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School Districts In Houston

Student academic performance information for school districts in the Houston area is provided in the Houston school districts table shown below. Additional performance data and a description of the ranking analysis methodology are shown on this 2020 best Houston school districts page. Similar comprehensive ranked lists of Houston schools can be displayed by clicking on these Houston public high schools, Houston public middle schools and Houston public elementary schools links.

If you are thinking about buying a home in the Houston area, quality of local schools should be a major consideration, whether you have school age children or not. If you have children who will be attending local schools, it is reassuring to know that they will have access to high-quality primary and secondary education. If you don't have school age children, the quality of nearby schools is still important. It is more likely that houses located within the attendance boundaries of a strong school district will see higher appreciation when the market is good and more likely to hold their value when it is not so good than houses that are in lower-quality school districts. It also is easily demonstrated that homes in good school districts usually sell faster than homes in lower-quality school districts, especially when housing demand is soft. And finally, many homeowners believe they will have better neighbors when they live in a good school district. All in all, it is relatively easy to make a compelling case that buying in a strong school district can enhance and help protect the investment you make when you purchase a home..

 2020 Houston school districts rankings

The data presented in this table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the display of information by typing the name of a school district in the Search box. To display all Houston school districts, reset Show entries to All.

% students met criteria
1Friendswood ISD106,100K - 1280.6A9338.1%63.9%32.0%
2Katy ISD1079,700EE - 1277.2A9239.4%55.3%23.5%
3Pearland ISD1021,500EE - 1273.6B9136.8%51.3%16.7%
4Tomball ISD1016,900EE - 1272.6A9232.3%43.9%17.8%
5Barbers Hill ISD105,7002 - 1271.3A9231.2%22.3%33.4%
6Conroe ISD1062,600EE - 1270.2B9030.2%43.4%23.8%
7Clear Creek ISD1042,000EE - 1269.5B8930.2%50.9%19.8%
8Fort Bend ISD1075,800EE - 1268.0B8829.5%53.0%17.3%
9Cypress-Fairbanks ISD10116,200EE - 1262.9B8820.2%33.0%21.8%
10Lamar CISD1033,300EE - 1262.8A8918.3%39.8%9.5%
11Spring Branch ISD1034,600PK - 1261.2B8229.9%51.1%23.1%
12Montgomery ISD98,800EE - 1260.8A9010.6%23.6%19.3%
13Magnolia ISD913,200EE - 1259.8B8330.3%39.2%16.6%
14Needville ISD93,300EE - 1258.9A8714.1%35.3%12.9%
15Klein ISD953,300EE - 1258.0B8517.6%42.0%9.9%
16Deer Park ISD912,800K - 1257.0A8715.1%29.4%4.5%
17Devers ISD9200PK - 1256.3A94
18Humble ISD943,400EE - 1256.1B8222.9%37.5%16.7%
19High Island ISD9100PK - 1253.7A8925.0%
20Alvin ISD825,700EE - 1253.3B8220.3%33.8%6.5%
21Bellville ISD82,200EE - 1251.0B8214.5%29.3%7.2%
22Houston ISD8209,000EE - 1250.4B7826.1%35.6%6.9%
23Danbury ISD8800EE - 1249.8B839.3%25.6%4.7%
24Crosby ISD86,300K - 1249.1B8112.2%31.6%5.3%
25Waller ISD77,400EE - 1248.9A828.4%21.5%12.8%
26Sealy ISD72,800EE - 1248.8C7823.9%24.6%11.8%
27La Porte ISD77,400EE - 1248.4B8210.9%24.7%1.6%
28Huffman ISD73,500EE - 1248.0B7914.7%35.2%6.0%
29Anahuac ISD71,300EE - 1247.9A832.9%18.6%11.8%
30Brazosport ISD712,400EE - 1247.5B7916.2%19.6%15.3%
31Tarkington ISD71,800EE - 1247.4B827.9%12.8%12.8%
32Dickinson ISD711,100EE - 1247.1B8110.1%24.6%3.0%
33Galveston ISD77,000EE - 1246.3B7911.4%25.2%11.1%
34Brazos ISD7800EE - 1246.3B8231.9%1.8%
35Pasadena ISD653,200EE - 1244.9B7815.9%23.9%2.6%
36Willis ISD67,500K - 1244.8B799.5%25.9%4.4%
37Channelview ISD69,600K - 1244.7B7813.4%27.9%2.4%
38Angleton ISD66,700EE - 1244.7B7911.5%21.6%4.0%
39East Chambers ISD61,5003 - 1244.7B8221.6%1.6%
40Galena Park ISD622,300EE - 1243.4B7913.2%7.8%5.6%
41Goose Creek CISD623,800EE - 1243.2B7811.4%15.4%8.5%
42Santa Fe ISD64,6003 - 1242.3C787.7%22.3%2.8%
43Alief ISD545,400EE - 1241.1B7416.7%30.3%2.7%
44Stafford MSD53,6002 - 1240.9B767.4%27.7%5.8%
45New Caney ISD515,400EE - 1240.7B7512.6%24.1%6.1%
46Liberty ISD52,2002 - 1240.0B766.5%26.5%2.6%
47Sweeny ISD52,000EE - 1239.3B761.3%30.6%4.2%
48Hardin ISD31,400EE - 1234.9B7326.7%6.2%
49Aldine ISD366,800K - 1232.9B7011.3%20.5%1.6%
50Dayton ISD35,400K - 1232.1C706.7%21.2%4.7%
51Sheldon ISD39,4001 - 1231.5B699.9%22.9%1.1%
52Columbia-Brazoria ISD23,000EE - 1230.0B7022.6%2.7%
53Texas City ISD28,500K - 1229.3C695.8%13.8%3.8%
54Spring ISD235,300EE - 1228.1C677.3%20.8%2.4%
55Splendora ISD24,100EE - 1227.2B678.1%11.4%4.3%
56Cleveland ISD26,600EE - 1226.6C6513.2%16.5%1.2%
57Royal ISD12,4002 - 1219.3B609.4%14.2%4.4%
58Hitchcock ISD11,7003 - 1218.2D6213.2%
59Hull-Daisetta ISD1500EE - 1216.1B5918.2%5.7%
60Hempstead ISD11,600EE - 1212.9C567.3%13.4%
61Damon ISD1200PK - 127.5F55

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