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Prosper High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Prosper High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Prosper High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 21

Academic performance score: 10

In addition to its 2019 top-tier Dallas area high schools academic ranking, Prosper High School is similarly recognized as one of the best public open enrollment high schools in Texas. The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 93

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

Prosper High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 93 89 94 94 96

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 32.8% 36.9% 38.5%

The Advance Placement/International Baccalaureate (AP/IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2016-2017 enrollment

Prosper High School 2,515  
  Ninth grade 720  
  Tenth grade 646  
  Eleventh grade 637  
  Twelfth grade 512  

2016-2017 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 15.4
Average years teaching experience 10.5

Campus address and phone number

301 Eagle Drive
Prosper, TX 75078
469 219-2180

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Prosper ISD schools, click on these Prosper, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Celina links.

Sources: Prosper Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Prosper High School homes for sale

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
14161 Woodbine Lane, Prosper$726,3704,118202044.223N0.00
29612 Corinth Lane, Frisco$365,0002,181201532.012N0.16
213980 S Red Oak Circle S, Frisco$479,0002,343198442.012Y1.00
2811 Long Valley Court, Prosper$420,0002,982200843.123N0.25
313835 Taylor Way, Frisco$379,0002,335201142.012N0.00
32921 Blackthorn Drive, Prosper$850,0004,741201555.223N0.36
32350 Bottlebrush Drive, Prosper$494,9904,126201843.222N0.18
31011 Yellowcress Drive, Prosper$419,0002,278201632.112N0.19
33717 Brinkley Drive, Celina$398,7452,265202032.113N0.13
33405 Osage River Trail, Celina$396,9112,981202053.022N0.14
35380 Oak Bend Trail, Celina$849,9004,099200643.114N1.62
4520 Barnstorm Drive, Celina$359,5002,352201632.012N0.14
42101 Tabitha Drive, McKinney$579,0003,529201643.022N0.19
41641 Star Creek Drive, Prosper$609,3053,647202055.223N0.16
43020 Spring Creek Trail, Celina$429,0003,443201643.122N0.17
42719 Seabiscuit Road, Celina$700,0004,594201755.123N0.23
41611 Deerwood Lane, Prosper$643,2733,827202054.123N0.19
52935 Bold Ruler Road, Celina$365,0002,313201733.012N0.14
54421 Mueller Lane, Prosper$1,000,0004,729201855.324N0.29
512362 Wagon Wheel Trail, Frisco$555,9504,305202053.122N0.25
512386 Wagon Wheel Trail, Frisco$565,9504,254202054.023N0.30
53528 Clairborne Drive, Celina$601,9903,015202033.113N0.18
61421 Copper Point Drive, Prosper$1,950,0005,500202044.213Y0.61
61381 Copper Point Drive, Prosper$2,100,0005,800202044.213Y0.76
61380 Copper Point Drive, Prosper$2,250,0006,000202055.214Y1.01
62150 Country Brook Lane, Prosper$990,5104,533202055.323N0.29
72251 Country Brook Lane, Prosper$789,0004,122201954.223N0.25
71716 Medina Lane, Prosper$399,0002,807201242.122Y0.13
89324 Chesapeake Ln Lane, McKinney$349,9002,560200142.122N0.24
93935 Hartline Hills Way, Celina$517,4003,700201743.123N0.17
910c Rhea Mills Circle, Prosper$499,9001,739199032.012N1.11
93004 Comal Court, Celina$437,2582,981201842.122N0.25
103520 Newport Drive, Prosper$614,9003,395201843.013N0.23
103501 Springbell Street, Celina$705,0004,849201555.123N0.30
103325 Alexandra Lane, Celina$576,9002,991202043.113N0.00
103205 Alexandra Lane, Celina$562,9002,969202043.113N0.00
105807 Liverpool Street, Celina$435,4223,672202053.122N0.16
102730 Corral Drive, Celina$670,0004,055201743.223N0.30
103901 Blue Sage, Prosper$739,9903,748202055.023N0.20
105912 Oakmere Lane, Celina$430,2073,720202053.123N0.16
104140 Woodbine Lane, Prosper$703,2854,046202044.223N0.00
112505 War Admiral Street, Celina$459,9002,357202043.012N0.00
113204 Lexington Drive, Celina$459,9002,352202043.012N0.00
12900 Agave Drive, Prosper$654,6933,712202043.222N0.21
12910 Agave Drive, Prosper$644,2533,599202043.223N0.15
132720 Bluegill Lane, Prosper$519,0003,477202043.022N0.18
132730 Bluegill Lane, Prosper$483,0003,416202043.022N0.18
132413 Reading Drive, McKinney$499,0003,103201942.123N0.19
131411 Carnation Street, Celina$547,9003,299202043.123N0.00
134731 Desert Willow Drive, Prosper$639,7623,637202043.122N0.19
13824 Brenham Avenue, Celina$345,1951,722202032.012N0.22
141690 Parkwood Court, Prosper$824,9004,211202055.123N0.00
16831 Ivy Glen Court, Prosper$799,9904,848201855.123N0.25
16260 Columbia Court, Prosper$1,187,5004,597201455.325Y0.43
161609 Commons Way, Prosper$460,0002,982201543.023N0.25
164125 Heatherton, Celina$622,9004,089202044.223N0.17
162404 Rotherham Circle, McKinney$578,4293,930202054.023N0.17
163312 Alexandra Lane, Celina$622,4653,050202043.113N0.18
163201 Sunday Silence Lane, Celina$602,0853,009202043.113N0.17
174101 Chimney Rock Drive, Prosper$999,9004,894201055.123Y0.31
172971 Sunny Hill Lane, Prosper$749,9004,315201555.223Y0.29
172160 Country Brook Lane, Prosper$717,0703,580202043.113N0.28
17745 Corner Post Path, Celina$398,2202,321202033.112N0.13
172170 Longmont Lane, Prosper$766,8203,973202044.124N0.27
171712 Hollyhock Drive, Celina$530,0003,685201643.223N0.17
181634 Snowdrop Drive, Celina$399,0292,103202032.112N0.14
183778 Norwood Avenue, Celina$460,6422,855202044.022N0.15
18608 Barnstorm Drive, Celina$431,0722,337202032.112N0.15
1810108 Long Branch Drive, McKinney$385,0002,983201743.122N0.13
194330 Autumn Sage Drive, Prosper$620,0004,011201744.123N0.22
191613 Snapdragon Street, Celina$459,0002,819202043.012N0.22
194011 Hollywood Park Court, Celina$675,0004,111201643.223N0.32
202908 Seattle Slew Drive, Celina$435,0002,774201833.022N0.14
2313773 French Creek Lane, Frisco$419,9002,373201842.112N0.16
23425 Allbright Road, Celina$359,9002,756201653.022N0.15
243571 Fieldview Court, Celina$468,0003,296201543.123N0.26
243981 Arches Lane, Prosper$999,9004,680201055.323Y0.41
24716 Francis Avenue, Celina$422,0003,000202033.122N0.10
242920 Whirlaway Court, Celina$775,7963,778202043.113N0.33
241206 Baird Way, Celina$745,0004,435201554.224N0.26
25757 Corner Post Path, Celina$470,0003,269201943.123N0.13
263124 Twin Eagles Drive, Celina$749,9954,635201943.225N0.30
261513 Coleto Creek Trail, Prosper$373,0002,466202142.122N0.12
282908 Aldon Springs Lane, Celina$514,9802,383202033.012N0.18
29721 Corner Post Path, Celina$429,4552,319202043.012N0.15
303761 Norwood Avenue, Celina$449,9003,412201743.023N0.16
302701 Southhampton Drive, McKinney$505,2653,365202053.022N0.15
302201 Commons Way, Prosper$470,0003,456201844.023N0.18
314540 Honeyvine Lane, Prosper$1,049,9005,445201655.022N0.29
313912 Southern Ridge Drive, McKinney$399,0003,418201742.122N0.16
313612 Meridian Avenue, Celina$420,0003,579201554.022N0.15
322516 Preakness Place, Celina$400,3372,721202043.022N0.14
345818 Liverpool Street, Celina$425,5804,000202054.022N0.16
342440 Redbridge, McKinney$524,0212,883202032.113N0.20
3413859 Azul, Frisco$989,9005,005201756.023Y0.20
36733 Corner Post Path, Celina$429,1862,280202043.012N0.15
364039 Starlight Creek Drive, Celina$432,7492,337202043.012N0.15
371513 Paley Park Drive, Prosper$429,9003,798201654.022N0.13
373129 Sunday Silence Lane, Celina$583,9903,051202043.113N0.20
372000 Willow Bend Court, Prosper$1,199,0004,636201644.114Y0.64
381721 White Tail Drive, Prosper$539,0002,803201843.014N0.27
382212 Preston Lane, McKinney$267,9001,575200732.012N0.11
383682 Norwood Avenue, Celina$457,5003,413201743.122N0.19
392561 Westview Court, Prosper$1,849,9008,101200854.326Y1.22
39850 Foxfield Court, Prosper$503,9002,543202043.112N0.00
403810 Blue Sage, Prosper$699,9903,395202044.113N0.24
403650 Doramus Drive, Celina$449,9902,609201833.122N0.13
41207 E 3rd Street, Prosper$140,000949196021.010N0.17
412704 War Admiral Street, Celina$479,9002,574202043.112N0.00
414001 Wittenburg Drive, McKinney$464,0003,136202043.023N0.17
412424 War Admiral Street, Celina$449,9002,180202043.012N0.00
412040 Star Trace Parkway, Prosper$739,0003,179202044.113N0.25
42532 Barnstorm Drive, Celina$299,0001,839201632.012N0.14
443140 Rose Hill Drive, Prosper$434,9002,703202032.023N0.22
455120 Datewood Lane, McKinney$338,0002,369201342.012N0.15
45811 Hawk Wood Lane, Prosper$1,040,8023,694202044.113N0.29
451820 Winding Creek Road, Prosper$1,250,0006,200200055.134Y1.99
464123 Sanders Drive, Celina$459,9003,498201643.122N0.15
461403 Carnation Street, Celina$509,9003,393202043.123N0.00
461720 Brookside Drive, Prosper$555,0005,085200665.022N0.22
476136 Sutton Fields Trail, Aubrey$385,0003,346201753.122N0.15
48880 Manchester Avenue, Prosper$524,9002,934202043.122N0.00
4815921 Perdido Creek Trail, Prosper$354,0001,983202142.012N0.13
48738 Corner Post Path, Celina$476,9252,963202043.122N0.13
507505 Eastwick Avenue, McKinney$577,1213,540202043.122N0.14
522713 Twin Eagles Drive, Celina$715,0004,266201954.124N0.32
522621 Meadowbrook Boulevard, Prosper$640,9002,991202043.113N0.00
52800 Brenham Avenue, Celina$369,3802,136202043.022N0.10
522604 Preakness Place, Celina$474,9853,178201943.022N0.14
5214893 Bucklebury Drive, Frisco$537,9004,140201754.122N0.42
533004 Twin Lakes Drive, Prosper$769,9003,769201244.113Y2.12
532601 Meadowbrook Boulevard, Prosper$624,9002,969202043.113N0.00
531645 Olive Avenue, Celina$500,0003,427201654.023N0.17
541410 Devonshire Drive, Celina$850,0004,868201855.123N0.25
541660 Cottonwood Trail, Prosper$715,9003,047202043.113N0.00
546032 Oakmere Lane, Celina$429,4743,672202053.122N0.16
551941 River Rock Lane, Prosper$634,9303,770202044.123N0.19
552727 Village Creek Street, Celina$409,4402,618201943.023N0.20
555913 Bellflower Drive, McKinney$406,5002,966202043.122N0.15
552740 Bluegill, Prosper$656,9673,804202043.022N0.18
56741 Hawk Wood Lane, Prosper$1,167,2085,337202055.323N0.29
5611026 San Pedro Street, Frisco$569,9004,024201753.122N0.18
564211 Mill Branch Drive, Prosper$670,9003,180202044.013N0.23
583042 Seattle Slew Drive, Celina$385,0002,336201843.012N0.14
59911 Yellowcress Drive, Prosper$474,0003,314201643.122N0.21
602905 Maverick, Celina$693,9503,593202044.113N0.22
602701 Maverick, Celina$726,5504,368202054.123N0.28
605916 Oakmere Lane, Celina$437,5803,665202053.122N0.16
603212 Zenyatta Court, Celina$687,7633,179202044.113N0.22
613304 Sunday Silence Lane, Celina$549,9002,969202043.113N0.00
622061 Woodhaven Drive, Prosper$825,0003,890201344.113N1.90
621970 Autumnwood Court, Prosper$809,0003,778202044.113N0.25
622020 Star Trace Parkway, Prosper$784,0003,778202044.113N0.25
6215904 Placid Trail, Prosper$344,0001,800202132.012N0.13
622316 Griffith Park Drive, Prosper$371,5002,174202142.012N0.13
62951 Sabine Drive, Prosper$390,0001,964202042.012N0.24
625900 Grace Drive, McKinney$641,4294,048202054.023N0.25
632715 Whirlaway Court, Celina$757,6963,778202044.113N0.29
632904 Whirlaway Court, Celina$753,8424,368202054.124N0.29
632491 Meadowbrook Boulevard, Prosper$574,9003,395202043.123N0.00
632612 War Admiral Street, Celina$440,7183,279202054.022N0.14
633000 Maplewood Drive, McKinney$435,0003,072201754.024N0.20
66821 Wright Ln, Prosper$899,9905,116202055.223N0.29
662821 Maverick, Celina$552,3012,829201943.113N0.23
662805 Maverick, Celina$608,9272,883201932.114N0.22
661820 Shavano Way, Prosper$559,0003,001202043.012N0.29
661801 Newpark Way, Prosper$559,0003,002202033.123N0.28
661850 Shavano Way, Prosper$579,0003,229202033.123N0.29
683236 Lexington Drive, Celina$479,9002,567202043.012N0.00
683119 Cavalry Way, Celina$479,9002,694202043.022N0.00
683131 Cavalry Way, Celina$479,9002,782202043.122N0.00
68805 Underwood Lane, Celina$459,0003,220201754.022N0.16
682714 Corral Drive, Celina$623,0003,218201743.013N0.30
69331 Berkshire Court, Prosper$499,9004,100201553.022N0.25
704050 Blue Sage Drive, Prosper$479,9502,291201832.112N0.15
73911 Woodview Drive, Prosper$1,379,0005,205201343.323Y1.81
736509 Lark Circle, Celina$649,9003,667200444.023N1.08
732740 Meadowbrook Boulevard, Prosper$624,9003,278202043.113N0.00
74418 Overton Avenue, Celina$379,9002,802201943.022N0.00
75840 Foxfield Court, Prosper$502,9002,726202043.112N0.00
762625 War Admiral Street, Celina$439,9002,504202043.012N0.00
80920 Gentle Knoll Lane, Prosper$486,0002,215202032.113N0.17
816184 Coastal Drive, Celina$759,0003,917200354.014N1.00
839908 Beaver Dam Lane, McKinney$305,0002,025201732.122N0.10
87640 Debbie Court, Prosper$498,9003,378201543.123N0.28
883212 Lexington Drive, Celina$398,0872,512202042.122N0.14
8813647 Monstrell Road, Frisco$540,0004,043201254.023N0.24
892675 Twelve Oaks Lane, Celina$1,125,0005,744200644.123N2.45
9222a Rhea Mills Circle, Prosper$386,0001,820198642.012N1.01
942909 Driftwood Creek Trail, Celina$384,9002,750201743.012N0.17
94971 Sabine Drive, Prosper$380,0001,800202032.012N0.24
94981 Sabine Drive, Prosper$404,5002,174202042.012N0.24
963701 Maxdale Drive, Prosper$600,0003,218202043.123N0.15
9710190 Doolittle, McKinney$785,0006,960199421.0210N1.50
971641 Cottonwood Trail, Prosper$774,9003,522202044.113N0.00
974360 Wells Road, Celina$1,695,0006,067200754.224Y2.55
981601 Cottonwood Trail, Prosper$749,9003,455201943.113N0.00
101741 Corner Post Path, Celina$445,9042,304202043.012N0.15
1012509 Preakness Place, Celina$325,9901,894202032.012N0.14
1021401 Copper Point Drive, Prosper$1,800,0005,080202044.113Y0.53
1032717 War Admiral Street, Celina$469,9002,714202043.012N0.00
103120 Darian Drive, Prosper$515,0003,582201743.123N0.25
1043205 Cavalry Way, Celina$419,4352,202202032.112N0.14
1042428 War Admiral Street, Celina$424,9902,901202043.022N0.14
1071610 Turnberry Drive, Prosper$617,1772,713202043.113N0.22
1071611 Trellis Drive, Prosper$562,7062,997202043.022N0.16
107940 Lone Grove Lane, Prosper$590,3263,292202043.023N0.16
1071601 Pebblebrook Lane, Prosper$632,9803,477202043.122N0.25
108950 Gentle Knoll Lane, Prosper$516,6722,297202032.112N0.16
1104721 Desert Willow Drive, Prosper$581,2272,601202032.113N0.15
112740 Star Meadow Drive, Prosper$769,9953,244202043.013N0.25
1141291 Crooked Stick Drive, Prosper$1,995,0006,768200855.324Y0.58
1172724 Preakness Street, Celina$474,9903,171202043.123N0.15
1234023 Parkview Boulevard, Celina$829,9004,001202044.114N0.29
125816 Harrington Lane, Celina$466,0132,965202043.022N0.18
125860 Manchester Avenue, Prosper$509,9002,797202043.122N0.00
1253730 Dunlavy Drive, Prosper$668,0884,182202044.122N0.20
1283521 Alamosa River Drive, Celina$383,1872,981201942.122N0.15
1313115 Cavalry Way, Celina$528,9002,999202043.123N0.00
1351739 Ellington Drive, Celina$499,9902,554202043.013N0.17
136605 Seymour Court, McKinney$421,0003,191201843.122N0.13
1433140 Renmuir Drive, Prosper$493,9003,483202043.122N0.18
1432500 Preakness Place, Celina$439,9902,354202043.012N0.14
150834 Underwood Lane, Celina$476,0003,418201743.123N0.13
1502716 Whirlaway Court, Celina$789,6694,011202055.123N0.29
150811 Shackleford Lane, Prosper$1,060,0005,516201855.324N0.29
1502490 Wildflower Way, Prosper$629,0004,319201054.023N0.32
1514511 Mill Branch Drive, Prosper$1,004,7103,906202044.113N0.28
1524340 Cotton Belt Lane, Prosper$1,113,1705,184202055.223N0.28
1551653 Lilac Lane, Celina$524,9902,986202043.013N0.17
188940 Sabine Drive, Prosper$394,0002,572201832.122N0.21
1914180 Glacier Point Ct., Prosper$1,913,8525,467202055.213N0.53
1991705 Cherry Blossom Lane, Celina$479,9002,694202043.023N0.00
2124424 Mill Pond, Celina$699,7104,337202043.023N0.22
216820 Hallmark Court, Prosper$729,9953,112202043.113N0.26
216851 Star Meadow Drive, Prosper$824,9953,741202044.123N0.26
22715813 Gladewater Terrace, Prosper$359,0001,948201932.012N0.13
2321500 Saint Peter Lane, Prosper$899,0003,975201944.114N0.35
2351711 Wynne Avenue, Prosper$559,0002,891202033.113N0.23
2422600 Glen Haven Court, Prosper$485,0004,750200643.122N0.26
30515841 Old Dairy Farm Road, Prosper$600,0002,176200032.010N2.40
30614166 El Toro Road, Frisco$429,9003,282201543.122N0.20
8456604 Preston Country Lane, Prosper$2,100,0006,070201776.024N6.54

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