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Frisco High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Frisco High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Frisco High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 17

Academic performance score: 10

In addition to its 2019 top-tier Dallas area high schools academic ranking, Frisco High School is similarly recognized as one of the best public open enrollment high schools in Texas. The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 91

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

Frisco High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 91 83 88 94 96

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 45.5% 58.5% 36.4%

The Advance Placement / International Baccalaureate (AP / IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: 5

2016-2017 enrollment

Frisco High School 1,674  
  Ninth grade 376  
  Tenth grade 371  
  Eleventh grade 355  
  Twelfth grade 572  

2016-2017 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 12.5
Average years teaching experience 11.9

Campus address and phone number

6401 Parkwood Drive
Frisco, TX 75034
469 633-5500

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Frisco ISD schools, click on these Frisco, McKinney and Plano links.

Sources: Frisco Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Frisco High School homes for sale

The table in which these properties are presented is both searchable and sortable. To show houses on a specific street, as an example, enter the street name in the Search box. To display all currently listed properties, select All in the Show entries box and to change the order in which they are sorted, click on any of the column headings.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
15651 Foard Drive, Frisco$600,0003,736200633.122N0.13
13761 Covedale Boulevard, Frisco$709,6043,928201954.123N0.25
18404 Tripoli Trail, Frisco$449,9003,009201943.122N0.13
110141 Cambridge Drive, Frisco$270,0001,710199732.012N0.15
35627 Miramar Drive, Frisco$721,8203,967200032.123N0.21
44802 Carnegie Drive, Frisco$489,9003,984200254.022N0.19
42667 Montreaux Drive, Frisco$1,098,0005,031200644.123N0.16
47934 Daylily Way, Frisco$357,5002,891200043.023N0.23
46574 Star Creek E, Frisco$729,0004,086199843.022N0.19
48014 Rabbit, Frisco$349,9901,694201932.012N0.00
45425 Braemar Drive, Frisco$545,0003,033200533.123N0.17
57508 Acorn Lane, Frisco$499,9002,675201932.112N0.18
55546 Foard Drive, Frisco$675,0003,616200543.122N0.20
53825 Idlebrook Drive, Frisco$719,7503,973201954.023N0.19
53777 Idlebrook Drive, Frisco$699,9994,015201934.023N0.19
54213 Hazelwood Avenue, Frisco$899,9994,114201944.223N0.20
68620 Malibu Street, Frisco$239,9001,282199132.012N0.14
72722 Ridge View Road, Frisco$449,0003,013200442.122N0.15
73929 Harvest Lane, Frisco$559,9902,871201933.113N0.14
88714 Happy Hollow Drive, Frisco$762,8494,186201944.223N0.25
83891 Ferndale Lane, Frisco$825,0004,724201454.023Y0.27
88538 Happy Hollow Drive, Frisco$850,0004,768201955.223N0.20
108349 Kentland Drive, Frisco$515,0003,074201743.122N0.11
105849 Versailles Avenue, Frisco$1,550,0007,619200456.223Y0.35
111398 Forest Oaks Court, Frisco$295,0001,815200032.012N0.14
113042 Nyala Trail, Frisco$514,9003,504201643.122N0.18
117608 Jennifer Lane, Frisco$309,0001,804199542.012Y0.17
112933 Shenandoah Drive, Frisco$2,450,0008,138200355.223Y0.58
126251 Bristol Place, Frisco$1,350,0006,931200755.123Y0.38
125400 Widgeon Way, Frisco$705,0003,889199754.123Y0.30
123893 Mashpee Street, Frisco$899,0004,542201755.122N0.25
123853 Ferndale Lane, Frisco$849,9004,887201254.123Y0.27
146818 Bridge View Drive, Frisco$950,0004,733201955.223N0.22
174 Riva Ridge, Frisco$1,899,0004,745198144.116Y2.09
178548 Tripoli Trail, Frisco$429,9002,759201943.022N0.14
182080 Mason Drive, Frisco$585,0003,666200433.122N0.10
194359 Shamrock Drive, Frisco$489,9004,032200154.123N0.24
2010402 Red Clover Drive, Frisco$486,0003,355200053.023N0.24
217072 Chinquapin Drive, Frisco$295,0001,995200242.012N0.14
213165 Seneca Drive, Frisco$919,0004,420200043.123Y0.32
228565 Ottowa Ridge, Frisco$349,9001,898201932.012N0.10
235100 Lago Vista Lane, Frisco$849,9004,034200244.123Y0.23
257177 Lionshead Lane, Frisco$995,0005,325201154.124Y0.37
253671 Torrance Boulevard, Frisco$1,074,0005,663201954.124N0.31
254658 Shamrock Drive, Frisco$399,9002,819200232.122N0.11
254113 Frio Way, Frisco$339,9002,493200232.122N0.13
263531 Harvest Lane, Frisco$528,8962,786201932.222N0.13
268451 Bronzegate Trail, Frisco$504,1062,667201932.122N0.13
295243 Spicewood Lane, Frisco$1,675,0008,098199844.224Y0.54
307279 Chinquapin Drive, Frisco$334,9002,657200243.022Y0.14
324052 Wellesley Avenue, Frisco$499,9002,917201632.123N0.13
326845 Cortona Lane, Frisco$315,0001,710200722.122N0.05
326889 Barnes Drive, Frisco$478,4002,759201943.022N0.15
346952 Gavin Street, Frisco$517,4003,508201954.022N0.15
386000 Hackberry Court, Frisco$1,490,0005,763199865.124Y0.39
393725 Guinn Gate Drive, Frisco$729,0003,618201244.013Y0.29
393866 Mashpee Street, Frisco$614,9993,364201633.113N0.18
392887 Cape Buffalo Trail, Frisco$579,9004,002201654.122N0.18
408718 Hawthorne Street, Frisco$249,9751,559199732.012N0.14
403758 Rittenhouse Street, Frisco$785,0003,920201644.123Y0.21
403912 Marble Hill Road, Frisco$699,9003,123201744.113N0.22
415964 Burkett Drive, Frisco$639,0003,621200044.023Y0.25
4364 Emerald Pond Drive, Frisco$480,0003,310200242.122Y0.13
468014 Oak Point Drive, Frisco$875,0004,888200555.023Y0.28
465698 Mallard Trace, Frisco$699,0003,946199854.123N0.28
463548 Sevilla Drive, Frisco$434,9902,208201932.112N0.13
484553 Ballymena Drive, Frisco$369,9002,755200243.122N0.10
492904 Shenandoah Drive, Frisco$2,600,0007,221200255.324N0.82
525667 Miramar Drive, Frisco$724,9003,627200033.122N0.16
533858 Rittenhouse Street, Frisco$839,9994,276201644.023N0.33
534691 Duval Drive, Frisco$365,0002,217200232.123N0.22
535619 Miramar Drive, Frisco$719,5003,740200032.122N0.19
535159 Kickapoo Drive, Frisco$579,9004,776200254.022N0.26
543536 Bellaire Court, Frisco$510,0004,293201254.022N0.18
5421 Stonebriar Way, Frisco$2,100,0007,031198845.024Y2.00
546283 Bristol Place, Frisco$1,324,9006,600200655.224Y0.40
546616 Bluffview Drive, Frisco$3,250,0007,823202055.223Y0.46
548490 Hidden Spring Drive, Frisco$260,0001,554198942.012N0.15
568040 Rabbit, Frisco$399,9902,414201942.122N0.00
603652 Cathedral Lake Drive, Frisco$775,0004,608201454.123N0.26
603564 Torrance Blvd. Boulevard, Frisco$1,173,1535,341201955.224N0.29
603907 Harvest Lane, Frisco$649,4394,357201943.223N0.13
603812 Sevilla Drive, Frisco$449,4052,511201933.122N0.10
603834 Harvest Lane, Frisco$501,4663,114201943.123N0.10
604444 Ballymena Drive, Frisco$411,0002,779200042.122N0.10
623906 Navarro Way, Frisco$349,0002,638200332.122N0.13
633870 Ladera Heights Boulevard, Frisco$774,3253,427201943.113N0.22
635251 Pueblo Lane, Frisco$499,9003,909200443.222N0.24
646569 Gerrard Street, Frisco$549,0003,016200733.112N0.14
684901 Buena Vista Drive, Frisco$1,975,0006,839200355.123Y0.46
696314 Memorial Drive, Frisco$975,0005,200200544.223Y0.24
693848 Wellesley Avenue, Frisco$669,5693,998201844.223N0.14
696040 Van Horn Lane, Frisco$624,9003,616199944.123Y0.24
696422 Memorial Drive, Frisco$1,750,0007,511200655.223Y0.44
703779 Harvest Lane, Frisco$579,9903,170201743.222N0.13
707516 Norcross Drive, Frisco$479,9004,644200953.123N0.26
714671 Driftwood Drive, Frisco$696,4004,342199743.223Y0.30
745021 Carnegie Drive, Frisco$550,0003,903200254.023Y0.20
7420 Misty Pond Drive, Frisco$529,9004,046200443.122N0.12
743944 Elmstead Drive, Frisco$684,0004,114201844.223N0.19
7649 Armstrong Drive, Frisco$1,224,9005,061200444.123Y0.32
764477 Newcastle Drive, Frisco$485,0003,921200254.023N0.24
789762 Lovers Lane, Frisco$379,0003,004200543.022N0.17
807965 Vermillion Avenue, Frisco$754,9003,918201644.123Y0.20
8041 Pristine Pond Drive, Frisco$567,9003,745200532.122N0.12
813774 Benchmark Lane, Frisco$889,0004,643201555.223Y0.28
824606 Duval Drive, Frisco$360,0002,608200442.123N0.13
824296 Birdseye Lane, Frisco$849,9904,488201955.022N0.00
826082 Manderlay Drive, Frisco$979,9904,439201955.323N0.25
866992 Davenport Lane, Frisco$754,8424,298201955.223N0.20
884355 Liam Drive, Frisco$590,0004,862200154.123N0.28
886001 Orchard Park Drive, Frisco$585,0003,586199943.123N0.25
899582 Cherry Street, Frisco$275,0001,327196632.012N0.22
905456 Braemar Drive, Frisco$650,0003,724200633.223Y0.15
926062 Bellevue Place, Frisco$975,0005,450200454.223Y0.26
956650 Pheasant Run, Frisco$620,0003,413199644.123Y0.23
966020 Star Trail Drive, Frisco$689,0003,231199933.011Y0.21
985431 Widgeon Way, Frisco$669,0004,126199743.123N0.26
1068733 6th Street, Frisco$599,0002,576201933.122N0.12
1086051 Jordan Way, Frisco$1,550,0005,945200054.223Y0.40
1087801 Glenoaks Drive, Frisco$260,0001,587199632.012N0.18
1096374 Karens Court, Frisco$1,189,0005,649200654.123Y0.44
1115065 Monterey Drive, Frisco$1,975,0006,838200554.223Y0.63
1115070 Shoreline Drive, Frisco$709,5004,208200254.023N0.25
1164693 Glen Heather Drive, Frisco$475,0004,092200354.023N0.25
1164441 Shamrock Drive, Frisco$372,0002,613200332.122N0.11
1165447 Wendover Drive, Frisco$549,0003,843200233.122N0.14
1165975 Hidden Creek Lane, Frisco$415,0003,305200532.122N0.14
1165332 Balmoral Drive, Frisco$374,9002,414200232.122N0.07
1225343 Buena Vista Drive, Frisco$2,095,0007,872200555.323Y0.74
1236967 Eldarica Place, Frisco$2,350,0005,858202044.123Y0.42
1245507 Norfolk Lane, Frisco$375,0002,878200243.122N0.17
1245057 Apache Circle, Frisco$579,9005,623200264.023N0.36
1245022 Oak Knoll Lane, Frisco$899,0004,703200243.123N0.39
1305300 Spicewood Lane, Frisco$1,639,0007,089200155.124Y0.68
1303762 Navarro Way, Frisco$395,0003,178200244.122N0.14
13133 Misty Pond Drive, Frisco$464,9993,690200133.022N0.14
1357653 Bridge Water Circle, Frisco$599,9003,969200643.123N0.34
1412728 Montreaux Drive, Frisco$999,9004,497200544.123Y0.19
1413140 Impala Trail, Frisco$568,0004,071201653.123N0.17
1443696 Hamilton Heights Avenue, Frisco$1,140,3524,488201955.224N0.29
1447 Riva Ridge, Frisco$4,150,00012,222199169.238Y2.00
1471869 Hathaway Lane, Frisco$458,8003,888200143.123N0.17
1525590 Braemar Drive, Frisco$589,0003,431200633.222N0.14
1545689 Widgeon Way, Frisco$715,0004,220199743.123Y0.25
15450 Picadilly Park, Frisco$2,850,00010,539199176.224Y4.18
1586332 Caroline Drive, Frisco$1,490,0007,287200055.123Y0.47
1586060 Van Horn Lane, Frisco$549,9003,720200043.023N0.27
1617190 Pecan Street, Frisco$439,0002,362190233.020N0.11
1646954 Davenport Lane, Frisco$743,3974,188201944.223N0.18
1655578 Wendover Drive, Frisco$449,9003,227200433.122N0.20
1682710 Montreaux Drive, Frisco$915,0004,584200543.123N0.21
1728394 Kentland Drive, Frisco$519,9002,745201632.123N0.11
1763792 Ladera Heights Boulevard, Frisco$798,9903,398201943.113N0.22
1775345 Monterey Drive, Frisco$4,650,00014,509200467.235Y1.38
1795901 Shady Oaks Drive, Frisco$750,0004,803200354.123Y0.27
1855120 Shoreline Drive, Frisco$825,0004,857200254.123Y0.30
1861561 Morris Lane, Frisco$579,9953,801200633.122N0.13
18612000 Melrose Lane, Frisco$335,0003,950199852.122N0.20
1878270 Kentland Drive, Frisco$465,0002,785201632.123N0.10
1896080 Bellevue Place, Frisco$924,9005,214200544.223Y0.31
1903818 Ladera Heights Boulevard, Frisco$799,9003,243201944.113N0.22
1906098 Manderlay Drive, Frisco$899,5493,553201944.113N0.29
1913729 Idlebrook Drive, Frisco$699,9174,321201955.123N0.19
1945173 Buena Vista Drive, Frisco$1,699,9006,001200455.123Y0.39
2004207 Birdseye Lane, Frisco$829,9904,015201944.124N0.00
2006075 Jordan Way, Frisco$1,590,0006,744199955.123Y0.40
20015 Riva Ridge, Frisco$4,350,0009,882199466.326Y4.07
2066397 Shady Oaks Drive, Frisco$1,575,0006,709200555.123Y0.39
2365326 Northshore Drive, Frisco$590,0004,006199944.123Y0.23
2363551 Torrance Boulevard, Frisco$995,0004,313201955.324N0.29
2805503 Stone Canyon Drive, Frisco$1,195,0005,395200555.123Y0.31
2815581 Travis Drive, Frisco$500,0003,091200032.122N0.12
3005683 Buena Vista Drive, Frisco$1,695,0006,301200555.223Y0.38
3075105 Monterey Drive, Frisco$2,275,0008,044200666.223Y0.55
3182280 Creekridge Drive, Frisco$5,295,00014,788201389.326Y1.82
3613960 Idlebrook, Frisco$590,1992,955201732.113N0.19
3973599 Torrance Boulevard, Frisco$992,3204,233201855.223N0.29
4333654 River Trail, Frisco$438,9902,077201832.222N0.17
4355 Stonebriar Way, Frisco$5,900,00010,91968.223Y10.34
4513810 Killian Court, Frisco$459,5532,508201833.122N0.10
4633831 Wellesley Avenue, Frisco$464,0822,646201832.122N0.14
5354297 Birdseye Lane, Frisco$1,199,9904,658201755.022N0.00
5576440 Memorial Drive, Frisco$1,688,8006,665200656.123Y0.44
5836439 Bluffview Drive, Frisco$1,270,0006,766200455.123Y0.46
6003597 Harvest Lane, Frisco$449,9902,968201843.122N0.13
7985608 Monterey Drive, Frisco$2,749,0008,797200655.224Y0.66

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