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Keller High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Keller High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Keller High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 10

Academic performance score: 10

In addition to its 2019 top-tier Dallas area high schools academic ranking, Keller High School is similarly recognized as one of the best public open enrollment high schools in Texas. The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 94

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

Keller High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 94 92 92 94 98

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 47.2% 56.1% 45.6%

The Advance Placement/International Baccalaureate (AP/IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: 7

2016-2017 enrollment

Keller High School 2,880  
  Ninth grade 753  
  Tenth grade 747  
  Eleventh grade 712  
  Twelfth grade 668  

2016-2017 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 17.6
Average years teaching experience 12.0

Campus address and phone number

601 N. Pate-Orr Road
Keller, TX 76248
817 744-1400

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Keller ISD schools, click on these Keller, Colleyville, Southlake and Westlake links.

Sources: Keller Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Keller High School homes for sale

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
11803 Kendall Court, Keller$459,0002,526200242.113N0.34
18229 Forest Glenn Drive, North Richland Hills$470,0003,241200443.023N0.21
11305 Ashmore Drive, Keller$418,3503,220200343.122N0.19
18317 Southridge Court, North Richland Hills$625,0004,655200454.023N0.21
11518 Rosewood Drive, Keller$299,9002,812198843.012N0.51
11620 Bellechase, Keller$558,9002,985198543.014Y0.81
1803 Stillwater Court, Keller$625,0004,414200344.123Y0.20
1617 Warrington Lane, Southlake$795,9003,745199843.023Y0.47
1313 Calais Drive, Keller$755,0005,280200555.023N0.83
2424 Pearl Street, Keller$199,0001,148198032.012N0.15
36913 Handel, Colleyville$935,5005,271201253.123Y0.37
41832 Kinsale Drive, Keller$910,0005,682200156.023N0.46
4327 Longview Drive, Keller$414,9003,406199943.122N0.27
72013 Vista Lane, Keller$440,0002,423197532.122Y0.46
7533 Northwyck Lane, Keller$370,0002,075201032.012N0.15
71618 Meadow Park Drive, Keller$415,0002,940199543.022Y0.19
71208 Castle Cove Lane, Keller$915,0005,489200155.024Y1.16
7924 Gentle Wind Drive, Keller$580,0004,179200554.023N0.33
72128 Serene Court, Keller$395,0002,673201042.122N0.13
71209 Stonehollow Lane, Keller$880,0004,854199954.224Y0.83
88704 Montrose Drive, North Richland Hills$789,0004,407202054.023N0.22
88416 Parkdale Drive, North Richland Hills$400,0003,222199843.122N0.21
81905 Denali Lane, Keller$925,0005,287200844.123Y0.44
81600 Waterwood Drive, Keller$875,0005,092200554.014Y0.48
8704 Berkshire Hill Drive, Keller$639,0004,205200354.023N0.71
8214 Ruby Street, Keller$245,0002,159190721.120N0.21
81916 Cielo Court, Keller$2,199,5005,800201544.114Y0.83
91524 Longhorn Trail, Keller$539,9004,295201065.022N0.21
91201 Johnson Road, Keller$1,000,0004,087201143.113N0.96
9620 Cedarwood Drive, Keller$322,5001,911199442.012N0.16
91816 Barrington Drive, Keller$998,0005,319200155.024Y0.46
91008 Woodford Drive, Keller$550,0003,270201933.123N0.19
9801 Montreux Avenue, Colleyville$899,0005,121200554.223Y0.46
10225 Edenderry Drive, Keller$634,9005,292200754.122N0.23
11800 Weybridge Lane, Keller$529,0003,972200043.123N0.48
13542 Big Bend Drive, Keller$527,0003,100201742.222N0.22
13757 Apeldoorn Lane, Keller$469,5002,100201322.012N0.08
131420 Briar Meadow Drive, Keller$339,9002,160199632.012N0.19
141025 Hardwick Trail, Keller$570,0003,422199743.123N0.44
145933 Janet Court, Westlake$829,0003,335197543.113Y0.75
15617 Chestnut Drive, Keller$399,0003,148199953.122N0.15
15309 Stansbury Drive, Keller$535,0003,140199543.022Y0.84
15116 Audrey Drive, Keller$575,0003,648201143.123N0.19
151626 Tamarron Court, Keller$469,0002,216199332.013Y0.57
16312 Kate Court, Keller$235,0001,224198432.012N0.27
17314 Tulip Way, Keller$450,0002,446201333.022N0.08
21515 Hidden Meadow Drive, Keller$625,0004,055201444.023N0.20
21804 Meandering Woods Drive, Keller$695,0004,311200254.223Y0.46
221507 Wayside Drive, Keller$360,0002,078199943.022N0.24
22580 Hidden Meadow Drive, Keller$574,0003,377201654.023N0.25
231349 Gatewood Drive, Keller$335,0002,141199542.012Y0.16
251109 Chianti Lane, Keller$1,012,5005,532200655.124Y0.48
262131 Serene Court, Keller$437,9003,243200643.122N0.14
261074 Woodford Drive, Keller$599,0003,933201443.022N0.24
278512 Fresh Meadows Road, North Richland Hills$749,8804,147202053.123N0.21
29912 Chalet Court, Colleyville$1,099,0005,736200555.124Y0.47
301416 Briar Meadow Drive, Keller$402,9003,483199653.023Y0.19
31905 Forest Park Court, Keller$459,0003,872200643.123N0.34
322800 Riverbrook Way, Southlake$889,0002,968201943.013N0.18
338705 Buckner Lane, Keller$815,0003,203198454.013N2.00
342523 Shoreline Drive, Keller$674,9004,342200354.123N0.25
35529 Royal Glade Drive, Keller$510,0003,591201343.122N0.21
35901 Norma Lane, Keller$669,9004,749200544.023Y0.43
392712 Riverbrook Way, Southlake$799,0002,705201833.113N0.17
398348 Thornhill Drive, North Richland Hills$453,0002,807199242.112Y0.36
396209 Lantana Court, Colleyville$859,9005,718200855.224N0.46
411601 Buckingham Drive, Keller$1,345,0005,417201454.224Y0.87
41901 Barbara Lane, Keller$850,0002,466197443.012N4.91
41345 Jessie Street, Keller$224,9001,671198142.011N0.25
42811 Barbara Lane, Keller$1,100,0003,164200432.112N10.53
42404 Silver Chase Drive, Keller$622,9903,804202044.223N0.31
46801 Secretariat Trail, Keller$916,4434,839202055.124N0.83
48312 Arrowhead Pass, Keller$565,0003,222201943.022N0.13
482605 Florence Road, Southlake$1,100,0002,227197032.012N5.10
486512 Bordeaux Park, Colleyville$600,0003,623200643.023N0.15
49412 Crystal Glen Drive, Keller$425,0003,148200942.123N0.19
497616 Parkview Drive, Watauga$339,0002,105201842.012N0.20
50901 Barbara Lane, Keller$1,300,0002,466197443.012N13.91
511604 Overcup Lane, Keller$382,4003,124199853.122N0.20
51529 Haverhill Lane, Colleyville$795,0004,753200355.123Y0.31
52316 Pate Orr Road S, Keller$570,0003,099199942.120Y0.73
56912 Bellstone Drive, Keller$725,0004,674201144.123N0.35
56400 Majestic Court, Keller$749,5004,694200654.023Y0.59
56715 Duns Tew Path, Colleyville$1,230,0005,820200845.124Y0.46
566809 Providence Road, Colleyville$925,0004,358200643.023Y0.35
581515 Mount Gilead Road, Keller$925,0004,415196943.113Y2.97
581412 Belaire Drive, Keller$519,0002,594198543.012Y0.80
58820 Helen Street, Keller$550,0003,136198233.022N1.23
601519 Hawthorne Lane, Keller$797,0004,208201744.223N0.57
631013 W Murphy Road, Colleyville$999,9004,382200744.123Y0.48
642207 Frio Drive, Keller$460,0003,524200043.122Y0.15
67413 Eventide Way, Colleyville$899,0005,157200754.123N0.51
675804 St Andrews Court, Colleyville$859,0004,470201554.113N0.46
69125 N Pearson Lane N, Southlake$829,9003,775198443.012Y1.05
69324 Reata Road, Keller$589,0004,450201454.022N0.22
70812 Briar Ridge Drive, Keller$580,0003,957200254.023Y0.28
701153 Melissa Drive, Keller$325,0001,455197232.012N0.48
712219 Lakeway Drive, Keller$535,0003,918200164.122N0.17
73412 Samaritan Drive, Keller$494,9902,568202043.012N0.19
731217 Thornwood Drive, Keller$805,0005,082200355.124Y0.58
742819 Flint Trail, Keller$425,0002,884199643.022N0.22
751409 Briar Grove Drive, Keller$809,0005,209201154.114N0.39
801305 Mount Gilead Road, Keller$989,0003,735202044.123N0.83
80433 Silver Chase Drive, Keller$800,0005,361201855.123N0.31
80301 Elkhorn Trail, Keller$512,5002,613201732.112N0.13
801504 Spanish Bay Drive, Keller$729,9004,103201443.123N0.41
83528 Big Bend Drive, Keller$527,1742,924202032.123N0.22
83525 Big Bend Drive, Keller$567,0663,292202043.123N0.19
85300 Corral Court, Southlake$849,8806,136201144.023N0.52
87604 Lasalle Drive, Keller$679,0004,524200544.023N0.30
911814 Mason Court, Keller$759,9004,844200154.123Y0.35
91801 Glendale Drive, Keller$499,9003,912199943.122N0.19
941220 Clark Springs Drive, Keller$415,0003,251199943.022Y0.21
941601 Village Trail, Keller$495,0003,058199242.123Y0.57
941413 Cherry Blossom Lane, Keller$670,0004,858200354.023Y0.52
946604 Herbert Road, Colleyville$575,0005,800201855.123N0.46
991309 Chimney Rock Drive, Keller$1,039,0004,849200654.223Y0.86
99602 Promontory Drive, Keller$939,9005,214200644.223Y0.36
105316 Arrowhead Pass, Keller$559,9003,080201943.122N0.14
1078909 Thornway Drive, North Richland Hills$599,0003,537200142.123Y0.34
1146403 Bordeaux Park, Colleyville$585,0003,203200432.122N0.17
1152321 Brenda Lane, Keller$1,099,0004,372202154.123N0.41
119404 Samaritan Drive, Keller$704,7683,664202044.223N0.19
121720 Lockley Way, Colleyville$795,0005,098201254.223N0.46
125409 Harmony Way, Keller$684,1473,971202055.123N0.19
1251433 Mount Gilead Road, Keller$1,349,0005,513198255.123Y6.00
1262417 Top Rail Lane, Southlake$849,9005,438201044.123N0.46
126332 Longview Drive, Keller$430,0003,646199954.023N0.25
1278704 Whitestone Road, North Richland Hills$620,0003,052202043.112N0.21
1278552 Fresh Meadows Road, North Richland Hills$645,0003,271202043.112N0.21
1282005 Reliance Drive, Keller$605,0003,750202054.123N0.19
1301101 Betty Lane, Keller$1,189,0003,777202055.123Y0.88
1362001 Sterling Trace Drive, Keller$575,0004,671201064.023N0.27
1431257 Bourland Road, Keller$1,190,0006,254201454.223N1.00
1472130 Fawkes Lane, Keller$650,0003,528198543.022N0.80
147905 Chalet Court, Colleyville$940,0005,641200655.124Y0.47
148905 Cobblestone Parks Drive, Keller$625,0003,642201344.123N0.38
1546611 Curtis Road, Colleyville$460,0002,173198542.012Y0.46
1551606 Meadow Park Drive, Keller$308,0002,131199632.012N0.19
1581205 Castle Cove Lane, Keller$846,0004,854200144.224Y0.79
1588705 Montrose Drive, North Richland Hills$669,9003,347202043.113N0.24
1611605 Wingate Court, Keller$549,9003,536199833.023Y0.38
162304 Riverdance Way, Keller$472,0002,200202032.012N0.13
162308 Riverdance Way, Keller$519,9002,882202033.012N0.13
1701224 Fowler Street, Keller$525,0002,716201043.022N0.09
1722901 Bristol Glen, Southlake$649,9004,219199753.123N0.48
176800 Brookstone Court, Keller$371,9901,930202032.012N0.12
187531 Big Bend Drive, Keller$539,9903,195201732.222N0.22
189413 Keller Smithfield Road S, Keller$625,0002,374198943.020N5.37
2111400 Fountain Grass Court, Westlake$1,849,9006,221200545.123Y0.49
2188540 Fresh Meadows Road, North Richland Hills$769,9904,068201943.123N0.21
2211250 Oak Hill Road, Keller$599,0001,889195533.012N2.90
2218609 Timber Drive, North Richland Hills$499,0001,968196532.012N2.38
2721390 Jackson Road, Keller$975,0002,581197942.013N4.16
2758569 Fresh Meadows Road, North Richland Hills$699,7503,781201954.023N0.23
276925 Bluebonnet Drive, Keller$840,0004,452201943.224N0.83
2812808 Riverbrook Way, Southlake$849,0002,701201643.013N0.17
451817 Secretariat Trail, Keller$820,0003,688201943.114N0.85
5428660 Clara, Keller$1,800,0003,152196432.010N7.20

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