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Houston Public Middle Schools

This page presents a complete ranking of 304 Houston public middle schools in order of their 2019 cumulative raw unrounded score for all State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests administered during the 2018-2019 school year.

Unlike some other Houston middle school rankings, this analysis examines only the most current academic performance data available and no consideration is given to student demographics, changes in student performance over time on the STAAR tests, and other such factors or to subjective factors such as anonymous self-selected reviews and statistically invalid online opinion surveys.

2020 Houston public middle school rankings

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2019 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scores shown in the table below are calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of assessments on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) refers to this as the raw STAAR component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and raw component scores of all Texas public school districts and campuses.

Because the precision of the scaled STAAR star is significantly diminished by this process, the raw STAAR component score is used in this analysis to construct an academic performance index that indicates the relative performance of each Texas middle or junior high school. A school at an academic performance index level of 82.6, for example, would have combined STAAR scores that are 17.4 percent lower than the scores of the state’s top performing middle school. Each school also has been assigned an academic performance score based on its relative position in the academic performance index. The top 10 percent of Texas middle schools included in this study received an academic performance score of 10, middle schools in the next lower, ninth decile received a score of 9, and so on.

The data presented in this table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the display of information by typing the name of a school or school district in the Search box. To display all schools, reset Show entries to All.

1Spring Branch Academic InstituteSpring Branch ISD1011195.6A98
2Fort Settlement Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,53885.9A96
3Beckendorff Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,69983.7A95
4Smith Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,55582.4A95
5Seven Lakes Junior High SchoolKaty ISD102,03282.0A95
6Mandarin Immersion Magnet SchoolHouston ISD1074880.5A95
7Tays Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,71880.3A95
8McCullough Junior High SchoolConroe ISD102,14180.2A95
9Lanier Middle SchoolHouston ISD101,46478.9A94
10Sartartia Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,32678.7A94
11Austin Middle SchoolGalveston ISD1056478.4A94
12Cornerstone AcademySpring Branch ISD1037776.8A94
13Beck Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,00176.8A94
14Creekside Park Junior High SchoolTomball ISD1076676.3A94
15McMeans Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,13676.0A94
16Memorial Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD101,33676.0A94
17Woodcreek Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,58775.9A94
18Miller Junior High SchoolPearland ISD1089575.6A94
19Spillane Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,53974.1A94
20League City Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD101,06673.3A93
21Project Chrysalis Middle SchoolHouston ISD1027973.3A93
22Pin Oak Middle SchoolHouston ISD101,21372.0A93
23Cinco Ranch Junior High SchoolKaty ISD101,27271.6A93
24Riverwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD101,06670.9A93
25Devers Junior High SchoolDevers ISD105070.5A93
26Hamilton Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,49070.3A93
27Houston Gateway Academy - EliteHouston Gateway Academy1080770.1A93
28Willow Wood Junior High SchoolTomball ISD101,35369.7A93
29Salyards Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,59269.4A93
30Energized for STEM Academy Southwest Middle SchoolHouston ISD1021869.1A93
31Houston Gateway Academy - CoralHouston Gateway Academy1071269.0A93
32Reading Junior High SchoolLamar CISD102,02667.8A92
33Barbers Hill Middle School SouthBarbers Hill ISD1070667.6A92
34Harmony School Of Excellence - Sugur LandHarmony School of Science1057967.0A92
35Knox Junior High SchoolAllen ISD101,40966.6A92
36Westbrook Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD101,14166.2A92
37Friendswood Junior High SchoolFriendswood ISD101,42365.9A92
38Quail Valley Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,10064.5A92
39First Colony Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD1095564.4B92
40York Junior High SchoolAllen ISD101,45064.4A92
41Calvin Nelms Middle SchoolCalvin Nelms Charter Schools1014564.2A92
42Garcia Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD101,26463.0A92
43Pearland Junior High School EastPearland ISD1078362.8A92
44Doerre Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD101,36162.4B91
45Goodson Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,38662.3A91
46Barbers Hill Middle School NorthBarbers Hill ISD1064362.3A91
47Aragon Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD101,58162.1A91
48Briscoe Junior High SchoolLamar CISD91,44061.4A91
49Seabrook Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD995861.2A91
50Leaman Junior High SchoolLamar CISD91,14861.2B91
51Fairmont Junior High SchoolDeer Park ISD971660.9B91
52Pearland Junior High School WestPearland ISD985860.5B91
53Bowie Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD91,35060.3B91
54Briarmeadow CharterHouston ISD960660.1A91
55Oak Hills Junior High SchoolMontgomery ISD91,08159.8A91
56Harmony School of Excellence - HoustonHarmony School of Excellence983459.7B91
57Deer Park Junior High SchoolDeer Park ISD989458.4A91
58Pearland Junior High School SouthPearland ISD985258.0A91
59Creekwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD91,08757.7B91
60Memorial Parkway Junior High SchoolKaty ISD978857.3A91
61Hofius Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD997956.5B90
62Montgomery Junior High SchoolMontgomery ISD91,15156.3B90
63Arnold Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD91,45956.3A90
64Yzaguirre Elite STEM Primary Academy - BrownsvilleRaul Yzaguirre Schools for Success937956.0A90
65Ryan Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD978155.7B90
66Beta AcademyBeta Academy965554.8A90
67Bear Branch Junior High SchoolMagnolia ISD998354.7B90
68McNair Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD999954.3B89
69Baines Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD91,21254.2B89
70Irons Junior High SchoolAllen ISD91,15053.7B89
71Texas Serenity AcademyTexas Serenity Academy931553.6B89
72Dulles Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD91,44853.4B89
73Wharton K-8 Dual Language AcademyHouston ISD951053.3B89
74Tomball Junior High SchoolTomball ISD976753.1A88
75West Briar Middle SchoolHouston ISD91,11353.0A88
76Baylor College Of Medicine AcademyHouston ISD972852.8B88
77Krimmel Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD91,37752.6B88
78Thornton Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD91,10852.6B88
79Roberson Middle SchoolSpring ISD983152.4A88
80Anthony Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD91,56652.4B88
81Spring Branch Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD81,08252.2B88
82Strack Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD81,22452.2B88
83Bayside Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD887452.0B88
84Brazos Middle SchoolBrazos ISD820451.6A88
85Cook Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD81,53051.5A87
86Katy Junior High SchoolKaty ISD81,08551.3B87
87STEP Charter Elementary SchoolSTEP Charter School833851.0B86
88Amigos Por Vida Friends For Life Charter SchoolAmigos Por Vida - Friends for Life Public Charter School849450.7A86
89Anahuac Middle SchoolAnahuac ISD832050.1A86
90Schindewolf Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD81,22749.9B86
91Harmony School of Innovation - HoustonHarmony Science Academy846849.9A86
92Sugar Land Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD81,22149.6B86
93Mayde Creek Junior High SchoolKaty ISD81,14149.4B86
94Kleb Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD81,41249.1B85
95Labay Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD81,32249.0A86
96Kingwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD81,02648.4B85
97Burbank Middle SchoolHouston ISD81,46448.2A85
98McDonald Junior High SchoolKaty ISD890247.9B85
99Pershing Middle SchoolHouston ISD81,77147.8B85
100Albright Middle SchoolAlief ISD81,18746.8A85
101The Rice SchoolHouston ISD81,14346.3B82
102Clear Lake Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD893046.2B84
103Victory Lakes Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD81,12446.0B84
104Miller Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD885845.9A84
105Spring Forest Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD791645.4B84
106Stevenson Middle SchoolHouston ISD71,44645.3B84
107Creekside Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD791345.2B84
108Harmony School of Technology - HoustonHarmony School of Excellence762245.1B84
109Bleyl Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD71,54645.0B84
110Brabham Middle SchoolWillis ISD788944.9B84
111Hogg Middle SchoolHouston ISD798444.9B84
112Danbury Middle SchoolDanbury ISD718644.8C83
113Tanglewood Middle SchoolHouston ISD784644.6B83
114Black Middle SchoolHouston ISD71,23344.4B83
115Bondy Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD794244.2B83
116Lake Jackson Intermediate SchoolBrazosport ISD788244.2A83
117Needville Junior High SchoolNeedville ISD746944.1B83
118McNabb Elementary SchoolSpring ISD771644.0A79
119Highlands Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD71,18443.8B83
120Westlake Middle SchoolHumble ISD71,03643.5C82
121Gentry Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD71,11743.5B83
122Space Center Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD71,03043.4B82
123Ser-NinosMiddle SchoolSer-Ninos Charter School726243.1B82
124Thompson Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD791242.9B82
125Woodridge Forest Middle SchoolNew Caney ISD788742.9B82
126Bellville Junior High SchoolBellville ISD751842.8B82
127Crockett Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD795842.6B82
128Pilgrim AcademyHouston ISD71,13542.5B78
129Schultz Junior High SchoolWaller ISD794142.4B82
130West Memorial Junior High SchoolKaty ISD785142.3B82
131Energized For Excellence AcademyHouston ISD752242.2B82
132McAdams Junior High SchoolDickinson ISD776042.1B81
133Crosby Middle SchoolCrosby ISD71,42841.5B81
134Peet Junior High SchoolAllen ISD71,41341.3B81
135Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter SchoolBeatrice Mayes Institute Charter School746241.3C77
136Stafford Middle SchoolStafford MSD754241.2B81
137Hamilton Middle SchoolHouston ISD71,26641.2B81
138Stockdick Junior High SchoolKaty ISD790341.1B81
139Cardiff Junior High SchoolKaty ISD795140.9B80
140Hildebrandt Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD794840.9C80
141Waller Junior High SchoolWaller ISD782040.9B81
142Lamar Junior High SchoolLamar CISD71,30440.7B80
143Woodcreek Middle SchoolHumble ISD61,53640.4C80
144Ulrich Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD61,33140.4C80
145Meyerland Middle SchoolHouston ISD61,57440.3B80
146Truitt Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD61,30540.2B80
147South Houston Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD667740.1A80
148Beverly Hills Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD695440.0B80
149Rodeo Palms Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD681539.8B80
150Magnolia Junior High SchoolMagnolia ISD61,05639.8C80
151Morton Ranch Junior High SchoolKaty ISD61,19039.8B80
152Atascocita Middle SchoolHumble ISD61,22639.5C79
153Lomax Junior High SchoolLa Porte ISD660839.4C79
154Garden Oaks MontessoriHouston ISD685039.4C77
155Kahla Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD61,36339.2B79
156Baylor College Of Medicine BiotechHouston ISD648439.1B79
157Kranz Junior High SchoolDickinson ISD692439.1B79
158Washington Junior High SchoolAllen ISD682138.9B79
159Watkins Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD61,38338.6B79
160Sealy Junior High SchoolSealy ISD660738.4C79
161North Shore Middle SchoolGalena Park61,38038.1B78
162Sweeny Junior High SchoolSweeny ISD646438.1C79
163Cedar Bayou Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD61,08437.9B78
164Brookside Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD689137.9C78
165Woodland Acres Middle SchoolGalena Park651437.8B78
166Bonnette Junior High SchoolDeer Park ISD681937.7C78
167Aguirre Junior High SchoolChannelview ISD61,06137.7B78
168Timberwood Middle SchoolHumble ISD61,14737.6C78
169Tarkington Middle SchoolTarkington ISD644537.5C78
170O'Donnell Middle SchoolAlief ISD61,37537.4B78
171Deepwater Junior High SchoolDeer Park ISD664937.3B78
172Clear Creek Intermediate SchoolClear Creek ISD675637.1C78
173Wilson Montessori SchoolHouston ISD560036.5C74
174Liberty Middle SchoolLiberty ISD547936.5C77
175Blocker Middle SchoolTexas City ISD589736.4B77
176Cunningham Middle SchoolGalena Park596235.7B76
177Hopper Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD51,34635.5B76
178Thornton Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD51,84435.5B77
179Harmony School of Science - HoustonHarmony Science Academy532835.1B73
180Campbell Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD51,32135.1B76
181Holub Middle SchoolAlief ISD589735.1B76
182Alvin Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD590735.1C76
183New Caney Middle SchoolNew Caney ISD583634.2B76
184Freeport Intermediate SchoolBrazosport ISD551533.5B75
185East Chambers Junior High SchoolEast Chambers ISD533633.3C75
186Crenshaw Elementary And Middle School Galveston ISD514433.2B72
187White Oak Middle SchoolNew Caney ISD591833.1C75
188Dean Middle SchoolCypress-Fairbanks ISD51,65133.1B75
189Huffman Middle SchoolHuffman ISD483832.8C75
190Angleton Junior High SchoolAngleton ISD41,49232.8C75
191Park View Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD460132.8B75
192Harmony School of Endeavor - HoustonHarmony School of Excellence453332.5C72
193YES Prep - SouthsideYES Prep Public Schools463632.3B75
194Smith Elementary SchoolSpring ISD459632.2C72
195Southmore Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD472131.8B75
196Johnson Junior High SchoolChannelview ISD41,15131.6B75
197Twin Creeks Middle SchoolSpring ISD498431.5C75
198Hodges Bend Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD41,07531.3C74
199La Porte Junior High SchoolLa Porte ISD450931.1C75
200Harmony School of Fine Arts And TechnologyHarmony Science Academy467230.7C71
201Jackson Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD470130.7B74
202Santa Fe Junior High SchoolSanta Fe ISD41,08230.7D74
203Houston STEM and Early College Middle SchoolRaul Yzaguirre Schools for Success432130.3B74
204Manvel Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD491030.2C74
205Odyssey Academy - Bay AreaOdyssey Academy424930.2D71
206Galena Park Middle SchoolGalena Park41,06430.2B74
207Killough Middle SchoolAlief ISD499830.2B74
208Wunderlich Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD41,52530.0C73
209Keefer Crossing Middle SchoolNew Caney ISD486730.0C73
210YES Prep - NorthlineYES Prep Public Schools429829.7C73
211Shotwell Middle SchoolAldine ISD41,19329.7C73
212Moorhead Junior High SchoolAllen ISD41,15029.6B73
213Hardin Junior High SchoolHardin ISD432229.5C73
214Baytown Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD494929.5C73
215Fairview Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD373228.5D72
216Grantham AcademyAldine ISD31,14028.4C72
217Drew AcademyAldine ISD357228.1C72
218Jones Middle SchoolAldine ISD31,26528.0C72
219Queens Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD366827.8B72
220Mann Junior High SchoolGoose Creek CISD398827.4C72
221Marshall Middle SchoolHouston ISD379427.0B71
222George Junior High SchoolLamar CISD31,66927.0C71
223Central Middle SchoolGalveston ISD360226.9C71
224Olle Middle SchoolAlief ISD31,06426.9B71
225Stovall Middle SchoolAldine ISD31,01626.7C71
226Harmony Science Academy - BryanHarmony School of Excellence337626.6C67
227Landrum Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD31,04126.5C71
228Hartman Middle SchoolHouston ISD31,26326.4C71
229Lake Olympia Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD31,25326.4C71
230Revere Middle SchoolHouston ISD31,22826.4C71
231Harby Junior High SchoolAlvin ISD376925.7D70
232Clute Intermediate SchoolBrazosport ISD390025.6C70
233Ortiz Middle SchoolHouston ISD31,06725.4C70
234Alief Middle SchoolAlief ISD31,00325.1C70
235Ross Sterling Middle SchoolHumble ISD293125.0C70
236Garcia Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,17724.9C70
237Mead Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,20224.9C70
238Meyer Elementary SchoolSpring ISD273724.8C65
239Klein Intermediate SchoolKlein ISD21,08724.7C69
240Lucas Middle SchoolWillis ISD281024.7D69
241A+ Unlimited Potential - Museum DistrictA+ Unlimited Potential210624.6C70
242Hoffman Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,02724.5C70
243San Jacinto Intermediate SchoolPasadena ISD267824.2C69
244West Brazos Junior High SchoolColumbia-Brazoria ISD248124.1C69
245Missouri City Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD21,04123.7C69
246The Rhodes School - HumbleThe Rhodes School274323.6D64
247Wilson Junior High SchoolDayton ISD21,25823.3D69
248Ambassadors Preparatory AcademyAmbassadors Preparatory Academy230923.3D64
249Northbrook Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD288523.2C69
250Hambrick Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,24623.1D67
251Gregory-Lincoln Education CenterHouston ISD274022.7D62
252Reagan K-8 Educational CenterHouston ISD21,00422.6C62
253Null Middle SchoolSheldon ISD21,12922.6C67
254Draw AcademyDraw Academy264922.4C62
255Hull-Daisetta Junior High SchoolHull-Daisetta ISD27122.4B67
256Splendora Junior High SchoolSplendora ISD290822.3D67
257PCA Ripley House Middle School CampusPromise Community School217422.1C67
258Humble Middle SchoolHumble ISD21,21822.1D67
259Plummer Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,12021.9C67
260Lewis Middle SchoolAldine ISD21,14121.4D65
261Welch Middle SchoolHouston ISD272721.3C65
262Fonville Middle SchoolHouston ISD280820.9D65
263King Middle SchoolSheldon ISD21,04720.7C65
264Holland Middle SchoolHouston ISD267320.7C65
265Lawson Middle SchoolHouston ISD21,21020.5C64
266Cleveland Middle SchoolCleveland ISD21,47920.4D65
267Young Scholars Academy For ExcellenceHouston ISD212920.3D59
268Navarro Middle SchoolHouston ISD168218.8D62
269Bailey Middle SchoolSpring ISD11,30918.1F62
270Teague Middle SchoolAldine ISD11,26817.9D62
271Fondren Middle SchoolHouston ISD11,01317.7D60
272McReynolds Middle SchoolHouston ISD159517.6D60
273Forest Brook Middle SchoolHouston ISD182817.6C60
274Aldine Middle SchoolAldine ISD195217.6D60
275McAuliffe Middle SchoolFort Bend ISD193317.2D60
276Crosby Middle SchoolHitchcock ISD131216.9F60
277Clifton Middle SchoolHouston ISD170516.9D60
278Major Elementary SchoolSpring ISD169616.7F57
279A+ Unlimited Potential - UniversityA+ Unlimited Potential17416.4C59
280Edison Middle SchoolHouston ISD165416.2F59
281Hempstead Middle SchoolHempstead ISD134716.1D59
282Dueitt Middle SchoolSpring ISD11,20916.0F59
283Spring Oaks Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD171715.5F59
284Collegiate AcademyGalveston ISD171815.2F59
285Wells Middle SchoolSpring ISD11,13015.0F58
286Royal Junior High SchoolRoyal ISD152314.8D58
287Cullen Middle SchoolHouston ISD135214.7D58
288Claughton Middle SchoolSpring ISD11,21414.1F58
289Spring Woods Middle SchoolSpring Branch ISD187613.3D57
290Deady Middle SchoolHouston ISD166913.3F57
291Henry Middle SchoolHouston ISD182913.2D57
292Damon Elementary SchoolDamon ISD114412.8F55
293Fleming Middle SchoolHouston ISD148612.0F56
294Hoyland Elementary SchoolSpring ISD172011.9D54
295Attucks Middle SchoolHouston ISD146411.5D56
296Bammel Middle SchoolSpring ISD193911.5F56
297Key Middle SchoolHouston ISD168811.2F56
298Williams Middle SchoolHouston ISD149611.1F56
299Energized for STEM Academy Southeast Middle SchoolHouston ISD13338.5F54
300Yellowstone College PreparatoryYellowstone College Preparatory12278.5F54
301Sugar Grove AcademyHouston ISD16787.0F53
302Thomas Middle SchoolHouston ISD15946.9F53
303La Marque Middle SchoolTexas City ISD15066.3F52
304The Varnett School SoutheastThe Varnett Public School12096.1F50

Source: Texas Education Agency

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