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Allen High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Allen High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Allen High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 11

Academic performance score: 10

In addition to its 2019 top-tier Dallas area high schools academic ranking, Allen High School / Lowery Freshman Center is similarly recognized as one of the best public open enrollment high schools in Texas. The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 93

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

Allen High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 93     69 97

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 45.5% 66.2% 31.2%

The Advance Placement/International Baccalaureate (AP/IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: 13

2016-2017 enrollment

Allen High School 4,839  
  Tenth grade 1,664  
  Eleventh grade 1,594  
  Twelfth grade 1,580  

2016-2017 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 19.7
Average years teaching experience 12.3

Campus address and phone number

300 Rivercrest Boulevard
Allen, TX 75002
972 727-0400

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Allen ISD schools, click on these Allen, McKinney, Lucas and Parker links.

Sources: Allen Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Allen High School homes for sale

The table in which these properties are presented is both searchable and sortable. To show houses on a specific street, as an example, enter the street name in the Search box. To display all currently listed properties, select All in the Show entries box and to change the order in which they are sorted, click on any of the column headings.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1306 Greenleaf Court, Allen$249,9991,743200232.012N0.16
1404 Woodlake Drive, Allen$1,899,0005,543201244.124Y0.85
1628 Club Drive, Allen$389,9002,258201632.122N0.13
11421 Cool Springs Drive, Allen$435,0003,758199943.122N0.17
11213 Meadowgate Drive, Allen$310,0002,233199742.122Y0.19
1813 Soapberry Drive, Allen$438,6003,509200353.122N0.14
11129 Belvedere Drive, Allen$353,0002,182199442.012N0.17
12109 Thornbury Lane, Allen$459,0003,588200743.122N0.14
11216 Cameron Lane, Allen$299,9002,013199742.012N0.17
11400 Marigold Drive, Allen$265,0001,432198432.012N0.17
1922 Granger Drive, Allen$394,9002,192199643.012N0.21
1509 River Rock Way, Allen$547,8832,996202043.022N0.11
15704 Broken Spur, McKinney$300,0002,107200832.012N0.13
11829 Childress Lane, Allen$545,0004,024200654.023Y0.19
16022 Rathbone Drive, Parker$949,9007,545200466.025Y1.37
25208 Amphora Avenue, McKinney$462,2153,064202054.022N0.14
31009 Great Basin Court, Allen$469,0003,813200343.123N0.21
335 Crockett Court, Allen$219,0001,208198432.011N0.09
34124 Plymouth Drive, McKinney$380,0003,231201044.022N0.13
31056 Miller Road, Allen$445,0002,447202033.122N0.10
52005 Temperate Drive, Allen$549,0003,850201432.223N0.21
55824 Amphora Avenue, McKinney$379,0002,829201742.122N0.19
6904 Glen Rose Drive, Allen$650,0004,000199743.123Y0.28
6610 Ridgemont Drive, Allen$329,9002,363199132.122Y0.20
6881 Merino Drive, Allen$319,9001,933201432.122N0.11
61226 Waterdown Drive, Allen$449,0003,642200054.022N0.17
61014 Timbercreek Drive, Allen$359,9003,373199342.122N0.18
6564 Northridge Drive, Allen$190,0001,596197642.010N0.20
6600 Granbury Drive, Allen$399,9003,505199843.123Y0.28
6807 Rainier Court, Allen$359,0002,911200343.022N0.18
61112 Sandy Trail Drive, Allen$235,0001,619198032.012N0.22
7852 Veneto Drive, Allen$499,0003,588201243.122N0.17
71218 Newberry Drive, Allen$430,0003,107199442.123Y0.22
7552 Gillespie Drive, Allen$320,0001,858198532.012Y0.21
71351 Hamilton Green, Allen$949,0005,314201354.124N0.37
8902 Kilgore Court, Allen$439,9002,970199854.022N0.23
8602 Bel Air Drive, Allen$450,0002,793199443.222Y0.17
8873 Paradise Circle, Allen$695,0004,746201155.123N0.28
91901 Kirby Lane, Allen$475,0003,588200543.122N0.22
101506 Comanche Drive, Allen$439,0002,732199433.022Y0.20
101434 Greenwich Drive, Allen$479,0003,728200854.023N0.17
11801 Big Bend Drive, Allen$295,0002,114200042.012N0.21
12924 Roaming Road Drive, Allen$199,9001,128197232.010N0.12
121914 Pioneer Drive, Allen$429,9003,179200343.023N0.17
121095 Limestone Court, Allen$599,0003,855200143.123Y0.32
12619 High Meadow Dr, Allen$269,0001,632197842.012N0.10
131007 Westwood Court, Allen$394,9952,425199442.122N0.20
137305 Collin-mckinney Parkway, McKinney$383,7382,086202032.122N0.07
13108 Dustin Drive, Allen$395,0003,355200343.122N0.16
131836 Audubon Pond Way, Allen$499,9003,069201443.122N0.13
131829 Trinidad Lane, Allen$618,9004,026200744.223N0.24
13413 Sunrise Drive, Allen$355,0002,883200042.122N0.17
14407 Deer Brooke, Allen$400,0002,927200143.122N0.19
14103 Tiburon Court, Allen$389,5002,917199542.122N0.17
141511 Jamison Drive, Allen$529,0003,457201344.023N0.19
14400 Bastrop Drive, Allen$515,0002,769200833.022N0.18
15910 Sydney Lane, Allen$889,5754,026202044.123N0.23
15415 Conifer Lane, Allen$560,0003,083201532.112N0.19
15972 Terracotta Drive, Allen$539,0004,675200654.022N0.17
161818 Sanderlain Lane, Allen$343,0002,312201233.022N0.11
16508 River Rock Way, Allen$579,0973,398202044.022N0.11
16515 Windsor Drive, Allen$225,0001,407197832.011N0.15
18912 Hawthorne Drive, Allen$225,0001,304197632.011N0.15
181302 Woodland Court, Allen$250,0001,410198132.012Y0.15
191011 Ocean Breeze Drive, Allen$469,5602,206202032.112N0.18
191013 Ocean Breeze Drive, Allen$465,7002,054202022.112N0.18
20816 Rolling Meadows Court, Allen$400,0002,732199443.022N0.20
20915 Lairds Lane, Allen$575,0004,096200644.022N0.22
205900 Cranbrook Lane, McKinney$382,0003,012201354.022N0.15
206105 Millie Way, McKinney$439,9002,727201632.122N0.07
211308 Waterdown Drive, Allen$434,9003,642200054.022N0.17
221491 Abby Way, Allen$550,0004,053200943.123N0.19
221520 Haven Place, Allen$263,9991,749198632.012N0.17
227420 Van Tuyl Parkway, McKinney$431,9143,189202043.122N0.07
23503 Lake Ridge Drive, Allen$274,0002,062197342.012N0.26
231406 Luckenbach Drive, Allen$575,0004,019200554.123Y0.21
231058 Miller Road, Allen$464,0003,008202043.122N0.10
231052 Miller Road, Allen$483,0003,334202043.122N0.17
231050 Miller Road, Allen$476,0003,008202043.122N0.10
231015 Mockingbird Lane, Allen$555,0003,281202044.023N0.15
231113 Fox Trail Drive, Allen$374,9003,015200653.022N0.18
231032 Quail Valley Road, Allen$474,1702,206202032.112N0.14
231144 Modesta Drive, Allen$785,0004,099201844.223Y0.17
231009 Ocean Breeze Drive, Allen$437,3111,669202022.012N0.18
242342 Hedgewood Lane, Allen$585,0003,976200754.022N0.18
247 Valleycrest Court, Allen$318,0002,512198332.012N0.20
24512 Nandina Drive, Allen$264,0001,912198732.012Y0.24
25942 Switchgrass Lane, Allen$427,1002,228202032.122N0.10
26504 Bristol Drive, Allen$2,399,0008,620201155.224Y0.75
261423 Fieldstone Drive, Allen$370,0003,063200043.022N0.20
27405 Del Rio Court, Allen$444,5003,175199443.122N0.22
27919 Charles River Court, Allen$459,9002,359201322.012N0.15
27916 Cross Plains Drive, Allen$415,0003,018199943.023N0.23
274121 Portola Drive, McKinney$439,9003,118201753.122N0.13
287316 San Saba Drive, McKinney$400,0002,922201743.222N0.07
281221 Philip Drive, Allen$444,9003,163200654.022N0.18
28924 Leola Lane, Allen$724,9953,530201944.023N0.17
291308 Timberview Drive, Allen$245,0001,430198232.012N0.15
296317 Smithwick Drive, McKinney$412,0002,702201632.122N0.07
29946 Switchgrass Lane, Allen$445,2902,550202032.122N0.11
30505 Cutter Lane, Allen$389,9002,643199742.122Y0.16
305209 Sangria Drive, McKinney$378,8002,208202032.012N0.13
311418 Spyglass Drive, Allen$379,9002,876200242.123N0.30
33409 Ola Lane, Allen$280,0001,605196532.012N0.23
331403 San Mateo Drive, Allen$420,0002,846199653.122Y0.23
33618 Uvalde Court, Allen$509,0003,672199643.122N0.32
33917 Meadowgate Drive, Allen$320,0002,892200052.123N0.19
344200 Bobcat Lane, McKinney$465,0003,400201443.122N0.18
351912 Marshall Drive, Allen$475,0003,633200554.022Y0.16
355812 Broken Spur, McKinney$289,0002,018200732.012N0.13
351533 Evanvale Drive, Allen$685,0004,611200854.032Y0.21
367009 Collin Mckinney Parkway, McKinney$405,0002,540201833.022N0.07
36409 Nandina Drive, Allen$259,9001,907198742.012N0.16
371033 Spencer, Allen$525,9752,391201932.112N0.10
371057 Marian Drive, Allen$490,0002,617202043.023N0.13
382010 Huntcliffe Court, Allen$499,0004,308200254.022N0.17
387209 Collin Mckinney Parkway, McKinney$395,0002,670201833.122N0.07
38807 E Concord Lane, Allen$264,8001,883197632.012N0.28
381135 Spencer Street, Allen$611,2792,892202033.113N0.17
381145 Spencer Street, Allen$607,7042,877202033.013N0.17
381021 Spencer, Allen$637,3743,373201943.023N0.10
381702 Cardinal Drive, Allen$424,9003,446200943.022N0.19
381017 Spencer, Allen$597,6903,304201943.123N0.10
381025 Spencer, Allen$581,9263,155201943.123N0.10
391034 Quail Valley Road, Allen$460,9802,110202032.112N0.14
41415 Arrowhead Drive, Allen$385,0003,193200054.022N0.17
411808 Stetson Way, Allen$475,0003,766201554.023N0.18
411494 Willingham Drive, Allen$539,0004,085201054.023N0.18
412027 Burnside Drive, Allen$559,9004,147200355.023N0.17
41701 Laredo Circle, Allen$655,0004,138199554.122Y0.26
411032 Big Spring Drive, Allen$485,0004,014200954.123N0.20
411036 Quail Valley Road, Allen$457,5212,054202022.112N0.14
41844 Baugh Drive, Allen$615,9143,788202055.122N0.00
421012 Carlsbad Drive, Allen$499,9002,965200343.022N0.21
437272 San Saba Drive, McKinney$426,5692,697202043.022N0.06
43807 Buffalo Springs Drive, Allen$489,9003,351199743.122N0.25
431004 Hawthorne Drive, Allen$223,0001,379197732.011N0.18
44945 Pheasant Drive, Allen$440,0002,765200532.012Y0.18
441061 Marian Drive, Allen$530,0003,032202033.023N0.13
44941 Falcon Drive, Allen$473,8003,884200743.122N0.18
45858 Baugh Drive, Allen$645,6833,749201955.122N0.00
471911 Kirby Lane, Allen$445,0003,371200543.122N0.14
481121 Nick Circle, Allen$439,9002,860200742.122Y0.15
481017 Arches Park Drive, Allen$559,0004,213200454.023Y0.18
481623 Mammoth Drive, Allen$399,0004,213200662.222N0.15
491519 Chadwick Drive, Allen$559,9003,848201654.123N0.18
501318 Dalhart Drive, Allen$429,9003,256200543.012N0.19
50804 Kennedy Drive, Allen$499,0002,970201933.122N0.10
50989 Sprangletop Street, Allen$449,0002,624201942.123N0.10
50729 Fairlawn Street, Allen$279,9002,477199142.122N0.12
50915 Leola Lane, Allen$628,9003,618201944.123N0.14
521048 Miller Road, Allen$520,0003,352202043.122N0.10
521024 Billy Lane, Allen$545,0003,012202043.123N0.13
562022 Artemis Court, Allen$625,0004,354201454.123N0.17
575904 Chisholm Trail, McKinney$305,0002,229200742.012N0.13
58620 Virum Road, Allen$325,0002,119201622.122N0.12
641310 Mistywood Lane, Allen$248,0001,718198442.012N0.18
70931 Panther Lane, Allen$417,0003,461200543.122N0.16
762150 Chambers Drive, Allen$475,0003,644200643.122N0.23
767309 Collin-mckinney Parkway, McKinney$539,9903,189201933.132N0.07
77624 Ansley Way, Allen$359,9002,463201732.122N0.08
771519 Winding Trail Drive, Allen$354,0002,996200142.122N0.18
776117 Millie Way, McKinney$395,0002,403201632.122N0.07
781048 Drew Lane, Allen$468,7382,600201933.122N0.00
781018 Jackson Circle, Allen$390,0002,388201832.122N0.07
801055 Miller Road, Allen$595,0002,972201943.113N0.17
801053 Miller Road, Allen$580,0003,030201943.113N0.15
811415 Constellation Drive, Allen$369,9903,016199943.022N0.17
821026 Billy Lane, Allen$490,0002,405201932.112N0.13
84917 Pebblebrook Drive, Allen$310,0002,042197542.012N0.20
891005 Navarro Drive, Allen$778,0004,787200054.023Y0.30
931700 Stonewick Drive, Allen$339,0002,665200843.122N0.00
981013 Cross Plains Drive, Allen$460,0003,040199943.122Y0.18
98632 Sunny Slope Drive, Allen$215,0001,481197932.011N0.16
1051100 Barrymore Lane, Allen$449,0003,602199943.123N0.17
1075121 Sangria Drive, McKinney$434,9903,050201943.122N0.13
1081423 Mcclure Drive, Allen$499,5003,989200253.123N0.20
1094913 Newbridge Drive, McKinney$334,0002,434200532.012N0.15
1111221 Shenandoah Drive, Allen$319,0002,395199842.012N0.18
1145125 Sangria Drive, McKinney$379,9902,170201943.012N0.13
1145217 Sangria Drive, McKinney$369,9901,850201932.012N0.15
115414 Lakeway Drive, Allen$2,950,0008,729201057.127Y0.70
1171467 Norfolk Court, Allen$319,9002,678200242.122N0.20
1201324 Bailey Lane, Allen$494,9902,818201943.122N0.16
1211513 Link Street, Allen$418,9902,547201942.122N0.23
121409 Mainsail Drive, Allen$389,0003,194199953.022Y0.16
122407 Arbuckle Way, Allen$414,9902,535201932.122N0.11
1251047 Miller Road, Allen$560,0003,665201953.123N0.15
126103 Clearmeadow Drive, Allen$315,0002,385198942.012N0.21
1321107 Pin Oak, Allen$312,0002,674199242.122N0.00
1321009 Redbud Drive, Allen$319,9002,750200253.021N0.16
1361008 Ashby Drive, Allen$320,0002,426198642.122Y0.20
1401210 Cherrywood Court, Allen$279,9001,922198332.012N0.18
1411520 Snowberry Drive, Allen$489,0002,774201642.112N0.17
141804 Kimball Court, Allen$2,850,0007,800202056.124Y0.69
1495733 Amphora Avenue, McKinney$494,9903,300201753.122N0.13
150401 Alden Way, Allen$519,9902,986201943.122N0.17
1501313 Bailey Lane, Allen$399,9902,283201932.122N0.08
1501331 Bailey Lane, Allen$367,9901,912201932.122N0.08
152833 Parkview Circle, Allen$319,7132,657199532.122N0.12
1541049 Miller Road, Allen$480,0002,473201932.112N0.18
1572292 Windham Lane, Allen$674,0004,234201354.123N0.29
1591313 Mills Court, Allen$399,0002,196199543.122Y0.26
1611211 Stampede Drive, Allen$430,0003,671201643.122N0.18
1625404 Middleton, Parker$798,8484,538201944.013N1.01
1621497 Willingham Drive, Allen$569,9004,457201143.123N0.21
1637221 Caladium Drive, McKinney$424,9902,544201932.122N0.07
1641001 Ashby Drive, Allen$290,0001,657198532.012N0.18
1661812 Lancaster Gate, Allen$320,0002,747200632.122N0.11
1671024 Spencer Street, Allen$599,9903,314201943.223N0.16
1671835 Wood Duck Lane, Allen$419,9002,895201554.022N0.14
1675200 Berwick Lane, Parker$1,195,0005,230201655.114N1.99
1711712 Terrell Drive, Allen$325,0002,636200642.122N0.13
1722461 Electra Drive, Allen$799,4503,990201954.123N0.20
1741538 Hennessey Drive, Allen$618,0004,660201643.122N0.17
175608 Cano Street, Allen$440,0003,378201653.122N0.11
178947 Cottontop Trail, Allen$423,2301,848201932.012N0.11
181984 Rebecca Drive, Allen$447,4852,930201943.122N0.10
181906 Marie Drive, Allen$724,2773,998201944.123N0.16
1811141 Callan Drive, Allen$719,8493,998201934.123N0.17
1835901 Wessex Court, Parker$599,9004,213200164.023N0.58
184884 Newcastle Drive, Allen$765,4164,571201955.223N0.00
185968 Byron Street, Allen$684,9804,125201954.023N0.19
185948 Herschell Street, Allen$742,4354,903201965.022N0.19
185408 San Mateo Drive, Allen$439,9003,273199653.122Y0.20
1852465 Electra Drive, Allen$765,2854,365201955.123N0.00
191811 Amblewood Drive, Lucas$720,0005,093200855.013N1.00
192919 Sydney Lane, Allen$949,7504,807201955.123N0.22
2036417 Millie Way, McKinney$398,0002,747201732.122N0.07
2081009 Alameda Court, Allen$390,0002,961199342.122N0.18
2162009 Pear Tree Drive, Allen$570,0003,576201743.123N0.17
218937 Marie Drive, Allen$734,3114,427201955.123N0.20
2331836 Wood Duck Lane, Allen$524,9003,069201243.122N0.13
2351413 Cibolo Drive, Allen$599,0004,427200654.123N0.20
241845 Emporio Drive, Allen$649,9453,363201943.122N0.16
241854 Baugh Drive, Allen$699,8833,396201944.122N0.15
247862 Baugh Drive, Allen$659,2213,747201955.122N0.00
247860 Baugh Drive, Allen$639,7473,530201944.122N0.00
2504001 Rolling Knolls Drive, Parker$799,9004,217200444.122Y1.67
2591201 Defford Lane, Allen$297,9002,375199742.122N0.15
2591319 Bailey Lane, Allen$373,9901,912201932.122N0.09
2611002 Twin Creeks Drive, Allen$724,0005,420200754.123N0.31
2722340 Wingsong Lane, Allen$775,0004,782201055.123N0.30
2921408 Tartan Drive, Allen$349,9002,832200043.022N0.17
301922 Brett Drive, Allen$910,7875,038201955.123N0.29
3575304 Cheyenne Drive, Parker$680,5003,197201833.113N1.30
3595105 Wayland Drive, Parker$745,5004,215201943.123N2.02

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