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Best Public Schools In Houston

Looking for the top ranked public schools in Houston?

Here on one page are lists of the 2020 top ranked Houston schools districts, the 2020 top ranked Houston public high schools, the 2020 top ranked Houston public middle schools and the 2020 top ranked Houston public elementary schools. The districts and schools identified in these lists also are among the top ranked districts and schools in the state of Texas.


2020 top ranked Houston school districts

% students met criteria
AP / IBSATACTmetro area
1Friendswood ISD1080.6A9338.1%63.9%32.0%Friendswood
2Katy ISD1077.2A9239.4%55.3%23.5%Brookshire, Fulshear, Houston, Katy
3Pearland ISD1073.6B9136.8%51.3%16.7%Manvel, Pearland
4Tomball ISD1072.6A9232.3%43.9%17.8%Cypress, Pinehurst, Magnolia, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball
5Barbers Hill ISD1071.3A9231.2%22.3%33.4%Baytown, Beach City, Cove, Mont Belvieu
6Conroe ISD1070.2B9030.2%43.4%23.8%Conroe, Montgomery, Shenandoah, Spring, The Woodlands
7Clear Creek ISD1069.5B8930.2%50.9%19.8%Clear Lake City, Clear Lake Shores, Dickinson, Friendswood, Houston, Kemah, League City, Nassau Bay, Pasadena, Seabrook, Taylor Lake, Taylor Lake Village, Webster
8Fort Bend ISD1068.0B8829.5%53.0%17.3%Elm Grove, Fresno, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosharon, Sugar Land
9Cypress-Fairbanks ISD1062.9B8820.2%33.0%21.8%Cypress, Houston
10Lamar CISD1062.8A8918.3%39.8%9.5%Katy, Rosenberg, Richmond, Fulshear, Sugar Land
11Spring Branch ISD1061.2B8229.9%51.1%23.1%Bunker Hill, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek, Hunters Creek Village, Piney Point, Spring Valley
12Montgomery ISD960.8A9010.6%23.6%19.3%Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery
13Magnolia ISD959.8B8330.3%39.2%16.6%Hockley, Magnolia, Montgomery, Pinehurst, Spring, The Woodlands
14Needville ISD958.9A8714.1%35.3%12.9%Damon, Guy, Needville, Richmond
15Klein ISD958.0B8517.6%42.0%9.9%Houston, Spring, Tomball

The methodology used to produce this Houston independent school districts academic performance ranking is described on best Houston school districts page. Complete rankings for all 61 Houston independent school districts and the methodology used to produce the rankings are presented on this Houston school districts rankings page.

2020 top ranked Houston high schools

The data presented in these tables can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the data display to a single school or school district by using the Search boxes at the top of each table.

% students met criteria
1Carnegie Vanguard High SchoolHouston ISD1080894.4A9897.9%100.0%83.8%
2DeBakey High School for Health ProfessionsHouston ISD1089190.8A9897.8%100.0%55.0%
3Kinder High School For Performing And Visual ArtsHouston ISD1075277.2A9665.1%91.6%25.7%
4Challenge Early College High SchoolHouston ISD1046373.6A9576.9%81.2%9.4%
5Seven Lakes High SchoolKaty ISD103,61772.8A9656.2%77.3%41.9%
6Eastwood AcademyHouston ISD1043271.7A9578.1%83.4%4.8%
7Clear Horizons Early College High SchoolClear Creek ISD1044371.7A9560.4%91.7%34.4%
8Kerr High SchoolAlief ISD1079671.5A9561.0%88.2%13.3%
9Clements High SchoolFort Bend ISD102,54571.3A9558.6%83.5%39.4%
10Tompkins High SchoolKaty ISD103,75070.9A9557.3%72.9%34.6%
11The Woodlands High SchoolConroe ISD104,34267.5A9449.1%72.8%45.4%
12East Early College High SchoolHouston ISD1047666.0A9551.4%83.8%9.5%
13North Houston Early College High SchoolHouston ISD1048465.3A9462.4%74.8%4.6%
14Cinco Ranch High SchoolKaty ISD103,17165.1A9446.8%69.3%34.7%
15Victory Early College High SchoolAldine ISD1039964.0A9365.6%72.1%25.3%
16Memorial High SchoolSpring Branch ISD102,61663.8A9256.8%82.1%47.5%
17Alief Early College High SchoolAlief ISD1040163.3A9532.4%74.0%13.2%
18Harmony School of Innovation - KatyHarmony School of Science1058963.2A9359.5%75.7%8.1%
19Taylor High SchoolKaty ISD102,88461.6A9441.3%67.4%27.7%
20Cypress Woods High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD103,42861.4A9441.3%50.9%41.4%
21Spring Early College High SchoolSpring ISD1042061.3A9355.6%72.8%25.6%
22Harmony School of Innovation - Sugar LandHarmony School of Science1068960.8A9345.5%77.7%19.0%
23Cypress Ranch High SchoolCypress Fairbanks ISD103,05460.5A9436.0%55.6%41.9%
24Friendswood High SchoolFriendswood ISD102,09559.9A9338.1%63.9%32.0%
25Dawson High SchoolPearland ISD102,57659.7A9351.6%62.3%25.8%

Additional information about how the academic performance of Houston public high schools was evaluated and ranked and the rankings for all 227 high schools included in the Houston high schools ranking analysis are available by clicking on this Houston public high schools rankings link. The top traditional open enrollment high schools and the Houston cities/towns they serve, the top ranked magnet high schools and the top charter high schools are identified on this Houston best public high schools page.


2020 top ranked Houston middle schools

1Spring Branch Academic InstituteSpring Branch ISD1011195.6A98
2Fort Settlement Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,53885.9A96
3Beckendorff Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,69983.7A95
4Smith Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,55582.4A95
5Seven Lakes Junior High SchoolKaty ISD102,03282.0A95
6Mandarin Immersion Magnet SchoolHouston ISD1074880.5A95
7Tays Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,71880.3A95
8McCullough Junior High SchoolConroe ISD102,14180.2A95
9Lanier Middle SchoolHouston ISD101,46478.9A94
10Sartartia Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,32678.7A94
11Austin Middle SchoolGalveston ISD1056478.4A94
12Cornerstone AcademySpring Branch ISD1037776.8A94
13Beck Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,00176.8A94
14Creekside Park Junior High SchoolTomball ISD1076676.3A94
15McMeans Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,13676.0A94
16Memorial Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD101,33676.0A94
17Woodcreek Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,58775.9A94
18Miller Junior High SchoolPearland ISD1089575.6A94
19Spillane Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,53974.1A94
20League City Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD101,06673.3A93
21Project Chrysalis Middle SchoolHouston ISD1027973.3A93
22Pin Oak Middle SchoolHouston ISD101,21372.0A93
23Cinco Ranch Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,27271.6A93
24Riverwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD101,06670.9A93
25Devers Junior High SchoolDevers ISD105070.5A93

Similar campus information, ranking data and 2019 TEA accountability ratings for all 304 Houston middle schools evaluated are presented on this complete Houston public middle schools ranking page. Top open enrollment, magnet and charter middle schools in Houston are identified on this Houston best public middle schools page.


2020 top ranked Houston elementary schools

1Creekside Forest Elementary SchoolTomball ISD1054693.9A96
2West University Elementary SchoolHouston ISD101,27393.1A96
3Commonwealth Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD101,01891.3A96
4Galatas Elementary SchoolConroe ISD1061190.8A96
5Cornerstone Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD101,10190.3A96
6Pope Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD1078290.2A96
7Rummel Creek Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISD1073790.2A96
8Roberts Elementary SchoolHouston ISD1075688.9A96
9Mitchell Intermediate SchoolConroe ISD101,19588.6A95
10Horn Elementary SchoolHouston ISD1080587.8A95
11Wilson Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,03987.5A95
12Pattison Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,01687.2A95
13Devers Elementary SchoolDevers ISD1012687.0A95
14Kilpatrick Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,17286.4A95
15River Oaks Elementary SchoolHouston ISD1067486.4A95
16Stanley Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,00486.0A95
17Alexander Elementary SchoolKaty ISD1095385.5A95
18Wolman Elementary SchoolKaty ISD1097285.3A95
19Sampson Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD1096884.9A95
20Campbell Elementary SchoolLamar CISD1056384.8A95
21Bush Elementary SchoolHouston ISD1088184.7A95
22Collins Intermediate SchoolConroe ISD1075384.6A95
23Frostwood Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISD1071084.1A95
24McCormick Sullivan Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD101,30383.8A95
25Windsong Intermediate SchoolFriendswood ISD1055983.5A95
26Frost Elementary SchoolLamar CISD1059683.4A95
27Shafer Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,17183.1A95
28Tough Elementary SchoolConroe ISD1087583.1A94
29Griffin Elementary SchoolKaty ISD1096082.7A94
30Deretchin Elementary SchoolConroe ISD1090782.3A94
31Colony Meadows Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD1074882.1A94
32Wilchester Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISD1081782.1A94
33Dickinson Elementary SchoolLamar CISD1051681.3A94
34Buckalew Elementary SchoolConroe ISD1065880.9A94
35Walker Station Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD1083480.8A94
36Silvercrest Elementary SchoolPearland ISD1071180.6A94
37Randolph Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,09380.0A94
38David Elementary SchoolConroe ISD1065579.7A94
39KIPP Unity Primary SchoolKIPP Texas Public Schools1073379.1A94
40Sienna Crossing Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD101,08878.8A94
41Kolter Elementary SchoolHouston ISD1064978.1A94
42Woodcreek Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,19277.6A93
43Scanlan Oaks Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD1093777.2A93
44Hassler Elementary SchoolKlein ISD1085577.2A93
45Timber Creek Elementary SchoolTomball ISD1057077.2A93
46Swenke Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,14777.1A93
47Warner Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,33276.7A93
48Twain Elementary SchoolHouston ISD1086976.5A93
49Holland Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,09176.5A93
50Bush Elementary SchoolConroe ISD1073776.4A93
51Rogers Middle SchoolPearland ISD1080076.3A93
52Clark Intermediate SchoolConroe ISD1082076.2A93
53Madden Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD1099276.1A93
54Creekview Elementary SchoolTomball ISD1072075.4A93
55Willow Creek Elementary SchoolHumble ISD1048475.4A93
56Northpointe Intermediate SchoolTomball ISD1075275.4A93
57Jenks Elementary SchoolKaty ISD101,29475.4A93
58Condit Elementary SchoolHouston ISD1077075.1A93
59Valley Oaks Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISD1071875.0A93
60Oak Forest Elementary SchoolHouston ISD1085975.0A93
61Ride Elementary SchoolConroe ISD1070674.8A93
62Memorial Drive Elementary SchoolSpring Branch ISD1042574.8A93
63Wells Elementary SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD1073574.8A93
64French Elementary SchoolKlein ISD1077674.7B93
65Hubenak Elementary SchoolLamar CISD1094874.5A93
66Wilder Elementary SchoolAlvin ISD1085274.4A93
67Williams Elementary SchoolLamar CISD1041974.3A93
68Campbell Elementary SchoolKaty ISD1077773.8A93
69Katy Elementary SchoolKaty ISD1067073.7A93
70Barbers Hill Elementary School SouthBarbers Hill ISD1092073.4A93
71Brazos Bend Elementary SchoolFort Bend ISD1068873.3A93
72Powell Elementary SchoolConroe ISD1086373.0A93
73Frank Elementary SchoolKlein ISD1065872.9A93
74Alexander Middle SchoolPearland ISD1082872.6A93
75Barbers Hill Elementary School NorthBarbers Hill ISD1084072.3A92

Similar campus information, ranking data and 2019 TEA accountability ratings for all 893 elementary and intermediate schools evaluated are presented on this complete Houston public elementary schools ranking page. Houston's top open enrollment, magnet and charter elementary schools are identified on this Houston best public elementary schools page.


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