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Best School Districts In Texas

This objective, fact-based analysis examines the most credible currently available academic performance data for all 1,020 Texas school districts that offer K-12 curriculums to identify the 2019 top school districts in Texas. Evaluation factors included both broad-based and college-bound student performance measurements. Key performance metrics and the most recent Texas Education Agency accountability ratings for all school districts included this ranking analysis are presented on this 2019 Texas school districts rankings page.

The five highest ranked districts in this 2019 best Texas school districts analysis were also the five top ranked districts in the last year's study, but their ranking positions have changed. Carroll ISD jumped to first place, up from third position last year. Eanes ISD remained in second place and Lovejoy ISD moved up one position to third place. Highland Park ISD, last year's top ranked Texas school district dropped to fourth place and Coppell ISD again claimed the fifth position.

2019 top 50 Texas school districts

The performance data in this top Texas school districts rankings table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the display to the top ranked districts in a metropolitan area by typing the name of the area in the Search box.

% students met criteria
AP / IBSATACTmetro area
1Carroll ISD10100.095100.059.6%63.2%69.8%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
2Eanes ISD1098.89499.964.3%66.4%60.1%Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos
3Lovejoy ISD1097.29593.161.6%63.0%52.6%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
4Highland Park ISD
(University Park, TX)
1096.49494.065.0%45.3%67.1%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
5Coppell ISD1095.09490.553.1%59.1%62.4%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
6Lake Travis ISD1089.49379.646.9%63.0%44.0%Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos
7Allen ISD1087.29374.145.5%66.2%31.2%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
8Friendswood ISD1085.59369.739.1%56.0%40.5%Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land
9Plano ISD1084.49173.146.9%58.0%35.1%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
10Round Rock ISD1083.59170.842.6%65.5%29.0%Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos
11Alamo Heights ISD1082.18876.248.4%60.6%37.0%San Antonio-New Braunfels
12Grapevine-Colleyville ISD1081.39165.242.6%50.2%31.9%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
13Boerne ISD1081.19164.738.5%54.9%31.8%San Antonio-New Braunfels
14Frisco ISD1080.99358.336.6%44.7%30.5%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
15Leander ISD1080.49065.941.3%50.4%34.8%Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos
16Aledo ISD1080.19259.330.6%53.8%32.0%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
17Dripping Springs ISD1080.09259.128.3%52.3%36.0%Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos
18McKinney ISD1079.79064.345.2%48.7%27.8%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
19Prosper ISD1078.89256.132.8%36.9%38.5%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
20Rockwall ISD1078.89159.036.6%50.9%26.2%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
21Katy ISD1078.79158.636.8%53.0%23.0%Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land
22Argyle ISD1077.79253.316.4%51.1%41.0%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
23Tomball ISD1077.69253.135.3%47.4%18.7%Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land
24Lindsay ISD1077.49252.526.5%41.2%35.3%non-metro area
25Conroe ISD1075.69053.934.2%44.2%25.0%Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land
26Keller ISD1075.39053.233.9%44.2%24.0%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
27Pearland ISD1075.09149.433.0%46.9%14.6%Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land
28Randolph Field ISD1074.89149.028.8%49.6%16.7%San Antonio-New Braunfels
29Barbers Hill ISD1074.69245.630.2%29.5%27.1%Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land
30Lewisville ISD1073.78758.334.1%50.6%28.2%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
31Comal ISD1073.39048.124.4%52.4%18.2%San Antonio-New Braunfels
32College Station ISD1073.18853.833.3%47.9%22.4%College Station-Bryan
33London ISD1072.49143.017.6%49.0%19.6%Corpus Christi
34Sunnyvale ISD1072.39239.70.0%56.2%29.5%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
35Knippa ISD1072.19239.30.0%36.9%47.4%non-metro area
36Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD1072.19045.332.5%38.8%14.3%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
37Wimberley ISD1072.08753.928.9%53.3%23.4%Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos
38Poth ISD1071.59140.712.1%47.0%24.2%San Antonio-New Braunfels
39Midway ISD
(Waco, TX)
40Wylie ISD
(Wylie, TX)
1070.99236.220.0%34.5%16.1%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
41Celina ISD1070.89139.023.3%17.5%34.1%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
42Clear Creek ISD1070.78750.729.9%48.6%19.8%Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land
43Sharyland ISD1070.79138.728.6%30.7%13.4%McAllen-Edinburg-Mission
44Fort Bend ISD1070.28749.529.4%48.8%17.6%Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land
45Jim Ned CISD1070.18943.225.4%29.4%28.6%Abilene
46Northwest ISD1069.69039.024.3%37.5%13.3%Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
47New Braunfels ISD1069.38747.426.9%51.4%14.1%San Antonio-New Braunfels
48Wall ISD1069.09328.50.0%19.7%41.2%San Angelo
49Port Aransas ISD1068.89037.021.8%37.3%12.7%Corpus Christi
50Vega ISD1068.69133.63.7%22.2%44.4%Amarillo

Source: Texas Education Agency

The Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual describes the methodology used by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to award district and campus accountability ratings and how the four metrics used in this study to rank the academic performance of DFW school districts were derived. The first of these metrics, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) score is the scaled score of all STAAR assessments administered to district students during the 2017-2018 school year. The Advance Placement / International Baccalaureate (AP/IB) and the SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics are the number of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

To provide additional precision in the evaluation of each district’s academic performance, an academic performance index that indicates the relative performance of each Texas school districts was constructed based on these four factors, as described in the Methodology section below. Each district also has been assigned an academic performance score based on its relative position in the academic performance index. The top 10 percent of Texas school districts included in this study received an academic performance score of 10, districts in the next lower, ninth decile districts received a score of 9, and so on.

Accountability ratings awarded by the TEA in 2018 were not considered in this analysis since these ratings also take into account multiple factors that generally have no meaningful linkage to the learning success of individual students, such as graduation rates, students enlisting in the military and changes in student performance on the STAAR evaluations from one year to the next. Also not considered in this study are subjective factors such as opinions of self-selected contributors of anonymous parent and student reviews and "expert insights" regarding teacher quality.


Within each evaluation category, the top ranked Texas school district was awarded the maximum points allocated to that category and all other districts were awarded a proportional number of points based on how their individual scores compared to the score of the top ranked district. Scores from both evaluation categories were then added together to arrive at the district's academic performance index.

Performance on STAAR tests: 60 points

A maximum of 60 points was awarded based on the percentage of a district's students meeting the TSI achievement standards on the STAAR reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies subject assessments. As described in the Texas Education Agency Accountability Manual, the STAAR score shown in the table above is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of assessments on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the raw STAAR component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and raw component scores of Texas public school districts and campuses. Because the precision of the scaled STAAR star is significantly diminished, but otherwise unchanged for comparison purposes, by this process, the raw STAAR component score is used in this analysis to measure relative performance on the STAAR tests.

College readiness indicators: 40 points

A maximum of 20 points was awarded based on percentage of students in grades 11-12 participating and successfully completing AP / IB courses. The district with the highest scores on the College Board AP examinations or IB examinations in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies was awarded a maximum of 20 points. A maximum of 20 points also was awarded to the district with the top SAT and ACT scores. The college readiness index for each district was calculated by aggregating the scores for all high schools in the district, weighted by the number of students attending each school. A complete description of the college readiness evaluation methodology used in both this and the Dallas area high schools ranking studies, along with the AP, IB, SAT and ACT data used in these analyses, is provided on this Texas high school rankings page.

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