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Houston Area Property Tax Rates

Houston property taxesIf you are relocating to the Houston area from another state, your property taxes may be higher here than where you lived previously. The offset is that in Texas you will not be paying any state or local personal income taxes. Depending on your level of income and the value of your home, your total annual state and local tax bill may be less than it is where you are currently living. Additionally, Texas is one of only 12 states in the nation without a residential real estate transfer tax. In fact, recent U.S. Census data shows Texas ranks 37th among the 50 states in percentage of per capita personal income spent on state and local taxes.

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of the property minus applicable homestead, age 65+ and disability exemption amounts by the mil rates levied by the taxing authorities that have jurisdiction where the property is located. Texas state law defines the assessed value of real property as the market value of a property on January 1, the first day of the tax year. Official property tax exemption information can be found at State of Texas Comptroller property tax exemptions.

Property taxes typically are paid in a single annual payment that is due on or before December 31, the final day of the tax year.

Houston cities/towns property tax rates

The following table provides 2017 the most common total combined property tax rates for 93 Houston area cities and towns. Southside Place, which has a combined total rate of 1.94 percent, has the lowest property tax rate in the Houston area and Galena Park, with a combined total rate of 3.02 percent, has the highest rate in the area. Complete lists of Houston school districts and counties in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area are shown by clicking on these Houston school districts property tax rates and Houston counties property tax rates jump links.

To show the combined total tax rates for all of the Houston cities and towns listed below, change Show entries to All. To display the tax rates for only a specific city or town, enter its name in the Search box. Click on the column headings to change the table sort order.

property tax ratesother taxing units
cities/townstotalmunicipalschoolcountyschool districtcounty
Alvin2.68%0.79%1.45%0.44%Alvin ISDBrazoria
Ames2.58%0.61%1.39%0.58%Liberty ISDLiberty
Anahuac2.72%0.71%1.47%0.54%Anahuac ISDChambers
Angleton2.60%0.71%1.46%0.44%Angleton ISDBrazoria
Arcola2.61%0.84%1.32%0.45%Fort Bend ISDFort Bend
Bailey's Prairie1.97%0.07%1.46%0.44%Angleton ISDBrazoria
Bayou Vista2.37%0.39%1.43%0.55%Texas City ISDGalveston
Baytown2.89%0.82%1.43%0.64%Goose Creek CISDHarris
Beasley2.21%0.37%1.39%0.45%Lamar CISDFort Bend
Bellaire2.26%0.42%1.21%0.64%Houston ISDHarris
Bellville2.09%0.28%1.26%0.55%Bellville ISDAustin
Brazoria2.62%0.72%1.46%0.44%Angleton ISDBrazoria
Brookshire2.79%0.64%1.53%0.62%Royal ISDWaller
Brookside Village2.38%0.53%1.42%0.44%Pearland ISDBrazoria
Bunker Hill Village2.31%0.28%1.39%0.64%Spring Branch ISDHarris
Cleveland2.76%0.77%1.42%0.58%Cleveland ISDLiberty
Clute2.52%0.63%1.46%0.44%Angleton ISDBrazoria
Conroe2.34%0.42%1.28%0.64%Conroe ISDMontgomery
Daisetta2.44%0.55%1.31%0.58%Hull-Daisetta ISDLiberty
Danbury2.46%0.77%1.25%0.44%Danbury ISDBrazoria
Dayton2.64%0.67%1.39%0.58%Dayton ISDLiberty
Deer Park2.91%0.72%1.56%0.64%Deer Park ISDHarris
Dickinson2.48%0.41%1.52%0.55%Dickinson ISDGalveston
El Lago2.56%0.53%1.40%0.64%Clear Creek ISDHarris
Freeport2.32%0.63%1.26%0.44%Brazosport ISDBrazoria
Friendswood2.48%0.53%1.40%0.55%Clear Creek ISDGalveston
Fulshear2.13%0.16%1.52%0.45%Katy ISDFort Bend
Galena Park3.24%1.04%1.56%0.64%Galena Park ISDHarris
Galveston2.27%0.56%1.16%0.55%Galveston ISDGalveston
Hardin2.15%0.24%1.33%0.58%Hardin ISDLiberty
Hedwig Village2.30%0.27%1.39%0.64%Spring Branch ISDHarris
Hempstead2.52%0.46%1.44%0.62%Waller ISDWaller
Hitchcock2.45%0.50%1.40%0.55%Santa Fe ISDGalveston
Houston2.43%0.58%1.21%0.64%Houston ISDHarris
Humble2.38%0.23%1.52%0.64%Humble ISDHarris
Hunters Creek Village2.21%0.18%1.39%0.64%Spring Branch ISDHarris
Iowa Colony2.32%0.43%1.45%0.44%Alvin ISDBrazoria
Jacinto City2.98%0.78%1.56%0.64%Galena Park ISDHarris
Jersey Village2.82%0.74%1.44%0.64%Cypress-Fairbanks ISDHarris
Katy2.64%0.49%1.52%0.64%Katy ISDHarris
Kemah2.14%0.19%1.40%0.55%Clear Creek ISDGalveston
La Marque2.44%0.49%1.40%0.55%Santa Fe ISDGalveston
La Porte2.73%0.71%1.38%0.64%La Porte ISDHarris
Lake Jackson2.03%0.34%1.26%0.44%Brazosport ISDBrazoria
League City2.52%0.57%1.40%0.55%Clear Creek ISDGalveston
Liberty2.58%0.61%1.39%0.58%Liberty ISDLiberty
Liverpool2.08%0.19%1.45%0.44%Alvin ISDBrazoria
Magnolia2.49%0.47%1.38%0.64%Magnolia ISDMontgomery
Manvel2.43%0.57%1.42%0.44%Pearland ISDBrazoria
Meadows Place2.61%0.83%1.32%0.45%Fort Bend ISDFort Bend
Missouri City2.37%0.60%1.32%0.45%Fort Bend ISDFort Bend
Mont Belvieu2.31%0.44%1.33%0.54%Barbers Hill ISDChambers
Montgomery2.43%0.42%1.37%0.64%Montgomery ISDMontgomery
Nassau Bay2.78%0.74%1.40%0.64%Clear Creek ISDHarris
Needville2.39%0.40%1.54%0.45%Needville ISDFort Bend
Oak Ridge North2.37%0.45%1.28%0.64%Conroe ISDMontgomery
Orchard2.24%0.36%1.43%0.45%Brazos ISDFort Bend
Pasadena2.69%0.58%1.48%0.64%Pasadena ISDHarris
Patton Village2.50%0.26%1.60%0.64%Splendora ISDMontgomery
Pearland2.54%0.69%1.42%0.44%Pearland ISDBrazoria
Pinehurst2.74%0.70%1.38%0.66%Magnolia ISDOrange
Piney Point Village2.28%0.26%1.39%0.64%Spring Branch ISDHarris
Prairie View2.79%0.73%1.44%0.62%Waller ISDWaller
Richmond2.55%0.71%1.39%0.45%Lamar CISDFort Bend
Roman Forest3.05%0.74%1.67%0.64%New Caney ISDMontgomery
Rosenberg2.31%0.46%1.39%0.45%Lamar CISDFort Bend
San Felipe2.09%0.15%1.39%0.55%Sealy ISDAustin
Santa Fe2.28%0.33%1.40%0.55%Santa Fe ISDGalveston
Seabrook2.61%0.57%1.40%0.64%Clear Creek ISDHarris
Sealy2.36%0.42%1.39%0.55%Sealy ISDAustin
Shenandoah2.13%0.21%1.28%0.64%Conroe ISDMontgomery
Shoreacres2.80%0.79%1.38%0.64%La Porte ISDHarris
Simonton2.06%0.22%1.39%0.45%Lamar CISDFort Bend
South Houston2.76%0.64%1.48%0.64%Pasadena ISDHarris
Southside Place2.16%0.32%1.21%0.64%Houston ISDHarris
Splendora2.65%0.41%1.60%0.64%Splendora ISDMontgomery
Spring Valley Village2.46%0.43%1.39%0.64%Spring Branch ISDHarris
Stagecoach2.44%0.46%1.34%0.64%Tomball ISDMontgomery
Sugar Land2.09%0.32%1.32%0.45%Fort Bend ISDFort Bend
Surfside Beach2.06%0.36%1.26%0.44%Brazosport ISDBrazoria
Sweeny2.51%0.86%1.21%0.44%Sweeny ISDBrazoria
Taylor Lake Village2.30%0.27%1.40%0.64%Clear Creek ISDHarris
Texas City2.56%0.58%1.43%0.55%Texas City ISDGalveston
The Woodlands2.15%0.23%1.28%0.64%Conroe ISDMontgomery
Tiki Island2.39%0.32%1.52%0.55%Hitchcock ISDGalveston
Tomball2.32%0.34%1.34%0.64%Tomball ISDHarris
Waller2.53%0.47%1.44%0.62%Waller ISDWaller
Wallis2.63%0.66%1.43%0.55%Brazos ISDAustin
Webster2.35%0.32%1.40%0.64%Clear Creek ISDHarris
West Columbia2.53%0.82%1.27%0.44%Columbia-Brazoria ISDBrazoria
West University Place2.16%0.32%1.21%0.64%Houston ISDHarris
Willis2.67%0.64%1.39%0.64%Willis ISDMontgomery
Woodbranch Village2.69%0.38%1.67%0.64%New Caney ISDMontgomery

The most common combined total property tax rates for 958 of the largest cities/towns in Texas are shown on this Texas property tax page.

Current property tax data available for Houston area real properties can be found on these central appraisal districts websites, depending on which counties the properties are located ‐ Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery or Waller.

Houston school districts property tax rates

The table below provides 2017 property tax rates for 61 school districts located in the Houston area.

school districttax rate
Aldine ISD1.37%
Alief ISD1.33%
Alvin ISD1.45%
Anahuac ISD1.47%
Angleton ISD1.46%
Barbers Hill ISD1.33%
Bellville ISD1.26%
Brazos ISD1.43%
Brazosport ISD1.26%
Channelview ISD1.40%
Clear Creek ISD1.40%
Cleveland ISD1.42%
Columbia-Brazoria ISD1.27%
Conroe ISD1.28%
Crosby ISD1.67%
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD1.44%
Damon ISD1.17%
Danbury ISD1.25%
Dayton ISD1.39%
Deer Park ISD1.56%
Devers ISD1.13%
Dickinson ISD1.52%
East Chambers ISD1.29%
Fort Bend ISD1.32%
Friendswood ISD1.37%
Galena Park ISD1.56%
Galveston ISD1.16%
Goose Creek CISD1.43%
Hardin ISD1.33%
Hempstead ISD1.38%
High Island ISD1.27%
Hitchcock ISD1.52%
Houston ISD1.21%
Huffman ISD1.40%
Hull-Daisetta ISD1.31%
Humble ISD1.52%
Katy ISD1.52%
Klein ISD1.43%
La Porte ISD1.38%
Lamar CISD1.39%
Liberty ISD1.39%
Magnolia ISD1.38%
Montgomery ISD1.37%
Needville ISD1.54%
New Caney ISD1.67%
Pasadena ISD1.48%
Pearland ISD1.42%
Royal ISD1.53%
Santa Fe ISD1.40%
Sealy ISD1.39%
Sheldon ISD1.47%
Splendora ISD1.60%
Spring Branch ISD1.39%
Spring ISD1.51%
Stafford MSD1.23%
Sweeny ISD1.21%
Tarkington ISD1.15%
Texas City ISD1.43%
Tomball ISD1.34%
Waller ISD1.44%
Willis ISD1.39%

School taxes typically are the major component of a homeowner's annual property tax bill, typically ranging from about 50 to 60 percent of the total. Set by state law, the homestead exemption for all Texas independent school districts currently is $25,000.

Property tax tates for all 1,018 Texas independent school districts are available by clicking on this Texas school districts property tax rates link.

Houston counties property tax rates

The following table provides 2017 the property tax rates for 9 Houston area counties that are included in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area.

countytax rate
Fort Bend0.45%

Property tax rates for all 254 Texas counties are available by clicking on this Texas counties property tax rates link.


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