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Plano West Senior High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Plano Senior High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Plano Senior High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 5

Academic performance score: 10

In addition to its 2019 top-tier Dallas area high schools academic ranking, Plano West Senior High School / Jasper High School / Shepton High School had the third highest number of 2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists among public high schools in Texas and is recognized as one of the states' best high schools. The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 95

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

Plano West Senior High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 95       97

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 55.8% 64.4% 43.9%

The Advance Placement / International Baccalaureate (AP / IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: 62

2016-2017 Enrollment

Plano West Senior High School 2,715  
  Eleventh grade 1,378  
  Twelfth grade 1,337  

2016-2017 Teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 17.1
Average years teaching experience 12.3

Campus address and phone number

5601 W. Parker Road
Plano, TX 75093
469 752-9600

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Plano ISD schools, click on these Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Murphy and Parker links.

Sources: Plano Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Plano West Senior High School homes for sale

The table in which these properties are presented is both searchable and sortable. To show houses on a specific street, as an example, enter the street name in the Search box. To display all currently listed properties, select All in the Show entries box and to change the order in which they are sorted, click on any of the column headings.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
14209 Brooktree Lane, Dallas$479,0003,160197843.022N0.23
17118 Claren Court, Dallas$515,0003,048198443.023N0.28
15740 Quebec Lane, Plano$750,0003,608200933.122N0.14
18012 Springmoss Drive, Plano$310,0001,841199832.012N0.10
14620 Charles Place, Plano$659,0004,100198844.013Y0.32
24452 Voss Hills Place, Dallas$325,0001,737199332.012Y0.11
24008 Elmhill Drive, Plano$299,9001,669199532.012N0.12
24101 Carmichael Drive, Plano$445,0003,089199443.022Y0.17
318201 Frankford Lakes Circle, Dallas$345,0002,180201522.122N0.04
53708 Parkmont Drive, Plano$279,0001,866198742.012N0.20
52104 Bridge View Lane, Plano$699,9953,228198343.012N0.37
65601 Gleneagles Drive, Plano$785,0003,227200032.122Y0.20
74308 Oak Knoll Drive, Plano$475,0003,018199643.013N0.23
76612 Gray Wolf Drive, Plano$520,0003,824199643.123Y0.24
74032 Windhaven Lane, Dallas$260,0001,712198522.121N0.08
75000 Albany Drive, Plano$529,9993,589199444.122Y0.29
73916 Kindred Lane, Plano$606,3743,539201954.022N0.15
85124 Bellerive Drive, Dallas$700,0004,000199344.123Y0.23
85726 Mapleshade Lane, Dallas$600,0002,963198143.012N0.23
82021 Wing Point Lane, Plano$735,0003,732197943.113Y0.35
86313 Beacon Hill Drive, Plano$500,0003,195199342.122Y0.17
96208 Metz Street, Plano$799,0004,745201454.123N0.17
106505 Twin Oaks Drive, Plano$1,250,0004,783199544.122Y0.32
106404 Santa Rosa Drive, Plano$410,0003,470199543.122Y0.19
103908 Kindred Lane, Plano$596,1543,539201954.022N0.15
105715 Bent Creek Trail, Dallas$590,0003,272198543.122Y0.19
114644 Ringgold Lane, Plano$315,0001,918198132.012N0.20
144556 Crosstimber Drive, Plano$535,0003,420199543.123Y0.22
144521 Barwyn Court, Plano$499,9003,091198643.013Y0.37
155937 Lodestone Drive, Plano$575,0003,582199254.023Y0.22
156201 Leblanc Drive, Plano$849,9004,915200744.122N0.14
154123 Lawngate Drive, Dallas$324,9001,990198432.112N0.19
162305 Choctaw Drive, Plano$315,0001,910198132.012N0.19
163705 Stockport Drive, Plano$459,9003,350199443.122N0.18
163912 Kindred Lane, Plano$524,3492,167201943.012N0.15
164536 Longfellow Drive, Plano$485,0003,605199143.122Y0.19
166333 Glenhollow Drive, Plano$515,0003,137198844.022Y0.24
186433 Willow Creek Drive, Plano$665,0003,914199544.023N0.28
195810 Smoke Glass Trail, Dallas$269,0001,563198132.112N0.18
206228 Park Meadow Lane, Plano$349,9992,168199732.122N0.10
213825 Elgin Drive, Plano$408,0002,849199642.122N0.17
216302 Villa Road, Dallas$409,0002,414198642.112Y0.26
214593 Hallmark Drive, Plano$450,0002,961198643.022Y0.20
216058 Breakpoint Trail, Dallas$292,0001,802199032.012N0.14
274009 Denham Way, Plano$305,0001,845199632.122Y0.15
282412 Deer Horn Drive, Plano$360,9002,933199842.122Y0.14
288404 Brooksby Drive, Plano$447,0003,247199843.122Y0.20
283216 Gleneagles Court, Plano$675,0003,355200343.122Y0.14
283504 Eisenhower Lane, Plano$415,0002,566198442.122N0.18
284325 Risinghill Drive, Plano$385,0002,354199642.012N0.17
285957 Willowross Way, Plano$649,0003,172199643.123N0.26
284525 Charlemagne Drive, Plano$487,5002,804198843.112Y0.19
284401 Staten Island Drive, Plano$459,9003,158199542.122N0.17
294321 Oak Knoll Drive, Plano$425,0002,862199342.113N0.21
292509 Mitchell Drive, Plano$543,9003,813200054.123N0.26
297825 Merit Lane, Plano$999,9902,971201843.132N0.05
293904 Acklin Drive, Plano$400,0002,552199242.122N0.16
295028 Hudson Drive, Plano$565,0003,286199343.023Y0.20
294412 Cedar Valley Drive, Plano$399,9003,151199653.022N0.18
304407 Rushing Road, Dallas$325,0002,334198232.122N0.13
304236 Whistler Drive, Plano$495,0002,956198843.013N0.27
305301 Old Shepard Place, Plano$699,0003,670198844.123Y0.31
315843 Mapleshade Lane, Dallas$379,0002,570198143.023N0.20
314913 Dunland Drive, Plano$624,0003,437201843.122N0.12
313021 Deansbrook Drive, Plano$599,0003,105201743.022N0.13
328608 Clear Sky Drive, Plano$459,9002,881199543.022N0.17
328708 Clear Sky Drive, Plano$375,0003,102199842.122N0.17
326027 Breakpoint Trail, Dallas$385,0002,385198532.112N0.14
342321 Homestead Lane, Plano$559,0003,960200543.123Y0.20
355714 Glen Heather Drive, Dallas$750,0003,170198343.112Y0.30
365508 Willow Wood Lane, Dallas$695,0005,017199144.122Y0.25
366717 Gray Wolf Drive, Plano$589,9003,676199843.123Y0.21
372504 Pelican Bay Drive, Plano$780,0004,548198853.123Y0.26
374224 High Star Lane, Dallas$480,0003,091198143.112Y0.27
372300 Homestead Lane, Plano$529,0004,345200454.123N0.23
384208 Firebrick Lane, Dallas$449,0002,972198143.012Y0.20
384708 Portrait Lane, Plano$376,9002,706199042.122N0.18
428300 Novaro Drive, Plano$381,9002,726199743.022N0.16
4217607 Loveland Drive, Dallas$395,0002,450198043.012N0.18
4218736 Park Grove Lane, Dallas$339,9002,244199242.122N0.15
423309 Westfield Drive, Plano$615,0003,688199643.022Y0.19
427519 Maribeth Drive, Dallas$579,0003,876199854.023Y0.19
425004 Hudson Drive, Plano$599,9003,573199543.123N0.21
426700 Prairie View Lane, Plano$524,9003,806200143.122N0.18
425308 Tate Avenue, Plano$1,399,9006,910199455.224Y0.48
436804 Century Circle, Plano$303,0002,042198642.122Y0.10
432141 Sutton Place, Plano$700,0003,009199432.122N0.14
435024 York Lane, Plano$2,250,0006,725200055.223Y0.41
435811 Preston Fairways Drive, Dallas$650,0003,355198533.122Y0.13
444804 Sea Pines Drive, Dallas$580,0003,553198443.013Y0.31
444820 Cape Coral Drive, Dallas$865,0004,799199056.023Y0.22
447632 Highcroft Way, Plano$699,9002,057201832.122N0.00
444640 Spencer Drive, Plano$399,9002,732199643.022N0.17
452600 Creswick Drive, Plano$435,0002,465199242.112Y0.00
4517640 Windflower Way, Dallas$379,0002,401198332.122N0.13
454812 Sunnybrook Drive, Plano$664,0003,628201854.122N0.13
454804 Sunnybrook Drive, Plano$689,0003,462201844.022N0.13
454808 Sunnybrook Drive, Plano$624,0002,830201833.122N0.13
454800 Sunnybrook Drive, Plano$619,0002,830201833.122N0.13
464220 Voss Hills Place, Dallas$299,0002,124199232.012N0.11
466801 Amaretto Court, Plano$2,225,0005,981201854.123N0.47
472316 Micarta Drive, Plano$339,9002,655199443.022N0.18
495805 Mapleshade Lane, Dallas$599,0003,442198343.122Y0.19
508704 Pocono Drive, Plano$359,0002,506199342.122Y0.16
512829 Shasta Drive, Plano$390,0002,783199343.122Y0.19
515809 Dorset Drive, Plano$510,0003,530199754.023N0.19
524532 Pecan Valley Drive, Plano$500,0003,423199654.023N0.26
527211 Dogwood Creek Lane, Dallas$399,9002,419199532.122N0.14
532101 Misty Haven Lane, Plano$635,0003,663198443.112Y0.29
5617719 Cedar Creek Canyon Drive, Dallas$1,795,0007,990198955.323Y0.80
567846 Element Avenue, Plano$874,9002,968201833.122N0.04
566028 Bent Creek Trail, Dallas$310,0002,050198432.122N0.14
575976 Temple Drive, Plano$599,9004,158199844.122N0.35
576517 Riveredge Drive, Plano$519,9003,654200243.122N0.15
574528 Turnberry Court, Plano$524,9003,685199153.123Y0.25
577104 Mumford Court, Dallas$390,0002,829198543.012N0.28
584835 Sandestin Drive, Dallas$700,0004,220198954.123Y0.27
594704 Pyramid Drive, Plano$539,7003,511200645.022N0.11
607830 Element Avenue, Plano$824,9002,471201832.232N0.04
605330 Stone Falls Lane, Dallas$1,050,0005,357199344.123Y0.38
635016 Trail Lake Drive, Plano$624,9003,557199343.123Y0.22
636105 Preserve Drive, Plano$849,9002,971201843.132N0.05
633412 Leighton Ridge Drive, Plano$432,0003,157199943.123N0.21
648004 Cavalier Drive, Plano$350,0002,613199542.122N0.18
646021 Mendota Drive, Plano$430,0003,383199263.022N0.22
645357 Gatesworth Lane, Dallas$379,0003,077199743.122N0.14
6518408 Woodpond Place, Dallas$349,9002,245199042.122N0.11
654011 Briarbend Road, Dallas$272,0001,600199532.122N0.12
684204 Forbes Drive, Plano$409,0003,011198943.122N0.23
691517 Tree Farm Drive, Plano$598,5004,681199444.023Y0.21
694049 Bramley Way, Plano$349,9002,233199242.122N0.10
692808 Winterplace Circle, Plano$325,0002,123197243.012Y0.24
693520 Darion Lane, Plano$359,9002,051198742.012N0.21
696016 Still Forest Drive, Dallas$499,9002,808198443.022N0.13
704824 Deandra Lane, Plano$554,9003,730200743.122N0.13
708417 Brooksby Drive, Plano$395,0002,896199843.022N0.17
702701 Schofield Court, Plano$455,0003,368199753.122N0.26
704517 Lancelot Drive, Plano$527,0004,490199344.023Y0.22
716501 Riverhill Drive, Plano$945,0005,128200054.123Y0.34
717816 Secluded Avenue, Plano$1,125,0003,434201733.232N0.05
724424 Highlander Drive, Dallas$585,0003,766198844.023Y0.19
736404 Juliet Place, Dallas$368,0002,319200732.122N0.06
737111 Schafer Street, Dallas$548,0002,890199543.022Y0.36
748625 Berwick Drive, Plano$410,0002,715199242.122N0.20
747536 Aberdon Road, Dallas$799,0003,608199544.022Y0.18
762244 New College Lane, Plano$615,0004,715200254.023N0.18
772909 Summit View Drive, Plano$339,0002,243199542.123N0.18
782808 Sonato Circle, Plano$359,0002,334199742.122N0.21
795512 Glenshire Drive, Plano$739,0004,438198954.123Y0.31
7918712 Wainsborough Lane, Dallas$1,280,0005,499200054.124Y0.24
796505 Crawley Drive, Plano$599,9504,307199754.022Y0.22
804824 Pyramid Drive, Plano$575,0003,718200643.022N0.17
8017612 Harbord Oaks Circle, Dallas$2,495,00011,265198767.233Y0.49
817504 Aberdon Road, Dallas$469,5003,476199543.023N0.20
842424 Brycewood Lane, Plano$324,0002,073199932.012N0.14
845905 Fossil Ridge Drive, Plano$547,9992,949198944.012Y0.25
855727 Twin Brooks Drive, Dallas$615,0003,490198254.012Y0.25
854048 Kirkmeadow Lane, Dallas$349,9002,425199342.122N0.17
916417 Lochridge Drive, Plano$547,5003,597199443.123Y0.21
918021 Mineral Springs Court, Plano$539,0003,628199754.023Y0.26
9117607 Cedar Creek Canyon Drive, Dallas$950,0006,223198944.223Y0.46
926912 Glenbrook Lane, Dallas$495,0003,208198643.122Y0.18
924621 Bush Drive, Plano$650,0003,819198643.113Y0.27
934668 Thanksgiving Lane, Plano$395,0003,093199153.122Y0.18
948405 Hillendale Drive, Plano$299,9001,599199732.012N0.16
955307 Ambergate Lane, Dallas$995,0005,707199854.123Y0.23
956508 Horizon Place, Plano$340,0002,172198742.012N0.17
964211 Shadow Glen Drive, Dallas$485,0002,911198643.012N0.20
985912 Lindfield Court, Plano$625,0004,072199953.123Y0.22
984411 Highlander Drive, Dallas$625,0004,135198854.123Y0.19
985029 Albany Drive, Plano$575,0003,519199343.123Y0.20
983217 Glenhurst Court, Plano$899,0005,280200044.223Y0.33
995729 Cavender Drive, Plano$924,9004,818199954.123N0.24
998613 Wildcreek Drive, Plano$299,9001,943199332.122N0.17
1015609 Glenbrook Circle, Plano$850,0004,414199344.123Y0.30
1055925 Westmont Drive, Plano$544,9003,534199654.022N0.16
1056425 Blacktree Drive, Plano$625,0003,811199554.022Y0.18
1062620 Courtside Lane, Plano$434,0003,225198943.122Y0.21
1102708 Sacred Path Road, Plano$509,9993,221200543.122N0.12
1125929 Kensington Drive, Plano$615,0003,563199053.123Y0.20
1123600 Spring Mountain Drive, Plano$480,0003,216199843.123Y0.20
1174212 S Capistrano Drive, Dallas$418,0002,213198643.122N0.09
1195116 Lake Falls Drive, Plano$769,9004,382199765.124N0.28
1203216 Silver Creek Drive, Plano$975,0004,957199954.123Y0.27
1214615 Creekmeadow Drive, Dallas$517,5003,292198543.022Y0.49
1225012 Bridge Creek Drive, Plano$699,0003,925199933.122Y0.14
1263101 New Britton Drive, Plano$1,547,0008,113200366.223Y0.42
12618023 Firecrest Court, Dallas$274,9001,887199332.122N0.07
1274308 Bragg Place, Plano$415,0003,955199143.122Y0.18
1315616 Ventana Trail, Dallas$449,9002,857199153.022N0.14
1326205 Frazier Drive, Plano$799,9004,488200653.122N0.15
1334707 River Hill Circle, Dallas$600,0003,642198444.023Y0.35
13318223 Brighton, Dallas$634,9993,660200743.122N0.18
1344439 Shadow Glen Drive, Dallas$499,9003,370198643.113Y0.28
1356215 Crested Butte Drive, Dallas$387,5002,319198432.012N0.19
1365818 Preston Fairways Drive, Dallas$529,5003,855198544.022Y0.13
1384305 Timberglen Road, Dallas$314,0002,079198832.122N0.14
1403201 Silver Creek Drive, Plano$849,9004,526200154.023N0.27
1416808 Dalmation Circle, Plano$260,0001,743198632.122N0.10
1412920 Beverly Drive, Plano$640,0003,786199544.123Y0.30
1423417 Westwind Drive, Plano$630,0004,438199654.023Y0.29
1422204 Plantation Lane, Plano$4,300,00010,053199366.225Y1.22
14418205 Frankford Lakes Circle, Dallas$349,0002,024201332.122N0.05
1466413 Andora Drive, Plano$635,0003,869199443.022Y0.19
1464511 Bretton Bay Lane, Dallas$614,0003,942198854.023Y0.22
1465861 Broadwell Drive, Plano$735,0004,405199043.123Y0.29
1476032 Beth Drive, Plano$1,095,0005,179201253.123N0.25
1484543 Belvedere Drive, Plano$499,9003,885199543.123N0.22
1485337 Tate Avenue, Plano$895,0004,865199554.023Y0.28
1485605 Risborough Drive, Plano$599,0003,718199744.022N0.20
1543516 Cedar Falls Lane, Plano$1,315,0006,287199556.123Y0.42
1541716 Riviera Drive, Plano$1,279,0006,640198755.124Y0.49
1555509 Wilts Court, Plano$999,0005,352200044.123Y0.29
1577809 Element Avenue, Plano$1,063,9004,032201855.233N0.00
1575609 Banister Court, Plano$3,949,00010,256199467.225Y1.49
1585423 Edgehollow Place, Dallas$2,500,0008,011199366.132Y0.32
1615009 Charles Place, Plano$1,699,0006,391199344.223N0.24
1614311 N Capistrano Drive, Dallas$349,9992,457198832.122N0.09
1622412 Senna Hills Lane, Plano$375,0002,966199932.122N0.18
1655236 Runnin River Drive, Plano$3,250,00010,055200377.124Y1.78
1685509 Windmier Circle, Dallas$1,697,8148,202198556.113Y1.29
1686505 Sleepy Spring Drive, Plano$564,9004,123201343.222N0.18
1717805 Element Avenue, Plano$1,165,9004,357201844.233N0.00
17517415 Woods Edge Drive, Dallas$1,239,0006,327199456.123Y0.30
1773425 Ranchero Road, Plano$2,800,0006,352197465.123Y4.49
1824309 Timberglen Road, Dallas$300,0001,724198832.012N0.12
1861709 Burning Tree, Plano$1,149,0005,097198654.023Y0.31
19918807 Park Grove Lane, Dallas$359,9002,856199332.122N0.14
2105129 Mariners Drive, Plano$899,0004,149198543.123Y0.32
2184812 Sea Pines Drive, Dallas$589,9003,557198443.023Y0.25
2205523 Preston Fairways Drive, Dallas$459,5002,600198932.122N0.15
2246703 Summer Meadow Lane, Dallas$389,8993,089198443.012N0.21
2272604 Redding Drive, Plano$869,0004,792199744.123Y0.29
2292901 Shelton Way, Plano$1,199,0005,588200154.323Y0.28
2325505 Ash Creek Lane, Plano$1,699,9007,202199255.223Y0.36
2335805 Greenwyck Drive, Plano$599,4003,969199254.023Y0.21
2334920 Durham Drive, Plano$639,0003,628201754.122N0.11
2333001 Deansbrook Drive, Plano$599,0003,381201843.222N0.13
2353420 Ranchero Road, Plano$3,199,00010,281197266.224Y4.62
2373101 Deansbrook Drive, Plano$569,0002,915201832.122N0.14
2395322 Hilton Head Drive, Dallas$595,0003,699197944.113N0.32
2485608 Preakness Lane, Plano$2,990,0009,191198767.224Y1.50
2537858 Element Avenue, Plano$849,9002,801201832.232N0.00
2662104 Willow Bend Drive, Plano$5,999,00014,702198479.526Y3.08
2661808 Watermill Court, Plano$1,849,9007,390198855.223Y0.50
2705805 Golden Leaf Court, Plano$2,150,0008,460200145.223Y0.63
2775609 Willow Bend Court, Plano$2,997,00011,108198469.226Y1.51
2816129 Preserve Drive, Plano$899,9002,968201833.132N0.00
2812705 Redding Drive, Plano$845,0004,973199445.123Y0.23
2895745 Yeary Road, Plano$509,0003,353199543.023N0.22
2941620 Airpark Lane, Plano$1,469,0006,496199954.223Y0.77
3022905 Beauchamp Drive, Plano$1,199,0005,124199354.123Y0.30
3047854 Element Avenue, Plano$999,9003,452201833.232N0.00
3457850 Element Avenue, Plano$799,9003,080201844.132N0.00
3466824 Mulhouse Court, Plano$2,175,0005,992201844.323N0.38
60818024 Rock Branch Drive, Dallas$619,0003,207199343.123N0.21
66617348 Stedman Drive, Dallas$873,9004,286201553.123N0.39
9083500 Ranchero Road, Plano$2,400,0007,450197946.014Y2.60

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