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Houston Public High Schools

This page presents a comprehensive and objective fact-based ranking of Houston public high schools showing which currently are most effective in providing their students a broad-based learning success and preparing them for college. Evaluation metrics for all 227 of the high schools included in this study are shown in the 2020 Houston public high school rankings presented below.

Most Texas high schools offer a four-year curriculum at a single campus, but some school districts have chosen to operate separate campuses for ninth grade students or for ninth and tenth grade students. In this analysis, the performance metrics for Texas high schools that are a part of these multiple campus arrangements are combined and the schools are evaluated in the same manner as the four-year, single-campus high schools. Other independent school districts and some charter districts operate schools that teach more than four grades. The STAAR assessment student performance metric used in this best Texas high schools ranking is for all grade levels taught at those schools.

Unlike some other Houston high school rankings this analysis examines only the most current academic performance data available and no consideration is given to student demographics, changes in student performance over time on the STAAR tests, and other such factors or to subjective factors such as anonymous self-selected reviews and statistically invalid online opinion surveys. Additional information about how the performance of these Houston public high schools was evaluated and ranked in this analysis is presented in the Methodology description at the bottom of this page.

To provide additional perspective regarding each schools’ academic performance, an academic performance index that indicates the relative performance of each Texas high school was constructed based on the four evaluation factors used in this analysis. Each school also has been assigned an academic performance score based where it is ranked in the academic performance index. The top 10 percent of the high schools included in this study received an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile received a score of 9, and so on.

2020 Houston public high school rankings

The data presented in this table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the display of information by typing the name of a school or school district in the Search box. To display all schools, reset Show entries to All.

% students met criteria
1Carnegie Vanguard High SchoolHouston ISD1080894.4A9897.9%100.0%83.8%
2DeBakey High School for Health ProfessionsHouston ISD1089190.8A9897.8%100.0%55.0%
3Kinder High School For Performing And Visual ArtsHouston ISD1075277.2A9665.1%91.6%25.7%
4Challenge Early College High SchoolHouston ISD1046373.6A9576.9%81.2%9.4%
5Seven Lakes High SchoolKaty ISD103,61772.8A9656.2%77.3%41.9%
6Eastwood AcademyHouston ISD1043271.7A9578.1%83.4%4.8%
7Clear Horizons Early College High SchoolClear Creek ISD1044371.7A9560.4%91.7%34.4%
8Kerr High SchoolAlief ISD1079671.5A9561.0%88.2%13.3%
9Clements High SchoolFort Bend ISD102,54571.3A9558.6%83.5%39.4%
10Tompkins High SchoolKaty ISD103,75070.9A9557.3%72.9%34.6%
11The Woodlands High SchoolConroe ISD104,34267.5A9449.1%72.8%45.4%
12East Early College High SchoolHouston ISD1047666.0A9551.4%83.8%9.5%
13North Houston Early College High SchoolHouston ISD1048465.3A9462.4%74.8%4.6%
14Cinco Ranch High SchoolKaty ISD103,17165.1A9446.8%69.3%34.7%
15Victory Early College High SchoolAldine ISD1039964.0A9365.6%72.1%25.3%
16Memorial High SchoolSpring Branch ISD102,61663.8A9256.8%82.1%47.5%
17Alief Early College High SchoolAlief ISD1040163.3A9532.4%74.0%13.2%
18Harmony School of Innovation - KatyHarmony School of Science1058963.2A9359.5%75.7%8.1%
19Taylor High SchoolKaty ISD102,88461.6A9441.3%67.4%27.7%
20Cypress Woods High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD103,42861.4A9441.3%50.9%41.4%
21Spring Early College High SchoolSpring ISD1042061.3A9355.6%72.8%25.6%
22Harmony School of Innovation - Sugar LandHarmony School of Science1068960.8A9345.5%77.7%19.0%
23Cypress Ranch High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD103,05460.5A9436.0%55.6%41.9%
24Friendswood High SchoolFriendswood ISD102,09559.9A9338.1%63.9%32.0%
25Dawson High SchoolPearland ISD102,57659.7A9351.6%62.3%25.8%
26Tomball Memorial High SchoolTomball ISD102,31059.6A9439.9%54.6%21.7%
27Houston Academy for International StudiesHouston ISD1049559.2A9431.3%74.1%7.6%
28College Park High SchoolConroe ISD103,12259.1A9342.6%62.1%36.5%
29Kingwood High SchoolHumble ISD102,74258.3A9340.7%55.0%40.0%
30Austin High SchoolFort Bend ISD102,19458.3A9343.0%66.9%22.7%
31George Ranch High SchoolLamar CISD102,67156.2A9332.1%60.7%18.4%
32YES Prep - SoutheastYES Prep Public Schools1099955.9A8972.9%67.4%23.7%
33TCPA iSchool High at University ParkTexas College Preparatory Academies1033854.4A9468.8%16.3%
34Harmony School of Advancement HoustonHarmony School of Excellence1063353.2A8855.0%80.2%23.4%
35Ridge Point High SchoolFort Bend ISD102,79553.1A9234.4%59.0%22.3%
36Elkins High SchoolFort Bend ISD102,38652.8A9138.4%63.4%23.8%
37Westchester Academy for International StudiesSpring Branch ISD101,01452.7A8960.6%65.4%16.0%
38Barbers Hill High SchoolBarbers Hill ISD101,61452.6A9331.2%22.3%33.4%
39Harmony Science Academy - HoustonHarmony Science Academy1062052.6A9141.4%66.6%8.3%
40YES Prep - North CentralYES Prep Public Schools1096852.4A8970.2%54.5%7.7%
41Dulles High SchoolFort Bend ISD102,55752.4A9138.2%61.7%19.7%
42Stratford High SchoolSpring Branch ISD102,13752.2B9039.4%70.7%38.5%
43Clear Lake High SchoolClear Creek ISD92,31552.0A9136.7%57.3%27.4%
44Rogers SchoolHouston ISD997951.9B96
45TCPA iSchool High at The WoodlandsTexas College Preparatory Academies930151.4A941.6%48.4%21.3%
46Impact Early College High SchoolGoose Creek CISD940251.0A9528.3%18.1%
47Foster High SchoolLamar CISD91,91050.9A9227.0%56.6%14.1%
48YES Prep - SouthwestYES Prep Public Schools997750.6A8668.1%64.6%
49Young Women's College Prep AcademyHouston ISD947750.4A9130.2%62.8%12.8%
50Quest Early College High SchoolHumble ISD942950.3A9276.5%26.4%
51Cy-Fair High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD93,38850.0A9222.9%44.3%32.3%
52Houston Gateway Elite College Prep AcademyHouston Gateway Academy989050.0A941.8%56.2%1.8%
53Sharpstown International SchoolHouston ISD91,17949.8A9145.7%41.0%3.4%
54YES Prep - WestYES Prep Public Schools979349.5A8270.2%66.8%2.9%
55Clear Springs High SchoolClear Creek ISD92,80649.4A9124.9%51.9%23.5%
56Energy Institute High SchoolHouston ISD976449.2B8941.5%65.5%22.9%
57Travis High SchoolFort Bend ISD92,62549.1A9225.6%56.8%12.7%
58Clear Falls High SchoolClear Creek ISD92,76849.0A9130.5%49.6%19.5%
59Oak Ridge High SchoolConroe ISD93,41649.0B9126.7%45.4%19.6%
60Infinity Early College High SchoolNew Caney ISD931349.0A9267.2%31.0%
61Bellaire High SchoolHouston ISD93,30748.9B9042.6%58.1%16.7%
62Katy High SchoolKaty ISD93,37547.6B9129.4%47.0%16.0%
63High School for Law and JusticeHouston ISD946947.6A9220.3%39.9%1.4%
64Magnolia High SchoolMagnolia ISD92,00447.0B9131.8%44.0%20.3%
65Lamar High SchoolHouston ISD93,08246.7B8839.6%56.4%18.1%
66Turner College and Career High SchoolPearland ISD91,17346.7A9121.6%47.8%10.0%
67YES Prep - East EndYES Prep Public Schools994546.7B7871.3%54.2%8.3%
68Langham Creek High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD93,07746.6A9122.5%42.2%26.1%
69Kingwood Park High SchoolHumble ISD91,84846.2B9127.4%41.8%20.7%
70Pearland High SchoolPearland ISD93,06045.9A9130.1%43.5%11.5%
71Tomball High SchoolTomball ISD92,05445.7B9127.5%37.1%15.6%
72Harmony School of Discovery HoustonHarmony School of Excellence975645.4A8825.0%87.5%
73Klein Oak High SchoolKlein ISD93,68545.2B8928.5%56.7%17.6%
74Westside High SchoolHouston ISD92,89745.0B8639.6%52.9%10.3%
75Klein High SchoolKlein ISD93,41444.9B9022.6%56.9%16.8%
76Tomball Star AcademyTomball ISD923544.5A94
77Bridgeland High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD92,13343.7A94
78Clear Creek High SchoolClear Creek ISD92,38243.6A8929.6%44.5%13.4%
79Kempner High SchoolFort Bend ISD92,09343.6B8925.5%49.5%16.6%
80South Early College High SchoolHouston ISD939543.3A9123.9%41.3%
81YES Prep - 5th WardYES Prep Public Schools993043.2B7668.2%50.0%8.2%
82YES Prep - Brays OaksYES Prep Public Schools896443.1B8053.3%43.9%5.6%
83Clear Brook High SchoolClear Creek ISD82,25442.5B8826.9%47.4%13.5%
84Shadow Creek High SchoolAlvin ISD82,56642.5B8827.2%45.2%10.4%
85Mayde Creek High SchoolKaty ISD82,74142.2B9026.9%34.9%6.6%
86Montgomery High SchoolMontgomery ISD81,77342.1A9016.1%35.8%29.3%
87Cypress Creek High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD83,20841.9B8922.6%35.0%21.4%
88Needville High SchoolNeedville ISD81,03441.3B9014.1%35.3%12.9%
89Calvin Nelms High SchoolCalvin Nelms Charter Schools817741.3A9218.5%1.9%
90Leland College Prep Academy For Young MenHouston ISD850141.0A7551.6%75.8%6.5%
91Cypress Falls High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD83,22240.8B8820.9%34.8%22.3%
92Magnolia West High SchoolMagnolia ISD82,04040.4B8528.8%34.6%12.9%
93YES Prep - North ForestYES Prep Public Schools894140.3B7747.0%48.2%6.0%
94Jones Futures AcademyHouston ISD839040.3A8828.7%33.9%
95Mount Carmel AcademyHouston ISD834039.8B8617.7%56.3%3.8%
96Klein Collins High SchoolKlein ISD83,45639.4B8317.8%53.6%10.4%
97Atascocita High SchoolHumble ISD83,65239.2B8523.0%36.5%11.8%
98YES Prep - GulftonYES Prep Public Schools81,07839.1B7749.5%43.8%3.8%
99YES Prep - NorthsideYES Prep Public Schools894538.5B7165.5%55.2%6.3%
100Jersey Village High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD83,47138.3B8614.7%26.5%19.9%
101Deer Park High SchoolDeer Park ISD84,05637.8B8815.1%29.4%4.5%
102Fulshear High SchoolLamar CISD81,14337.5A92
103Cypress Ridge High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD83,08737.5B8519.5%28.9%14.9%
104Morton Ranch High SchoolKaty ISD82,82937.4B8227.7%33.3%5.1%
105Galena Park Isd Career & TechnicalGalena Park ISD748236.5A91
106Hargrave High SchoolHuffman ISD71,03636.4B8514.7%35.2%6.0%
107Pasadena Memorial High SchoolPasadena ISD73,11836.3B8517.6%30.0%2.3%
108Cypress Lakes High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD73,33235.6B8315.0%26.3%13.0%
109Cypress Springs High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD72,71534.8B8310.2%27.3%9.9%
110Lake Creek High SchoolMontgomery ISD791334.6A91
111Tarkington High SchoolTarkington ISD752034.6B867.9%12.8%12.8%
112High Island SchoolHigh Island ISD714234.6A8925.0%
113Lewis Career And Technical High SchoolPasadena ISD71,40034.5A91
114Grand Oaks High SchoolConroe ISD71,24134.3A91
115Wunsche Senior High SchoolSpring ISD71,47334.3A91
116Harmony School of Ingenuity - HoustonHarmony Science Academy762934.2A7820.7%37.5%8.7%
117Summer Creek High SchoolHumble ISD72,38533.8B8015.1%28.2%6.6%
118Sterling High SchoolGoose Creek CISD72,23233.8B8018.8%17.1%13.7%
119Dobie High SchoolPasadena ISD73,77033.5B7820.1%30.9%4.4%
120Conroe High SchoolConroe ISD74,06633.4B7918.8%21.2%9.6%
121Crosby High SchoolCrosby ISD71,75633.3B8012.2%31.6%5.3%
122Blanson CTE High SchoolAldine ISD699433.3A90
123Heights High SchoolHouston ISD62,37732.5B7721.4%36.8%2.5%
124Manvel High SchoolAlvin ISD61,78432.5B7814.6%31.4%5.8%
125Sealy High SchoolSealy ISD680432.3B7723.9%24.6%11.8%
126Energized for STEM Academy Southeast High SchoolHouston ISD631532.3B855.0%20.0%
127Brazoswood High SchoolBrazosport ISD62,43532.3B7621.4%23.5%20.1%
128Waller High SchoolWaller ISD62,03132.0B808.4%21.5%12.8%
129Aristoi Classical Upper SchoolAristoi Classical Academy647631.9C8050.0%
130KIPP Houston High SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools667631.8B89
131Brazos High SchoolBrazos ISD621731.8B8231.9%1.8%
132Bellville High SchoolBellville ISD671431.5B7714.5%29.3%7.2%
133Hardin High SchoolHardin ISD635331.5B8226.7%6.2%
134Hightower High SchoolFort Bend ISD62,02231.2B7613.3%38.9%8.5%
135Paetow High SchoolKaty ISD61,39331.0B88
136Carver High SchoolAldine ISD677630.9B7619.4%35.4%3.7%
137Bush High SchoolFort Bend ISD62,47330.9B7710.1%34.3%4.2%
138Dickinson High SchoolDickinson ISD63,00330.9B7810.1%24.6%3.0%
139Lamar Consolidated High SchoolLamar CISD61,73530.8B7713.5%36.2%4.9%
140East Chambers High SchoolEast Chambers ISD643330.6B8221.6%1.6%
141Klein Cain High SchoolKlein ISD52,32329.8B85
142Texas Connections AcademyHouston ISD55,68029.2C778.9%26.3%4.6%
143Angleton High SchoolAngleton ISD51,92429.1B7711.5%21.6%4.0%
144Danbury High SchoolDanbury ISD526129.0B779.3%25.6%4.7%
145Anahuac High SchoolAnahuac ISD535328.8B772.9%18.6%11.8%
146Galena Park High SchoolGalena Park ISD51,84228.7B7616.8%8.2%6.3%
147North Shore Senior HighGalena Park ISD54,53428.7B7713.2%8.5%5.9%
148Alvin High SchoolAlvin ISD52,69028.6B7517.4%24.6%3.2%
149Cypress Park High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD51,92728.5B82
150Houston STEM and Early College High SchoolRaul Yzaguirre Schools for Success528628.4B7332.1%12.3%
151KIPP Connect High SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools516028.2B82
152La Porte High SchoolLa Porte ISD52,10228.1B7610.9%24.7%1.6%
153Willis High SchoolWillis ISD52,08527.9B759.5%25.9%4.4%
154Channelview High SchoolChannelview ISD52,68927.8B7413.4%27.9%2.4%
155Porter High SchoolPasadena ISD52,01327.7B7315.8%24.5%4.8%
156Rayburn High SchoolPasadena ISD52,67027.6B7416.1%21.4%3.1%
157Pasadena High SchoolPasadena ISD52,31227.6B7317.6%23.8%2.3%
158Energized for STEM Academy Southwest High SchoolHouston ISD520027.4B7310.5%35.6%7.9%
159Liberty High SchoolLiberty ISD558227.2B756.5%26.5%2.6%
160Caney Creek High SchoolConroe ISD42,09226.8C7218.0%19.9%8.9%
161KIPP Generations CollegiateKIPP Texas Public Schools459726.7B79
162Sweeny High SchoolSweeny ISD460026.4B751.3%30.6%4.2%
163Stafford High SchoolStafford MSD41,06926.3B737.4%27.7%5.8%
164Dayton High SchoolDayton ISD41,47925.9C746.7%21.2%4.7%
165Texas City High SchoolTexas City ISD41,83825.9C747.7%15.0%5.3%
166Terry High SchoolLamar CISD42,11525.7B747.0%22.8%3.3%
167Goose Creek MemorialGoose Creek CISD42,08225.6B746.4%17.3%7.0%
168South Houston High SchoolPasadena ISD42,36625.5B7214.3%21.6%1.5%
169Spring Woods High SchoolSpring Branch ISD32,15024.8C7017.2%27.6%3.2%
170Waltrip High SchoolHouston ISD31,90224.6C7114.2%29.4%1.2%
171Ball High SchoolGalveston ISD32,04424.5B7111.4%25.2%11.1%
172Santa Fe High SchoolSanta Fe ISD31,33023.9C727.7%22.3%2.8%
173New Caney High SchoolPasadena ISD31,88823.7C7211.2%16.5%3.3%
174Hastings High SchoolAlief ISD33,99823.3C7015.6%21.3%1.8%
175MacArthur High School / Ninth Grade SchoolAldine ISD33,74423.36815.1%23.9%0.9%
176Lee High SchoolGoose Creek CISD31,75123.0B7211.7%9.6%2.3%
177Elsik High SchoolAlief ISD34,26623.0C7011.2%26.9%0.8%
178Taylor High SchoolAlief ISD33,11222.7C6912.2%26.4%2.5%
179YES Prep - White OakYES Prep Public Schools378722.6B75
180Klein Forest High SchoolKlein ISD33,54022.6C6913.0%28.7%1.4%
181Chavez High SchoolHouston ISD32,88222.4C6226.2%31.5%2.3%
182King High SchoolSheldon ISD32,48822.3B709.9%22.9%1.1%
183Odyssey Academy - GalvestonOdyssey Academy394821.8B6550.0%10.0%
184Sharpstown High SchoolHouston ISD21,68921.5C5738.7%22.5%1.6%
185Clear View High SchoolClear Creek ISD220821.5D721.5%9.0%1.5%
186Columbia High SchoolColumbia-Brazoria ISD284721.5B7122.6%2.7%
187Humble High SchoolHumble ISD22,38521.3C6910.8%17.9%2.7%
188Spring High SchoolSpring ISD22,84221.2C679.4%29.4%2.5%
189Northside High SchoolHouston ISD21,54021.1C6419.9%21.4%1.3%
190Cleveland High SchoolCleveland ISD21,67020.8C6713.2%16.5%1.2%
191Westbury High SchoolHouston ISD22,34120.7C6515.9%18.6%0.9%
192Nimitz High School / Ninth Grade SchoolAldine ISD22,61320.7678.3%22.2%1.0%
193KIPP Sunnyside High SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools256520.6C72
194Long AcademyHouston ISD289620.6B6012.8%43.6%2.6%
195Stuart Career Tech High SchoolGoose Creek CISD215720.4C72
196KIPP Northeast College PreparatoryKIPP Texas Public Schools254720.3C72
197Milby High SchoolHouston ISD21,90320.3C699.0%13.8%
198Aldine High School / Ninth Grade SchoolAldine ISD23,02119.86512.7%14.0%1.0%
199Northbrook High SchoolSpring Branch ISD22,57619.5C655.4%23.1%2.2%
200Davis High School / Ninth Grade SchoolAldine ISD23,37819.3657.7%21.2%0.4%
201Royal High SchoolRoyal ISD263018.6C649.4%14.2%4.4%
202Marshall High SchoolFort Bend ISD21,24318.3C671.7%15.8%0.9%
203Eisenhower High School / Ninth Grade SchoolAldine ISD22,74118.2645.7%16.4%1.8%
204Brazosport High SchoolBrazosport ISD196417.7C653.1%9.7%3.1%
205Splendora High SchoolSplendora ISD11,19917.4C628.1%11.4%4.3%
206Hempstead High SchoolHempstead ISD140416.9C627.3%13.4%
207Furr High SchoolHouston ISD11,03516.7C606.3%20.6%
208Hitchcock High SchoolHitchcock ISD135916.3D6413.2%
209Hull-Daisetta High SchoolHull-Daisetta ISD115516.3B6218.2%5.7%
210Willowridge High SchoolFort Bend ISD11,26616.1C607.8%11.6%1.4%
211Austin High SchoolHouston ISD11,68516.0C5714.1%17.1%0.5%
212Westfield High SchoolSpring ISD12,85715.2D584.7%19.3%1.3%
213Madison High SchoolHouston ISD11,73614.9C5711.1%15.1%0.3%
214Scarborough High SchoolHouston ISD175214.4C5612.7%18.4%0.3%
215Washington High SchoolHouston ISD175814.3C593.1%13.9%
216Sterling High SchoolHouston ISD11,48313.7C576.1%16.0%0.5%
217Houston Math Science And Technology High SchoolHouston ISD12,61213.4C5515.5%15.9%0.5%
218Worthing High SchoolHouston ISD178113.0C572.8%14.2%0.6%
219Kashmere High SchoolHouston ISD177712.5C572.0%12.3%
220Legacy School Of Sport SciencesLegacy School Of Sport Sciences139312.3F58
221North Forest High SchoolHouston ISD199311.7D560.5%12.6%0.5%
222Yates High SchoolHouston ISD187411.6D561.3%15.2%
223IL Texas Houston Windmill Lakes Orem High SchoolInternational Leadership of Texas16011.0D57
224Wisdom High SchoolHouston ISD12,02310.7C538.1%15.0%0.3%
225Wheatley High SchoolHouston ISD187310.1F561.3%7.2%
226La Marque High SchoolTexas City ISD17159.6D540.9%10.9%
227Dekaney High SchoolSpring ISD12,1418.9D523.7%15.3%1.0%

Source: Texas Education Agency



The Texas Education Agency 2019 Accountability Manual describes the methodology used by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to award district and campus accountability ratings and how the four metrics used in this study to rank the academic performance of DFW school districts were derived. The first of these metrics, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) score is the scaled score of all STAAR assessments administered to district students during the 2018-2019 school year. The Advance Placement / International Baccalaureate (AP/IB) and the SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics are the number of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

Within each evaluation category, the top rated Texas high school was awarded the maximum points allocated to that category and all other schools were awarded a proportional number of points based on how their individual scores compared to the score of the top rated school. Scores from both evaluation categories were then added together to arrive at the school's academic performance index. Performance on STAAR tests: 60 points

A maximum of 60 points was awarded based on the percentage of a school's students meeting the TEA's achievement standards on the STAAR reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies subject assessments. The STAAR score shown in the table above is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of assessments on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the raw STAAR component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and raw component scores of Texas public school districts and campuses. Because the precision of the scaled STAAR star is significantly diminished by this process, the raw STAAR component score is used in this analysis to measure relative performance on the STAAR tests. College readiness indicators: 40 points

A maximum of 20 points was awarded based on percentage of students in grades 11-12 participating and successfully completing AP/IB courses. The school with the highest scores on the College Board AP examinations or IB examinations in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies was awarded the maximum points for each subject area category. A maximum of 20 points also was awarded to the school with the top SAT and ACT scores.

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