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Dallas Fort Worth Middle Schools

This page presents a complete ranking of 357 public middle schools in the Dallas Fort Worth area in order of their 2018 cumulative raw unrounded score for all State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests administered during the 2017-2018 school year. The top 25 DFW traditional open enrollment middle schools, top 10 DFW selective enrollment middle schools and top 10 charter schools are listed on this best Dallas middle schools page.

Unlike some other published rankings, the DFW public elementary schools rankings presented below are based only on the most recent credible student performance data available and no consideration was given to student demographics, changes in student performance over time, student/parent reviews, or other such factors.

2019 DFW public middle schools rankings

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scores shown in the table below are calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of assessments on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) refers to this as the raw STAAR component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and raw component scores of all Texas public school districts and campuses. Because the precision of the scaled STAAR star is significantly diminished by this process, but otherwise unchanged for comparison purposes, the raw STAAR component score is used in this analysis to construct an academic performance index that indicates the relative performance of each Texas middle school.

Each school also has been assigned an academic performance score based on its relative position in the academic performance index. The top 10 percent of Texas middle schools included in this study received an academic performance score of 10, middle schools in the next lower, ninth decile received a score of 9, and so on.

Using the sort and search capabilities of the interactive table shown below, it is easy to answer questions such as ...

  • How did all of the Frisco ISD middle schools perform?
    Enter "frisco isd" in the Search box and click on the "academic performance score" column heading.

  • How significant are academic performances differences at the various campuses?

1Travis Academy for Talented and GiftedDallas ISD106 - 8312100.098Met Standard
2Rangel Young Women's Leadership AcademyDallas ISD106 - 827698.797Met Standard
3Dallas Environmental Science AcademyDallas ISD106 - 844391.896Met Standard
4Dawson Middle SchoolCarroll ISD107 - 862890.896Met Standard
5Rice Middle SchoolPlano ISD106 - 81,08090.196Met Standard
6Fowler Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 81,14190.196Met Standard
7Carroll Middle SchoolCarroll ISD107 - 873389.196Met Standard
8Coppell Middle School EastCoppell ISD106 - 897288.096Met Standard
9Willow Springs Middle SchoolLovejoy ISD107 - 877987.495Met Standard
10Pearson Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 877086.795Met Standard
11Vandeventer Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 81,08486.595Met Standard
12Dealey International AcademyDallas ISD107 - 817086.295Met Standard
13Griffin Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 886685.495Met Standard
14Pioneer Heritage Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 887783.995Met Standard
15Longfellow Career Explorations AcademyDallas ISD106 - 842183.995Met Standard
16Ereckson Middle SchoolAllen ISD107 - 81,21983.395Met Standard
17Coppell Middle School NorthCoppell ISD106 - 894983.095Met Standard
18Coppell Middle School WestCoppell ISD106 - 81,20681.594Met Standard
19Curtis Middle SchoolAllen ISD107 - 81,29681.494Met Standard
20Nelson Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 876580.694Met Standard
21McKamy Middle SchoolLewisville ISD106 - 894179.794Met Standard
22Murphy Middle SchoolPlano ISD106 - 81,25979.294Met Standard
23Cedar Hill Collegiate AcademyCedar Hill ISD106 - 830277.694Met Standard
24Highland Park Middle SchoolHighland Park ISD107 - 81,10577.494Met Standard
25Smithfield Middle SchoolBirdville ISD106 - 881877.294Met Standard
26Schimelpfenig Middle SchoolPlano ISD106 - 885677.194Met Standard
27Downing Middle SchoolLewisville ISD106 - 854676.193Met Standard
28Cooper Junior High SchoolWylie ISD107 - 889175.793Met Standard
29Rogers Middle SchoolProsper ISD106 - 81,42075.393Met Standard
30Shadow Ridge Middle SchoolLewisville ISD106 - 872174.893Met Standard
31Maus Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 898774.693Met Standard
32Wester Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 81,00773.193Met Standard
33Trent Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 888773.193Met Standard
34Harwood Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD107 - 91,00072.793Met Standard
35Hunt Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 881172.393Met Standard
36Robinson Middle SchoolPlano ISD106 - 81,01172.093Met Standard
37McMillan Junior High SchoolWylie ISD107 - 884671.793Met Standard
38Roach Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 885571.693Met Standard
39Scoggins Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 81,00171.593Met Standard
40Colleyville Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD106 - 865871.193Met Standard
41Medlin Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD106 - 81,11771.193Met Standard
42Cobb Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 894871.093Met Standard
43Stafford Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 887170.993Met Standard
44Melissa Middle SchoolMelissa ISD106 - 867269.992Met Standard
45Austin AcademyGarland ISD106 - 894769.692Met Standard
46Dowell Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD106 - 81,19269.292Met Standard
47Harpool Middle SchoolDenton ISD106 - 899068.992Met Standard
48Sunnyvale Middle SchoolSunnyvale ISD105 - 857868.692Met Standard
49Bedford Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD107 - 983268.392Met Standard
50PTAA GreenvillePioneer Technology & Arts Academy106 - 98368.392Met Standard
51Clark Middle SchoolFrisco ISD106 - 879168.192Met Standard
52Cross Timbers Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD106 - 884868.092Met Standard
53Cockrill Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD106 - 81,32267.992Met Standard
54Killian Middle SchoolLewisville ISD106 - 894767.992Met Standard
55Stone Montessori AcademyDallas ISD106 - 823067.792Met Standard
56Argyle Middle SchoolArgyle ISD106 - 867967.792Met Standard
57Indian Springs Middle SchoolKeller ISD105 - 81,04067.492Met Standard
58Aledo Middle SchoolAledo ISD107 - 888267.292Met Standard
59Williams Middle SchoolRockwall ISD107 - 884467.292Met Standard
60Jones Middle SchoolMansfield ISD107 - 81,06867.192Met Standard
61Reynolds Middle SchoolProsper ISD106 - 81,40967.092Met Standard
62Otto Middle SchoolPlano ISD106 - 81,06066.992Met Standard
63Ford Middle SchoolAllen ISD107 - 887466.792Met Standard
64Heritage Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD106 - 884966.692Met Standard
65Keller Middle SchoolKeller ISD107 - 898766.292Met Standard
66International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas106 - 845365.692Met Standard
67Wester Middle SchoolMansfield ISD106 - 891065.592Met Standard
68ACA Middle SchoolArlington Classics Academy106 - 947765.292Met Standard
69Brock Junior High SchoolBrock ISD105 - 843564.891Met Standard
70Cain Middle SchoolRockwall ISD107 - 894164.691Met Standard
71Burnett Junior High SchoolWylie ISD107 - 877264.191Met Standard
72Forestwood Middle SchoolLewisville ISD106 - 891464.091Met Standard
73Lamar Middle SchoolLewisville ISD106 - 871864.091Met Standard
74Briarhill Middle SchoolLewisville ISD106 - 886563.791Met Standard
75Prestwick K-8 STEM AcademyLittle Elm ISD9KG - 875763.291Met Standard
76Central Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD97 - 91,09763.091Met Standard
77Evans Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD96 - 81,12061.991Met Standard
78Haggard Middle SchoolPlano ISD96 - 881861.591Met Standard
79Renner Middle SchoolPlano ISD96 - 81,24761.291Met Standard
80Crownover Middle SchoolDenton ISD96 - 892461.091Met Standard
81Trinity Springs Middle SchoolKeller ISD97 - 81,00360.491Met Standard
82Faubion Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD96 - 81,29160.091Met Standard
83Hurst Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD97 - 91,09960.091Met Standard
84North Ridge Middle SchoolBirdville ISD96 - 874659.891Met Standard
85Warren Middle SchoolForney ISD97 - 876759.791Met Standard
86Arbor Creek Middle SchoolLewisville ISD96 - 890959.290Met Standard
87Celina Junior High SchoolCelina ISD96 - 862659.190Met Standard
88Uplift Williams Middle SchoolUplift Education96 - 843159.090Met Standard
89Richardson North Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD97 - 863258.490Met Standard
90Wilson Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD96 - 81,05058.290Met Standard
91Walnut Grove Middle SchoolMidlothian ISD96 - 81,05857.990Met Standard
92Boles Junior High SchoolArlington ISD97 - 867257.790Met Standard
93Hillwood Middle SchoolKeller ISD97 - 81,16557.590Met Standard
94Parkhill Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD97 - 863657.390Met Standard
95Tidwell Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD96 - 81,21257.390Met Standard
96Clark Junior High SchoolPrinceton ISD97 - 862057.190Met Standard
97Brandenburg Middle SchoolGarland ISD96 - 81,11057.190Met Standard
98Euless Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD97 - 91,04857.090Met Standard
99Westwood Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD97 - 867556.990Met Standard
100Aubrey Middle SchoolAubrey ISD95 - 877256.389Met Standard
101Jackson Technology CenterGarland ISD96 - 81,32655.989Met Standard
102Caddo Mills Middle SchoolCaddo Mills ISD96 - 838655.989Met Standard
103Hendrick Middle SchoolPlano ISD96 - 872255.889Met Standard
104Utley Middle SchoolRockwall ISD97 - 889255.789Met Standard
105Richardson West Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD97 - 871154.888Met Standard
106Jobe Middle SchoolMansfield ISD97 - 893354.788Met Standard
107Bailey Junior High SchoolArlington ISD97 - 884354.688Met Standard
108Seale Middle SchoolMidlothian ISD96 - 81,05854.588Met Standard
109Blalack Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD96 - 896954.388Met Standard
110Nichols Middle SchoolJoshua ISD96 - 856453.687Met Standard
111Ponder Junior High SchoolPonder ISD96 - 834153.187Met Standard
112Young Junior High SchoolArlington ISD97 - 885053.087Met Standard
113Hudson Middle SchoolGarland ISD86 - 81,23152.487Met Standard
114Grandview Junior High SchoolGrandview ISD86 - 831052.286Met Standard
115Creekview Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD86 - 890252.086Met Standard
116Wayside Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD86 - 888051.986Met Standard
117Highland Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD86 - 885651.986Met Standard
118Huddleston Intermediate SchoolPrinceton ISD86 - 634251.886Met Standard
119Mabank Junior High SchoolMabank ISD87 - 848151.686Met Standard
120Worley Middle SchoolMansfield ISD87 - 892051.386Met Standard
121Timberview Middle SchoolKeller ISD85 - 81,21651.286Met Standard
122Farmersville Junior High SchoolFarmersville ISD86 - 841850.985Met Standard
123Staley Middle SchoolFrisco ISD86 - 866250.685Met Standard
124Creek Valley Middle SchoolLewisville ISD86 - 869550.485Met Standard
125Chisholm Trail Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD86 - 81,06750.485Met Standard
126Frankford Middle SchoolPlano ISD86 - 81,05350.185Met Standard
127Bland Middle SchoolBland ISD86 - 814049.585Met Standard
128Apollo Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD87 - 865049.385Met Standard
129Coble Middle SchoolMansfield ISD87 - 894249.085Met Standard
130Acton Middle SchoolGranbury ISD86 - 884648.485Met Standard
131Pike Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD86 - 893348.485Met Standard
132Lake Dallas Middle SchoolLake Dallas ISD86 - 890747.784Met Standard
133Sanger Middle SchoolSanger ISD87 - 840547.584Met Standard
134Kennedale Junior High SchoolKennedale ISD87 - 849047.484Met Standard
135Grapevine Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD86 - 876447.083Met Standard
136Tolar Junior High SchoolTolar ISD86 - 818947.084Met Standard
137Greiner Exploratory Arts AcademyDallas ISD86 - 81,72146.684Met Standard
138Wilson Middle SchoolPlano ISD86 - 883046.283Met Standard
139Uplift Infinity PreparatoryUplift Education86 - 833346.183Met Standard
140Reagan Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD86 - 889646.183Met Standard
141Rosemont Middle SchoolDallas ISD86 - 819646.083Met Standard
142Palmer Middle SchoolPalmer ISD85 - 839146.083Met Standard
143Azle Junior High School SouthAzle ISD87 - 853646.083Met Standard
144Johnson Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD86 - 891845.783Met Standard
145Liberty Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD87 - 861645.483Met Standard
146Lake Highlands Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD87 - 880845.383Met Standard
147Loflin Middle SchoolJoshua ISD76 - 871445.182Met Standard
148Johnson 6th Grade SchoolFort Worth ISD76 - 656145.082Met Standard
149Stripling Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD76 - 869244.782Met Standard
150North Richland Middle SchoolBirdville ISD76 - 889144.782Met Standard
151Lone Oak Middle SchoolLone Oak ISD76 - 823744.682Met Standard
152Royse City Middle SchoolRoyse City ISD77 - 886444.482Met Standard
153STEAM Middle SchoolBurleson ISD76 - 859644.482Met Standard
154Watauga Middle SchoolBirdville ISD76 - 871143.981Met Standard
155Navo Middle SchoolDenton ISD76 - 893743.881Met Standard
156Sanger 6th Grade CampusSanger ISD76 - 621543.481Met Standard
157Fossil Hill Middle SchoolKeller ISD77 - 81,03043.481Met Standard
158McMath Middle SchoolDenton ISD76 - 878143.381Met Standard
159Howard Middle SchoolMansfield ISD77 - 892143.381Met Standard
160Brown Middle SchoolForney ISD77 - 888443.281Met Standard
161Applied Learning AcademyFort Worth ISD76 - 831742.981Met Standard
161McCarroll Middle 6th Grade SchoolDecatur ISD76 - 625342.981Met Standard
163Scurry-Rosser Middle SchoolScurry-Rosser ISD74 - 838742.881Met Standard
164Glen Rose Junior High SchoolGlen Rose ISD76 - 841742.681Met Standard
165Ousley Junior High SchoolArlington ISD77 - 897642.580Met Standard
166Hulcy STEAM Middle SchoolDallas ISD76 - 853242.380Met Standard
167Prairie Vista Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD76 - 882042.380Met Standard
168McLean Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD76 - 81,01642.080Met Standard
169Spence Talented and Gifted AcademyDallas ISD76 - 873541.980Met Standard
170Griffin Middle SchoolLewisville ISD76 - 880541.780Met Standard
171Gunn Junior High SchoolArlington ISD77 - 844241.680Met Standard
172Myers Middle SchoolDenton ISD76 - 877341.580Met Standard
173Howard Junior High SchoolWaxahachie ISD76 - 81,00541.380Met Standard
174Keene Junior High SchoolKeene ISD76 - 823941.179Met Standard
175Carpenter Middle SchoolPlano ISD76 - 867040.779Met Standard
176Springtown Middle SchoolSpringtown ISD77 - 854140.779Met Standard
177Forte Junior High SchoolAzle ISD77 - 845640.779Met Standard
178Young Women's Leadership AcademyDallas ISD76 - 81,22740.479Met Standard
179Rodriguez Middle SchoolDenton ISD76 - 866140.379Met Standard
180McCarroll Middle SchoolDecatur ISD76 - 848440.379Met Standard
181Saint Anthony SchoolSt. Anthony School76 - 811240.379Met Standard
182Wilkinson Middle SchoolMesquite ISD76 - 897440.279Met Standard
183Millsap Middle SchoolMillsap ISD76 - 820340.279Met Standard
184Terry Middle SchoolMesquite ISD76 - 889640.179Met Standard
185Kimbrough Middle SchoolMesquite ISD77 - 882440.079Met Standard
186Bridgeport Middle SchoolBridgeport ISD66 - 844640.079Met Standard
187Kerr Middle SchoolBurleson ISD65 - 81,25039.979Met Standard
188Red Oak Junior High SchoolRed Oak ISD66 - 81,37639.879Met Standard
189Long Middle SchoolDallas ISD66 - 81,47939.479Met Standard
190Willkie Middle SchoolEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD66 - 895939.378Met Standard
191Paradise Middle SchoolParadise ISD66 - 826039.378Met Standard
192Hughes Middle SchoolBurleson ISD66 - 81,04739.278Met Standard
193Brewer Middle SchoolWhite Settlement ISD67 - 81,01839.078Met Standard
194International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas66 - 846938.878Met Standard
195Alvord Middle SchoolAlvord ISD66 - 817238.878Met Standard
196Blue Ridge Middle SchoolBlue Ridge ISD66 - 820038.878Met Standard
197Barnett Junior High SchoolArlington ISD67 - 887438.878Met Standard
198Maypearl Middle SchoolMaypearl ISD65 - 839338.678Met Standard
198Maypearl Middle SchoolMaypearl ISD65 - 839338.678Met Standard
200Chico Middle SchoolChico ISD66 - 813838.578Met Standard
201Krum Middle SchoolKrum ISD66 - 850338.377Met Standard
202PTAA MesquitePioneer Technology & Arts Academy66 - 920638.177Met Standard
203Tison Middle SchoolWeatherford ISD66 - 892338.177Met Standard
204Peaster Middle SchoolPeaster ISD67 - 820838.077Met Standard
205Newman International Academy at PioneerNewman International Academy of Art67 - 819037.877Met Standard
206Bowman Middle SchoolPlano ISD66 - 899237.777Met Standard
207Hall Middle SchoolWeatherford ISD66 - 894437.777Met Standard
208Poolville Junior High SchoolPoolville ISD66 - 89437.577Met Standard
209Travis Middle SchoolIrving ISD66 - 899437.377Met Standard
210Pilot Point Middle SchoolPilot Point ISD67 - 822737.177Met Standard
211Norman Junior High SchoolKaufman ISD67 - 859736.977Met Standard
212Bush Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD66 - 868936.776Met Standard
213Anna Middle SchoolAnna ISD66 - 878336.776Met Standard
214Strickland Middle SchoolDenton ISD66 - 888136.776Met Standard
215Webb Middle SchoolGarland ISD66 - 81,13736.777Met Standard
216Lancaster Middle SchoolLancaster ISD67 - 81,00636.376Met Standard
217Ennis Junior High SchoolEnnis ISD57 - 885935.976Met Standard
218Perry Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD56 - 81,03035.876Met Standard
219Byrd Middle SchoolDuncanville ISD57 - 869035.275Met Standard
220IL Texas North Richland HillsInternational Leadership of Texas56 - 839735.275Met Standard
221Forest Meadow Junior High SchoolRichardson ISD57 - 878434.975Met Standard
222Armstrong Middle SchoolPlano ISD56 - 870734.775Met Standard
223Finley Junior High SchoolWaxahachie ISD56 - 81,00234.675Met Standard
224De Zavala Middle SchoolIrving ISD56 - 885834.375Met Standard
225Celeste Junior High SchoolCeleste ISD56 - 811534.075Met Standard
226Quintanilla Middle SchoolDallas ISD56 - 81,05433.775Met Standard
227Carver 6th Grade STEM Learning SchoolLancaster ISD56 - 653233.675Met Standard
228Boles Middle SchoolBoles ISD55 - 816533.675Met Standard
229Schrade Middle SchoolGarland ISD56 - 81,03433.675Met Standard
230Uplift Summit International Middle SchoolUplift Education56 - 847633.575Met Standard
231Lighthouse Charter School - B CampLife School57 - 848833.575Met Standard
232Haltom Middle SchoolBirdville ISD56 - 892833.475Met Standard
233Polk Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD56 - 81,06133.475Met Standard
234IL Texas Saginaw Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas56 - 832033.375Met Standard
235North Oaks Middle SchoolBirdville ISD56 - 857133.375Met Standard
236Edge Middle SchoolCommunity ISD56 - 850333.175Met Standard
237Hedrick Middle SchoolLewisville ISD56 - 866832.574Met Standard
238Wolfe City Middle SchoolWolfe City ISD56 - 814732.374Met Standard
239Crandall Middle SchoolCrandall ISD57 - 864132.274Met Standard
240Baxter Junior High SchoolEverman ISD57 - 896832.174Met Standard
241Sanger Preparatory Middle SchoolDallas ISD46 - 818032.174Met Standard
242Shackelford Junior High SchoolArlington ISD47 - 870332.074Met Standard
243Berry Middle SchoolMesquite ISD46 - 890431.874Met Standard
244Richland Middle SchoolBirdville ISD46 - 866231.874Met Standard
245Kirkpatrick Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD46 - 851231.574Met Standard
246International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas46 - 839931.474Met Standard
247Uplift Grand Secondary SchoolUplift Education46 - 849331.473Met Standard
248Greenville Middle SchoolGreenville ISD47 - 974131.373Met Standard
249Jackson Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD46 - 898831.274Met Standard
250Smith Middle SchoolCleburne ISD46 - 881830.973Met Standard
251Calhoun Middle SchoolDenton ISD46 - 872930.573Met Standard
252Commerce Middle SchoolCommerce ISD46 - 833130.373Met Standard
253International Leadership Of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas46 - 839030.373Met Standard
254Godley Middle SchoolGodley ISD47 - 831530.173Met Standard
255Coyle Middle SchoolGarland ISD46 - 81,03230.173Met Standard
256Venus Middle SchoolVenus ISD46 - 850329.973Met Standard
257Franklin Middle SchoolDallas ISD46 - 81,03529.672Met Standard
258Lakeside Middle SchoolLittle Elm ISD46 - 81,33729.472Met Standard
259Huffines Middle SchoolLewisville ISD46 - 882729.372Met Standard
260Agnew Middle SchoolMesquite ISD47 - 882529.172Met Standard
261Uplift Grand Secondary SchoolUplift Education46 - 834829.172Met Standard
262Houston Middle SchoolIrving ISD46 - 887229.072Met Standard
263Vanston Middle SchoolMesquite ISD47 - 880529.072Met Standard
264Truman Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD46 - 859328.972Met Standard
265McDonald Middle SchoolMesquite ISD47 - 81,00228.772Met Standard
266Hill Middle SchoolDallas ISD46 - 889428.772Met Standard
267Boyd Middle SchoolBoyd ISD47 - 821228.772Improvement Required
268Summer Creek Middle SchoolCrowley ISD47 - 980028.772Met Standard
269Thompson Middle SchoolQuinlan ISD46 - 854428.071Met Standard
270Uplift Heights Middle SchoolUplift Education36 - 849227.871Met Standard
271Richards Middle SchoolDallas ISD36 - 81,32427.771Met Standard
272New Middle SchoolMesquite ISD37 - 892627.571Met Standard
273Uplift Peak Middle SchoolUplift Education36 - 842527.571Met Standard
274Johnson 6th Grade CampusEverman ISD36 - 647327.371Met Standard
275International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas36 - 842027.171Met Standard
276International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of Texas36 - 846427.171Met Standard
277Rosemont Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD36 - 81,01327.170Met Standard
278Kemp Junior High SchoolKemp ISD36 - 834726.970Met Standard
279Kennedy Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD36 - 874526.970Met Standard
280Ferris Junior High SchoolFerris ISD36 - 859326.570Met Standard
281Nichols Junior High SchoolArlington ISD37 - 878826.570Met Standard
282Crockett Middle SchoolIrving ISD36 - 890926.470Met Standard
283Fannin Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD36 - 850626.370Met Standard
284Furlough Middle SchoolTerrell ISD36 - 895626.170Met Standard
285Lakeview Middle SchoolLewisville ISD36 - 870726.070Met Standard
286Alvarado Junior High SchoolAlvarado ISD37 - 861425.970Met Standard
287Rusk Middle SchoolDallas ISD36 - 864725.970Met Standard
288Rio Vista Middle SchoolRio Vista ISD36 - 814925.970Met Standard
289DeSoto West Middle SchoolDeSoto ISD36 - 867325.369Met Standard
290Sixth Grade CenterGreenville ISD36 - 637025.369Met Standard
291Durham Middle SchoolLewisville ISD36 - 887125.169Met Standard
292Granbury Middle SchoolGranbury ISD36 - 877025.169Met Standard
293Lamar Middle SchoolIrving ISD36 - 883924.869Met Standard
294Marsh Middle SchoolCastleberry ISD36 - 888124.369Met Standard
295Austin Middle SchoolIrving ISD36 - 899224.067Met Standard
296KIPP Austin DFW Truth AcademyKIPP Dallas-Fort Worth35 - 847724.067Met Standard
297Workman Junior High SchoolArlington ISD37 - 81,50123.867Met Standard
298Gaston Middle SchoolDallas ISD36 - 897923.867Met Standard
299Bowie Middle SchoolIrving ISD36 - 897023.867Met Standard
300Field Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD36 - 81,00623.767Met Standard
301Carter Junior High SchoolArlington ISD37 - 81,14923.667Met Standard
302Long Middle SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISD26 - 862323.267Met Standard
303Permenter Middle SchoolCedar Hill ISD26 - 882022.967Met Standard
304Browne Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 854022.565Met Standard
305Walker Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 876122.465Met Standard
306Uplift Hampton Middle SchoolUplift Education26 - 844022.365Met Standard
307Wedgwood Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 887922.165Met Standard
308Kennemer Middle SchoolDuncanville ISD27 - 872321.765Met Standard
309Elder Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 81,29021.564Met Standard
310Meadowbrook Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 876121.165Met Standard
311Holmes, Z. Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 895221.064Met Standard
312O'Banion Middle SchoolGarland ISD26 - 81,10920.964Met Standard
313Houston Middle SchoolGarland ISD26 - 81,00420.664Met Standard
314Sellers Middle SchoolGarland ISD26 - 883520.664Met Standard
315Wheat Middle SchoolCleburne ISD26 - 868720.564Met Standard
316Garcia Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 876320.564Met Standard
317Johnson Middle SchoolIrving ISD26 - 81,01420.164Met Standard
318Stevens Middle SchoolCrowley ISD27 - 988120.064Met Standard
319Riverside Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 894319.962Met Standard
320Coleman Middle SchoolCedar Hill ISD26 - 877719.764Met Standard
321Forest Oak Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 882319.762Met Standard
322Edison Learning CenterDallas ISD26 - 855319.762Met Standard
323Fellowship Early Childhood Intermediate SchoolA.W. Brown Leadership Academy2KG - 898419.558Met Standard
324Lang Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 890719.562Met Standard
325Medrano Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 896219.562Met Standard
326Wedgwood 6th Grade SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 645419.162Met Standard
327Crowley Middle SchoolCrowley ISD27 - 868119.062Met Standard
328Reed Middle SchoolDuncanville ISD27 - 861719.062Met Standard
329Rosemont 6th Grade SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 647318.962Met Standard
330Cary Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 859818.862Met Standard
331Daggett Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 839318.662Met Standard
332Marsh Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 891718.560Met Standard
333James Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD26 - 895018.460Met Standard
334IL Texas Lancaster Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas26 - 837618.260Met Standard
335Bussey Middle SchoolGarland ISD26 - 894118.260Met Standard
336Storey Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 858917.860Met Standard
337KIPP Austin DFW Destiny Middle SchoolKIPP Dallas-Fort Worth26 - 833517.860Met Standard
338Stockard Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 81,15617.860Met Standard
339IL Texas Windmill Lakes Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas26 - 832117.660Met Standard
340Dade Middle SchoolDallas ISD26 - 889417.460Met Standard
341McCowan Middle SchoolDeSoto ISD16 - 899417.260Met Standard
342Seagoville Middle SchoolDallas ISD16 - 81,36317.159Met Standard
343Adams Middle SchoolGrand Prairie ISD16 - 879616.659Met Standard
344Piedmont Global AcademyDallas ISD16 - 81,00616.559Met Standard
345McClung Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 874116.359Met Standard
346DeSoto East Middle SchoolDeSoto ISD16 - 859515.958Met Standard
347Meacham Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 881415.958Met Standard
348Collins Middle SchoolLake Worth ISD17 - 850315.459Met Standard
349Delay Middle SchoolLewisville ISD16 - 896714.958Met Standard
350Uplift Pinnacle Secondary SchoolUplift Education16 - 726114.257Improvement Required
351Zumwalt Middle SchoolDallas ISD16 - 841714.157Met Standard
352Handley Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 845214.057Met Standard
353Young Men's Leadership AcademyDallas ISD16 - 895213.957Met Standard
354Tasby Middle SchoolDallas ISD16 - 896913.557Met Standard
355Glencrest 6th Grade SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 644913.457Improvement Required
356Morningside Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 868913.457Improvement Required
357Lyles Middle SchoolGarland ISD16 - 886313.357Met Standard
358Uplift Mighty Middle SchoolUplift Education16 - 848513.157Met Standard
359Holmes Classical AcademyDallas ISD16 - 880612.856Improvement Required
360Monnig Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 866512.856Improvement Required
361Atwell Law AcademyDallas ISD16 - 881912.556Improvement Required
362Kennedy-Curry Middle SchoolDallas ISD16 - 874312.056Met Standard
363Comstock Middle SchoolDallas ISD16 - 884611.756Met Standard
364Leonard Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 877211.555Improvement Required
365IL Texas East Fort Worth Middle SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas16 - 83077.453Improvement Required
366Jacquet Middle SchoolFort Worth ISD16 - 87364.151Improvement Required

Source: Texas Education Agency

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