow Career Explorations AcademyDallas ISD6 - 8417A+98.5
6Cornerstone AcademySpring Branch ISD6 - 8382A+98.3
7Rising Scholars Academy Of South TexasSouth Texas ISD7 - 8448A+98.2
8Dawson Middle SchoolCarroll ISD7 - 8616A+98.0
9South Texas Preparatory AcademySouth Texas ISD7 - 8567A97.8
10Cedar Hill Collegiate AcademyCedar Hill ISD6 - 7207A97.7
11Fort Settlement Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD6 - 81,372A97.5
12Carroll Middle SchoolCarroll ISD7 - 8688A97.5
13Pearson Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6 - 8689A97.2
14Willow Springs Middle SchoolLovejoy ISD7 - 8728A96.9
15Fowler Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6 - 81,086A96.9
16Stone Montessori AcademyDallas ISD6 - 8184A96.8
17Project Chrysalis Middle SchoolHouston ISD6 - 8267A96.8
18Dealey International AcademyDallas ISD7 - 8181A96.7
19Highland Park Middle SchoolHighland Park ISD7 - 81,113A96.7
20Pioneer Heritage Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6 - 8813A96.7
21Wall Middle SchoolWall ISD6 - 8272A96.6
22Rice Middle SchoolPlano ISD6 - 81,101A96.5
23Griffin Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6 - 8901A96.3
24Uplift North Hills PreparatoryUplift Education6 - 8472A96.3
25Tays Junior High SchoolKaty ISD6 - 81,377A96.3
26West Ridge Middle SchoolEanes ISD6 - 8932A96.2
27Creekside Park Junior High SchoolTomball ISD6 - 8596A96.2
28Beckendorff Junior High SchoolKaty ISD6 - 81,752A96.2
29Hill Country Middle SchoolEanes ISD6 - 81,056A96.1
30Sartartia Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD6 - 81,298A96.0
31Olympia HillsUniversity Of Texas University Charter School4 - 825A95.9
32Seven Lakes Junior High SchoolKaty ISD6 - 81,771A95.9
33Coppell Middle School EastCoppell ISD6 - 8982A95.9
34Obama Male Leadership AcademyDallas ISD6 - 8247A95.9
35Gorzycki Middle SchoolAustin ISD6 - 81,279A95.8
36Walsh Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD6 - 81,688A95.8
37Austin Middle SchoolGalveston ISD5 - 8536A95.7
38McKamy Middle SchoolLewisville ISD6 - 81,015A95.5
39Canyon Vista Middle SchoolRound Rock ISD6 - 81,369A95.5
40Smith Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD6 - 81,253A95.5
41PTAA GreenvillePioneer Technology and Arts Academy6 - 725A95.5
42Vandeventer Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6 - 81,066A95.4
43Lanier Middle SchoolHouston ISD6 - 81,423A95.3
44Canyon Ridge Middle SchoolLeander ISD6 - 81,327A-95.2
45McCullough Junior High SchoolConroe ISD7 - 82,232A-94.9
46Riverwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD6 - 81,087A-94.9
47Curtis Middle SchoolAllen ISD7 - 81,256A-94.8
48McMeans Junior High SchoolKaty ISD6 - 81,140A-94.8
49Colleyville Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD6 - 8684A-94.7
50Lopez Middle SchoolNorth East ISD6 - 81,179A-94.7

Ranked lists of the top traditional open enrollment middle schools in Texas, top Texas magnet middle schools and top charter middle schools are shown on this Texas best middle schools page. All of these rankings are based on results of the 2017 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) evaluations administered statewide by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). No consideration was given to student demographics, changes in student performance over time, on-line evaluations and reviews, or other subjective factors.


Top Texas public elementary schools

1Spring Branch Academic InstituteSpring Branch ISDK - 780A+100.0
1Divide Elementary SchoolDivide ISDPK - 616A+100.0
3Carver CenterMidland ISD1 - 6450A+99.9
4Travis Talented and Gifted VanguardDallas ISD4 - 5196A+99.8
5Windsor Park Elementary GTCorpus Christi ISD1 - 5590A+99.8
6Canyon Creek Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISDK - 5428A+99.6
7Hudson Elementary SchoolLongview ISD1 - 5617A+99.3
8Morriss Mathematics & Engineering Elementary SchoolTexarkana ISDK - 5406A+99.0
9Kerr Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK - 6660A+99.0
10El Magnet At Reagan Elementary SchoolEctor County ISDK - 5574A+98.9
11Eubanks Intermediate SchoolCarroll ISD5 - 6602A+98.7
12School for Highly GiftedGrand Prairie ISD1 - 5106A+98.7
13Pope Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISDEE - 51,131A+98.4
14Creekside Forest Elementary SchoolTomball ISDK - 5553A+98.3
15Bradfield Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISDEE - 4712A+98.2
16West University Elementary SchoolHouston ISDK - 51,272A+98.2
17Tanglewood Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISDK - 5845A+98.0
18McSpedden Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5653A+97.7
19Old Union Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDEE - 4463A+97.6
20E. Rayzor Elementary SchoolDenton ISDK - 5422A+97.5
21University Park Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISDK - 4648A+97.5
22Dealey Montessori SchoolDallas ISDPK - 6440A+97.4
23Cactus Ranch Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISDEE - 5995A+97.4
24Evans Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK - 6680A+97.3
25Commonwealth Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISDK - 5792A+97.3
26Collins Intermediate SchoolConroe ISD5 - 6703A+97.3
27Forest Trail Elementary SchoolEanes ISDK - 5578A+97.1
28Deretchin Elementary SchoolConroe ISDK - 61,011A97.0
29Horn Elementary SchoolHouston ISDPK - 5846A97.0
30Spring Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDEE - 6338A97.0
31Tibbals Elementary SchoolWylie ISDK - 4664A97.0
32Green Valley Elementary SchoolBirdville ISDEE - 5449A96.9
33SFA Charter SchoolSFA Charter SchoolK - 5255A96.9
34McCoy Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDK - 5436A96.9
35Devers Elementary SchoolDevers ISDPK - 5135A96.8
36Boon Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK - 6710A96.8
37Griffin Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,000A96.8
38Sloan Creek Intermediate SchoolLovejoy ISD5 - 6636A96.8
39Liberty Elementary SchoolKeller ISDK - 4423A96.8
40Wilchester Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISDEE - 5796A96.8
41River Ridge Elementary SchoolLeander ISDEE - 5730A96.8
42Walnut Grove Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDK - 4664A96.8
43Carroll Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDEE - 4579A96.7
44Prairie Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDK - 6346A96.7
45Stanley Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,055A96.7
46Galatas Elementary SchoolConroe ISDK - 4667A96.6
47Kiker Elementary SchoolAustin ISDEE - 51,046A96.6
48Sampson Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISDEE - 5963A96.6
49Rockenbaugh Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDEE - 4549A96.6
50Hartman Elementary SchoolRockwall ISDPK - 6542A96.6
51Shimotsu Elementary SchoolSharyland ISDPK - 6709A96.6
52Heritage Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISDK - 5467A96.5
53Laurel Mountain Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISDK - 5786A96.5
54Wellington Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDEE - 5903A96.5
55Hoffmann Lane Elementary SchoolComal ISDK - 5723A96.4
56Lakeside Elementary SchoolCoppell ISDK - 5473A96.4
57Spicewood Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISDK - 5825A96.4
58Pattison Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,039A96.4
59Norris Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5683A96.4
60Theiss Elementary SchoolKlein ISDPK - 5673A96.3
61Mitchell Intermediate SchoolConroe ISD5 - 61,227A96.3
62Silvercrest Elementary SchoolPearland ISDEE - 4744A96.3
63River Oaks Elementary SchoolHouston ISDK - 5675A96.3
64Cheatham Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK - 6746A96.3
65Brentfield Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDK - 6729A96.3
66Cornerstone Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISDK - 51,087A96.3
67Barton Creek Elementary SchoolEanes ISDK - 5498A96.3
68Crawford Elementary SchoolCrawford ISDK - 6292A96.2
69McAndrew Elementary SchoolNorthside ISDK - 5295A96.1
70Castle Hills Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDK - 5672A96.1
71Hosp Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5676A96.0
72Olmito Elementary SchoolLos Fresnos CISDEE - 5647A96.0
73Roberts Elementary SchoolHouston ISDK - 5789A96.0
74Hyer Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISDK - 4697A96.0
75Woodcreek Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,133A96.0
76Alexander Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,019A96.0
77Ashley Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5638A95.9
78Johnson Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDK - 4610A95.9
79Rummel Creek Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISDEE - 5706A95.9
80Durham Intermediate SchoolCarroll ISD5 - 6673A95.9
81Holland Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,051A95.8
82Wilson Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,116A95.8
83Frostwood Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISDK - 5704A95.8
84Andrews Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK - 5605A95.8
85Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion SchoolHouston ISDPK - 6545A95.8
86Campbell Elementary SchoolLamar CISDEE - 5598A95.8
87Hassler Elementary SchoolKlein ISDPK - 5732A95.8
88Rancho Verde Elementary SchoolLos Fresnos CISDPK - 5639A95.7
89Tool Elementary SchoolMalakoff ISDPK - 5222A95.7
90McCulloch Intermediate SchoolHighland Park ISD5 - 61,143A95.7
91Mumford Elementary SchoolMumford ISDPK - 6392A95.7
92Lake Pointe Elementary SchoolLake Travis ISDEE - 5728A95.6
93South Bosque Elementary SchoolMidway ISDEE - 4579A95.6
94Borchardt Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5703A95.6
95Beverly Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK - 5481A95.6
96Timberwood Park Elementary SchoolComal ISDPK - 5662A95.6
97Trautmann Elementary SchoolUnited ISDEE - 5774A95.5
98Valley View South Elementary SchoolValley View ISDPK - 4362A95.5
99Cedar Creek Elementary SchoolEanes ISDK - 5492A95.5
100Sommer Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISDEE - 51,174A95.5
101Skaggs Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK - 5449A95.4
102Bush Elementary SchoolLeander ISDK - 5795A95.4
103Bush Elementary SchoolConroe ISDEE - 4713A95.3
104Liberty Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDK - 5555A95.3
105Walker Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISDK - 5580A95.3
106Gullett Elementary SchoolAustin ISDEE - 5554A95.2
107England Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISDPK - 5970A95.2
108Highland Park Elementary SchoolAustin ISDK - 5651A95.2
109Hillside AcademyGarland ISDK - 5441A95.2
110Tough Elementary SchoolConroe ISDK - 6945A95.2
111Bridge Point Elementary SchoolEanes ISDK - 5709A95.1
112Lakewood Elementary SchoolDallas ISDK - 5881A95.1
113Northpointe Intermediate SchoolTomball ISD5 - 6671A95.0
114Brown Elementary SchoolMansfield ISDEE - 4612A95.0
115Buckalew Elementary SchoolConroe ISDK - 4636A95.0
116Hunt Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK - 5701A95.0
117Sienna Crossing Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISDK - 5876A95.0
118Stanton-Smith Elementary SchoolWhitehouse IsdPK - 6597A95.0
119Mills Elementary SchoolAustin ISDEE - 5843A95.0
120Bluebonnet Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDK - 5546A95.0
121Bush Elementary SchoolHouston ISDEE - 5861A95.0
122Willow Creek Elementary SchoolHumble ISDK - 5529A95.0
123Kimberlin AcademyGarland ISDK - 5490A94.9
124Pebble Creek Elementary SchoolCollege Station ISDEE - 4401A94.9
125French Elementary SchoolKlein ISDEE - 5649A94.9
126Canyon Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDEE - 6297A94.9
127Fort Worth Academy of Fine ArtsFort Worth Academy of Fine Arts3 - 6226A94.9
128Davidson Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,096A94.9
129River Valley Intermediate SchoolMidway ISD5 - 6577A94.9
130Timber Creek Elementary SchoolTomball ISDK - 5489A94.8
131Lee Elementary SchoolCoppell ISDEE - 5735A94.8
132Red Lick Elementary SchoolRed Lick ISDK - 4281A94.8
133Pittsburg Intermediate SchoolPittsburg ISD5 - 6338A94.8
134Kilpatrick Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,149A94.8
135Shafer Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,184A94.8
136Casis Elementary SchoolAustin ISDEE - 5817A94.7
137Dickinson Elementary SchoolLamar CISDK - 5545A94.7
138Nichols Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5449A-94.6
139Blattman Elementary SchoolNorthside ISDEE - 5531A-94.6
140Valley View Elementary SchoolValley View ISDEE - 4470A-94.6
141Crestview Elementary SchoolJudson ISDPK - 5620A-94.6
142Hartman Elementary SchoolWylie ISDEE - 4486A-94.6
142Stinson Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK - 5612A-94.6
144Twain Elementary SchoolHouston ISDEE - 5876A-94.6
145Falls City Elementary SchoolFalls City ISDEE - 6178A-94.6
146Oakcrest Intermediate SchoolTomball ISD5 - 6524A-94.5
147Walker Station Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISDK - 5637A-94.5
148George West Primary SchoolGeorge West ISDPK - 3317A-94.5
149Memorial Drive Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISDEE - 5452A-94.5
150Sparks Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDEE - 5726A-94.5
151Swenke Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISDEE - 51,231A-94.5
152Walnut Hill Elementary SchoolDallas ISDPK - 5381A-94.5
153Armstrong Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISDK - 4552A-94.5
154Walcott Elementary SchoolWalcott ISDPK - 6139A-94.4
155Jenks Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,253A-94.3
156Boggess Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK - 5644A-94.3
157Malakoff Elementary SchoolMalakoff ISDEE - 5472A-94.3
158Mathews Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK - 5472A-94.3
159Randolph Elementary SchoolRandolph Field ISDEE - 5625A-94.2
160Wolman Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,190A-94.2
161Hubenak Elementary SchoolLamar CISDEE - 5780A-94.2
162Colleyville Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISDPK - 5483A-94.2
162Rosemeade Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDEE - 5417A-94.2
164Wilderness Oak Elementary SchoolNorth East ISDK - 5640A-94.2
165Parks-Heath Elementary SchoolRockwall ISDK - 6835A-94.2
166Houston Gateway AcademyHouston Gateway Academy Inc.PK - 8701A-94.2
167Lindsey Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK - 6907A-94.2
168Valley Ranch Elementary SchoolCoppell ISDK - 5634A-94.1
169Hardy Oak Elementary SchoolNorth East ISDEE - 5765A-94.1
170Harmony Science Academy - Sugar LandHarmony School Of Science - HoustonK - 6769A-94.1
171Muenster Elementary SchoolMuenster ISDPK - 6285A-94.1
172Canyon Pointe Elementary SchoolTomball ISDPK - 4764A-94.1
173Kolitz Hebrew Language AcademyEleanor Kolitz Hebrew Language AcademyK - 8295A-94.1
174Wall Elementary SchoolWall ISDK - 5495A-94.1
175Rogers Middle SchoolPearland ISD5 - 6853A-94.0
176Liberty Elementary SchoolEagle Pass ISD1 - 6550A-94.0
177Encino Park Elementary SchoolNorth East ISDK - 5600A-94.0
178Frost Elementary SchoolLamar CISDEE - 5491A-94.0
179Hidden Lakes Elementary SchoolKeller ISDK - 4407A-94.0
180Frank Elementary SchoolKlein ISDEE - 5681A-94.0
181San Vicente Elementary SchoolSan Vicente ISD1 - 819A-93.9
181Rennell Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISDEE - 5838A-93.9
183Anderson Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5676A-93.9
184Bear Creek Intermediate SchoolKeller ISD5 - 6966A-93.9
185Colony Meadows Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISDEE - 5840A-93.9
186KIPP SHARP College Prep Lower SchoolKIPP Houston Public Schools Inc.PK - 4909A-93.9
187Jefferson Elementary SchoolEdinburg CISDPK - 5413A-93.8
188Bennett Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISDK - 5486A-93.7
189Lovejoy Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISDK - 4434A-93.7
190Rise AcademyRise AcademyPK - 8274A-93.7
191Vaughn Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5508A-93.7
192Wyatt Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK - 5479A-93.7
193Steiner Ranch Elementary SchoolLeander ISDEE - 5604A-93.7
194Caraway Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISDEE - 5761A-93.6
195Beck Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISDK - 5830A-93.6
196Alexander Middle SchoolPearland ISD5 - 6704A-93.6
197Fisher Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK - 5631A-93.5
198Randolph Elementary SchoolKaty ISDEE - 51,148A-93.5
199Hamilton Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISDEE - 5947A-93.5
200Lakeway Elementary SchoolLake Travis ISDK - 5714A-93.5

Ranked lists of the top traditional open enrollment elementary schools, top magnet elementary schools and top charter elementary schools in Texas are shown on this Texas best elementary schools page. Like the middle school analysis, all of these rankings are based on results of the 2017 STAAR evaluations and no subjective or other factors that have no meaningful linkage to the learning success of individual students were not considered.


Top Texas school districts

Advanced Placement /
International Baccalaureate
college admission tests
course credit
1Highland Park ISD
(University Park, TX)
2Eanes ISD8,100A+95.964.742.2%73.1%100.0%182326.7
3Carroll ISD8,200A+97.459.030.9%83.5%96.4%174726.7
4Lovejoy ISD4,100A+95.954.834.9%66.8%94.9%166725.4
5Coppell ISD12,300A+92.553.924.6%79.7%98.8%171724.3
6Lake Travis ISD9,800A+92.646.920.1%73.3%90.8%164824.4
7Wall ISD1,100A+95.140.4100.0%163423.1
8Friendswood ISD6,100A+91.743.519.5%76.1%82.5%162324.9
9Frisco ISD55,700A91.843.222.4%72.6%80.8%160724.3
10Argyle ISD2,400A91.541.65.6%77.8%95.8%159224.0
11Allen ISD20,900A92.340.018.8%81.4%74.7%160824.3
12Round Rock ISD48,100A86.149.823.0%71.1%100.0%149723.8
13Boerne ISD8,300A89.443.424.0%63.6%84.9%156123.6
14Prosper ISD10,000A91.138.414.5%65.6%81.9%158523.2
15Randolph Field ISD1,400A91.837.020.9%43.5%81.4%152022.9
16Grapevine-Colleyville ISD13,800A87.444.231.5%58.8%80.4%162422.3
17Dripping Springs ISD6,000A89.540.214.6%71.6%80.5%166924.5
18Aledo ISD5,400A91.137.019.0%61.7%74.9%156823.6
19Sunnyvale ISD1,700A91.236.089.3%158823.7
20Katy ISD75,200A88.939.517.6%69.1%77.5%157124.0
21Shiner ISD600A90.335.91.2%100.0%140821.2
22London ISD1,000A90.834.716.3%29.9%81.5%155122.8
23Sundown ISD600A91.433.20.7%84.8%148623.9
24Plano ISD53,900A85.443.422.6%78.4%75.6%166525.5
25Leander ISD38,100A86.141.819.6%70.9%82.4%160023.2
26Knippa ISD400A91.232.585.0%157021.5
27Northwest ISD22,000A84.743.823.9%49.4%100.0%151320.2
28Wylie ISD
(Abilene, TX)
29Alamo Heights ISD4,800A83.045.220.0%78.9%87.9%160123.9
30Crawford ISD500A93.526.872.5%148921.2
31Tomball ISD14,900A89.832.414.0%68.7%67.3%154623.2
32Celina ISD2,400A90.430.98.5%50.0%73.4%156222.1
33Rockwall ISD15,700A86.637.418.7%57.3%77.9%154523.5
34Pearland ISD21,500A87.535.321.9%52.1%72.7%151922.5
35Keller ISD34,600A86.535.517.4%61.8%74.8%152722.5
36Lindsay ISD500A91.327.19.7%32.1%67.6%144422.4
37McKinney ISD24,700A84.637.827.0%57.5%72.1%155623.2
38Grandview ISD1,200A91.625.61.8%69.8%145021.4
39Wylie ISD
(Wylie, TX)
40Santa Gertrudis ISD700A90.227.37.8%24.1%75.3%140819.9
41Van Alstyne ISD1,600A89.128.95.7%21.8%79.6%139220.8
42Brock ISD1,300A-89.328.374.1%147722.8
43Muenster ISD500A-
44Sharyland ISD10,000A-87.730.710.1%38.0%82.5%139819.6
45Barbers Hill ISD5,300A-90.026.511.7%62.1%58.1%149622.5
46Round Top-Carmine ISD300A-86.931.94.2%86.4%146021.6
47Cypress-Fairbanks ISD114,600A-
48Nazareth ISD200A-94.518.3100.0%21.6
49Midway ISD
(Waco, TX)
50Lewisville ISD53,200A-82.837.515.1%71.9%76.0%157823.3
51Conroe ISD59,500A-84.634.417.8%52.8%72.2%151022.4
52Gunter ISD800A-88.327.74.9%40.0%70.1%150422.0
53Lorena ISD1,700A-
54Comal ISD22,200A-85.332.715.2%48.9%74.9%148021.9
55Fort Sam Houston ISD1,600A-
56College Station ISD13,100A-81.738.815.2%86.6%75.8%160023.9
57Jim Ned CISD1,200A-
58Salado ISD1,800A-83.135.624.2%43.1%73.5%152324.3
59Lackland ISD1,000A-87.028.715.1%23.3%68.6%156122.2
60Shallowater ISD1,700A-87.527.81.5%66.7%73.7%146621.5
61Clear Creek ISD41,700A-84.233.514.0%63.3%70.2%153523.3
62Fort Bend ISD73,800A-82.636.217.1%54.8%77.5%149422.1
63Falls City ISD400A-94.714.680.0%21.6
64New Braunfels ISD8,600A-84.432.313.2%54.3%73.0%151422.6
65Martins Mill ISD500A-86.628.50.7%76.9%143722.1
66Mason ISD700A-88.824.63.7%67.4%146121.1
67Wimberley ISD2,300A-84.432.210.8%75.4%68.1%160323.3
68Liberty Hill ISD3,700A-84.731.69.5%59.2%72.9%152122.7
69Hardin-Jefferson ISD2,200A-85.829.65.6%30.0%76.8%143622.4
70Richardson ISD39,200A-78.941.520.6%52.4%97.0%151719.5
71Montgomery ISD8,300A-86.128.910.7%40.9%67.5%152922.8
72Spring Hill ISD1,900A-84.631.512.0%60.4%71.3%149622.4
73Holland ISD700A-88.524.670.6%138320.4
74Lago Vista ISD1,400A-82.435.211.6%39.2%86.7%148721.8
75Early ISD1,200A-84.930.74.0%50.2%78.2%154121.4
76Holliday ISD1,000A-87.725.83.9%52.4%61.4%161722.9
77Melissa ISD2,600A-90.520.956.6%149021.1
78Albany ISD500A-86.927.02.9%68.6%147224.3
79Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD15,500A-83.432.614.0%42.5%77.8%146221.7
80China Spring ISD2,700A-87.425.36.9%36.5%61.1%155022.6
81Bushland ISD1,500A-86.626.51.3%68.6%157222.0
82Aubrey ISD2,400A-86.626.23.3%70.3%67.3%144421.8
83Sabine Pass ISD400A-90.319.119.4%45.8%78.9%1380
84Central Heights ISD1,200B+84.828.675.8%148622.1
85Glen Rose ISD1,800B+
86Mansfield ISD34,300B+83.729.813.9%32.7%75.3%142220.8
87Hudson ISD2,800B+
88Caddo Mills ISD1,700B+87.822.159.8%146621.5
89McMullen County ISD300B+
90East Bernard ISD1,000B+88.920.157.1%139520.6
91Flatonia ISD600B+
92Lovelady ISD500B+83.927.983.3%135019.2
93Lindale ISD4,000B+
94Northside ISD
(San Antonio, TX)
95Kerrville ISD5,000B+82.429.815.3%51.5%64.9%149323.0
96White Oak ISD1,500B+
97Pflugerville ISD24,600B+77.937.216.9%42.3%97.5%143018.3
98Borden County ISD300B+88.618.2100.0%21.5
99Calallen ISD4,100B+84.625.15.9%52.5%65.4%139420.9
100Navarro ISD1,800B+83.926.35.7%49.1%66.7%145621.8

Other Texas school districts and the methodology used to compute these rankings is presented on this best Texas school district rankings page.

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