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Houston Independent School District

Houston Independent School District general and academic performance information at both the district and campus levels are provided on this page.

Houston ISD academic profile

Houston school districts rank: 28

Academic performance score: 7

Texas Education Agency accountability rating: Not Rated: Harvey Provision

Complete Texas school district rankings are presented on this Texas school districts page.

The academic performance score provides a quick way to determine approximately where a school district's or school's student academic performance ranks among the performance of students in other Texas districts and schools. School districts and campuses with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas school districts and schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, districts and schools with combined academic performance indexes in the ninth decile receive a score of 9, and so on.

Houston ISD profileHouston Independent School District operates 170 elementary schools, 38 middle schools and 46 high schools that received 2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability ratings and are traditional open enrollment schools and magnet schools. These 254 schools are attended by approximately 213,500 students who live in Houston and Bellaire.

Houston ISD's 2018 TEA STAAR component scaled score is 75. As is further explained in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of assessments on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. This raw STAAR raw component score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align accountability letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

As indicated in the 2018 TEA STAARS scores graph (right) and shown in the Houston ISD schools table (below), thirty-three Houston ISD campuses attained TEA STAAR scaled scores between 90 and 100, thirty-five campuses STAAR scores were between 80 and 89, sixty-three had scores between 70 and 79, forty-five scored between 60 and 69, sixty-five scored between 50 and 59 and three Houston ISD campuses had STAAR scaled scores between 40 and 49. The 2018 accountability rating for 243 of Houston ISD's 254 rated schools is Met Standard, the TEA's highest campus rating. The TEA considered the operations of fourteen schools to have been directly and significantly affected by Hurricane Harvey and granted these schools an accountability rating waiver. The TEA rating of seven Houston ISD schools is Improvement Required. Additional academic performance, student enrollment, teacher staffing and other information about selected schools is available by clicking on the campus names.


Houston ISD schools

Alcott Elementary SchoolEE - 5157Met Standard
Almeda Elementary SchoolEE - 5369Met Standard
Anderson Elementary SchoolPK - 5265Met Standard
Ashford Elementary SchoolEE - 5157Met Standard
Askew Elementary SchoolPK - 5471Met Standard
Atherton Elementary SchoolEE - 5780Met Standard
Attucks Middle School6 - 8151Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Austin High School9 - 12258Met Standard
Barrick Elementary SchoolEE - 5158Met Standard
Bastian Elementary SchoolPK - 5157Met Standard
Baylor College Of Medicine Academy6 - 8991Met Standard
Baylor College Of Medicine Biotech4 - 8575Met Standard
Bell Elementary SchoolPK - 5471Met Standard
Bellaire High School9 - 12985Met Standard
Benavidez Elementary SchoolEE - 5259Met Standard
Benbrook Elementary SchoolPK - 5573Met Standard
Berry Elementary SchoolEE - 5369Met Standard
Black Middle School6 - 8782Met Standard
Blackshear Elementary SchoolEE - 5156Met Standard
Bonham Elementary SchoolPK - 5265Met Standard
Bonner Elementary SchoolEE - 5367Met Standard
Braeburn Elementary SchoolEE - 5574Met Standard
Briargrove Elementary SchoolEE - 5886Met Standard
Briarmeadow CharterPK - 8991Met Standard
Briscoe Elementary SchoolEE - 5367Met Standard
Brookline Elementary SchoolPK - 5677Met Standard
Browning Elementary SchoolPK - 5574Met Standard
Bruce Elementary SchoolPK - 5156Met Standard
Burbank Elementary SchoolPK - 5989Met Standard
Burbank Middle School6 - 8885Met Standard
Burnet Elementary SchoolKG - 5472Met Standard
Burrus Elementary SchoolPK - 5262Met Standard
Bush Elementary SchoolEE - 51095Met Standard
Cage Elementary SchoolEE - 5677Met Standard
Carnegie Vanguard High School9 - 121097Met Standard
Carrillo Elementary SchoolEE - 5885Met Standard
Challenge Early College High School9 - 121095Met Standard
Chavez High School9 - 12360Met Standard
Clifton Middle School6 - 8159Met Standard
Codwell Elementary SchoolPK - 5155Improvement Required
Condit Elementary SchoolPK - 51093Met Standard
Cook Elementary SchoolPK - 5156Met Standard
Coop Elementary SchoolPK - 5367Met Standard
Cornelius Elementary SchoolPK - 5677Met Standard
Crespo Elementary SchoolPK - 5575Met Standard
Crockett Elementary SchoolPK - 5883Met Standard
Cullen Middle School6 - 8154Met Standard
Cunningham Elementary SchoolEE - 5367Met Standard
Davila Elementary SchoolEE - 5573Met Standard
De Chaumes Elementary SchoolPK - 5989Met Standard
De Zavala Elementary SchoolPK - 5782Met Standard
Deady Middle School6 - 8156Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Deanda Elementary SchoolEE - 5988Met Standard
DeBakey High School for Health Professions9 - 121098Met Standard
Dogan Elementary SchoolEE - 5155Met Standard
Durham Elementary SchoolPK - 5472Met Standard
Durkee Elementary SchoolKG - 5472Met Standard
East Early College High School9 - 121095Met Standard
Eastwood Academy9 - 121095Met Standard
Edison Middle School6 - 8260Met Standard
Eliot Elementary SchoolPK - 5676Met Standard
Elmore Elementary SchoolKG - 5367Met Standard
Elrod Elementary SchoolEE - 5369Met Standard
Emerson Elementary SchoolEE - 5472Met Standard
Energized For Excellence Academy6 - 8883Met Standard
Energized For Excellence Academy Early ChildhoodKG - 5265Met Standard
Energized for STEM Academy Southeast9 - 12578Met Standard
Energized for STEM Academy Southwest9 - 12775Met Standard
Energy Institute High School9 - 12989Met Standard
Field Elementary SchoolPK - 51092Met Standard
Fleming Middle School6 - 8158Met Standard
Foerster Elementary SchoolEE - 5154Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Fondren Elementary SchoolEE - 5157Met Standard
Fondren Middle School6 - 8265Met Standard
Fonville Middle School6 - 8260Met Standard
Forest Brook Middle School6 - 8156Met Standard
Foster Elementary SchoolPK - 5574Met Standard
Franklin Elementary SchoolPK - 5262Met Standard
Frost Elementary SchoolPK - 5573Met Standard
Furr High School9 - 12154Met Standard
Gallegos Elementary SchoolPK - 5370Met Standard
Garcia Elementary SchoolEE - 5158Met Standard
Garden Oaks MontessoriEE - 8778Met Standard
Garden Villas Elementary SchoolPK - 5472Met Standard
Golfcrest Elementary SchoolEE - 5675Met Standard
Gregg Elementary SchoolPK - 5367Met Standard
Gregory-Lincoln Education CenterPK - 8156Met Standard
Grissom Elementary SchoolEE - 5260Met Standard
Gross Elementary SchoolPK - 5259Met Standard
Hamilton Middle School6 - 8782Met Standard
Harris J.R. Elementary SchoolPK - 5262Met Standard
Harris R.P. Elementary SchoolPK - 5156Met Standard
Hartman Middle School6 - 8471Met Standard
Hartsfield Elementary SchoolPK - 5262Met Standard
Harvard Elementary SchoolEE - 5991Met Standard
Heights High School9 - 12672Met Standard
Helms Elementary SchoolPK - 5574Met Standard
Henderson J. Elementary SchoolPK - 5574Met Standard
Henderson N. Elementary SchoolPK - 5158Met Standard
Henry Middle School6 - 8152Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Herod Elementary SchoolPK - 5990Met Standard
Herrera Elementary SchoolPK - 5778Met Standard
High School for Law and Justice9 - 12991Met Standard
High School for the Performing and Visual Arts9 - 121096Met Standard
Highland Heights Elementary SchoolPK - 5150Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Hilliard Elementary SchoolEE - 5150Met Standard
Hines-Caldwell Elementary SchoolPK - 5779Met Standard
Hobby Elementary SchoolPK - 5369Met Standard
Hogg Middle School6 - 8678Met Standard
Holland Middle School6 - 8154Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Horn Elementary SchoolPK - 51096Met Standard
Houston Academy for International Studies9 - 12993Met Standard
Houston Math Science And Technology High School9 - 12153Met Standard
Isaacs Elementary SchoolPK - 5264Met Standard
Janowski Elementary SchoolEE - 5471Met Standard
Jefferson Elementary SchoolEE - 5471Met Standard
Jones Futures Academy9 - 12882Met Standard
Jordan High School11 - 12143Met Standard
Kandy Stripe AcademyPK - 5153Improvement Required
Kashmere Gardens Elementary SchoolPK - 5365Met Standard
Kashmere High School9 - 12153Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Kelso Elementary SchoolEE - 5158Met Standard
Kennedy Elementary SchoolEE - 5471Met Standard
Ketelsen Elementary SchoolPK - 5779Met Standard
Key Middle School6 - 8152Met Standard
Kolter Elementary SchoolEE - 51093Met Standard
Lamar High School9 - 12985Met Standard
Lanier Middle School6 - 81095Met Standard
Lantrip Elementary SchoolEE - 5677Met Standard
Law Elementary SchoolEE - 5158Met Standard
Lawson Middle School6 - 8159Met Standard
Leland College Prep Acad For Young Men6 - 12773Met Standard
Lewis Elementary School1 - 5265Met Standard
Lockhart Elementary SchoolPK - 5369Met Standard
Long Academy6 - 12257Met Standard
Longfellow Elementary SchoolEE - 5265Met Standard
Looscan Elementary SchoolPK - 5153Met Standard
Love Elementary SchoolEE - 5264Met Standard
Lovett Elementary SchoolEE - 5991Met Standard
Lyons Elementary SchoolEE - 5991Met Standard
MacGregor Elementary SchoolPK - 5470Met Standard
Madison High School9 - 12152Met Standard
Mandarin Immersion Magnet SchoolPK - 71095Met Standard
Marshall Elementary SchoolKG - 5153Improvement Required
Marshall Middle School6 - 8267Met Standard
Martinez C. Elementary SchoolPK - 5156Met Standard
Martinez R. Elementary SchoolEE - 5264Met Standard
McGowen Elementary SchoolEE - 5155Met Standard
McNamara Elementary SchoolEE - 5675Met Standard
McReynolds Middle School6 - 8370Met Standard
Memorial Elementary SchoolEE - 5780Met Standard
Meyerland Middle School6 - 8883Met Standard
Milby High School9 - 12362Met Standard
Milne Elementary SchoolPK - 5154Met Standard
Mitchell Elementary SchoolEE - 5157Met Standard
Montgomery Elementary SchoolPK - 5260Met Standard
Moreno Elementary SchoolEE - 5782Met Standard
Mount Carmel Academy9 - 12882Met Standard
Navarro Middle School6 - 8156Met Standard
Neff Elementary School2 - 5369Met Standard
North Forest High School9 - 12151Not Rated: Harvey Provision
North Houston Early College High School9 - 121093Met Standard
Northline Elementary SchoolEE - 5157Met Standard
Northside High School9 - 12257Met Standard
Oak Forest Elementary SchoolPK - 51092Met Standard
Oates Elementary SchoolPK - 5367Met Standard
Ortiz Middle School6 - 8262Met Standard
Osborne Elementary SchoolEE - 5677Met Standard
Paige Elementary SchoolPK - 5159Met Standard
Park Place Elementary SchoolPK - 5991Met Standard
Parker Elementary SchoolEE - 5989Met Standard
Patterson Elementary SchoolPK - 5780Met Standard
Peck Elementary SchoolEE - 5573Met Standard
Pershing Middle School6 - 8885Met Standard
Petersen Elementary SchoolPK - 5369Met Standard
Pilgrim AcademyPK - 8575Met Standard
Pin Oak Middle School6 - 81093Met Standard
Piney Point Elementary SchoolEE - 5264Met Standard
Pleasantville Elementary SchoolPK - 5573Met Standard
Poe Elementary SchoolPK - 5989Met Standard
Port Houston Elementary SchoolEE - 5154Met Standard
Project Chrysalis Middle School6 - 81094Met Standard
Pugh Elementary SchoolPK - 5471Met Standard
Ray Daily Elementary SchoolEE - 5780Met Standard
Reagan K-8 Educational CenterKG - 8156Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Red Elementary SchoolEE - 5989Met Standard
Revere Middle School6 - 8370Met Standard
Reynolds Elementary SchoolPK - 5154Met Standard
River Oaks Elementary SchoolKG - 51095Met Standard
Roberts Elementary SchoolKG - 51096Met Standard
Robinson Elementary SchoolPK - 5157Met Standard
Rodriguez Elementary SchoolEE - 5574Met Standard
Rogers SchoolEE - 12996Met Standard
Roosevelt Elementary SchoolPK - 5778Met Standard
Ross Elementary SchoolPK - 5265Met Standard
Rucker Elementary SchoolEE - 5158Met Standard
Sanchez Elementary SchoolEE - 5883Met Standard
Scarborough Elementary SchoolPK - 5472Met Standard
Scarborough High School9 - 12259Met Standard
School At St. George PlaceEE - 5883Met Standard
Scroggins Elementary SchoolEE - 5573Met Standard
Seguin Elementary SchoolEE - 5158Met Standard
Shadowbriar Elementary SchoolPK - 5369Met Standard
Shadydale Elementary SchoolKG - 5676Met Standard
Sharpstown High School9 - 12252Met Standard
Sharpstown International School6 - 12991Met Standard
Shearn Elementary SchoolPK - 5158Improvement Required
Sherman Elementary SchoolPK - 5156Improvement Required
Sinclair Elementary SchoolEE - 5676Met Standard
Smith Elementary SchoolEE - 5156Met Standard
South Early College High School9 - 12877Met Standard
Southmayd Elementary SchoolEE - 5573Met Standard
Sterling High School9 - 12150Met Standard
Stevens Elementary SchoolEE - 5157Met Standard
Stevenson Middle School6 - 8885Met Standard
Sugar Grove Academy6 - 8152Improvement Required
Sutton Elementary SchoolEE - 5677Met Standard
Tanglewood Middle School6 - 8781Met Standard
Texas Connections Academy3 - 12575Met Standard
The Rice SchoolKG - 8779Met Standard
Thomas Middle School6 - 8154Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Thompson Elementary SchoolEE - 5573Met Standard
Tijerina Elementary SchoolPK - 5265Met Standard
Tinsley Elementary School1 - 5159Met Standard
Travis Elementary SchoolKG - 5991Met Standard
Twain Elementary SchoolEE - 51094Met Standard
Valley West Elementary SchoolEE - 5370Met Standard
Victory Preparatory Academy South9 - 12152Improvement Required
Wainwright Elementary SchoolEE - 5264Met Standard
Walnut Bend Elementary SchoolPK - 5370Met Standard
Waltrip High School9 - 12362Met Standard
Washington High School9 - 12152Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Welch Middle School6 - 8157Met Standard
Wesley Elementary SchoolPK - 5148Met Standard
West Briar Middle School6 - 8989Met Standard
West University Elementary SchoolKG - 51096Met Standard
Westbury High School9 - 12258Met Standard
Westside High School9 - 12986Met Standard
Wharton K-8 Dual Language AcademyPK - 8885Met Standard
Wheatley High School9 - 12152Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Whidby Elementary SchoolPK - 5365Met Standard
White Elementary SchoolPK - 5573Met Standard
White Elementary SchoolPK - 5779Met Standard
Whittier Elementary SchoolPK - 5260Met Standard
Williams Middle School6 - 8152Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Wilson Montessori SchoolEE - 8574Met Standard
Windsor Village Elementary SchoolEE - 5782Met Standard
Wisdom High School9 - 12150Met Standard
Woodson SchoolPK - 8148Met Standard
Worthing High School9 - 12152Met Standard
Yates High School9 - 12154Not Rated: Harvey Provision
Young Elementary SchoolEE - 5159Met Standard
Young Scholars Academy For ExcellencePK - 8260Met Standard
Young Women'S College Prep Academy6 - 12989Met Standard

Source: Texas Education Agency.


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