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Prosper Schools

Most students living in Prosper attend Prosper ISD schools. Students living one subdivision that is located on the far west end of Prosper attend Denton ISD schools.

Best Prosper schools

Listed below are schools attended by Prosper students that earned 2018 top DFW open enrollment high schools, 2018 top DFW open enrollment middle schools and 2018 top DFW open enrollment elementary schools rankings. Student achievement indexes, numbers of students and student-teacher ratios for all Prosper public schools are provided at the bottom of this page.

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DFW schools
Prosper ISD

Prosper High School 21
Prosper ISD Reynolds Middle School 23

More than 90 percent of the students who attend four of the ten public schools that serve Prosper met or exceeded the Texas Education Agency (TEA) 2017 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) achievement standard. As can be seen by clicking on this north Dallas suburbs schools performance link, this is a significantly higher percentage of schools attaining this distinction than in other parts of the DFW metroplex.

The 2017 accountability rating for all of of the public schools serving Prosper students is Met Standard, currently the TEA top campus and district rating. Prosper ISD and Denton ISD also received Met Standard ratings. Prosper ISD is ranked among the 2018 best school districts in Texas.

Additional performance evaluation information for all Prosper public schools, including subject level STAAR tests results and Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB), SAT and ACT scores for high schools, and numbers of students by grade, campus addresses and phone numbers are available by clicking on campus names listed below.


Prosper Independent School District

Cockrell Elementary School 92.1 849 15.0
Folsom Elementary School 88.4 791 14.4
Rucker Elementary School 89.2 695 14.6
Windsong Ranch Elementary School

85.8 520  
Reynolds Middle School 92.8 1,129 15.6
Rogers Middle School

92.2 1,245 17.3
Prosper High School 92.9 2,515 14.5

Denton Independent School District

Savannah Elementary School

80.7 699 15.0
Navo Middle School

82.6 1,372 15.5
Denton High School 71.2 2,045 15.2

Student Achievement Index is the percentage of total number of student assessments for all subjects tested that met or exceeded TEA achievement standards. Click on this TEA accountability link for additional 2017 accountability information and general guidelines.

Source: Texas Education Agency.

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